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In the next instant, the black spirit beast bracelet was struck by countless bolts of lightning at once and instantly exploded into a cloud of black Qi.

The black Qi then absorbed all of the lightning it was being struck by, and remained completely unscathed.

A hint of surprise flashed through the two-headed beast's eyes, but it then harrumphed coldly before reaching out and making a grabbing motion toward the black Qi with one of its silver hands.

Countless bolts of lightning immediately intertwined to form a massive five-colored hand above the cloud of black Qi, and the enormous hand then grabbed onto the black Qi at an astonishing speed with countless arcs of lightning crackling over its surface.

The fingers of the giant hand tightened, and a scintillating flash of lightning erupted as it attempted to crush the cloud of black Qi into oblivion.

However, another enraged ape cry rang out from within the black Qi, following which a streak of crimson light erupted forth and pierced through the massive five-colored hand in a flash.

A peculiar scene then ensued.

As soon as the crimson light flashed through the five-colored hand, the latter immediately crumbled away as if it had encountered the bane of its existence.

Thus, the black Qi regained its freedom, then immediately transformed into a small black monkey.

It was none other than the Weeping Soul Beast!

However, the current Weeping Soul Beast was clearly far different from how it normally was. It was staring up at the giant two-headed beast with excitement and elation on its face, and without even requiring any instructions from Han Li, it let loose a thunderous roar before expanding to over 300 feet tall amid a flash of black light.

Crimson light then flashed within its eyes, and it thumped its mountainous chest with its massive fists.

All of its fur immediately stood up on end, and strange horns appeared on its head. It then revealed its fangs in a menacing manner, and it had transformed into a giant three-eyed monster.

The monster also had three inky-black bone spikes on its back, and it was extremely terrifying to behold.

"Xing Beast!" Shopkeeper Yu's head immediately let loose a shrill cry of horror at the sight of the giant monster, and all of the countless bolts of lightning in the surrounding area converged toward the two-headed beast to form a massive shield of lightning. The shield had an area of over 1,000 feet, and was over 100 feet thick.

The giant two-headed beast then flapped its eight wings in unison, and five-colored lightning surged forth from its enormous body in a frenzy, following which it abruptly vanished amid a loud thunderclap.

In the next instant, the giant two-headed beast reappeared close to 10 kilometers away amid a flash of five-colored lightning. It immediately flapped its wings again, and more arcs of lightning emerged from its body as it attempted to flee the scene.

Right at this moment, the Weeping Soul Beast let loose a thunderous roar, seemingly enraged by the two-headed beast's escape.

As it roared, its body expanded drastically, and golden and silver runes appeared all around it. A pillar of crimson light then shot forth out of its third demonic eye, then vanished into thin air in a flash.

Right as the giant two-headed bird had also disappeared amid a flash of lightning, the crimson pillar of light emerged nearby, then transformed into a crimson chain as it hurtled through the air.

The chain shot forth through the air before forming a massive noose, and the loop of the noose vanished into thin air again.

A loud buzzing sound rang out from the entire chain, and arcs of crimson lightning appeared over its surface. The chain then suddenly stretched taut, and an anguished cry immediately rang out, seemingly from nowhere.

The arcs of crimson lightning around the chain intensified in brightness, and the giant two-headed beast was forcibly dragged out of thin air.

Its two heads both wore expressions of shock and horror, and it was desperately flapping all eight of its wings as it cried out in alarm, but the crimson chain refused to budge. The two-headed beast seemed to have somehow been rendered completely unable to use its lightning abilities, and the power of laws that it was releasing earlier had also ceased to exist.

The Weeping Soul Beast cackled upon seeing this, and crimson light flashed from its glabella as it unleashed several more crimson chains that completely bound the two-headed beast.

After that, the chains abruptly vanished along with the giant beast, immediately following which spatial fluctuations erupted several hundred feet in front of the Weeping Soul Beast, and the bound two-headed beast reappeared.

Crimson light flashed from the Weeping Soul Beast's eyes, and it abruptly reached out with one of its huge furry hands before making a grabbing motion.

One of the three black bone spikes protruding from its back then disappeared without any warning, only to reappear in its hand in the next instant amid a flash of black light.

The Weeping Soul Beast began to chant an ancient unintelligible incantation, and rows of bright golden runes suddenly began to appear along the bone spear, creating quite a mystifying sight to behold.

The bone spear then began to vibrate without any warning, and it also released a buzzing sound that was only growing louder and louder.

Golden shockwaves erupted from the tip of the spear, and dazzling golden light immediately erupted forth.

