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"Bloody youngster, you actually dare to talk about me like that? You must have a death wish."

Lin Fan was scrolling through Weibo when suddenly, a chick spammed him via private message.

This infuriated him and of course, he had to do something about it.

But this girl was beautiful. She was even prettier than those supermodels on TV. Lin Fan couldn't let her go just like that and so he read her fortune for free.

After waiting for a while, the girl did not reply him. Lin Fan was bored as he thought he had found a chick to chat with but the other party actually disappeared.

From Lin Fan's view, the girl was destined to have a tough life.

Lin Fan had ignored the comments on Weibo. He couldn't have restricted the freedom to discuss on his Weibo.

However, Lin Fan was still happy with his Weibo, which consisted of mostly compliments with a small number of negative comments.

But Lin Fan realized that Autumn Sword Fish Killer had started to flame him again. He had just helped to fend off his haters yesterday. Had he gone crazy? Why was he flaming Lin Fan again?

"What a sh*tty Master Lin. Such careless predictions. Who does he think he is?"

"Everyone has their responsibilities when it comes to speaking about mysteries and prophecies. We should be responsible for our words."

"Wu Tian He is the president of the Metaphysics Society, do you think you have the rights to criticise him?"

Lin Fan then scrolled through his Weibo again and realized that his compliments were slowly disappearing and he felt really lost.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer had become really arrogant. "Haha, this guy really thought I was on his side? I was just being realistic and cracking down on the scum of society. Today, I will officially start to put you down."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer looked at his Weibo and let out an evil laughter. All ten of his fat and plump fingers continued to type rapidly.

"Human, with the threat of I, Autumn Sword Fish Killer, the death of your Weibo is under my control. If you sincerely repent, then I might consider letting you off."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer spoke arrogantly as he treated Lin Fan with absolutely zero respect. He was the chief of the Internet trolls and their one and only god.

*ding ding~*

As Autumn Sword Fish Killer was prepared to continue with his threats against Lin Fan, suddenly, his QQ notification rang.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was really excited when he saw the message from a cute girl. It was the girl that Autumn Sword Fish Killer had always been trying to contact. Whenever he felt lonely, it was this girl who had accompanied him. In his heart, she was someone that couldn't be replaced.

Then, he opened the chat and saw a picture of a cute girl with tiger-like claws. There were two words beside the girl, which said, "Super Fearsome".

She's teasing me so much, I have to send a message back. Autumn Sword Fish Killer felt aroused.

Then, he found the same emoji and sent her the same message, adding in two more words.

"Super Fearsome, Extremely Fearsome."

But what Autumn Sword Fish Killer didn't know was that the person who had sent him such a message was actually a fat man. He was picking his toes and had mucus flowing from his nose into his mouth. If he was to start laughing, he would have eaten his own mucus.

"This is so amusing that I feel like dying."

In Autumn Sword Fish Killer's eyes, the cute girl that he chatted with was his only reliable friend. The moment she had texted him, he didn't even care about the Internet war with Lin Fan.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was aroused by the exchange of texts with the 'girl'. His plump body was trembling and he was laughing really happily, like a little child.

Affectionate person: "Autumn Sword brother, please help me to become a VIP on QQ. I love you so much."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer said, "No problem baby, I will help you right now."

He looked at the three-figure price on the webpage and he couldn't quite bear to pay it. But in order to make his affectionate 'baby' happy, this small amount of money didn't count as much, so he just did it.

"Hey, where did this chief Internet troll go? Why did he stop arguing with me?" Lin Fan said curiously.

At that moment, a customer came in and Lin Fan immediately kept his phone. There was a stream of people outside the door, those who had found out about his shop via Weibo.

Some of them were doubtful of him and decided to visit him to find out more even if they had to pay a little bit of money.

Meanwhile there were also some who had unwavering faith in him and decided to visit him even though they had to travel a long distance.

At the entrance, the group of people saw the poster.

"Ah! There's a customer limit now."

"Of course there has to be a limit. I heard from others that for a true fortune-teller to look at people and fortune-tell for them, it takes a lot of effort and uses up a lot of energy."

"Haha, he really thinks he's a true master. He even set a limit on his customers. Who cares?" a fashionably-dressed youngster said.

"If you don't care then get lost, don't take up a slot for nothing."

There was a large crowd outside his shop, it was as if they had all discussed and arranged for a meet-up.

"We're already in such a modern era and people still believe in these feudalistic things? If it was in the past, people would've started a war over it." the youngster unhappily said as he took out his phone to video-record the crowd.

"It's your own problem if you do not believe in Master Lin. He's godly. My neighbor heeded Master Lin's advice and canceled his family trip. If not, a disaster would have happened to him." a middle-aged woman said.

"I know about that incident. I was there too, the family of three even came to thank Master Lin personally. Look at the board over there, it was a token given by them."

"Yes, yes. It was because of that incident that caused me to believe in Master Lin's powers."

"Sigh, looks like it'll be even more difficult to look for Master Lin for fortune-telling in future."

"Look, there are so many people outside. We're losing so much money." Fraud Tian sighed regretfully.

"Time to work. Please organize them into groups." Lin Fan said.

If they had not set any rules, they would've been shocked to death after seeing so many people. However, with the ground rules set, they wouldn't have to work till they're exhausted.

Fraud Tian stood outside the door and took out a box of number tags.

"Excuse me, everyone. Please queue up in an orderly manner!" Fraud Tian shouted.

Most of these people who had come for a fortune-telling session with Lin Fan were believers of Master Lin. Although the customer limit that the shop had set was a pain in the a*s, they still decided to follow the rules in order to let Master Lin have a look at them.

But some of these youngsters took out their phones and took pictures of the scene. They felt that it was a really strange scene.

Even though Master Lin's Weibo was so popular, it was still impossible for people to believe in Master Lin so much because such things were illogical.

The bosses and employees in the surrounding shops were all envious of how good Lin Fan's business was.

Just how much money is he going to earn?

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