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After that, the golden-masked man brought out some items that were produced in the Wood Tribe and Spirit Race, and all of these items had special uses. As such, they were very attractive to the convention-goers present, and they clambered to offer the items required by the Black Realm for exchange.

A few more major treasures were brought out by the golden-masked man thereafter, all of which were vastly renowned and possessed abilities that weren't inferior to the Heavenmatch Bell and the antiquated yellow flag.

Furthermore, these treasures either had astonishing defensive abilities or extraordinary offensive capabilities, so they were a lot more pragmatic than the two aforementioned treasures, and they definitely provided a fantastic shortcut to enhance one's powers.

As such, the entire hall was stirred up into a near frenzy as everyone competed for these treasures.

The final treasure was a Separting Fan, which was ranked slightly above the middle of the pack on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll. It was said to be able to move mountains and part oceans, possessing unimaginably enormous power.

Over 20 cultivators pulled out all types of materials in heaps and piles in a bid to secure this treasure, and in the end, the golden-masked man chose the one who had offered the most materials, and exchanged the Separting Fan in exchange for those materials, as well as a few more powerful treasures.

Han Li was also interested, but unfortunately, the treasure was being exchanged for some precious legendary crystals rather than spirit medicines, and Han Li didn't possess any of those crystals.

Following that transaction, all of the items that the Black Realm had prepared had been exchanged, and none of them had to be auctioned off for spirit stones. This was a clear indication that the Black Realm had done their homework beforehand and were well aware of what everyone wanted.

The golden-masked figure was clearly very pleased with the proceedings thus far, and he announced, "Everything our Black Realm had to offer has been exchanged; it's now time for the free exchange segment of the convention. If you have any items that would be of interest to our Black Realm, I'd like to ask you to consider offering them to us for exchange. As for the rules, they're the same as always; only a maximum of three people at a time will be allowed onto the stage to display the items they'd like to offer for exchange, and it'll be up to you to negotiate all of the terms. Our Black Realm won't intervene at all during this segment. Alright, I hereby announce the commencement of the free exchange segment!"

"Hehe, in that case, allow me to go first."

As soon as the golden-masked figure's voice trailed off, a sinister voice abruptly sounded. Immediately thereafter, a streak of black light shot forth from one of the stone pavilions, and after just a few flashes, it appeared in the air above the white light barrier.

This was a grey-robed man with his entire body enshrouded within peculiar wisps of black light.

"Hmph, you sure seem like you're in a hurry, Fellow Daoist!"

"I'll also be taking the stage with you!"

Several more streaks of light shot forth from other hovering pavilions almost in complete unison, but seeing as someone had arrived on the platform first, one of the streaks of light immediately brightened significantly before vanishing on the spot, then reappearing within the light barrier in the next instant as if via instant teleportation.

This was an elegant figure enshrouded within a layer of five-colored light. It was a female cultivator.

A sharp cry rang out from another streak of light, and it blurred slightly before doubling in speed, arriving on the stone platform ahead of its competition.

A hint of surprise appeared on Han Li's face upon catching sight of this third person, who had an extremely peculiar figure. He was around 10 feet tall, and about just as many feet wide, resembling a massive meatball as he stood on the platform.

However, on this meatball was the head of a normal man, which was currently etched with a concerned expression, and completely unconcealed.

Everyone else was too slow, and they were rebounded by the white light barrier, preventing them from descending onto the platform.

"Please go back for now, fellow Daoists; you can come back in the next round," the golden-masked man said as he cupped his fist in a polite salute.

The people outside the light barrier were naturally quite reluctant to leave, but they could only depart in a disgruntled manner.

The grey-robed man who had descended onto the platform first let loose a burst of delighted laughter. It was naturally quite a privilege to be able to present their items in the first round. Otherwise, if something they needed were taken by someone else before they could take the stage, that would naturally be quite infuriating.

The golden-masked man glanced at the human meatball before chuckling, "I'm glad you came to participate in our exchange conference again, Brother Zhu. On top of that, you seem to be very eager; I'm sure the memory of missing out on that treasure during the last convention still haunts you to this day."

"We both had Hundred Segment Beads, but mine was clearly of a higher caliber. If he hadn't taken the stage before me, how would the treasure have ended up in his hands? I really hate participating in this exchange convention as my figure makes me stick out like a sore thumb no matter how I try to disguise myself, but I hardly have any choice," the meatball sighed as the concern in his eyes was exacerbated even further.

"Hehe, the cultivation art you're using has been vastly renowned since ancient times. You may not be able to manipulate your own body as you please, but countless people would gladly accept this disadvantage for your immense powers."

This meatball seemed to be quite an important and powerful figure, as evidenced by the fact that the golden-masked man was speaking to him in an extremely polite manner.

