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"I'm not sure if this item is the one that you're referring to; perhaps it is, perhaps it's not. However, that's not the pressing matter at hand; we should focus on inspecting the items in the cauldron to see if the treasures requested by our two seniors are among them," Han Li said with a smile.

Seeing as Han Li was clearly dodging the question, Shi Kun naturally couldn't keep pressing the issue, and he made no attempt to raise further questions as he nodded in response.

As for Liu Shui'er, her gaze had been fixed on the Heavenvoid Cauldron this entire time, and following the conclusion of Han Li and Shi Kun's conversation, she immediately said, "Please reveal the treasures to us, Brother Han. Spiritvoid Pills are very easy to identify, so we definitely won't be mistaking them."

She seemed to be more interested in the treasures in the cauldron than Shi Kun was.

Han Li naturally had no objections to this, and he swept a sleeve through the air, sending several formation flags hurtling forth before disappearing into the surrounding space as streaks of light of different colors.

All of a sudden, a white light barrier appeared to encompass an area with a radius of over 100 feet around the Heavenvoid Cauldron. This was a simple restriction formation, and it had naturally been set up to prevent any mishaps from occurring after the treasures were revealed.

Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun took a brief glance at the light barrier before paying it no further heed. This restriction could be easily broken by them, and they had no reason to suspect that Han Li harbored any ulterior motives.

After the formation was set up, Han Li cast his gaze toward the small cauldron in the air before opening his mouth to expel a burst of azure light.

The azure light swept over the cauldron, and a rumbling noise rang out from within amid flashes of azure light. Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun both looked on with bated breath. Meanwhile, Han Li wore a relaxed smile as he raised a hand before pointing a finger at the small azure cauldron. The cauldron was only around a foot in size initially, but it then immediately expanded to around 10 feet in height. Han Li then immediately made another hand seal, and a dull thump rang out, following which a ball of light suddenly flew out of the cauldron.

The ball of light was only around the size of a human fist, but it was bound tightly by countless azure threads, which were pulsating slightly.

Han Li let loose a low cry before raising a hand, and an incantation seal flew through the air before vanishing into the ball of light.

Immediately thereafter, the azure threads around the ball of light were shattered before vanishing as specks of azure light.

As soon as the azure threads faded, golden light flashed, and the item attempted to fly away again.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he immediately reached out with a single hand. An enormous burst of invisible force instantly descended, and the item was completely immobilized in mid-air.

Han Li focused his gaze on the item to find that it was a shimmering golden gourd. There were complex patterns all over its surface, and spiritual light was flashing erratically from it.

Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun's expressions changed slightly upon seeing this, but they didn't do anything in response.

Han Li made a pulling motion with his hand, and the golden gourd immediately hurtled toward him before landing in his grasp.

It seemed to have attained a hint of spiritual nature and was trembling incessantly within his hand in an attempt to break free.

Han Li raised an eyebrow before sweeping a sleeve over the gourd, and white light flashed as a white talisman was adhered onto its surface.

The restrictive force of the talisman immediately stifled the light emanating from the gourd, and it fell completely still.

Han Li raised his hand in a calm manner and brought the gourd up to his eye level for further inspection. Blue light flashed through his eyes, and he swept a wisp of his own spiritual sense toward the treasure.

After a full 10 minutes had passed, the spiritual light in Han Li's eyes faded, and he tossed the gourd forward.

The item immediately flew through the air as a ball of golden light, then came to an abrupt halt between Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun, where it hovered in mid-air in a stationary manner.

"This is not a spirit medicine container, but a rare metal-attribute treasure instead. Not only does the gourd itself seem to possess some abilities, it's nurturing several flying swords within it, although I can't determine the power of these swords."

"In that case, this must be a sword gourd that has only been around in ancient times. I've heard that the refinement method for this type of treasure had already faded into complete obscurity on all of the continents; I'm very intrigued to inspect this treasure for myself. Fellow Daoist Shi, you wouldn't mind if I took a look at the treasure first, would you?" Liu Shui'er suddenly asked as she turned to Shi Kun with a smile.

"Hehe, of course not; you can go right ahead," Shi Kun chuckled in a nonchalant manner.

Liu Shui'er smiled before waving a slender hand through the air, and the golden gourd immediately descended obediently before falling into her palm.

She released her spiritual sense and began to carefully inspect the item, but after just a short while, she shook her head and tossed it toward Shi Kun.

A hint of disappointment appeared on Shi Kun's face upon seeing her reaction, but he was still unwilling to give up on the item as he also began to inspect it with rapt focus.

