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After that, there was nothing more that had to be said, and Liu Shui'er patted her storage bracelet, upon which an extremely vibrant small umbrella appeared in her hand amid a flash of five-colored light.

The umbrella was only around half a foot in length, yet it was very colorful and eye-catching.

Shi Kun seemed to have recognized this treasure, and his expression changed slightly at the sight of it.

Liu Shui'er tossed the umbrella up into the air in a solemn manner, and the treasure immediately flew up into the air as a ball of five-colored spiritual light, vanishing out of sight after just a few flashes.

Moments later, a vast expanse of five-colored light descended from above, encompassing the surrounding area in a radius of close to 10 kilometers.

Within the light, runes of different sizes began to appear before vanishing again after flashing erratically a few times.

Immediately thereafter, the entire expanse of light gradually blurred before disappearing into nothingness.

Han Li narrowed his eyes as he swept his spiritual sense outward, only for it to be repelled by a burst of invisible power as soon as it traveled to the border where the five-colored light had just vanished.

Thus, this entire space had been restricted by that small umbrella.

However, that was not the end.

Spiritual light flashed, and a dozen or so shimmering golden formation flags flew forth from within Liu Shui'er's body. Each and every one of those flags was extremely intricate in design with many runes inscribed on their surfaces.

After being hurled up into the air, they all disappeared into the surrounding space as streaks of golden light, following which a dozen or so pillars of golden light erupted into the heavens, then also vanished in a flash.

A burst of extremely faint fluctuations was left in the wake of these golden pillars. Only after doing all that did the expression on Liu Shui'er's face ease slightly, and she smiled as she explained, "This umbrella is a treasure given to me by my master, and it can conceal the spiritual pressure fluctuations that are sure to appear when we break this restriction. On top of that, the Golden Spirit Restricting Formation set up by those formation flags are a purely defensive formation that can even withstand the attacks of an early-holy race being for a while."

"In that case, let me set up some things as well," Shi Kun chuckled before opening his mouth to expel a dozen or so balls of grey light.

Within each ball of grey light was a grey ring, and there were a total of 13 such rings. All of them revolved around Shi Kun, emitting a faint buzzing sound before vanishing into thin air.

"Yin Soul Bonded Rings! I didn't think Senior Duan would've entrusted you with such a precious treasure, Brother Shi," Liu Shui'er exclaimed as he pupils contracted drastically.

"These rings have no effect other than to harm the souls of living beings, and if one were to be caught off guard, they could be severely wound by these rings even as a holy race being, so they complement your restriction perfectly, Fairy Liu," Shi Kun said in a calm manner.

Liu Shui'er quickly recomposed herself as she said, "With these measures in place, even if the Jiao Chi beings really do try to ruin our plans, we'll be able to keep them at bay for a while."

At this moment, Han Li stroked his chin, and said, "Seeing as we've completed all of our preparations, let's begin breaking this restriction right away. For some reason, I can't shake the feeling that the longer this takes, the riskier everything becomes."

"Hehe, I certainly agree with you on that, Brother Han. Let's begin, Fairy Liu," Shi Kun chuckled in response.

"Seeing as both of you are ready, I'm naturally also prepared to proceed," Liu Shui'er said with a smile.

Thus, she raised a hand, and a small grey flag suddenly appeared in her grasp.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that there was faint Divine Essencefused Light emanating from the flag.

Liu Shui'er tossed the small flag in front of her, then made a hand seal as she began to chant something.

A grey wheel of light abruptly emerged behind her, and the rune at the center of the wheel began to slowly rotate.

The small grey flag immediately began to tremble in response while emitting a low buzzing sound, as if it were resonating with the grey wheel.

Seeing as Liu Shui'er had activated her Divine Essencefused Light, Han Li and Shi Kun glanced at one another before also following suit.

Grey light erupted from Shi Kun's body as he rustled a sleeve to produce a badge-like treasure.

The badge was also grey in colors, and the ancient characters for "essence" and "light" were inscribed onto each of its two sides.

The badge rotated on the spot before swelling drastically to around 10 feet in size.

Shi Kun then immediately extended a hand, pressing it onto the back of the badge while spreading open his fingers.

Spiritual light flashed from his five fingers, and brilliant grey light instantly erupted from the badge, and the two ancient characters on it began to glow extremely brightly.

As for Shi Kun himself, grey Divine Essencefused Light was surging around his body, creating quite an astonishing spectacle to behold.

Meanwhile, Han Li had already extended his inky-black hand out of his sleeve, and he curled his fingers inward slightly, upon which a miniature mountain that was around a foot tall appeared directly over the center of his palm.

This was none other than his Extreme Essencefused Mountain.

The mountain flew forth at Han Li's behest, then expanded to over 100 feet in size in a flash.

