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"You want to see some good stuff? You sure dare to talk, Golden Flame! I do indeed have a few treasures that are on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll, and they're even more valuable than Divine Spirit Treasures, but do you think I'll be willing to exchange those for Divine Infernal River Elixir?" the elderly man chuckled coldly, turning down Golden Flame Baron's request without any hesitation.

"Hehe, I see. I had heard that you had obtained quite a powerful treasure that seems to be related to Profound Heavenly Treasures prior to your seclusion, and I really wanted to see it," Golden Flame Baron said in a slightly disappointed manner.

"A Profound Heavenly Treasure?" Qing Yuanzi's expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

Voidspirit inspected Golden Flame Baron and Qing Yuanzi through narrowed eyes for a moment before suddenly smiling as he agreed, "Hmph, you sure seem to know a lot about what I've been up to recently. The treasure that I obtained was only a fragment of a Profound Heavenly Treasure, not a true Profound Heavenly Treasure. Seeing as you've already mentioned it, it would be stingy of me not to show you."

"In that case, Brother Qing and I are truly in for a treat! This is the first time I've ever seen a Profound Heavenly Treasure!" Golden Flame Baron said in an ecstatic manner.

"I managed to witness the power of a Profound Heavenly Treasure many years ago, but my cultivation base was far lower at the time, and I was situated quite far away, so I never saw what the Profound Heavenly Treasure truly looked like. Speaking of which, as one of the major races of the Tian Yuan Continent, the Mayfly Race should be in possession of a Profound Heavenly Treasure, right?" A hint of excitement also flashed through Qing Yuanzi's eyes as he spoke.

As for Han Li, his heart stirred slightly upon hearing the mention of Profound Heavenly Treasure, and he withdrew his gaze from the multitude of treasures in the air before turning his attention to the elderly man as well.

"Our race does indeed have a Profound Heavenly Treasure, but it was given to Master Insect of our Mayfly Race countless years ago, and even I've only ever seen illustrations of the treasure before. There are only a dozen or so true Profound Heavenly Treasures in the Spirit Realm, and they are the most powerful treasures this realm is capable of producing," the elderly man said as he rubbed his hands together, and a dull thump rang out as a ball of red light appeared between his hands.

Within the red light was an object that resembled an incense burner. Its surface was riddled with pits and bumps, and there were a few golden runes inscribed upon it. At the same time, there were diagrams of unknown beasts on top of the burner. Some of these beasts had falcon heads and horse bodies, some had pig heads and dragon bodies, but all of them were damaged and missing limbs.

Han Li's trio naturally focused their eyes on the item with different expressions on their faces.

"This is a Profound Heavenly Treasure fragment?" Golden Flame Baron asked with a hint of skepticism in his eyes.

Qing Yuanzi's brows also furrowed slightly, but as opposed to being enraged by their suspicion, Voidspirit chuckled, "Hehe, I had thought that beings of your powers would've learned not to judge a book by its cover."

He gently flicked a finger toward the incense burner as he spoke, and a crisp clang rang out, following which the burner tremored slightly, and the golden runes on its surface immediately lit up. The beastly diagrams on the top of the burner also began to glow with red light, and this red light manifested into the missing sections of the diagrams.

He then flicked his finger toward the incense burner a second time, and the golden runes on its surface disintegrated into countless specks of golden light that enveloped the entire burner.

Under the illumination of the red light, the beastly diagrams also sprang to life, and it looked as if they were going to spring out of the burner at any moment.

At the same time, an enormous burst of the world's origin Qi proliferated forth from the burner, transforming into an enormous invisible force that enveloped the entire hall.

Han Li had risen to his feet earlier, and the terrifying pressure made his body sway as his expression changed ever so slightly.

Qing Yuanzi and Golden Flame Baron were still seated firmly in their chairs, but they also couldn't help but be amazed by the phenomena stemming from the incense burner.

"This Profound Heavenly Treasure fragment was something I unintentionally stumbled upon in an ancient battlefield deep within the primordial world. What I just displayed was only around 10% of the full power of this treasure. If I were to unleash the entirety of its power, it would definitely be no less powerful than the top 10 treasures on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll," the elderly man said in a smug manner as he withdrew his hand seal before drawing the incense burner back into his grasp.

"Even just a fragment is capable of unleashing such power; I wonder just how fearsome a true Profound Heavenly Treasure would be. I really do envy your fortune, Brother Voidspirit. With this treasure, you should have a greater chance of transcending your future tribulation," Qing Yuanzi praised.

