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When Lei Lan saw this, she frowned and turned to Bai Bi, saying, “These will be troublesome. I’ll lend Older Sister Qin a hand.”

With that said, golden light flashed from her body and she flew out of the carriage.

But Bai Bi raised his hand to stop Lei Lan and forced a smile, saying, “Junior Martial Sister Lei, you don’t need to help Lady Qin. We have other things to deal with.

Lei Lan was startled and looked off in the direction Bai Bi was pointing.

At another edge of the darkness, a large swarm of demon wolves was silently approaching. From a glance, one could only see their fur. Their true number was unknown.

Meanwhile, cries sounded from a different direction.

Lei Lan looked over and saw black silhouettes moving. They were a large group of three-meter-tall ice apes. Their fur was extremely long and somewhat curled, but they held wood or stone clubs in hand. They also had menacing fangs hanging from their mouths.

“I’ll deal with the wolves. I’ll leave the ice apes over to Senior Martial Brother Bai.” Lei Lan gave a quick response before hurrying off in a silver bolt of lightning.

Thunder clapped above wolves as a dozen bolts of lightning struck down.

The silver lightning swept past the wolves, leaving them scorched and trembling on the ground.

Bai Bi shook his head and gave Han Li a salute before flying off in a streak of light.

A short moment later, the apes became restless and a ball of golden light erupted from the sky. Countless golden threads spread downward.

Miserable screams echoed. Golden light flashed across the apes, piercing holes through them and spilling blood across the ground.

The wolves and apes were only low-grade demons and didn’t prove a match to the two. But in a swarm, there were bound to be a few capable mid-grade demons. They could only slowly deal with them.

Han Li watched this from the spirit carriage and his expression stirred. He pondered whether the three should return and he would deal with these demons using the might of the grand formation.

But at that moment, a peculiar sound rang through the air, signalling that something has arrived.

Blue light flashed from his eyes and he attentively looked in the distance and his expression sank.

He saw over a hundred ice fiends of varying form flying through the air. Their bodies were a sparkling black and ranged from thirty meters to only a foot in size. From their aura, they appeared to be mid-grade demons.

These demons appeared excited and were rushing over to the grand formation, clearly attracted by the Leopard Kirin Beast’s scent.

Han Li coldly chuckled and stood motionlessly in place. The demons quickly arrived before the grand formation and they strangely buzzed as they rushed into the formation towards the small beast at its center.

Han Li only took action when he saw nearly half of the flying ice demons enter the formation.

He flipped his hand to produce a three-inch-large sparkling scarlet formation flag. He immersed the flag with the entirety of his magic power and quickly pointed downward.

A crackle sound as a beam of red light disappeared into the spell formation.

A huge rumbling sounded as the ten pillars at the edge of the spell formation trembled. Once the talisman characters appeared, mists of red light began to gather around the formation and completely envelop the ice fiends.

In their fright, the demons either spat out icy white winds or spread out their wings to summon black snow and hail.

But regardless of their abilities, when red light swept past them, they turned to ash, melting away as if they were thawing ice.

In the blink of an eye, the demons inside the spell formation vanished, leaving only clouds of ice fiend Qi lingering in the air.

The remaining demons outside the spell formation were alarmed.

There were a few that didn’t want to leave because of the scent and lingered outside the formation, but those that were smarter quickly took off.

Han Li raised his brow and opened his mouth, spitting out a ball of azure light that contained a small azure cauldron.

The cauldron spun in the air and pulsed with light, expanding to three meters in size.

A bang sounded as Han Li slapped his palm on top of the cauldron.

The cauldron droned, instantly shooting its lid into the air. A swarm of azure threads shot out from it and strangely vanished into space itself.

A short moment later, space warped near the ice fiend demon lingering outside the formation, and countless azure threads shot out in every direction. The ice demons were skewered. Even those that fled earlier weren’t able to escape the threads.

Once the threads faded away, the corpses fell to the ground in fragments.

With Han Li’s increase in cultivation, the might of the Heavenvoid Cauldron was also vastly different.

The others also used their various abilities to slay the mid-grade demons and eventually repelled the swarm of demons.

