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Chapter 584: 584
Chapter 584 If It’s Possible, I Want to Accompany You

Su Yunjin thanked fate for letting her find Shen Yuechuan .

And now, Shen Yuechuan was willing to forgive her, so what she needed to thank was not only fate .

“Thank you, Yuechuan . ” Su Yunjin smiled from the bottom of her heart . “Having heard your words, I can sleep in peace in the future . ”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t say anything .

If he hadn’t been sick then perhaps things wouldn’t be like this and he wouldn’t forgive Su Yunjin so easily .

But now, he didn’t even know how long he would live for . So in this world, what kind of unforgivable sin was there to blame?

Moreover, Su Yunjin was the one who had given him his life . If she had not insisted on bringing him to this world then he might not even have a chance to face this misfortune .

“Yuechuan, in the future… if…” Tears were flashing in Su Yunjin’s eyes as she choked with sobs, unable to say a complete sentence for a while .

Shen Yuechuan knew what Su Yunjin wanted to say and he agreed without thinking . “Okay . ”

In the future, it would be perfectly okay for Su Yunjin to ask to see him or go for a meal with him, but—

“I have a condition,” Shen Yuechuan went on .

As long as Shen Yuechuan would no longer reject her, Su Yunjin would not hesitate to agree to all of his conditions, not to mention there was only one .

“Whatever the condition it, feel free to tell me . ” Su Yunjin’s voice was full of expectations .

“Yunyun told me that you did not agree to let her study medicine . ” Shen Yuechuan asked, “Can I know why?”

“…” Su Yunjin looked out of the window silently . After a while, she answered, “When your father was in the hospital, we put all our hopes on the doctors . But in the end, so many doctors failed to save your father’s life . I started disliking the profession of doctors .

“Of course, if it was only for this reason then I wouldn’t have stopped Yunyun from studying medicine . The most important thing is that medical students have to work harder than other students from other majors . It’s also not easy for them to work after graduation . Yunyun is a girl and I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to take it . And you should know the current medical environment is not safe . ”

“You don’t have to worry about Yunyun’s safety . ” Although Shen Yuechuan’s tone was light, it was said with conviction and certainty . “After she graduates, Boyan will arrange for her to work in the private hospital of the Lu Enterprise, and security won’t be a problem at all . As for hardships… I think she can bear it . ”

Su Yunjin looked at Shen Yuechuan . “So, what do you want me to promise you?”

“Support Yunyun in studying medicine,” Shen Yuechuan said . “It is her dream . ”

It was probably the last thing Shen Yuechuan could do for Xiao Yunyun to protect her dream .

Su Yunjin looked at the serious face of Shen Yuechuan, and suddenly smiled . “In fact, I have already thought it through . I never supported Yunyun in studying medicine, but now that she is about to graduate the university, even if I continued to object, it would be meaningless . She is going to walk down the path of medicine and I have accepted it . ”

Shen Yuechuan did not expect Su Yunjin to say that, and he asked uncertainly, “So, you won’t oppose her to take the postgraduate entrance examination?”

“She still wants to take the postgraduate entrance examination?” Su Yunjin was a little surprised but immediately felt that it was normal . She nodded, “Now, not to mention the postgraduate entrance examination, even if she wants to go all the way to get a doctorate, I won’t stop her . ”

Shen Yuechuan breathed a sigh of relief . At this time, the dishes he and Su Yunjin had ordered were served one after another .

“Let’s stop talking about that . ” Su Yunjin put down the chopsticks and bowls . “Let’s eat . ”

Shen Yuechuan nodded and picked up his chopsticks .

Although there was still a little indifference between the mother and son, the stiff embarrassment had gradually disappeared . It was no longer difficult for others to imagine that they were mother and son .

The meal was a quite pleasant experience .

In the end, Shen Yuechuan sent Su Yunjin back to the hotel . This time, he personally got off the car and opened the door for Su Yunjin .

Before entering the hotel, Su Yunjin looked back at Shen Yuechuan . It seemed that she had something to say . Shen Yuechuan was also not in a hurry, so he just quietly waited for Su Yunjin to speak .

But in the end, Su Yunjin only said one sentence, “I’m going back to the hotel, be careful while driving . ”

She wanted to say something but stopped and that did not escape Shen Yuechuan’s eyes . Shen Yuechuan directly asked, “Don’t you still have something to say to me?”

Su Yunjin didn’t expect that she would be caught . She was stunned and used a smile to conceal the unnaturalness in her heart . “No . Yuechuan… The only thing I dare to expect now is that you can get better . If you can recover, I…” Su Yunjin hesitated for a moment but still didn’t say what she really wanted to say . She changed her words and said, “I’m willing to do anything for it . ”

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Shen Yuechuan remained unmoved and flatly said, “The current situation is such that I can’t even give up on my work completely to cure the disease . So, whether I want to or not, I must live . Both Lu Enterprises and Boyan need me . I will cooperate with the doctor’s treatment and strive for recovery . However, it is not your fault that I inherited this disease, so you don’t have to pay a price for it . ”

Although Su Yunjin was his birth mother, they had never lived together . His health, as well as everything else about him, didn’t need Su Yunjin’s concern .

