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One of them was shimmering with golden light, while the other was radiating a faint white glow.

These were none other than a blue bead and a white jade box. The two items hovered in mid-air in a stationary manner before him. Han Li raised a hand to draw the blue bead into his grasp to find that the object was translucent and extremely smooth, as if it were made from polished glass. The pure water-attribute spiritual Qi emanating from it seemed to indicate that it was a pure water-attribute treasure.

He held the bead in between two of his fingers and inspected it over and over again with his spiritual sense, as well as his spirit eyes.

After a long while, a thought suddenly occurred to him, and a peculiar look appeared on his face.

"Could it be that legendary object?" Han Li murmured to himself before azure light flashed from his two fingers, sending a burst of pure spiritual power into the bead.

Spiritual light swirled around the bead's surface, and a burst of blue watery light erupted from it. Immediately thereafter, the blue light transformed into an extremely thin crystalline film of water that completely enshrouded Han Li's body within.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and he immediately opened his mouth to blast forth a streak of azure light, which struck the water barrier in a flash.

Following a metallic clang, the azure light was repelled, and revealed to a small azure sword that was several inches in length.

It was as if the sword had struck an impenetrable fortress and was unable to leave so much as a single scratch on the water barrier. Considering how sharp and destructive his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were, Han Li was naturally extremely surprised by this development. An incredulous look appeared on his face as he exclaimed, "This is a Glazed Water Bead!"

However, in the next instant, he recomposed himself before opening his mouth to swallow his azure sword again, then pointed a finger at the water barrier around him.

Red light flashed, and an egg-sized ball of crimson flames emerged from his fingertip before striking the water barrier in a soundless manner.

As soon as it came into contact with the barrier, the fireball was immediately extinguished without being able to unleash any of its power whatsoever.

Han Li raised an eyebrow as he swept a sleeve toward the water barrier, and a clear cry rang out as a silver and white Fire Raven emerged from within his sleeve.

The Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven flew in a circle around Han Li before spreading its wings and hurtling directly toward the water barrier.

Silver flames and blue light intertwined amid a dull thump, following which both sides tremored, and the Fire Raven was repelled.

It appeared that even his Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames wouldn't be able to do anything to this water barrier in a short time.

"There's no mistaking it; this really is a Glazed Water Bead!" Han Li murmured to himself before sweeping his sleeve through the air again to stow the silver Fire Raven away. He then looked down at the bead in his hand with a scorching gaze in his eyes.

However, moments later, the fanaticism in his eyes gradually faded.

"It's a pity that I'm not using a water-attribute cultivation art, so I'll only be able to use this as a normal treasure. Otherwise, if I could refine this bead and slowly absorb it, I'd be able to attain the legendary Glazed Water Body," Han Li sighed with an extremely disappointed look on his face.

If he were to attain the Glazed Water Body, he'd be able to make significantly faster progress when using any water-attribute cultivation art. Furthermore, it was said that attaining the constitution could even allow him to master a certain water domain, which was imbued with the power of the laws of heaven and earth. This was a treasure that would be extremely sought after even to Body Integration Stage beings.

Han Li waved his hand, and the blue light emanating from the bead immediately faded. The water barrier nearby reverted back into a stream of watery light that was absorbed by the bead in his hand, and he sat on the spot with a contemplative look in his eyes.

All of a sudden, a thought seemed to have occurred to him, and his eyes immediately lit up. He made a hand seal with one hand, and a blurry white shadow flew forth from his waist before transforming into a white snake that was around a foot in length.

This was none other than the sentient puppet that Han Li had named "Doll".

Due to the fact that this puppet only possessed Spatial Tempering Stage power, it wouldn't have been very useful during his battles in the Golden Devil Mountain Range, so Han Li hadn't summoned it this entire time.

After all, he valued this puppet more for its spiritual nature and its potential for further evolution, so he didn't want to damage it if at all avoidable.

With that in mind, Han Li began to chant something before pointing a finger at the puppet.

White light flashed from the snake's body, and it transformed into a beautiful woman.

The woman drifted down gently from up above while focusing ts gaze on Han Li. However, it was completely expressionless, and there was a burst of white glacial Qi emanating from its body, making it appear as if it'd been entirely constructed from profound ice.

Han Li sensed the astonishing glacial Qi emanating from the woman's body, then glanced at the blue bead in his hand with a hesitant look on his face.

"Ice-attribute power stems from water-attribute power; I wonder if getting this ice-attribute sentient puppet to carry this Glazed Water Bead for extended periods of time would be beneficial in any way," Han Li murmured to himself.

After a brief hesitation, he finally made his decision, and he tossed the blue bead toward the puppet.

The Glazed Water Bead transformed into a ball of blue light that hurtled directly toward the woman, and before even reaching the puppet, a burst of extremely pure water-attribute spiritual Qi swept toward it.

Strangely enough, after coming into contact with this rich spiritual Qi, Doll's wooden expression suddenly stirred slightly, and it turned its attention away from Han Li, focusing its gaze intently on the oncoming bead instead.