Lei Lan and Qin Xiao returned to the carriage and clicked their tongues in wonder. “I didn’t expect there were so many demons in the ice fiend territory. Who knows what else is hiding.”

In a flash of golden light, Bai Bi returned to the carriage. He chuckled and slowly said, “An area this large is bound to conceal much. However, these were only the nearby demons. Soon, demons from farther away will come. There may be a few high-grade demons among them.

When Han Li heard this, he remained calm.

Not long after, howls sounded from all around them. Various demons had appeared again and were rushing the formation.

This time, Han Li didn’t have the other three head out. Instead, he activated the restrictions of the grand formation. Any of the demons that entered the formation were given a painful death, turning to ash as red mist swept past them.

Time slowly passed as they were besieged by waves of demons and half a day passed.

During this time, only one high-grade demon appeared. However, Han Li decisively activated the Grand Aureate Sword Formation and made short work of it.

After this, no other powerful demons had appeared for some time.

Han Li and the others were happy to spend time peacefully.

Six hours later, when the Leopard Kirin Beast’s scent had begun to wane and a murder of strange crows was charging into the spell formation, the crows suddenly fled without warning.

Just as Han Li observed this, he heard heavy footsteps thud from a distance away.

Each step caused the ground to shake and it was slowly growing closer.

Lei Lan and the others glanced at each other with astonishment.

As for Han Li, he narrowed his eyes as blue light flickered from them.

A short moment later, a kilometer tall dark-green colossus walked out from the darkness.

As soon as it could be seen, Bai Bi gravely shouted, “A Green Wood Demon! It’s a Green Wood Demon!”

The demon before them was quite peculiar.

Its huge figure was half-man, half-deer. Its surface appeared emerald green as if it were chopped out of a tree. And the green leaves and flowers growing on top of it also appeared quite comical.

However, the demon was holding a pair of huge hammers the size of hills, stifling any laughter about its appearance.

Bai Bi quickly glanced at Han Li and said, “No matter. Although it may be large and powerful, the Green Wood Demon, but its body is cumbersome. So long as we don’t let it strike with its weapons, it is no threat.”

However, the three only saw Han Li’s sullen expression. This was the first time he showed such an expression since the beginning of the demon assault.

“Brother Han, you...” When the others saw this, they were bewildered.

After some silence, Han Li said, “If it were only this demon, it would be easily dealt with. But the demon standing on its head might be a problem.”

“There’s another one?” Frightened, the others quickly looked on top of the giant’s head.

Under closer examination, they eventually made out another demon.

It was only two feet tall, appearing to be a long-haired dwarf with green robes. He held a cane in one hand and stood motionlessly on top of the giant. Most of his body was concealed by vegetation, so it was no wonder he wasn’t easily discovered.

When the demon saw Han Li and the others had discovered him, the dwarf hadn’t opened his eyes and arrogantly said, “I know you are from the Flying Spirit Tribe and have some abilities. However, you are no match for me at your level of cultivation. So long as you obediently hand over the evolving spirit beast to me, I will immediately leave. Otherwise, you will die here.”

Lei Lan and the others looked at each other in dismay at his arrogant tone and uncertain abilities.

Han Li’s eyes flickered, but when he saw the opponent’s cultivation, he couldn't help but sigh.

It was no wonder he spoke so arrogantly. To control a high-grade demon like the Green Wood Demon, he had the fearsome cultivation of a mid Spatial Tempering stage. Ordinary Flying Spirit Tribe holy disciples wouldn’t prove a match against him. But to Han Li, so long as he didn’t have any heaven-defying abilities, he wouldn’t be a strong match against Han Li. Too lazy to respond, Han Li held his arms behind his back and looked at him with a mysterious smile.

Bai Bi and the others felt apprehensive, but they tactfully kept quiet as Han Li was their leader.

When the dwarf saw this, he was enraged and opened his white eyes. He coldly said, “Since you choose death, allow me to take you there!”

The dwarf tapped his cane on the giant below him.

The demon let out a bellowing roar and stepped toward the grand formation in large steps.

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