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Within the two streaks of light, two astonishing bursts of Body Integration Stage spiritual pressure surged toward the two devilish lords. They contained an early-Body Integration cultivator, and a mid-Body Integration cultivator.

Tie Long's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and after taking a quick glance at the two oncoming streaks of light, he turned to his companion with a dark expression, and said, "Let's go."

As soon as his voice trailed off, he raised a hand to summon an inky-black war carriage that was several tens of feet in length, and he immediately flew onto the carriage.

Meanwhile, the frosty young man remained completely expressionless, but his body blurred on the spot before vanishing in a flash.

In the next instant, the white-robed young man appeared several thousand feet away, then took another step and vanished once again.

He seemed to possess a formless body, and it only took him several steps to completely disappear into the distance.

As for Tie Long, the black war carriage beneath his feet flashed with black light, then carried him away into the distance as an arc of black lightning. A string of thunderclaps rang out, and after a few more flashes, the carriage also vanished into the distance.

Han Li wore a contemplative expression as he looked on at the two departing devilish lords, but made no effort to give chase.

As for Fairy Silver Light, she was clearly very wary of Tie Long's astonishing powers, and also remained on the spot with a strained expression.

These two devilish lords were far more powerful than she had anticipated, and there could even be other devilish lords among this army. In that case, even with her and Han Li's assistance, it would be very difficult to guard this city.

Han Li's expression quickly returned to normal, and a faint smile appeared on his face as he cast his gaze toward the two oncoming streaks of light.

The lights faded, and two people were revealed not far away from Han Li's duo. The two people consisted of a man who appeared to be in his forties, and a woman who appeared to be around 27 to 28 years of age.

The man had a square and stern face, and wore a set of yellow scholar robes. He had a thick white jade book in his hand, and there were two giant brushes, one golden and one silver, strapped to his back.

As for the woman, she had an oval face and was quite a beauty. She wore a dark green palatial dress, and she was holding a basket of flowers.

A hint of elation flashed through Fairy Silver Light's eyes at the sight of the woman, and she immediately said, "I'm so glad that you're safe and well, Sister Lin! I was sent here to reinforce your sect."

"Sister Silver Light, it's so good to see you! Your city must've received our request for reinforcements. May I ask who your companion is? I don't recall ever seeing him before." The woman in the palatial dress appraised Fairy Silver Light with a look of surprise and elation on her face, which was then replaced by a hint of befuddlement when she turned to Han Li.

Before Han Li had a chance to reply, the yellow-robed scholar smiled, and said, "Hehe, this is Fellow Daoist Han Li. I met him on several occasions on Nine Immortal Mountain."

This scholar seemed to recognize Han Li, and Han Li also found him to be rather familiar. After a brief pause for contemplation, he recalled who this man was, and he immediately greeted with a smile, "Ah, you're Master Azure Dragon of the Nine Star Sect; it's a pleasure meeting you again."

This Master Azure Dragon was a Body Integration cultivator whom he'd met on several occasions during the Myriad Treasure Exchange Convention, but they weren't overly familiar with one another.

The scholar swept his spiritual sense toward Han Li, upon which a hint of astonishment appeared in his eyes. "I recall you were only at the early-Body Integration Stage when we last met, yet you've progressed to the mid-Body Integration Stage after just several centuries; I really must congratulate you, Brother Han."

"I was very fortunate to have been able to make a breakthrough during the past few centuries. I didn't think that we would meet again after the exchange convention. This must be the Fellow Daoist Lin Luan that Fairy Silver Light mentioned, right?" Han Li gave a modest response as usual before changing the subject and directing his attention to the woman in the palatial dress.

"Indeed, I am Lin Luan, Brother Han. I've heard much about you lately, and I must thank you and Sister Silver Light for coming to our city to assist us in our time of need. If no Body Integration Stage fellow Daoists had come to reinforce us, then our Heavenlean City most likely wouldn't even be able to last two more months," Lin Luan said in a grateful voice that was very pleasant to the ears.

"Why is that, Sister Lin? Brother Han and I saw the devilish army attack the city from afar just now, and the All-encompassing Devilish Cavaliers do appear to be quite troublesome, but the city was able to keep them at bay, so what's the issue?" Fairy Silver Light asked as a grim look appeared on her face.