Some runes that were similar to the ones on the bone spear also began to appear in the surrounding air before dancing around the spear.

As soon as these runes emerged, a devastating baleful aura erupted from the bone spear. The horror in the eyes of the two-headed beast was further exacerbated by the sight, and its cries immediately became louder and more desperate as it thrashed like a deranged madman within the crimson chains.

However, no matter how much it struggled and thrashed, the chains remained completely firm and resolute.

In the next instant, an explosive boom rang out, and the golden spear shot forth through the air as a streak of translucent light.

The streak of light was extraordinarily fast, and it pierced through the bird head of the giant two-headed beast in a flash.

A fist-sized hole was punched into the giant beast's glabella, and piercing golden light instantly poured out of the hole in a frenzy.

The Lightning Beast's head instantly stiffened, and countless tiny golden cracks spread over its surface before it exploded with a dull thump.

Strangely enough, as opposed to scraps of flesh, blood, and bones flying in all directions, instead, the head exploded into balls of dazzling five-colored light. At the same time, the same golden cracks also appeared along the giant beast's severed neck, and they were quickly spreading to the rest of its body.

The Weeping Soul Beast harrumphed coldly upon seeing this, and a burst of yellow light erupted out of its huge nostrils.

Shopkeeper Yu's head remained completely unscathed, but it was completely petrified by this sudden turn of events, and in his desperation, he opened his mouth to expel a short silver sword. The sword then unleashed a streak of sword Qi that was over 100 feet in length that viciously slashed his own neck, and Shopkeeper Yu was decapitated amid a howl of agony.

His severed head then toppled down from the body of the giant beast before vanishing as a streak of crimson light.

Immediately thereafter, the giant beast's entire body exploded into more specks of five-colored light, which immediately attempted to escape the crimson chains, but to no avail.

The yellow light swept forth, and the five-colored specks of light were easily gathered before surging into the Weeping Soul Beast waiting gaping mouth. After devouring these specks of five-colored light, the Weeping Soul Beast thumped its own chest again in a joyful manner with an extremely excited look on its face.

Having lost their purpose, the crimson chains disintegrated into specks of spiritual light immediately thereafter.

The bone spear also returned to the Weeping Soul Beast's back amid a flash of golden light, and it turned completely black and lusterless again, as if that last attack had completely exhausted its power.

Han Li was looking on in a completely flabbergasted manner, but he immediately returned to his senses when Shopkeeper Yu's head attempted to escape as a streak of crimson light.

He immediately let loose a long cry and adopted his Giant Mountain Ape form again, while the Profound Heavenly blade segment and Gold Devouring Beetles were instantly stowed away.

Golden light flashed from the giant ape's body, and it took a step forward before abruptly vanishing into thin air.

In the next instant, the giant ape's enormous body re-emerged several thousand feet away, right in front of the fleeing streak of crimson light, and it immediately launched its massive furry fist toward the streak of light.

Before the fist had even struck the streak of crimson light, the latter was enveloped by a burst of tremendous power.

A normal cultivator would've most likely been completely immobilized by that burst of enormous power, but the streak of crimson light managed to break free in an instant and before appearing 300 feet away.

A cry of shock and fury then rang out from within the crimson light, and the light receded to reveal a humanoid figure.

It was none other than Shopkeeper Yu!

However, at this point, his face was completely pale, and his aura had become significantly more feeble, to the point where he could barely even maintain an early-Body Integration Stage cultivation base.

"If you're intent on killing me, then I'm going to make you pay for my life!" Shopkeeper Yu roared with an expression of twisted fury and desperation.

As soon as his voice trailed off, crimson light flashed from his body, and he transformed into a giant crimson peacock that was over 100 feet in size. The peacock flapped its wings, and a gust of fierce winds immediately swept forth along with the pungent odor of blood and gore.

Han Li's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he couldn't help but cast his gaze toward the Weeping Soul Beast, only to find that it was joyfully playing with a head-sized crystalline core and had no intention of helping him at all.

He tried to urge the Weeping Soul Beast to come to his aid using his spiritual sense, but that proved to be completely ineffective. It seemed that the Weeping Soul Beast had completely lost interest in Shopkeeper Yu after devouring the five-colored lightning.

A wry smile appeared on Han Li's face, but as he turned his gaze back to Shopkeeper Yu, the wry smile had been replaced by a cold expression.

The giant ape suddenly threw back its head and let loose a thunderous roar, then flipped both of its huge hands over to reveal a pair of small mountains. One of the mountains was black, while the other was azure, and they were each over 100 feet tall.

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