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Those who were watching the live broadcast tried to look for the song online.

"Baidu doesn't even have this song. And who the hell is Master Lin? I just did a search on Master Lin and the results were of a fortune-teller."

"I found a scallion pancake vendor."

"I found him as the mysterious man."

"These nicknames are so stupid."

"Be quiet, listen to the song."

The song started to play. The beat slowly built up to a nice tempo.

When Qi Ming heard the prelude, he quickly straightened his posture and listened carefully.

Wu Huan Yue held the microphone and closed her eyes. Her lips slowly and gently opened as she began to sing.

"Why is my sky so full of tears…"

"Why is my sky always so gloomy…"

Her voice was mellow and crisp as the audience was slowly captivated by her.

Qi Ming closed his eyes as he moved his fingers slowly to the beat. It was like he had been mesmerized by the song.

Ying Jin was initially full of smiles but her face started to change as she started to look more solemn.

Zhou Hai Tao and Zuo Teng Fei weren't strangers to music. The song's prelude had already attracted their attention. When Wu Huan Yue sang, her unique voice, coupled with that song, created a beautiful effect.

Lin Fan was listening to the song for the first time. He was absolutely mesmerized; it was that good. It was unlike those singers who shouted instead of sang, as if they were comparing who had a louder voice.

This was a performance from within Wu Huan Yue.

Wang Ming Yang was dumbfounded. Although he had heard her sing a few times in the studio, it sounded extremely different from her practices this time. Wu Huan Yue sang the song slowly on stage as if she had forgotten where she was.

"Drifting on the other side of the world…"

"Letting the loneliness attack me over and over again…"

"The sky has been yearning…"

"Your sky could have lovely clouds…"

"Your sky could have a cold and lonely moon…"

The audience was completely captivated by her and everyone was silently listening to the song.

Everyone was mesmerized by her mellow voice and the feelings that she was expressing as she sang the song. Some female listeners in the audience teared up a little as they fully immersed themselves in the song. Their once beautiful, helpless and hurtful memories all flashed across their minds.

The song, 'Sky' reflected the inner feelings of someone that missed another person very much. Gradually, the thoughts of that person slowly turned into sadness and pain as he/she never knew if the other person was thinking of him/her.

Zuo Teng Fei opened his eyes and was pleasantly surprised by the song. The lyrics and composition were unlike any other song. It was so unique.

By comparing this song to Wang Yu Chen's song, there was a huge difference. This wasn't a simple song at all. Wang Yu Chen was dumbfounded. How can it be?

Although she wanted to win really badly, she wasn't deaf. The song that Wu Huan Yue was singing was so much better than hers. But she was puzzled as she couldn't understand how Wu Huan Yue had managed to get this song.

Ying Jin was a little conflicted. She had to admit that the song was extremely good, especially the feelings that it expressed.

She even wanted to perform that song too.

Wu Huan Yue was getting more into the song as she continued to sing on stage. She unknowingly started to tear up as she sang.

"But the sky no longer cries for you…"

"There is no more gloominess in the skies."

The song ended. Wu Huan Yue wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and bowed.

The crowd was silent.

Everyone had been completely mesmerized by the song.

Suddenly, there was a standing ovation. The song had really given the audience a different and unique feeling.

Some of the people bought tickets just to witness the 'war' that had been expected to happen, but after the performance, they felt that the tickets were worth it. To be able to listen to such a beautiful song, it was simply worth it.

In the comments.

"It's too f*cking awesome, I actually cried from listening to it."

"D*mn, don't even mention about that. I was extremely furious today but when I heard this song, I became calm."

"This song was such a pleasant surprise. Wu Huan Yue sang it so well."

"I need the HD version, I need to listen to it to sleep every night."

"666… Wu Huan Yue owned Wang Yu Chen."

At the judges' table.

Mentor Qi Ming stood up and applauded Wu Huan Yue, "Good, good…"

Ying Jin was infuriated but she still pretended to applaud.

Lin Fan just smiled and said, "That was perfect. It was really perfect."

The song was from the Encyclopedia and he had not heard the original version before. But now that Wu Huan Yue had sung it so perfectly, perhaps even the original couldn't match her standard.

Wang Ming Yang laughed and said, "Bro, you're amazing for writing such a marvelous tune."

Lin Fan replied, "It's not that I'm good, Wu Huan Yue is just a great singer."

Wang Ming Yang shook his head and said, "I don't care, you're d*mn good. Without you, her singing won't even matter."

The host was stunned as he just stood there. The song had given him such enjoyment. Then, he walked up the stage and said, "Thank you, Wu Huan Yue. I almost cried after listening to that."

Wu Huan Yue said, "Thank you."

That was the affirmation from the host himself. Yi Ming then said, "May I now invite Wang Yu Chen back on stage? I see that the audience must have enjoyed that performance and the four judges should have a lot to say. Mentor Zuo Teng Fei, you're a composer yourself and you've written countless songs. What do you think of those two songs?"

Zuo Teng Fei had been sitting there for a long time. He picked up the microphone and said emotionally, "Wang Yu Chen's performance was as good as a professional singer's record."

Wang Yu Chen smiled and said, "Thank you, mentor."

Zuo Teng Fei's simple comments made it pretty obvious that he didn't want to speak much about her performance. He wanted to talk more about Wu Huan Yue's song.

"Wu Huan Yue sang 'Sky' and it was indeed a shocking performance. I have been in this industry for more than ten years and I've only heard four songs that truly moved me. This song, 'Sky', is the fifth song that has touched me. It was really fantastic. I'm even getting a little emotional as I'm commenting."

"Thank you, mentor," Wu Huan Yue hadn't expected Mr. Zuo Teng Fei to compliment her so much.

Wang Yu Chen became a little upset.

The host, Yi Ming said, "I didn't expect Mentor Zuo to be so excited. Now, as for Mentor Zhou Hai Tao, what do you think of these two contestants'...?"

He didn't even finish his sentence before he was interrupted by Zuo Teng Fei. "I haven't finished my sentence, you gotta give me some time."

"Alright, Mr. Zuo, please," Yi Ming didn't expect Zuo Teng Fei to be so agitated.

Zuo Teng Fei continued with his comments, "I saw that this song was written and composed by Master Lin. To be able to come up with such a fantastic tune, he should be called a Grandmaster instead. But throughout my countless years of experience, I haven't heard of this man before. Could you introduce Master Lin to us?"

He was indeed very impressed. Wu Huan Yue said, "Master Lin is my friend and he's not from the music industry."

Zuo Teng Fei was shocked. Then, he asked, "He's not from this industry? Is he here today?"

Wu Huan Yue said, "Yes."

Zuo Teng Fei stood up and looked at the crowd, trying to locate Master Lin.

The host, Yi Ming, tried to carry on with the show and said, "Mr. Zuo, perhaps we could let the other judges comment on their performances first before we let Wu Huan Yue introduce Master Lin to you?"

Zuo Teng Fei suddenly realized that he was in a competition. Then, he calmly sat down and pretended that nothing had happened.

Lin Fan just smiled. The Encyclopedia was indeed extremely powerful. A song from it could serenade so many people.

Then, Wang Ming Yang gave Lin Fan a thumbs up and said, "Awesome!"

Yi Ming said, "Mentor Zhou Hai Tao, what do you think of the two contestants?"

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