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What was most harrowing to behold was the faint purple human face on the back of the puppet's head. The face appeared to be quite ordinary, but its eyes were tightly shut, and just the mere sight of it struck the beholder with a bone-chilling sensation.

As soon as the burly man summoned the puppet to his side, a change suddenly began to take place within the golden light in the distance.

In the area between the giant ape, colorful phoenix, and silver bird, specks of golden light flashed before forming a faint golden infant with a completely identical set of facial features as Han Li. Its body was encased in a suit of inky-black devilish armor, and there were several tens of miniature azure swords revolving around it; it was none other than Han Li's Nascent Soul.

As soon as the Nascent Soul, the three creatures around it immediately shot forth toward it in unison.

Piercing golden light erupted, and a huge humanoid figure with three heads and six arms appeared.

The humanoid figure's entire body was of a shimmering golden color, and the entirety of its skin was covered in a layer of golden scales. There was a single azure horn on its head, and an inky-black demonic eye on its glabella.

The humanoid figure was none other than Han Li, but in this current form, he gave off a very dangerous and unsettling aura. His eyes were completely emotionless, and there was a hint of blue light flashing within them.

The burly man looked into Han Li's eyes, and his own eyes were immediately struck by a sharp pain, as if needles were being driven into them, and his heart jolted with shock as he instinctively closed his eyes.

Right at this moment, Han Li suddenly raised a hand before pressing it gently into the air up ahead.

A dull thump rang out in front of the burly man without any warning, and a burst of enormous force crashed toward him like a volcanic eruption.

The burly man hadn't reopened his eyes yet, but through his spiritual sense, he could still sense just how fearsome this burst of power was. His expression changed drastically as crimson flames swept forth from his body. At the same time, an inky-black badge suddenly appeared in his hand, and it quickly swelled to several tens of feet in size before positioning itself in front of him like a huge shield.

In the next instant, both the barrier formed by the crimson flames and the enlarged black badge were destroyed with ease by that burst of power, and it came crashing toward the burly man without any further impediment.

The burly man opened his eyes with an incredulous look on his face, but that was immediately replaced by a ferocious expression as he stomped his feet into the air down below before thrusting his hands forward violently.

Two black fist projections erupted forth amid a flash of golden light, then swelled drastically like a pair of balloons before crashing into the oncoming burst of power.

A dull thump rang out, and the two fist projections were also instantly destroyed, following which the burly man flew backward like a tossed rag, and only after flying back for over 100 feet did he just barely manage to steady himself.

At this moment, the burly man's face was completely red, as if he were heavily inebriated, and he couldn't help but throw up a mouthful of inky-black blood.

The attack that Han Li had just unleashed seemed to be quite nonchalant, but it was actually imbued with incredible power and instantly managed to wound this number one devilish lord.

"You're using the Myriad Origin Power of the Holy Nirvana Physique! That's impossible! How could a mere human master the peerless ability of our holy realm?" The burly man was too stunned to even wipe the blood from the corners of his lips, and he was staring intently at Han Li as if he were looking at a ghost.

At the same time, Han Li swayed slightly, and he also threw up a mouthful of blood, but this blood was golden in color and instantly vanished into nothingness as soon as it exited his mouth..

"Myriad Origin Power? I guess that's what it is. Seeing as you've forced me to unleash this ability, there's no way I can allow you to live." The golden scales on Han Li's face receded to reveal a set of pale facial features.

"You're suffering backlash! You haven't mastered the ability; you're only forcibly using it! It looks like you won't be able to unleash many more attacks of that caliber," the burly man said as his expression eased significantly.

"That is indeed true, but I'll only require one more attack to kill you," Han Li said in a cold voice.

As soon as his voice trailed off, countless golden runes surged forth from his body. At the same time, he laid a hand onto the back of his own head, and five balls of golden light flew forth before transforming into five different projections, comprised of a giant ape, a colorful phoenix, a silver bird, a vibrant peacock, and a golden dragon.

As soon as these projections appeared, all of them let loose long cries before vanishing into Han Li's body in a flash.

In the next instant, a layer of golden light flashed over Han Li's face, and he let loose a roar of agony as he made a hand seal, upon which his body swelled to over 100 feet in size. At the same time, a golden head and two golden-scaled armors appeared on his body, giving him two heads and four arms.

The second head also had an azure horn and a third demonic eye, and the golden scale on his massive body fused in a flash to form a suit of intricate golden armor. The armor had no chinks at all, and there were countless silver ruins on its surface. Furthermore, it was giving off a strong primordial aura, as if it had been created alongside heaven and earth.

"Second Nirvana Transformation! Have you gone insane? You can't even control First Nirvana Power, yet you're forcibly using Second Nirvana Power? You're going to self-detonate before you can kill me!" the burly man exclaimed as a horrified look appeared on his face for the first time.

"Even if I self-detonate, it'll be after you die!"

Bluish-golden light flashed through Han Li's eyes as his aura swelled dramatically, and he slowly raised his four arms before thrusting them toward the burly man.

Heaven and earth dimmed as faint golden light flashed, and four giant golden palms appeared above the burly man's head in unison.

Each palm was imbued with power that was no less potent than that of the previous attack, and they combined as one in a flash to form a mountainous palm that was several thousand feet in size before crashing down from above.

The mountainous golden palm was falling in a completely silent manner, but it had already locked onto the burly man's devilish soul, making it impossible for him to evade and forcing him to take the attack head-on.

"I can't die here!" the burly man roared as a deranged look appeared on his face. He raised both of his arms into the air to release a dozen or so balls of light of different colors, all of which were top-grade treasures that hurtled directly toward the giant golden palm.

At the same time, piercing crimson flames erupted over his body, and a giant blade that was shimmering with golden and silver light appeared in his hands. He swung the blade upward with all his might, and a golden and silver blade projection swept forth before striking the golden palm before all of the top-grade treasures.

An earth-shattering boom rang out, and the blade projection instantly exploded, sending streaks of golden and silver light sweeping through the surrounding air and slicing rifts into the nearby space. However, it hadn't been able to leave even the slightest trace on the golden palm.

Right at this moment, the dozen or so top-grade treasures also struck the golden palm, and the burly man let loose a desperate roar as all of the treasures self-detonated in rapid succession.

The enormous power generated by the detonation of the top-grade treasures instantly inundated the entire golden palm, and the resulting energy fluctuations sent gusts of fierce winds sweeping in all directions.

However, the burly man was still in a panicked frenzy as he slashed the golden and silver blade in his hands wildly up into the air over and over again.

One blade projection after another swept into the giant golden palm, and a relentless string of resounding booms rang out, shaking the entire heavens.

Such a fearsome barrage of attacks naturally required a tremendous amount of magic power output, and the burly man's face was becoming paler and paler.

However, the golden palm only tremored slightly in the face of his attacks, but continued to descend at an even pace.

The burly man's horror became even more pronounced at the sight of the approaching golden palm, and he immediately decided to make one final roll of the dice.

Black devilish Qi erupted from behind him as that three-headed black devilish lion projection appeared once again, then plunged into the black wooden puppet beside him.

A string of cracks and pops abruptly rang out from within the puppet's body, and halos of black light proliferated through the air.

A layer of black light swirled over the surface of the puppet, and it transformed into a true three-headed devilish lion with a substantial form.

The lion raised all three of its heads at once to send three pillars of light of different colors erupting up into the air, then fled the scene as a ball of black light.

The giant golden palm continued to crash downward, destroying the pillars of light and blade projections with ease, then instantly reduced to the burly man's body to nothingness.

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