"Unfortunately, what you just saw is only a small portion of the devilish army; the true army is situated in a mountain range thousands of kilometers away from here. Also, these devilish elites aren't attacking our city in an all-out assault because they're waiting for a certain day to arrive," Lin Luan replied with a wry smile.

"They're waiting for a certain day?" Fairy Silver Light was rather bewildered to hear this.

"Indeed, but this is not the place to talk; let's return to the city first. The Elder Devils are extremely cunning; perhaps those two devilish lords will return to this place with the other two devilish lords," Master Azure Dragon reminded.

Fairy Silver Light's heart jolted upon hearing this, and she immediately agreed without any hesitation, "There are four devilish lords in total? Alright, let's hurry back to the city."

Thus, the four of them flew toward Heavenlean City together, reaching the massive city wall in the blink of an eye.

At this point, some of the human cultivators and copper puppets were still yet to enter the city, and Han Li couldn't help but take a few glances at them.

The high-grade cultivators all appeared to be quite exhausted, and some of them had very pale complexions, indicating that they were either carrying injuries or had expended far too much energy.

As for the copper puppets, most of them were riddled with pits and bumps, and some of them were even missing limbs. It seemed that Heavenlean City really had been struggling.

Fairy Silver Light's expression also darkened upon seeing this, while Lin Luan and Master Azure Dragon could only look on with wry smiles.

Right at this moment, a group of cultivators in five-colored robes flew onto the city wall atop flying treasures. They then began to repair the city wall while carving a series of complex and profound formations onto its surface.

At the same time, groups of human warriors got onto the city wall to replace the human cultivators there. These warriors were all fully equipped and appeared to be quite well-rested, and Han Li's heart eased slightly upon seeing this.

Thus, he and Fairy Silver Light were led over the city wall, as well as the defenses that had been set up in the city, and finally made their way into a hall situated in a corner of Heavenlean City.

There were several Spatial Tempering cultivators already waiting for them inside the hall, and as soon as they arrived, the group of cultivators stood up to greet them in an enthusiastic manner.

At the sight of the hint of befuddlement that had appeared on Han Li and Fairy Silver Light's faces, Master Azure Dragon hurriedly explained, "These are the fellow Daoists who are responsible for overseeing our city's defenses; I'm sure they'll be able to introduce our current situation to you."

"I see." Han Li nodded before taking a seat in the hall, while the group of Spatial Tempering cultivators remained standing respectfully off to the side.

"Sister Lin, Fellow Daoist Azure Dragon, please tell us about Heavenlean City's current situation in detail, as well as how those two fellow Daoists were killed, so Brother Han and I can know what to look out for," Fairy Silver Light said as she took a seat.

Everyone's expressions changed slightly at the mention of the two deceased Body Integration cultivators, and Master Azure Dragon's expression became a little strained.

Fairy Lin Luan brows furrowed slightly as she replied, "There really isn't much to be said about how those fellow Daoists were killed; we mentioned everything there was to be said in that letter. The devilish lords that are leading the attack against our city are extremely cunning; they only brought a small portion of their All-encompassing Devilish Cavaliers initially, and these cavaliers were led by only two early-Body Integration Stage devilish lords. As such, our two fellow Daoists were lured out of the city, where they were ambushed by four devilish lords, and were killed on the scene."

"I see, these devilish beings really are very calculating," Fairy Silver Light sighed in a forlorn manner.

Han Li nodded in agreement before asking, "Indeed, the two of us will need to proceed with caution as well. If possible, would you be able to tell us about the abilities of those four devilish lords?"

"Of course, we'll be counting on you and Fellow Daoist Silver Light to help us defend the city, so we'll give you all of the information we've compiled on these four devilish lords," Master Azure Dragon quickly agreed.

"That would be best. You were saying earlier that the devilish beings were waiting for a certain day; would you be able to elaborate on that?" Han Li asked.

Fairy Silver Light was clearly also very interested to hear the answer.

"This is referring to the day where the five suns transition into moons two months from now. On that day, the main protective formation that our city is relying on will cease to function," Lin Luan replied in a grim manner.

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