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A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and his body blurred, leaving only an afterimage for the silver threads to pierce through.

Immediately thereafter, bright golden light erupted above his head, and a golden projection with three heads and six arms emerged. As soon as it appeared, the projection thrust all six of its palms forward at once, releasing six pillars of golden light.

A string of resounding booms rang out, and despite the astonishing power imbued within the three bolts of lightning, they were still destroyed by the six pillars of light in the end.

Before the strange beast up above could unleash another attack, Han Li flapped his wings and vanished on the spot.

In the next instant, a loud thunderclap rang out over 200 feet away, and he re-emerged with a cold expression.

"So it seems you insist on a fight. In that case, I'll send you on your way and settle our differences once and for all!" As soon as his voice trailed off, the golden projection behind him took on a substantial form and manifested into the Provenance Golden Body.

After that, he quickly laid a hand onto the top of his own head, and an inky-black Nascent Soul emerged, then disappeared into the golden body as a burst of black Qi.

The golden body immediately opened all six of its eyes at once, and it swung its six arms through the air, summoning a giant golden blade in each hand. The golden blades were then swung through the air in unison, and countless streaks of golden sword Qi surged forth in a frenzy.

After that, the golden body itself pounced directly toward the beast in the air above.

The beast within the lightning let loose a roar of fury upon seeing this, and countless balls of silver lightning appeared around it. At the same time, it flapped its wings, and countless feathers shot forth like arrows before transforming into bolts of blue lightning.

The balls of silver lightning and bolts of blue lightning were all quite powerful, but they were instantly reduced to tatters by the countless streaks of devastating sword Qi.

The golden body appeared right before the beast in a flash, and its six blades transformed into wagon-wheel-sized golden balls of light that hurtled directly toward the beast.

A vicious light flashed through the beast's eyes upon seeing this, and light flashed from its two arms before they transformed into a hammer and an awl.

Immediately thereafter, it let loose a loud screech and swung both the hammer and awl through the air. A halo of crimson light appeared around its body alongside arcs of golden lightning, and it flew directly toward the six balls of golden light without any fear or inhibitions.

Streaks of sword Qi instantly intertwined with bolts of lightning, and the two seemed to be evenly matched.

Shopkeeper Yu was stunned to see that even the Lightning Beast was unable to take care of Han Li.

He was more aware than anyone of just how powerful this Lightning Beast of his was. The lightning released by this beast appeared to be quite ordinary, but in reality, every single bolt was capable of killing a Spatial Tempering cultivator.

The law-enforcement squad members that had managed to chase him down on the third level of the earth abyss had been slain by none other than this Lightning Beast.

Despite his astonishment, he immediately made a hand seal with a hand that was hidden within his sleeve. At the same time, a dull thump rang out from behind him, and a burst of five-colored light erupted forth, then transformed into a giant peacock projection.

"You're a Five Light being!" Han Li was rather taken aback to see this.

"Hehe, why don't you come and see for yourself," Shopkeeper Yu chuckled coldly as the peacock projection transformed into a vibrant sea of five-colored light that surged toward Han Li from afar.

The space in the wake of the sea of five-colored light twisted and warped violently, as if it were threatening to make the entire sky cave in.

At the same time, the silver threads that had missed Han Li earlier shot forth again before vanishing into thin air in a flash.

Han Li's expression darkened upon seeing this, and blue light flashed through his eyes, following which purple light erupted from his body. A vibrant green figure then separated itself from him before positioning itself right behind him.

The dozen or so silver thread shot forth through the air and plunged straight into the green figure, but it was as if they had struck a dead log.

At this moment, the spiritual light flashing from the green figure's body faded, revealing it to be a green-skinned "Han Li" with purple patterns all over its body.

This was naturally the spirit body that Han Li had cultivated using that immortal zoysia.

Having been regularly nourished by the green liquid from the mysterious small vial, the spirit body now possessed early-Body Integration Stage powers. Furthermore, it was at the pinnacle of the early-Body Integration Stage and was only one step away from progressing to the mid-Body Integration Stage. On top of that, after reaching the Body Integration Stage, this spirit body had attained several incredible abilities, so it was now one of Han Li's trump cards.

Han Li immediately released a wisp of his spiritual sense to control the spirit body, and he was quite eager to see just what it was capable of in battle.

After the silver threads had pierced into the spirit body, they revealed themselves to be a dozen or so silver needles.

What was quite alarming was that the skin on the spirit body around the areas where the silver needles were embedded had turned completely black, and a repugnant odor was being emitted from the affected area.

