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At the food court.


Wu Huan Yue didn't look the least bit unhappy. Most people would have been furious if they were in her position, but Wu Huan Yue was laughing and chatting as if the competition wasn't on her mind at all.

Lin Fan laughed, "Cheers."

'The New Voice' 12 out of 24 selection stage show stopped midway due to an issue. To do a live broadcast required some courage and 'The New Voice' had decided to take that leap of faith for the first time.

Whether an issue or hiccup would appear in the middle of a live broadcast was something that no one could be sure of.

Only the bravest organizers would dare to do a live broadcast of their shows.

'The New Voice' took pride in being fair and unbiased. They were the first to do a live broadcast of this genre of show, in hopes of raising their viewer ratings.

The organizers didn't accept any sponsors, nor did they allow any contestants to share their tragic backgrounds during the competition.

This wasn't a competition of who was more pitiful. This was a real competition of who had the best voice.

Lin Fan didn't know how the organizers were going to deal with the situation but Mr. Qi Ming had already made it very clear with his actions. He was obviously displeased with Ying Jin's actions.

If 13 were to advance out of the 24, it would surely cause problems in future. Hence, the final decision was to have a rematch between Wu Huan Yue and Wang Yu Chen in 3 days.

This was unfair to Wu Huan Yue, but they had no other choice. Ying Jin had spoken and the organizers had to show respect for her decision. This was the best way to proceed with the competition. After all, the only other way was to let one contestant have a walkover in the next round. That would be unfair to all the other contestants.

Lin Fan gulped a glass down and said casually, "From the way I look at it, you don't even seem angry and even I look even angrier than you!"

Wu Huan Yue pursed her lips as she smiled, "Things have already happened. Dwelling on it would only make me unhappy. Even if I have to compete one more time, it doesn't mean I'll lose."

"That's true," Lin Fan laughed, "but that Ying Jin clearly took sides with that Wang Yu Chen. If in three days time, Wang Yu Chen uses another original song and doesn't commit any mistakes, that would be troublesome."

Wu Huan Yue's eyes widened. She seemed to be worried. Then, she laughed and said, "It's supper time. Let's not talk about this. Cheers."

"Tough lady." Lin Fan downed his cup in one go. This beer was quite appetizing.

After three rounds of drinking, they had finished a bottle of beer each. Lin Fan wasn't affected much, but Wu Huan Yue was getting tipsy. Her initially snow white face was now bright red and she looked cute.

"I'll get the bill." Wu Huan Yue stood up, then, she tripped and stumbled forward.

Lin Fan reacted swiftly and caught her in her fall. His arm wrapped around her waist. His first thought was that it was so slim and tender.

"You're unstable after just one bottle. Let me get the bill instead." Lin Fan took out his wallet and despite Wu Huan Yue's protests, he paid the bill.

He drove her home and then walked her up the flat.

He didn't loiter around in her house and nothing much happened. Once she was safe at home, he went back to his car and left.

The next day!

The internet was buzzing with excitement.

'The New Voice' was watched by a large portion of people in the nation and it had high viewer ratings. Especially after the previous night's happenings, many people's attentions were drawn to it.

The news...

'The first live broadcasted singing talent show receives praise from viewers'

'In the 12 out of 24 selection stage, the first draw occurs'

'Mentor Qi Ming drops the microphone in anger, blaming Ying Jin for unfair judging.'

'Wang Yu Chen screws up, but Ying Jin has her back.'

'Wu Huan Yue's perfect singing is beaten by an original song with a mistake.'

'Mentor Qi Ming's remarks for Ying Jin on Weibo: This kind of person isn't suitable to be a mentor'

The netizens couldn't contain their feelings.

Not many people knew of Wang Yu Chen and Wu Huan Yue, but everyone knew of Ying Jin. She was disliked by many and to them, anything to do with Ying Jin had to be bad.

"Ying Jin is f*cking disgusting."

"Watching this broadcast made me infuriated. There was an obvious mistake. Even the media representatives saw it, but Ying Jin wouldn't admit it."

"If I was Mentor Qi Ming, I would have given her two good kicks. She has oppressed countless people using her influence in the musical world."

"It's f*cked up. She's getting more and more disgusting. I supported her in the past by buying her CDs, but now that she's successful, she's behaving so shamefully."

"These organizers must have been out of their minds! If it wasn't for Mentor Qi Ming, I would have stopped watching this show. How could they have such a disgusting hag as a judge?"

Mentor Qi Ming's Weibo:

"Once, there were two students who took an exam to decide who would be the class representative. One of the students, Hong Yi, had good relations with the teacher, while the other student was just a normal student. When the results came out, it turned out that Hong Yi had made a mistake and lost points, while the other student scored a perfect score. The other student should have become the class representative. However, the teacher commented that the Hong Yi had beautiful handwriting and decided to appoint him as the class representative. Do you think that this teacher deserves to be called a teacher? Do fairness and ethics still exist in such a world?"

The netizens replied to the post.

"I support Mentor Qi Ming! This kind of rubbish deserves to be shamed on the spot!"

"Mentor Qi Ming is hinting at something. Do Wang Yu Chen and Ying Jin have a close relationship?"

"Even a blind person can see that Wu Huan Yue should advance, but Ying Jin is so biased that she can't see it."

"I love how fair and unbiased Mr. Qi is. Every show that he appears on, I'll watch it."

On Ying Jin's Weibo.

She hadn't wanted to post initially, but she hadn't expected that the situation would get so out of hand. She was furious and she had started to hate Qi Ming. To explain herself, she decided to make a Weibo post. She wanted to justify her actions and explain why she gave such a scoring.

However, the netizens didn't buy her reasons. They had already started flaming her on Weibo.

"Disgusting old hag! You think you're so great. You think the whole world revolves around you."

"You're a pile of dog sh*t!"

"Your underwear must have a pile of dog sh*t in it and it must be embossed with 'Superstar'."

"I can smell your stench even through my screen!"

"You're a dirty, rotten dog!"

"You've cheated so many people in the past and you still want to cheat even more people. Do you think we're blind?

"Old demon! You're a curse to the world!"

Ying Jin looked at the comments and was already unhappy but even if she wanted to retaliate, she couldn't do so.

Cloud Street.

Lin Fan was just sitting there with a piece of paper in front of him and a pen in his hand. He looked as if he was in deep thought.

Fraud Tian stared at Lin Fan, not knowing what that kid was doing.

Lin Fan was looking through his magical Encyclopedia.

He was looking for something.

Entertainment class, singing class, song class.

The song classification was filled with a plethora of choices. He couldn't read the whole thing.

He continued narrowing down the category.

Ethereal voice.

Ethereal songs.

In an instant, the number of songs was narrowed down. Lin Fan wasn't familiar with these songs, nor did he know where they were from.

However, he trusted the Encyclopedia. He knew that there wasn't any rubbish in the Encyclopedia.

Just when Lin Fan selected a song, Fraud Tian's voice rang out.

"Kid, it's bad. The reporters are at our door again."

Lin Fan was stunned. He looked outside, "D*mn, what do they want this time?"

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