Shen Yuechuan was used to facing and taking on everything by himself . Plus, he was already an adult . He didn’t want to make anyone feel guilty .

Su Yunjin looked at Shen Yuechuan’s eyes, which looked too much like those of Jiang Ye’s, and she could see right through his thoughts at a glance .

On the surface, Shen Yuechuan was frivolous and playful to the world, but he was really kind . Even if his future was unclear, he did not forget to take care of the feelings of the people around him .

Su Yunjin felt a wave of regret .

If she hadn’t abandoned Shen Yuechuan and chosen to take care of him at that time then she wouldn’t have lived like this over the years, and depression wouldn’t have tortured her for so many years .

However, if she had not given up on Shen Yuechuan, then she would not have had Xiao Yunyun . Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun would also not have known each other and they might even have been involved in an emotional relationship .

Perhaps everything was preordained and their lives were destined to be like this .

Su Yunjin grabbed the bag, looked at Shen Yuechuan and clearly said, “Anyway, Yuechuan, this time I will accompany you as a mother to get through this difficulty . ” Su Yunjin had owed Shen Yuechuan the companionship and she decided to remedy him for all this time .

After that, ignoring Shen Yuechuan’s reaction, Su Yunjin turned back and entered the hotel . Shen Yuechuan saw her figure disappear behind the gates of the hotel before driving back to his apartment .

The apartment was quiet as usual . But today, miraculously, Shen Yuechuan did not feel that the place was empty or dark, instead, he felt that it was full .

The last time that he had this feeling was after he kissed Xiao Yunyun .

Fate might be truly fair to everyone . At the very least, the warmth of Su Yunjin was added to his life after being plagued by the demon of illness .

Shen Yuechuan tried to stop himself from thinking about Xiao Yunyun .

Xiao Yunyun was more like a joke brought by fate which brought him a surprise but still let him down at last .

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Shen Yuechuan returned to the study and turned on the lamp . The warm light shone through the entire desk while covering half of the study .

He sat down and took out the letter which Jiang Ye had left for him .

This envelope, which was full of traces of time, spanned more than twenty years of time and connected him with the man who gave him life .

Shen Yuechuan opened the envelope and took out a piece of yellowed paper from it .

Some of the writings on the paper had already faded a little, but with the rough outline, he could still accurately identify what Jiang Ye had written .

Jiang Ye firstly apologized to Shen Yuechuan in the letter .

“Child, I’m sorry . I am your father, but I can’t accompany you to grow up like other children’s fathers .

“In fact, if it’s possible, I really want to watch you grow up day by day, to teach you how to read and write, and to take you to kindergarten . I want to know which girl you like in your class, and then watch you make a girlfriend, get married and have your own children…

“But I’m really sorry, little fellow . Daddy’s health doesn’t allow me to stay in this world for too long .

“Maybe you will blame me . Since I have taken you to this world, why didn’t I fulfil the responsibility as a father, right?

“I’m indeed irresponsible to you, so I dare not ask for your forgiveness .

“When you see this letter, you should have grown up . I want to tell you that in the days that follow, please take good care of your mother, like a man .

“My leaving the world will leave a big mess for your mother . I don’t know how she will deal with it, but I know that no matter what she will do, life will be very hard for her, not to mention that she has to take care of a newborn you .

“You and your mother are the ones whom I love the most and can’t let go in this world . However, I still seem to be biased towards your mother a bit more . So, if you read this letter after you have the ability to live your own life, then I hope that you can take care of your mother for me and let her happily spend the rest of her life without me .

“Oh, and if you plan to date someone then no matter what the results would be, when you are together, I hope you cherish every minute and second with her . You will not regret listening to my words .

“Actually, I have much more to tell you . I want to tell you the experiences of more than twenty years of my life, and also want to tell you how to live a better life in this world . If possible, I even want to arrange everything for you in the future so that you can grow up without worries .

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“However, everyone’s path of life is different . Perhaps I should let you experience the hundreds and thousands of emotions of life by yourself .

“Well, I don’t want to admit that I can’t write any more, because I wrote a very long letter to your mother . I have almost exhausted my strength .

“Finally, child . I love you .

“I hope that your life will be smooth and happy, without illness and pain . I hope that you can meet the most loved person at the most suitable time, make your own small family, and live a happy life .

“If it’s possible, we can be father and son in the next life . Next time, I won’t be so irresponsible and I’ll definitely be there when you grow up . ”

Looking further down, there were only traces of yellow marks left on the letter .

The last sentence were the last words that Jiang Ye left in the world .

Shen Yuechuan slowly folded the letter, and with a splash, some cold liquid dripped onto the white desk .

He touched his face, only to find that it was already filled with tears at some point…

Jiang Ye asked him to take care of Su Yunjin and hoped that his life would be smooth without pain or disease . He wanted to promise Jiang Ye .

But now it seemed that he would have to disappoint Jiang Ye…

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