"Hehe, I certainly hope so. However, the ascension tribulation is certainly not that easy to transcend. All beings from our Spirit Realm that have attempted to transcend this tribulation were extremely cautious and only dared to take on this monumental task after taking every single precaution they could, yet there are still only very few who make it in the end. If it weren't for the fact that I'm not confident in my ability to transcend my next major heavenly tribulation, I wouldn't be taking a risk to attempt ascension, either. If I had a true Profound Heavenly Treasure in my possession, perhaps I would have a decent chance, but unfortunately, Master Holy Insect has already refined our race's Profound Heavenly Treasure to become a part of his body, so there's no way for me to borrow it," Voidspirit sighed in a wistful manner.

All of a sudden, Qing Yuanzi said something that made Han Li's heart skip a beat, "I've heard that a new Profound Heavenly Treasure seems to have appeared in our Spirit Realm several hundred years ago."

"Is that true? Why have I never heard of this?" Golden Flame Baron exclaimed in an incredulous manner.

"I received this news too, from Elder Hua of my race. He told me that a Profound Heavenly Treasure had appeared on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll over 100 years ago, and it created a massive stir. Even the Jiao Chi Race had traveled all the way to our continent in search of the treasure, and I had heard that they even performed a blood sacrifice to find the treasure, but to no avail. After that, no further news emerged of this treasure. No one knows if it developed intelligence of its own and hid itself, or was obtained by a mighty figure who used some kind of concealment technique to hide it. In any case, no one has any leads of where it may be. The elders in our race who were adept in divination expended an astonishing price to try and find the treasure, but they ultimately failed as well, so they could only give up," Voidspirit said in a solemn voice.

"I see, but how could a Profound Heavenly Treasure be concealed even from divination? Could it be that it's fallen into the hands of a true spirit being?" Golden Flame Baron said as he shook his head in shock and disbelief.

"It's rather unlikely that the treasure fell into the hands of a true spirit being. Most true spirit beings are born in realms lower than the True Immortal Realm, but once they come of age, the majority of them would ascend to higher realms or create their own abode by opening up an alternate space. Hence, there's virtually no chance that they'd come into contact with a Profound Heavenly Treasure. If you ask me, I think this Profound Heavenly Treasure has something to do with a Profound Spirit Artifact that was born in an alternate realm. If that really were the case, then divination may work on it once or twice, but once this Profound Heavenly Treasure develops intelligence and awareness, it won't be strange for it to develop the ability to conceal itself from divination," Voidspirit mused in a solemn manner, and his hypothesis wasn't far from the truth.

"That does make more sense. Perhaps that really is what happened. Otherwise, all of the major races would still be searching for it. After all, no one is going to search aimlessly for something throughout the entirety of the vast Spirit Realm. I really am in awe of your vast base of knowledge and experience, Brother Voidspirit," Golden Flame Baron said in an admiring voice.

Qing Yuanzi also nodded with an expression of approval.

"Haha, I didn't think of all this myself; the elders of our race arrived at this verdict. Alright, you've had some time to think now; have you picked the treasures you want, Fellow Daoist Han?" Voidspirt chuckled before suddenly turning toward Han Li, almost as if he had forgotten about him.

Han Li's heart immediately jolted upon hearing this, and a peculiar look appeared on his face as he mustered up his courage, and said, "These treasures are indeed quite extraordinary, Senior, but I would still rather keep my Divine Infernal River Elixir."

Much to Han Li's surprise, the elderly man didn't immediately become enraged upon hearing this. Instead, his expression darkened slightly, and he said in a rather menacing voice, "None of them caught your eye? Could it be that you have a Divine Spirit Treasure on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll? In that case, I won't force the issue, but if you don't, I'll take this as a sign of disrespect, and I may have to punish you for it."

Han Li knew that there wasn't any point in saying anything further. Thus, he merely flipped his hand over, and silver light flashed as a shimmering silver ruler appeared in his grasp.

He gently waved the ruler through the air, and an astonishing aura erupted forth. At the same, spiritual light flashed as countless silver ruler projections appeared, creating quite a mystifying sight to behold.

"Hmm? That really is a Divine Spirit Treasures on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll. It looks to be one of the lowest-ranked treasures, but it fits the criterion, nonetheless." A hint of surprise initially appeared on Golden Flame Baron's face, followed by a gloating smile. He was clearly taking pleasure in Voidspirit's misfortune.

In contrast, Qing Yuanzi could only offer a wry smile.

Now that he had failed on two separate occasions to work out a deal, Voidspirit was growing rather impatient and frustrated. He glowered at Han Li for a while before a cold smile appeared on his face. "It seems that your wealth belies your cultivation base. Seeing as you're not in need of any pills or treasures, I'll show you something that you definitely won't be able to refuse!"

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