These silver needles were clearly all extremely poisonous, and they were squirming violently in an attempt to embed themselves even deeper into the spirit body's chest.

However, the green-skinned "Han Li" merely harrumphed coldly, and a layer of purple patterns suddenly appeared on its chest, causing the skin there to turn into a grey color. As a result, the needles were unable to advance any further, and it was as if they had been trapped in a wall of iron and steel.

Immediately thereafter, the green-skinned "Han Li" lowered its head and blew out a burst of green light alongside a fragrant breath onto its own chest.

An astonishing scene then ensued!

As the green light swept over its chest, its blackened skin quickly returned to its normal green color, and the silver needles tremored before being plucked out one by one, then swallowed by the green-skinned "Han Li". Shopkeeper Yu was truly becoming quite alarmed upon seeing this. However, even as a slightly panicked look flashed through his eyes, he gritted his teeth and rapidly made a series of hand seals to further increase the rate at which he was releasing his own magic power.

With this new influx of magic power, the sea of five-colored light emitted a faint buzzing sound, and countless runes appeared above it. These runes then formed layers of profound restrictions that crashed down toward Han Li.

A hint of surprise appeared in Han Li's eyes upon seeing this. He had cultivated the 12 Awakening Transformations, and he also possessed Five-colored Peacock True Blood, so he was naturally extremely familiar with the Five Light Race's Five-colored Divine Light ability. However, this sea of light was several times more powerful than the Five-colored Divine Light that he was familiar with.

If it weren't for the fact that he could sense the familiar aura of the Five-colored Peacock within the sea of light, he would've thought that this was an entirely different ability altogether.

It was no wonder that Shopkeeper Yu still decided to attack him without any hesitation despite the disparity in their cultivation bases; just this Five-colored Divine Light alone would be enough to take down the average mid-Body Integration cultivator.

If a normal Body Integration Stage cultivator were to be swept up by this sea of light and trapped within the restrictions inside it, it would be quite difficult for them to free themselves.

However, Han Li merely looked on at the sea of five-colored light with a cold smile on his face. All of a sudden, the spirit body beside him fused into his body again, vanishing like a projection.

Han Li then suddenly rolled down onto the ground, and five-colored light flashed from his body as he transformed into a Five-colored Peacock that was several tens of feet in length. The sea of light crashed down onto the Five-colored Peacock and completely inundated its body, but the peacock merely flapped its wings and flew out of the sea of light with ease. The layers of restrictions imbued within the five-colored sea of light seemed to be completely ineffective against it.

Even though he was unable to release Five-colored Divine Light that was anywhere near as powerful as the opposing light in his Five-colored Peacock form, it was a simple task for him to withstand his opponent's divine light in this form.

"What! Are you a Five Light being as well? That can't be; there's no way I wouldn't recognize a holy race Five Light being! Could it be... So be it, I don't care if you were sent to hunt me down by those old bastards or not. I'm going to kill you even if it sets me back over 100 years in my cultivation!" Shopkeeper Yu initially faltered slightly before his expression darkened even further, and his face became twisted with resentment and fury.

As soon as his voice trailed off, he pointed a finger into the distance in a vicious manner, and an earth-shattering boom immediately rang out from within the sea of five-colored light. The sea of light then converged toward the center and formed a gigantic ball of five-colored light, which then immediately manifested into a peacock projection that was over 1,000 feet in length.

The disparity between the sizes of Han Li's Five-colored Peacock form and the projection was night and day.

However, the giant peacock projection didn't immediately attack Han Li. Instead, it flapped its wings and abruptly vanished on the spot. In the next instant, five-colored light surged beneath Shopkeeper Yu's feet, and the peacock projection reappeared. He then stomped a foot down onto the projection, then flicked his 10 fingers toward himself, sending streaks of light rushing into his own body.

A peculiar scene then ensued.

Shopkeeper Yu's body suddenly began to melt away, and within mere moments, he had completely fused into the peacock projection beneath him.

The peacock projection immediately let loose a clear cry, and five-colored runes surged out of its body in a frenzy as it took on a substantial form.

At the same time, a terrifying aura that belonged only to late-Body Integration cultivators erupted from its body in a frenzy.

All of the world's origin Qi within a radius of several tens of kilometers converged into the massive peacock's body as threads of light that were visible to the naked eye.

The giant peacock's aura swelled once again, reaching the pinnacle of the late-Body Integration Stage. After that, it flapped its wings, and the space around it twisted and blurred. At the same time, countless runes appeared around it, and all of them seemed to be imbued with devastating power.

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