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In the rented apartment.

The shop had been closed earlier than usual.

Lin Fan was lying on his bed, scrolling through Weibo.

Weibo Fan Count: 1.3 million

Compared to a superstar, it was still miles away but compared to an ordinary person, it was a remarkable achievement.

Wow, looks like the sun has risen from the west. This chief Internet troll is helping me to clean up. How scary.

Then, Lin Fan sent a message to Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "If you know that you were wrong and truly repent, I'll be magnanimous and forgive you for the past."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was busy playing his game and when he saw the private message. He was furious and he replied with just two words, "Get lost!"

Just like him, Yang Xiao Liang's name had lit up on the Internet. The bad news flooded the headlines and there was no way he could hide it. Many people also used the saga to worsen the situation with more juicy news.

'My secret with Yang Xiao Liang.'

'Yang Xiao Liang made me spend a night with him and then gave me fifty thousand dollars.'

Lin Fan knew that it was almost impossible for Yang Xiao Liang to clear his name. It would already be lucky if he didn't get blocked.

Lin Fan's Weibo had a sea of comments but most of them were passing comments as they just wanted to watch the show.

However, there were some who had unquestioning belief, saying that they had already left for Shanghai and would arrive the next day.

On the other hand, there were also quite a number of people criticising Lin Fan on his Weibo.

They thought it was just superstition and tried to convince everyone to not believe him. At the same time, they believed that the reason Lin Fan could predict everything was that he was manipulating things behind the scenes.

As for that, Lin Fan did not bother about them at all. He had already achieved his goals anyway.

He had two big goals in life. The first was to earn money and the second was unlock more knowledge.

The next day!

Lin Fan woke up and took a rinse at 8 am. Then, he left the house early. The neighboring Elder Wang was exercising in his garden and when he saw Lin Fan, his face changed to one of displeasure.

After having earned a sum of money in this period of time, Lin Fan was prepared to change locations. He would've been a fool to not enjoy himself, using the money that he had earned.

Cloud Street.

Lin Fan made a turn and went towards his shop. Then, he noticed that Fraud Tian was hiding at the corner. He went up to him and patted him on his shoulder, "What's going on?"

Fraud Tian jumped in shock. Then, he pointed to the front and said, "Look there."

Lin Fan looked in that direction and was stunned by what he saw. The entrance of the shop was filled with people. There were reporters and townsfolk. The townsfolk were holding onto their phones and knocking on the door.

It was a lively atmosphere and it also attracted the attention of the other business owners nearby as they did not know what was happening.

Yang Xiao Liang's scandals had been exposed but the reporters were not concerned about it. Their main focus was Master Lin.

The reporters began to interview the owners of other shops.

The shop beside Lin Fan's was one that sold apparel and clothing. The fat lady boss was dressed in her oversized red dress as she excitedly stood in front of the cameras.

"Oh, this shop has such lousy business. There aren't many customers," the lady boss said as she adjusted her posture, attempting to make herself look prettier in front of the cameras.

The interviewers held their urge to curse at her and asked, "Did anything weird happen recently?"

"Anything weird? Hmm, yeah. A few days ago, a man driving a luxurious car came to this shop with some people. He wanted to give the owner a million dollars. The owner did not want his money and they ended up fighting. Even the police got involved. Don't you think this man is crazy for rejecting a million dollars…?"

The reporters were happy with the piece of news. They did not want to hear her nag anymore as she did not have any more interesting news. So, they switched off the cameras.

"Hey, I'm not done yet…"

"..." The reporters didn't bother to reply.

The owners of the surrounding shops started to discuss the matter with their employees.

"What's with this shop? Why are there so many people? Even the reporters are here."

"I heard this shop recently got really famous on Weibo. The owner predicted many events. When the Weibo community found out about the location, they rushed over."

"How awesome. I didn't expect this fortune-telling shop to become so popular in such a short time. It didn't even have many customers."

"Yeah, I would have gone for a session of fortune-telling if I had known. Now that there are so many people in the queue, I doubt I can still go for it."

"What should we do?" Fraud Tian was nervous as he looked at the shop.

"Are you stupid? Of course, we have to open our shop for business. What do we do for a living? What are these people here for? Don't you understand?" Lin Fan said.

Fraud Tian slapped himself on his thigh and said, "Oh right, we're fortune-tellers. These people must be here for us to help them. Sigh, I'm so stupid for hiding here. I thought they were here to cause trouble."

"He's the boss of this shop!"

When Lin Fan had arrived on the streets, the owner of the adjacent store shouted. All the reporters turned to look before surrounding him.

"Hi, Master Lin. Could I ask you a few questions?"

"I'm not Master Lin. It's him." Fraud Tian said with an angry look on his face, "You must be blind. Can't you see that Master Lin is walking in front?"

Fraud Tian was a little happy at the fact that everyone thought he was Master Lin despite his average looks.

Lin Fan felt a little helpless at that sight. It wasn't the first time that people had failed to recognize him. It seemed that he was really too young.

Then, the reporters rushed towards him and surrounded him. They asked him a whole lot of questions.

Lin Fan was familiar with situations like this. In front of these reporters, how could he look excited?

"Relax, please keep quiet. Let me open the door first." Lin Fan said calmly as he waved his hands. Then, he took out his keys and opened the door. The way Lin Fan acted really showed that he had the air of a great master. Many of the netizens who had come took several photos when they saw Master Lin in person.

Then, they posted the pictures on Weibo.

"Finally met Master Lin in person. He has the demeanor of a great master indeed. He wasn't even nervous in front of such a large crowd of people."

Shortly afterward, many netizens commented on Weibo.

"D*mn, he's so young. I thought he would be in his fifties or even sixties."

"This Master Lin doesn't even look special."

"The poster really traveled all the way to meet him. How stupid."

"To the poster, please keep give us real-time updates on the situation."

In the shop.

Lin Fan sat on the chair calmly and said, "Everyone, please don't squeeze or push around. My shop is rather small."

Fraud Tian had not witnessed such a situation before and was rather excited. He took out several plastic cups, poured tea and moved the chairs around. Then, he stayed around Master Lin, hoping to appear on tape.

"Hi, Master Lin. I am a reporter from Fan Entertainment. May I know if the predictions online were indeed made by you?" a female reporter asked.

Lin Fan took a sip of his tea, raised his head and said, "This pretty lady, you just broke up with your boyfriend yesterday and today, you're at work. How professional."

The surrounding reporters and crowd were all stunned. Why did this Master Lin change the topic? They wanted to hear some breaking news.

But the female reporter was dumbfounded as her mouth widened in awe.

When the other people saw her reactions, they were also stunned.

"D*mn, could that really be true?"

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