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"That's strange."

Lin Fan was skillfully making scallion pancakes and didn't think much.

Whatever happens, happens.

The quota of 10 servings of scallion pancakes were all sold.

Every one of the townsfolk who ate the scallion pancakes gave a ridiculous expression.

However, that wasn't surprising.

Godly level scallion pancakes were just that impressive.

But those who had already tried the scallion pancakes wouldn't give any more encyclopedic points.

And those who were familiar with Lin Fan's rules were mostly people who lived in the vicinity.

When other people who happened to pass by saw that there were so many rules and that all of them are so absurd, they wouldn't bother to waste so much time just for a scallion pancake.

This time, the encyclopedic points didn't increase by much, just a few.

Lin Fan now had 40 encyclopedic points.

It was much, but neither was it little. At least it was enough to exchange for a few small classification's knowledge. However, Lin Fan didn't exchange it as he wouldn't have any use for those classifications.

Fraud Tian stood by Lin Fan's side and said, "The situation today is really strange. I saw those people queuing for fortune-telling leave with a mysterious smile on their faces."

Lin Fan shrugged, "Don't worry. It's still early, there's no need to be anxious."

He still went to take a look. What on Earth were the townsfolk doing? It seemed like there was some conspiracy behind this.

There wasn't anyone, so Lin Fan just sat there and scrolled through Weibo, looking at the latest updates.

What surprised Lin Fan the most was that the girl, whom Wang Ming Yang had chosen and was prepared to devote himself to, sent a message to Lin Fan of her own accord.

Wu Huan Yue: "Master Lin, I joined "The New Voice", and I'm already through to the Shanghai regional selections."

Ever since they parted ways that day, Lin Fan didn't contact this girl, nor did she come looking for Lin Fan.

When he received this message today, Lin Fan was surprised.

However, since she shared this joyous news with him, Lin Fan felt that he should congratulate her.

He decided to send her a red packet. Initially, he had put $66.66 inside, but then he thought that it was a bit much, so he put $6.66 instead.

The red packet was sent out.

Lin Fan: "Keep it up!"

In a backstage resting room.

Wu Huan Yue rested her snow white, long and slender legs on the sofa. As she played with her phone, an occasional smile would appear on her face.

She had gotten through the selections.

Her first reaction was to share the good news with her parents. After that, she thought of that Master Lin whom she had only had the opportunity to come in contact with one.

The other contestants who were resting sneakily stole glances at Wu Huan Yue.

The men forcefully swallowed their saliva as they felt they hormone levels rising.

As for the female contestants, they were filled with envy. An irresistible beauty, coupled with an amazing and unique voice.

She was a very strong competitor.

Even the judges were captivated when they say, Wu Huan Yue. Before she even started to sing, she had already gained points.

But as for trying to ask her for favors, they could forget about it.

She was with Wang Yang Ming, so these guys couldn't even touch her.


The sound rang out from her phone.

Wu Huan Yue replied with her own red packet, "Thank you, master"

It was a $66.66 red packet.

Lin Fan was delighted. He had earned back 10 times of what he gave. It seemed that this trade was profitable, so he sent another red packet.

This time, Lin Fan was generous and he sent $88.88.

Wu Huan Yue: "Thank you for the red packets, master. The staff is calling for me, I have to go."


Lin Fan was stunned. He felt like he had been cheated.

At this moment, a voice came from outside.

"Boss, give me a serving of your scallion pancake."

Kang Wei Fan had wandered around the area and bought some stuff. He had also tried some of the food in the area. He found that it was mediocre, and was slightly disappointed.

He was a gourmet and he loved the sort of pleasure that food could give him.

Some foods are nostalgic. When they go in your mouth, a sense of nostalgia would linger in your mouth.

Parma ham was the most indescribably delicious and satisfying food that Wei Kang Fan had ever tasted. Parma ham required over a year to prepare and it had an unforgettable taste.

Even during its preparation, it would already be reserved by the most famous restaurants and wealthy people in the world.

It's demand far exceeded its supply.

Fraud Tian smiled and said, "Sorry, we've reached our quota for scallion pancakes. If you want to eat it, please read through the sheet of paper on the wall at the side."

Cases like these happened frequently and were mostly taken care of by Fraud Tian.

Kang Wei Fan surveyed the room, then looked over at the sheet of paper on the wall.

A very basic description of a scallion pancake.

To a gourmet, understanding this was not a problem at all.

"Ding! Encyclopedic points +1."

Lin Fan raised his head, then stood up. Who would have thought this middle-aged man would be able to grasp it so quickly.

Kang Wei Fan was surprised, "You're the boss?"

Lin Fan nodded, "Yep. Your scallion pancake will be ready soon, please wait a moment."

The sound of encyclopedic points increasing made Lin Fan very happy.

If it was this kind of customer, he wouldn't mind having more of them.

Kang Wei Fan felt that this shop was strange. Initially, he didn't have much interest in it, but when he thought about it again, he decided to give it a try.

Lin Fan came to the front of the store.

Kang Wei Fan grabbed a bit of dough and felt it in his hands, then he placed it into his mouth.

"This is cake flour. It's used to make pastries and cooked dishes. It's not too suitable for making scallion pancakes. Due to its low gluten level and its relative softness, it's hard to knead."

He was an expert. He didn't only taste the food, but he could also tell the good and bad in a food.

Scallion pancakes originated from Taiwan and could be considered a delicacy.

Kang Wei Fan was gazing at Lin Fan, "Boss, your technique is common, but the oil you're using looks like vegetable oil. It's very different from the oil required in scallion pancakes. The taste it produces will be strange."

Kang Wei Fan shook his head. He was disappointed.

He had thought that a stall that was so popular, and had so many rules, must be outstanding, but after seeing the ingredients, Kang Wei Fan had lost all hope.

In a real gourmet food, ingredients were crucial, skill and technique were bonuses. Even the same dish could taste worlds apart. This was common knowledge in the gourmet world. Perhaps ordinary people wouldn't be able to feel it, but to an expert gourmet like Kang Wei Fan, the taste was important, and even a slight difference in taste could be felt.

When Lin Fan grabbed some coriander and pork floss, Kang Wei Fan started talking once again.

"This coriander is dehydrated, and its ability to add fragrance is greatly reduced. It might even give a bitter taste."

"This pork floss…"

Kang Wei Fan picked up a strand of pork floss and held it in his hand as he rubbed and felt it. It felt powdery.

"This is low-grade pork floss. There's added soy powder and cooking oil, which affects the texture."

Fraud Tian looked at Kang Wei Fan, with his mouth gaping and eyes wide open.

This was an expert!

However, Fraud Tian suddenly burst out laughing.

No matter who tried the scallion pancakes, they would all have an expression of amazement on their faces.

Lin Fan didn't utter a word the whole time.

"Alright, please have a taste."

Kang Wei Fan took a whiff, and an overpowering fragrance entered through his nose. His face changed.

"This smell…"

"When his senses return, don't forget to collect the money." Lin Fan put down the equipment, walked back into the shop, then continued lying down.

Fraud Tian nodded, "I understand."

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