"Hehe, I know you're only saying that to make me feel better, but my mood has been buoyed nonetheless. I hope I can reap some worthwhile rewards during this exchange convention." Despite what he was saying, the meatball was still looking quite unenthusiastic and forlorn.

The golden-masked man smiled before taking over 10 steps backward, standing in silence on one corner of the golden formation.

The grey-robed man was clearly also quite wary toward this meatball, and after a brief pause, he cupped his fist in a salute, and said, "Seeing as Brother Zhu is so eager to present his treasure, I would be happy to let you go first."

The female cultivator enshrouded under five-colored light didn't say anything, but she also nodded to accept this arrangement.

"In that case, you have my thanks, fellow Daoists." The meatball returned the grey-robed man's salute before abruptly patting his own bulging belly, then opened his mouth to expel a shimmering white small vial that landed in his hand.

"There are three balls of Golden Crow True Flames in here, and I'll only exchange them for a myriad-year Golden Bone Zoysia or False Meridian Herb, with one fireball exchanged for each spirit plant," the meatball announced.

"Golden Crow True Flames? Is that true? How did you manage to get your hands on such true spirit flames?"

"If he's the one offering them, then the flames are most likely real. Having said that, I'm quite surprised that he's willing to part with such flames."

The announcement immediately created a stir throughout the entire hall, and after a brief moment of surprise, Han Li stroked his chin as a contemplative look appeared on his face.

His Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames had absorbed a wisp of this true spirit flame from the demonic birds in the Golden Demon Mountain Ranges, and that had significantly enhanced their power. If this demonic cultivator really did possess this type of true spirit flame, and he had as many as three balls of such flames, then that would allow the Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames to become significantly more powerful.

Unfortunately, he sounded extremely determined to accept only the two types of spirit medicines that he had stated, and Han Li had neither of them, so he was feeling slightly frustrated.

At this moment, the meatball carefully removed the lid of the small vial, then patted the bottom of the vial with his hand, and three scorching white fireballs flew out from within. The three fireballs then transformed into a trio of white Fire Ravens that flew around him.

The three Fire Ravens were completely pristine white in color, and there were faint silver runes swirling around their bodies.

Scorching heat immediately filled the entire light barrier, causing it to tremor slightly in an unsteady manner.

"Those really are Golden Crow True Flames!"

"If someone using a fire-attribute cultivation art were to refine these flames, they would benefit immensely."

More chatter rang out from all directions, and a series of envious and greedy eyes fell upon the three white Fire Ravens.

Everyone's spiritual sense had been severely restricted, but all of the convention-goers present naturally had extremely sharp discerning eyes, and even from this far away, they could determine with relative certainty that these were indeed Golden Crow True Flames.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, allowing him to glean the true appearance of the Golden Crow True Flames within those three white Fire Ravens, and a peculiar look appeared on his face as he murmured to himself, "Hmm? These are diluted Golden Crow True Flames!"

His voice was so faint that even Number 11 failed to hear what he had just said. After making this observation, the frustration in Han Li's eyes faded, and he looked on with a cold expression.

Meanwhile, the grey-robed man had also brought out a three-colored lotus-shaped treasure that was of the ice attribute. He declared that it could release three types of glacial flames, and would be extremely powerful when wielded by someone using an ice-attribute cultivation art. In exchange for this treasure, he would only accept a fire-attribute treasure of the same caliber.

As for the female cultivator enshrouded within the five-colored light, she had brought out a head-sized crimson ball, which was the egg of a Bloodflame Falcon. This was a type of primordial beast that was renowned for its ferocity, and after reaching full maturity, Bloodflame Falcons had an average wingspan of over 100 feet.

On top of that, they were adept in abilities that were of the extremely rare blood attribute, and depending on what innate ability they developed, they could potentially ultimately attain Spatial Tempering Stage or even early-Body Integration Stage power.

The woman proclaimed that she had secured this egg from a nest owned by a pair of Body Integration Stage Bloodflame Falcons, and she was only willing to accept a spirit treasure for it.

These two items naturally garnered much interest from those using ice-attribute cultivation arts and those who were adept in taming spirit beasts. Moments later, someone began to offer treasures in exchange for those two items.

As for the two items requested by the meatball, they were clearly extremely precious, and even though there were many people interested in his Golden Crow True Flames, no one offered the spirit medicines he had requested.

The grey-robed man and the female cutivator's items were both exchanged for satisfactory items, and the meatball's concerned look only deepened upon seeing this.

After a short while, there was still no one making offers for his flames, and he heaved a forlorn sigh before stowing the three Fire Ravens away, then flew back to his own stone pavilion, choosing to abandon this exchange.

His decision naturally drew a lot of intrigue from the onlooking convention-goers. However, everyone's attention was soon redirected toward the next three cultivators who had flown onto the platform.

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