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Chapter 2053: Female Slave

"In that case, I'll take you to the other level to examine the puppets," the middle-aged man immediately replied in an obedient manner.

After that, he made his way out of the room, then waved his metal badge to close the gate before walking over to the teleportation formation through which they had come from.

Han Li followed along in an expressionless manner, yet just as they were about to step onto the formation, a burst of buzzing rang out, following which several humanoid figures emerged amid a flash of white light.

The middle-aged man’s expression faltered slightly upon seeing this, and he peered into the formation, upon which his expression immediately darkened slightly.

The people that had just appeared in the formation were comprised of four black-armored devilish guards, a brocade-robed elderly man, and a blue-robed young woman.

The elderly man was at the Deity Transformation Stage, while the young woman was at the Core Formation Stage and was quite a beauty.

However, she had a layer of black devilish patterns all over her body to restrict her cultivation base, clearly indicating that she was a newly arrived slave.

Han Li reflexively swept his spiritual sense toward the young woman, upon which his pupils abruptly contracted with incredulity.

The elderly man's expression also darkened at the sight of the middle-aged, following which he greeted with a fake smile, "Greetings, Shopkeeper Fang; have you brought this guest here to pick out some slaves? If none of them were to his liking, I have some new slaves that may be of interest to him."

"There's no need for that. Senior Han is more interested in the Devil Crystal Puppets, so you can keep your slaves to yourself, Shopkeeper Huang," the middle-aged replied in a cold voice, and they were clearly not on good terms.

The elderly man's expression changed slightly upon hearing this before he turned to Han Li with a respectful salute. "Forgive me for my rudeness, Senior Han. If you're interested in the puppets, I have some exceptional ones that I can show you."

"What are you trying to do, Shopkeeper Huang? I'm serving Senior Han, and I have more than enough Devil Crystal Puppets in my collection for Senior Han to choose from, so you should focus on what you're doing. Take this new slave of yours, and... Hmm? This slave has no trace of devilish Qi in her body! She's not from our holy realm!" the middle-aged man exclaimed as he turned his attention to the young woman.

"Hehe, have you only just figured that out? This woman is no ordinary slave, and I expended a lot of effort to acquire her. Setting that aside for now, I've seen the Devil Crystal Puppets in your possession. They may be enough to fool some Nascent Soul Stage beings, but they would surely be an insult to Senior Han's eyes," Shopkeeper Huang chuckled.

"How dare you..."

The middle-aged man immediately flared up with rage, only for Han Li to suddenly raise a hand and interject, "We'll talk about the Devil Crystal Puppets later. How much are you selling her for? I'm taking her!"

Han Li pointed at the yellow-robed young woman as he spoke.

"My apologies, Senior, but she's already been taken by someone else, so I won't be able to sell her to you," the elderly man hurriedly said with an apologetic smile.

"Oh? Can slaves be reserved in the Myriad Slave Tower?" Han Li asked as he turned to the middle-aged man beside him.

"Absolutely not! Our pagoda has always operated on a first come first serve basis. Shopkeeper Huang, why can't you sell this slave to Senior Han? Are you worried that he won't be able to afford her?" the middle-aged man asked with a smile.

"This is a slave that was requested by Senior Zhao Wenhao! If I hand her over to someone else, who's going to answer to Senior Zhao?" the elderly man snapped.

"What? This slave was requested by Senior Zhao?" The middle-aged man drew a sharp breath upon hearing this before turning to the young woman with a hesitant expression.

"Who is this Zhao Wenhao?" Han Li asked in a calm manner.

The middle-aged man faltered slightly before replying with a forced smile, "Senior Zhao is the master of the Zhao Family. It would not be wise to offend him over a mere Core Formation Stage slave."

"The master of the Zhao Family? He must be a Spatial Tempering cultivator as well then. In any case, I'm taking her. If he has any objections, then he can come and find me himself," Han Li replied with a cold smile.

Both the middle-aged man and elderly man's expressions changed upon seeing this.

The middle-aged man still wanted to say something further, but Han Li abruptly strode forward and appeared between the four armored guards in a flash, then reached out to grab onto the young woman's arm before reappearing in his original spot in a flash.

Everything had taken place in the span of just a single breath!

The elderly man faltered slightly before immediately flaring up with rage. "What is the meaning of this, Senior? Are you planning to take a slave from our pagoda by force? You may be a Spatial Tempering Stage being, but our pagoda is not to be messed with, either!"

The four devilish guards hurriedly raised their weapons in a wary manner, and the middle-aged man reflexively took a couple of steps backward before opening his mouth to say something, but decided against it in the end.

As for the yellow-robed young woman, she was looking up at Han Li with a perplexed expression.

Han Li completely ignored the elderly man's threat and instantly injected a wisp of magic power into the young woman's body through her arm, upon which his expression changed drastically.

"There's no mistaking it; it really is that cultivation art! If you can't make a decision on this, then shut up! I'll find someone else who can make the decision for myself," Han Li harrumphed coldly as an extremely fearsome aura erupted from his body, picking up the two Deity Transformation Stage devilish beings and hurling them back over 100 feet.

Only after their backs had crashed into the walls of the pagoda did they manage to steady themselves, but their faces had turned completely pale, and their eyes were filled with astonishment.

As for the four devilish guards, they were instantly slammed onto the ground and completely immobilized by the devastating aura.

Han Li had made an effort to protect the yellow-robed young woman, so she remained unaffected, but she was also completely dumbstruck.

The aura emanating from Han Li's body continued to swell drastically, and it encompassed the entire pagoda.

All of the restrictions in the pagoda began to tremor in the face of his terrifying aura, and loud sirens had begun to blare.

Such a loud commotion naturally alerted the more powerful devilish beings in the pagoda.

There were two devilish elderly men meditating in a secret chamber on the highest level of the pagoda, and as soon as they sensed this aura, they immediately sprang up before flying out of the secret chamber as quickly as they could.

Moments later, a pair of Spatial Tempering Stage elderly men had appeared before Han Li, and they were respectfully referring to Han Li as a devilish lord right before the incredulous eyes of the two shopkeepers.

At this point, Han Li had already withdrawn his immense aura, and he appraised the two Spatial Tempering Stage elderly men coldly as he said, "I want to buy her; do you have any objections?"

"Of course not! It's an immense honor for her to catch the interest of an esteemed devilish lord like you, Senior. If you want her, you can have her free of charge," one of the elderly men said, and his companion nodded eagerly in agreement.

These two were naturally aware that all devilish lords were old monsters who had lived for countless years, and most of them had very peculiar personalities, so they certainly didn't dare to display any disrespect.

"Hehe, it wouldn't be right of me to take her for free; here are some devil stones. Aside from that, there's something else I want to discuss with you two," Han Li chuckled as he raised a sleeve to release a storage bracelet that was filled with devil stones.

One of the elderly men caught the storage bracelet, and he didn't dare to return it, so he could only stow it away. "What can we do for you, Senior? As long as it's within our capabilities, we definitely won't refuse!"

"I have something else I need to attend to for now, so we'll discuss this later. I hope your pagoda will satisfy me again when I return next time," Han Li said.

As soon as his voice trailed off, black light erupted from his body, sweeping up the yellow-robed young woman before flying toward one of the walls of the pagoda as a streak of light.

A resounding boom rang out, and the streak of light easily pierced through the restrictions on the wall before vanishing in a flash.

The two Spatial Tempering Stage elderly men could only exchange a wry smile upon seeing this.

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