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The rabbits continued to ominously expand.

Han Li understood that something was terribly wrong. He got up and threw the porcelain bowl away from him as if it was a scorpion and it flew into the medicinal fields. Panicking, he turned around and tried to run, but something made him turn back towards the rabbits when he was about 30 meters away.

Just as he turned around, the two rabbits exploded with a harsh noise. A violent tremor went through Han Li’s body and he tensed up, preparing for the worst. Sure enough, the two rabbits’ corpses burst right afterwards, split into many chunks. Flesh and blood flew everywhere and sprinkled onto the ground. Where the rabbits once stood were craters, filled to the brim with gore. Blood and flesh splattered all over the field. It truly was a horrible spectacle.

Han Li sharply inhaled as he collapsed. He braced himself earlier, but he didn’t qute react fast enough. Although he didn’t get caught up in the explosion, he was covered from head to toe in rabbit blood and chunks of flesh. A horrendous sensation filled him.

After his heart calmed down, Han Li stood up and walked towards the two holes.

He looked at the ravaged landscape silently.

Han Li had been certain that this green liquid would be some kind of miracle cure that would improve his power to unspeakable levels. He didn’t expect that it was such a frightful thing. Ah! Poison, just poison, made those rabbits die such a terrible death. Right now, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with this thing. Such a terrifying substance! Even under years of Doctor Mo’s teaching, Han Li had never laid his eyes on such a fatal poison. He was truly experienced with many poisons, but not one that would cause such a terrible death!

Han Li steeled his resolve. Even in this environment, he managed to keep his calm and left the area.

It was noon, so Han Li had to deliver the special painkillers to Senior Disciple LI.  Everything that happened here, he would deal with after he delivered the medicine.

Han Li resolved himself. For now, he would forget all this happened. He went to his residence to rest for a while before heading towards the entrance of the Valley of the God’s Hand with the medication.

Han Li arrived right on time.  Li Feiyu was already there and looked quite anxious.

He was the only person that could be seen at the exit if the Valley of the God’s Hand, wearing a bright white gown. On his back was his longsword which gave Han Li a deep impression. He had an urgent expression on his face and peered anxiously into the valley.

The instant he saw Han Li, his anxious expression disappeared. The corner of his mouth rose a little bit before he broke out into a smile.

“Junior Disciple Han, you are right on time! You promised to arrive at noon, and you arrive at noon. Why couldn’t you have come earlier? I have been waiting here for the greater part of an hour,” Li Feiyu jokingly grumbled.

“Ahh, I’m sorry. Last night after making the medicine, I stayed up too late and didn’t get too much sleep. Not to mention I had to wake up early this morning to finish some matters and I just happened to be right on time.” Han Li’s words were not entirely false.

“Junior Disciple Han, the medicine… medicine, do you have it or not?” Senior Disciple Li frantically said, so fast he stuttered.

Han Li didn’t respond to Senior Disciple Li’s question and just slowly laughed. He pulled out a large bag and held it in the palm of his hand. He swung his arm and tossed this bag to Li Feiyu.

“Every time you take the Essence Extracting Pill, first take a scoop of this powder and mix it in with boiling water. Drink it and your pain be alleviated.”

“Thank you, Junior Disciple Han, thank you!” Senior Disciple Li was wild with joy. As long as it could dispel even the smallest amount of pain it was extremely useful. Taking the Essence Extracting Pill was extremely agonizing and made one writhe pitifully.  He had already tried many painkillers, but none of them would help him. This Junior Disciple Han knew all of the characteristics of the Essence Extracting Pill, even having taken it before himself. However, he could not guarantee its effectiveness entirely.

“Don’t thank me yet. You’ve yet to try it. In addition, this is only one year’s worth of medicine. I ran out of ingredients making this batch, so you must wait for me to get more ingredients. I will certainly help you make more,” Han Li bluntly explained.

“Don’t worry, this one year’s supply is certainly sufficient. Regardless of the medicine’s effectiveness, Junior Disciple Han’s kindness is much appreciated. You have Li Feiyu’s gratitude.” As Senior Disciple Li said this, his face showed genuine gratitude, rather than an act to please Han Li. He repeated his thanks respectfully.

Han Li laughed a little bit and no longer said anything. Senior Disciple Li took the initiative to go back.

Li Feiyu carefully held the bag of medicine close to him and hurried back to test the medicine. It was almost like Han Li faded from his mind, and both of them went their separate ways.

Heading back to the valley, Han Li first went to the medicine field to tidy it up. He gathered the rabbits’ remains, the blood soaked dirt, and the porcelain shards, sweeping it all into the hole which he then covered up. Unless one looked closely, this area looked as though Han Li had never experimented in the first place.

Han Li satisfactorily clapped his hands clean of dust and looked around. He checked to see if there was some place that he had missed.

His vision was drawn to a shard of porcelain that he missed, and he couldn’t help but mutter to himself as he went to pick it up.

He remembered clearly that when he threw the bowl, some of the diluted liquid had sprinkled everywhere and had landed on some of the medical plant’s trunks. This made him hesitate. Would these plants absorb the liquid and become poisonous? If he ate these poisonous herbs, would he suffer the same fate as those rabbits? How should he dispose of these poisonous herbs? This chain of questions rushed through Han Li’s mind.

Han Li thought about this for a while and came to a decision: he would just observe the situation for now, like another small experiment. If these plants turned poisonous over the course of the next few days, he would swiftly eliminate them.

Once he decided on his plan and saw there was nothing left to do for now, he returned to the stone room to cultivate, hoping to break through his bottleneck.

Han Li no longer cared about this chant’s usefulness. His instincts screamed at him to give up, as barely anything was happening. But if Han Li stopped cultivating this chant, he would not know what to do on the mountain. For the past few years, his life had been nothing but the chant, causing him to forget what he had truly wanted. So he pushed onward, setting this breakthrough as his life’s goal.

After an afternoon of cultivating, Han Li was dismayed to discover he had made no progress. Even though he could sense the fourth layer, which was only a finger’s length away, he still could not break through. He did not advance one bit, and all that effort was in vain.

Without the help from any external medicines, he might as well die at that very spot. He would certainly be stuck at this third level forever, incapable of advancing even one more step.

Han Li, in his heart, hoped for Doctor Mo to return. He hoped that he would be lucky enough to be given some good medicine to help him with his plight.

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