After a short while, Shi Kun also heaved a slightly disappointed sigh. "This really is a metal-attribute treasure, and the fact that it was placed in this golden cauldron most likely indicates that it's quite powerful. What arrangement do we think should be made surrounding this treasure, fellow daoists?"

Liu Shui'er turned toward Han Li, and chuckled, "Seeing as it's not one of the treasures requested by my master and Elder Duan, why don't we give it to Brother Han for safekeeping for now? We'll decide on how to split the treasures when all of them have been revealed."

Shi Kun pondered this proposal for a moment before nodding in response and tossing the gourd back to Han Li. "I have no objections to Fairy Liu's suggestion. Seeing as our two seniors haven't requested this treasure, Brother Han can keep it in his possession for now."

"In that case, I would be happy to oblige." Han Li made no effort to refuse, and he swept a sleeve through the air to expel a burst of azure light, which engulfed the golden gourd before dragging it into his sleeve.

He then cast another incantation seal toward the Heavenvoid Cauldron, and azure light flashed from within as another object that was bound by azure threads emerged.

Han Li withdrew the azure threads again, and the treasure that was revealed within was an azure jade box with flashing golden runes on its surface. The jade box was drawn into Han Li's grasp, and both Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun's demeanors clearly shifted at the sight of it as they stared at it with intense unblinking eyes.

Han Li didn't play any tricks and blew a burst of spiritual Qi toward the jade box right in front of his two companions.

The lid was removed, and Han Li's expression changed slightly after glancing at the contents of the box.

There were two identical miniature green horses within the box, each of which was around the size of an egg and emanating a rich medicinal aroma.

Just a single light whiff of this aroma sent a burst of pure spiritual Qi surging throughout his body, but the two miniature horses were lying completely still in the box with their eyes closed, having lost all signs of life long ago.

The two miniature horses rose up out of the box at Han Li's behest before flying toward Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun.

At the same time, he said in a calm voice, "These two spirit medicines must be the Jade Curd Herbs that our two seniors have referred to, right? Who would've thought that they're capable of metamorphosis already? I'm sure they'll be very useful to our two seniors. Seeing as there are two of them, why don't you take one each? "

Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun were ecstatic to hear this, but they were also slightly disappointed at the sight of the pair of extremely life-like, yet completely lifeless miniature horses.

However, in any case, the fact that Han Li had offered them such precious spirit medicines without any hesitation alleviated the final hint of concern they had harbored toward him.

Shi Kun expressed his gratitude toward Han Li before drawing one of the miniature horses into his grasp, then briefly inspected it before carefully stowing it away into a jade box of his own.

Liu Shui'er was also very pleased with the spirit medicine, and she expressed her gratitude toward Han Li as well before stowing it away up her sleeve.

Han Li nodded expressionlessly in response to their expressions of gratitude, then tossed the jade box onto the ground. He was doing so to show the two of them that the box was indeed empty and that there were no other spirit medicines contained within it. After that, he continued to summon treasures out of the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

The next two items to emerge from the cauldron were a hexagonal formation plate, and a shimmering golden pagoda.

It was quite clear that these two were unfathomably powerful treasures, and they were temporarily given to Han Li for safekeeping as well.

The next treasure to emerge from the cauldron was another one that Cai Liuying and Duan Tianren had requested, so Han Li split it up evenly between his two companions. Liu Shui'er's eyes flashed, and a hint of concern appeared on her face. Shi Kun's expression had also darkened slightly.

They could see that there weren't many golden balls of light left in Han Li's cauldron, yet they still hadn't seen any Spiritvoid Pills yet, so they were starting to grow rather uneasy.

No matter how many other treasures they obtained, their trip would still be considered a failure if they couldn't secure the all-important Spiritvoid Pills.

Right at this moment, a low ringing sound rang out from the giant azure cauldron, and another treasure was expelled.

The azure threads dispersed to reveal a small purple vial that was only several inches tall, but its surface as smooth as a mirror, and there were wisps of white Qi revolving around it.

A burst of astonishing spiritual Qi emanated from the small vial, and expressions of elation appeared on both Shi Kun and Liu Shui'er's faces.

Han Li cast an expressionless gaze toward the purple vial, which was slowly rotating in mid-air, and he stroked his chin as the corners of his lips curled upward slightly.

All of a sudden, he raised an arm before pointing forward, and the lid of the purple vial suddenly flew off of its own accord. The opening of the vial was then tipped upside-down, and a golden ball of spirit flames emerged from within.

The spirit flames let loose a clear cry before transforming into a fiery golden bird.

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