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Chapter 101 - The Water Nation Technique and The Magnetic Yuan Wings.

The Setting Sun Mountain’s Ancestor snorted and flourished his right sleeve and an immense force exploded. The bodies of the Setting Sun Mountain disciples jerked down as though mountains suddenly weighed upon them. Their continuous cries echoed out.

Especially Beihan Lie and his brother, under the powerful pressure, their appearances were miserable as the Qi inside their body was roiled. The hatred for Bai Xiaochun in their hearts only grew stronger, but they dared not expose it.

“When we get back to the North Bank, everyone is to go into seclusion for ten years without going out!” Even though the Ancestor of the Setting Sun Mountain punished them, they were still the disciples of the Setting Sun Mountain. He seemed very strict, but in fact, he was also protecting them. As he spoke, he flourished his large sleeve and a gale swept all the Setting Sun Mountain disciples together and sent them to a distant place.

After doing this, he once again looked at Bai Xiaochun, forcing out a smile as he spoke.

“Xiaochun, can you remember it now?”

Bai Xiaochun knew that he couldn't be excessive; he conducted himself well, careful to not cross the line. He knew that the current result was the best that he could get. He cleared his throat, satisfied by the words.

“Haha, we brothers don’t have to act like this. I, Bai Xiaochun, am an Honourable Disciple, and the Sect Head’s Junior Brother. Even though these nephews caused some trouble, how could I lower myself to their level. They are just a bunch of mischievous children.” Bai Xiaochun acted as though the rest were his peers. The Setting Sun Mountain’s Ancestor smiled bitterly in his heart. Zheng Yuandong beside him coughed dryly, secretly regretting the decision he made back then.

Bai Xiaochun pretended not to notice and patted his chest to hide his satisfaction. He was just about to finish telling them the rest of the pill recipe.

Suddenly, Li Qinghou cleared his throat.

“For a Medicine Master, original recipes of spirit medicine are extremely precious. If the North Bank wants the pill recipe, what are you willing to exchange for it?”

Bai Xiaochun blinked his eyes and remained quiet as he impatiently stared at the four North Bank Ancestors.

The four North Bank Ancestors glanced at one another before the old woman from the Iridaceae Mountain took a pearl out from her sleeve.

This pearl was green in colour, and inside it, a lump of Qi seemed to be floating around. Bursts of magnetic force even spread into the air, undulations spreading in circles around it.

“This is a Magnetic Yuan Pearl, the nucleus of a Magnetic Yuan Giant. It possesses one strand of Magnetic Yuan Force. By using this alone, you can affect all magic treasures within a certain range. For Foundation Establishment cultivators, this is a good treasure. For Qi Condensation cultivators, there may be some difficulties to fully utilise it, but within the Heaven’s Edge Pavilion, there is a pair of Magnetic Spirit Wings, and when you combine them together, it can become the trump card of a Qi Condensation cultivator. With its speed, even if a Foundation Establishment cultivator is chasing after you, this will give him a headache!”

“Bai Xiaochun, you are the winner of the Heaven’s Chosen War, and you have the qualifications to enter the Heaven’s Chosen Pavilion once and pick a treasure. I have already brought the Magnetic Spirit Wings for you. I will trade you this pearl for the pill recipe!” While the old woman was talking, she waved her right hand and a pair of green-coloured wings appeared in her hands. The wings and the pearl both flew towards Bai Xiaochun and hovered before of him.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone. Although his speed was good, it wasn't enough if a Foundation Establishment cultivator seriously chased after him. Now, as he looked at the Magnetic Yuan Pearl and Magnetic Spirit Wings before him, he immediately felt that when these two treasures worked as one, they could truly explode out with an astonishing speed and truly be a life-saving treasure. His heart thumped loudly.

“Furthermore, if you have enough luck, maybe you could even sense Magnetic Yuan Force, and comprehend one of our Spirit River Sect’s ten greatest secret technique, Secret Technique of Attraction and Repulsion!” The old woman said softly with a sly smile.

Bai Xiaochun licked his lips. He was about to agree, but he restrained himself and glanced at Li Qinghou, awaiting his decision. Bai Xiaochun already treated Li Qinghou as a close relative, and in a situation like this, he would adhere to Li Qinghou's opinion. Even if Li Qinghou wanted him to give away the pill recipe, it would be no big deal to Bai Xiaochun.

It was just a pill recipe, after all. For the North Bank, it was priceless. As for him, his storage pouch was filled with plenty of those strange pills with unknown effects. At this moment, he made his mind to try out each and every last one of those strange pills. Perhaps, there may be a pill hiding inside with a wondrous effect.