At the same time, the silver runes on the surface of the mountain lit up, sending halos of grey light proliferating outward in all directions.

Almost at the exact same moment, the grey wheel behind Liu Shui'er shuddered before releasing a pillar of grey light that struck the grey flag she'd summoned earlier.

The small grey flag immediately unfurled, and countless runes appeared on its surface as an even thicker pillar of light erupted from it.

The giant badge in front of Shi Kun was releasing clumps of grey threads, while Han Li stood in mid-air in an expressionless manner, making a hand seal with one hand while pointing a finger at the black mountain before him with his other hand.

The Extreme Essencefused Mountain rotated on the spot, and waves of grey light began to surge forth from its underside.

The three types of Divine Essencefused Light instantly combined as one to form a giant rune that was over 100 feet in size.

The massive rune descended at Liu Shui'er's behest, vanishing into the white light down below in a flash, upon which a resounding dull thud rang out.

White and grey light intertwined briefly, following which the ball of white light was torn apart by the grey rune with ease before vanishing as specks of spiritual light.

However, another barrier of azure light then immediately appeared to take its place.

The giant rune continued descending without pause, striking this new barrier of azure light with tremendous force.

On this occasion, the azure light barrier abruptly vanished as if had been instantly devoured.

Thus, the rune descended once again, only for a massive net comprised of countless crimson threads to suddenly appear beneath it.

Prior to even making contact with this restriction, the red net flashed with spiritual light before releasing crimson clouds that drifted directly upward.

The massive rune plunged into the red clouds, and a string of rumbling thunderclaps rang out in quick succession.

Bright grey light began to emanate from the huge rune, and the red clouds were eradicated in the end after churning violently for a short while.

As a result, all of the crimson threads quickly dissipated like snow melting under the scorching sun.

The rune then continued to plummet toward the fourth restriction.

The grey rune had only dulled slightly compared to its initial form, and Han Li was rather surprised that the first few restrictions were broken so easily.

The High Zenith Azure Light that everyone had been most wary of didn't even appear to oppose the giant grey rune as it had encountered the bane of its existence in the form of Divine Essencefused Light.

This was why they had been able to break through the first few restrictions so easily.

In what seemed like the mere blink of an eye, the huge grey rune had crashed through nine restrictions of different forms.

However, at this point, the rune seemed to have finally expended almost all of its power, and following a low wail of anguish, countless thin cracks appeared over its surface, as if it weren't going to shatter at any moment.

"What are you waiting for? Prepare for the final strike!" Liu Shui'er let loose a loud cry as the grey wheel of light behind her flew forth, disappearing into the cracked rune as a thick pillar of grey light.

All of the cracks on the rune were instantly sealed as a result, and it began to radiate brilliant grey light again as it continued to descend in an unstoppable manner.

Han Li and Shi Kun also sprang into action at this moment.

The former pointed a finger at the black mountain before him, sending it plummeting downward with devastating force, while the latter gently laid a hand onto his giant badge, upon which the treasure hurtled downward like a massive arrow.

The two of them descended from above as two giant balls of grey light, plummeting rapidly like a pair of grey shooting stars.

The 10th restriction was comprised of a layer of yellow sand, and the grey rune faltered as soon as it came into contact with this restriction.

Through the use of his spirit eye ability, Han Li could see that the High Zenith Azure Light, which had been repressed by the Divine Essencefused Light earlier, was beginning to surface in the nearby area again.

It had finally begun to display its power again after the giant rune formed by the Divine Essencefused Light had been severely weakened.

Countless thin barely visible projections slashed through the air, and the giant rune shattered into countless pieces mid a dull thump.

Grey light surged forth in all directions as a result, forcibly blasting away most of the transparent projections formed by the High Zenith Azure Light.

Right at this moment, the giant badge and the black mountain also arrived.

What remained of the High Zenith Azure Light attempted to keep the two treasures at bay, but it was swept away with ease before the two treasures struck the sand barrier down below.

The entire film of sand tremored violently, following which each and every constituent grain of sand swelled to the size of a human fist before surging upward in a frenzy, desperately trying to destroy the giant badge and the black mountain again.

These yellow grains of sand were clearly no ordinary treasures themselves. Otherwise, there was no way that they'd be able to withstand such an enormous impact.

However, both Han Li's Extreme Essencefused Mountain and Shi Kun's grey badge were also exceptional treasures that contained Divine Essencefused Light, and even though the grey light around the two treasures was being compressed by the grains of sand, the light only became brighter and more dazzling.

These grains of sand were certainly nothing to scoff at, but they were unable to force their way into the grey light even by a single inch.

Right at this moment, the silver runes on the Extreme Essencefused Mountain and the ancient characters on the grey badge flashed in unison, and only then did they begin to display their true power.

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