All of a sudden, it opened its mouth to expel a burst of white light, which swept up the bead in a flash before drawing the bead into its mouth.

A layer of blue light suddenly surfaced over Doll's pale face, and its brows even furrowed slightly in a rather humanized display of discomfort.

However, its expression then quickly eased, and the blue light on its face disappeared as it reverted back to its wooden expressionless self.

Han Li was naturally appraising Doll this entire time, and he stroked his chin upon seeing this, but he wasn't overly disappointed.

Even if there were benefits to be reaped by Doll from the Glazed Water Bead, there was no way that these benefits would show themselves in a short time. Even so, he didn't immediately stow the sentient puppet away. Instead, he pointed at the stone door of his secret chamber, and ordered, "I have to keep cultivating in seclusion; you're free to go anywhere in the cave abode, and you can look after my medicine garden in my stead."

The puppet didn't possess a high level of spiritual nature, but it was naturally able to comprehend such simple orders.

Furthermore, only by regularly keeping a sentient puppet around rather than storing it away somewhere could there be a possibility that its spiritual nature would develop over time; this was rather similar to nurturing spirit beasts.

Doll nodded silently before vanishing through the stone door in a wraith-like manner.

It appeared that the restriction Han Li had set up posed no impediment to it at all.

Han Li was just about to withdraw the restriction in order to allow Doll to leave, and his expression faltered upon seeing this. At the same time, he was beginning to look forward to seeing what this sentient puppet would become after tapping into its evolutionary potential.

After that, he cast his gaze toward the jade box that was hovering in mid-air.

There were several restriction talismans plastered all over the jade box, all of which were shimmering with spiritual light.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly as he cast an incantation seal, which vanished into the jade box in a flash.

Spiritual light began to swirl around the surface of the box, following which the restriction talismans were peeled off in a soundless manner.

The lid of the box flew off of its own accord, and a ball of silver light shot forth from within before immediately flying away.

However, Han Li was already prepared for this scenario, and azure light flashed from his other hand as he made a grabbing motion.

The streak of silver light was instantly immobilized by a burst of immense invisible power, then forcibly drawn to Han Li and revealed itself to be a white jade badge.

There were many silver runes flashing all over the surface of the jade badge, and it was none other than the outer page of the Golden Jade Tome that Han Li had obtained from within the devilish ape's crimson bed.

A tool refinement method known as the Profound Heavenly Tool Refinement Technique was recorded on this page. The methods enclosed all seemed to be far too extraordinary for Han Li to attempt at his current cultivation base, but he hadn't actually had a chance to take a good look at it.

Now that he was back in his cave abode, he naturally had to study it carefully to see if he could glean some useful insights from it.

Han Li grabbed onto the jade badge before pressing it against his forehead, then seeping his spiritual sense into it. After that, he closed his eyes, and his body fell completely still.

Time passed by slowly, and Han Li remained in this state for a remarkably long time.

After over half a day had passed, his body finally stirred slightly, and he opened his eyes to reveal a hint of residual shock deep within his pupils.

"Integrated Five Extremes Mountain... I can't believe there's a refinement method that can fuse five top-grade Divine Spirit Treasures into one. That's absolutely incredible! If this method is truly feasible, as long as I have enough time and money, I really could perhaps refine an artificial Profound Heavenly Treasure! But then again, it's not very plausible to gather five top-grade Divine Spirit Treasures, even for an entire ordinary race. Refining five treasures of such a high caliber isn't very feasible, but if I can refine even two and fuse them together, the resulting treasure would still be unimaginably powerful," Han Li murmured to himself with a contemplative look on his face.

It turned out that in the final section of this Profound Heavenly Tool Refinement Technique, there were specific methods enclosed through which once could refine artificial Profound Heavenly Treasures. The other few methods all required materials that were either impossible to find in the Spirit Realm, like refined stars, or materials that Han Li had never even heard of.

Only the materials and refinement method required to refine this Integrated Five Extremes Mountain seemed to be viable in the Spirit Realm.

In order to use the refinement method, one had to at least be at the Body Integration Stage, and the materials required to refine this treasure were actual mountains.

Of course, they couldn't just be any mountain; they had to be mountains that possessed several rare attributes and special abilities.

The Divine Essencefused Mountain just so happened to be one of them.

Of course, the Divine Essencefused Mountain that he possessed still couldn't compare with the one that was stipulated on the jade page. He had to add many precious materials into it, then refine it using a special method for an extended period of time, which would significantly enhance the power of the mountain.

In any case, he possessed one of the main materials required to use this refinement method, which was why he was so tempted to explore it.

As for the other four mountains, one of them had to contain a vast amount of Greatnorth Essence Light, and the Greatnorth Essence Mountain fit that criterion.

Han Li held the jade badge in his hand and fell into deep thought again.

Han Li already had a Profound Heavenly Treasure and a damaged Profound Heavenly Treasure, so he shouldn't have been very interested in creating an artificial Profound Heavenly Treasure. However, one of the abilities of the Integrated Five Extremes Mountain was that it could nullify the power of lightning tribulations by close to half.

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