Li Qinghou swept his glance across the Magnetic Yuan Pearl and Magnetic Spirit Wings and then looked again at the four North Bank Ancestors before finally resting his eyes on the old woman. A flash flickered in his eyes as he opened his mouth.

“In addition to one of the ten great secret techniques, the technique passed down in your North Bank...the Water Nation Technique!”

The moment Li Qinghou spoke his words, Sect Head Zheng Yuandong’s eyes twitched a bit.

“No way!” The Ancestor of the Setting Sun Peak immediately flew into a rage after hearing Li Qinghou's words. He wasn't the only one, the elderly Ancestor of the Sky Mountain widened his eyes too.

“Black-hearted Li, don’t go too far! This Water Nation Technique is the secret technique passed down in our North Bank and is also on par with the top secret technique of the Spirit River Sect, the Nightwalker technique. We absolutely cannot give this technique to the South Bank!

As Bai Xiaochun watched this scene unfold, he was taken aback when the Ancestor of the Sky Mountain called Li Qinghou 'Black-hearted Li'.

“Laughable. One thousand years ago, the Nightwalker Technique was the technique passed down in the Purple Cauldron Mountain, and didn’t the North Bank obtain it through a trade as well? Then why can’t the South Bank exchange for your secret technique!” Li Qinghou flourished his sleeve and coldly spoke.

The North Bank Ancestors were rendered speechless.

The Ancestor of the Ghost Tooth Peak was a figure that was somewhat indistinct. His appearance was also indistinct, and at the moment, he was the one who let out a sigh.

“The Nightwalker technique is suitable for our Ghost Tooth Mountain, that’s all. This happened a long time ago, don’t bring that up. It’s just that in our North Bank’s history, beside the Sky Wing Forefather from eight thousand years ago, even though there were some people who practiced this technique, all they formed in the end was a useless Spirit. This secret technique is very difficult to cultivate, so why do you make things difficult for us, Ancestor Li?”

“If you don’t want to give us the Water Nation Technique, we won’t give you the pill recipe.” Li Qinghou resolutely said.

Bai Xiaochun below was looking at the people above arguing about the Water Nation Technique, astonished from the bottom of his heart. Actually, he felt the previous offer was pretty good, and even though he was curious about the Water Nation Technique in his heart, he treaded carefully. But at the same time, he had gained a new understanding of Li Qinghou. Perhaps Li Qinghou wasn't that righteous in his daily life, and was instead a role model for blackmailing? Could that be the reason why he was called Black-hearted Li?

Thinking about this, adoration surfaced in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes as he looked at Li Qinghou.

The four North Bank Ancestors pondered among themselves. After a long time, they still chose to agree. After all, even though passing down inherited secret techniques were important, the spirit medicine in front of their eyes was even more precious.

After Li Qinghou’s signal, Bai Xiaochun hurriedly told them the full recipe of the Aphrodisiac Pill and its peculiarities. The Ancestors in that area had already sealed the whole area, so only a few people could hear Bai Xiaochun’s pill recipe.

After receiving the pill recipe, the four North Bank Ancestors took a few moments to study the recipe before, one by one, they nodded. A blue jade slip flew out of the hands of the old woman from the Iridaceae Mountain, straight at Bai Xiaochun.

“Water Nation Technique, one of the ten great secret techniques. This technique requires you to observe all sorts of creatures, forming the Spirit of Life, creating something out of nothing, forming water, descending into the world to form a nation.

“In the ten thousand years of the Spirit River Sect, except for the Sky Wing Forefather back then who managed to form a Sky Winged Beast, although there were disciples with extraordinary talent who managed to cultivate this technique, the Spirit of Life that they formed were all ordinary ones.”

“The type of the Spirit of Life formed by this technique is determined by the practitioner's temperament and his understanding of Spirit Beasts. If a hundred people cultivated the Water Nation Technique, there would be a hundred different Spirits of Life. They could be strong, or they could be weak. While the Sky Wing Forefather formed an incredibly powerful Sky Winged Beast, others formed rabbits, snakes, or even bugs.”

“Bai Xiaochun, although you are a disciple of the South Bank, and the North Bank is competing with the South Bank, in the end, we are one big family. I hope you can successfully cultivate this technique and create a Spirit of Life that suits you.” The old woman looked at Bai Xiaochun as she slowly spoke. Even though she said this, neither she, nor the other three Ancestors believed that Bai Xiaochun could cultivate the Water Nation Technique and have much success.

Because to successfully cultivate this Water Nation Technique, one would have to observe countless Spirit Beasts, and there weren’t any in the South Bank.

After the trade was successfully completed, the four North Bank Ancestors and Zheng Yuandong left, leaving only Li Qinghou behind. When looking at Bai Xiaochun, kindness hid behind his gaze, yet he still appeared strict.

He reprimanded Bai Xiaochun, telling him to not become arrogant after obtaining the first place in the Heaven’s Chosen War. He also gave him some pointers in cultivation regarding some things Bai Xiaochun couldn’t understand, and finally, he taught him some special methods of using the bracelet and the Magnetic Yuan Pearl, giving him detailed instructions.

“The Magnetic Yuan Pearl and Magnetic Spirit Wings are of great value to you. You have to familiarise yourself with them. And that Water Nation Technique is more profound than our Scented Cloud Mountain’s Plants As Soldiers, and the Dragon-Elephant’s Forming Ocean Scripture. That technique was what caused our Spirit River Sect to rise from the lower part of the Tongtian River. They were created by the Founder. You have to study them thoroughly so when I pass the Plant Soldiers technique on to you someday in the future, the effects would be even better with the actuation of the scripture.” Li Qinghou urged him again before he left.

Bai Xiaochun’s heart was moved, and he deeply bowed as he cupped his fist to Li Qinghou. Without holding back, he asked him a question.

“Uncle Li, that...why did they call you Black-hearted Li? That’s too excessive!” Bai Xiaochun curiously looked at Li Qinghou.

“This is us adults’ business. You needn't be concerned with it. You just have to remember that in our generation of Medicine Masters, medicine recipes are extremely precious. You can't easily give them away to other people!” After saying this, Li Qinghou turned around and left.

Bai Xiaochun was deep in thought, the admiration in his eyes growing even stronger. He felt that perhaps Li Qinghou’s medicine pills had given many people a headache...

After sending off Li Qinghou, he returned to his immortal cave. Thinking about what Li Qinghou had said regarding the history of the Dragon-Elephant’s Forming Ocean Scripture, admiration for the Founder filled his heart.

“In the introduction, the Founder mentions 'shackles', but in the end, what are the shackles?” Bai Xiaochun pondered for a moment, and although he had vague ideas, he couldn't confirm anything. Shaking his head, he left the matter for another time. He directed his attention to the Magnetic Yuan Pearl in his hands, and following Li Qinghou’s instructions, he swallowed it.

When the pearl entered his body, it turned into a lump of Qi and merged with Bai Xiaochun’s body. It circled around his dantian without causing any discomfort. Bai Xiaochun observed his inner body and noticed that it seemed to have become somewhat lighter. Circulating his Qi, he suddenly realised that his senses had become sharper than before, as though he had formed some strange connection with the Heaven and Earth.

Bai Xiaochun felt some mysterious connection as he picked up the Magnetic Spirit Wings. This pair of green wings was as thin as a cicada’s wings, and were almost transparent. Bai Xiaochun opened his mouth and spat out some Spirit Qi, refining the pair of wings immediately. After an incense stick’s worth of time, his eyes flashed open, and the Magnetic Spirit Wings in his hands disappeared before it reappeared on his back.

Just like blood dissolving in water, it was as though the Magnetic Spirit Wings became a part of his own body. He could freely control them like his arm, and with a thought the wings on his back suddenly spread out.

In an instant, Bai Xiaochun’s body transformed into a blur, flying forward, straight for a rock wall. Panicking, Bai Xiaochun let out a scream and hurried to stop. But because he couldn’t control the wings well yet, his body still smashed into the rock wall.

Boom! The whole immortal cave shook. Fortunately, because Bai Xiaochun’s body was so tough, in this collision, he had merely lodged himself into the rock wall. After quite some time, he fell out with a plop, howling miserably.

Bai Xiaochun grimaced in pain. After he climbed out, fear lingered inside him as he looked at the hole in the rock wall. He didn't dare to try again in the cave. After leaving the cave, he gathered his courage again and spread the wings on his back, instantly flying off into the distance.

Many days later, Bai Xiaochun had familiarised himself with the explosive speed of the wings. His heart was in rapture as he felt as though he was unparalleled under the heavens.

“Haha, I, Bai Xiaochun, have such fast speed, Elder Zhou can only dream to catch me!” Bai Xiaochun looked at the sky and laughed heartily. His body shot into the air where he made a circle before returning back to the immortal cave.

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