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Long Dong exterminated the two green shadows with ease and wordlessly waved his crimson sword.

Suddenly, the sword dissolved into a deep red cloud of blood essence and flowed back into his palms where it soon vanished.

He let out a long sigh and his face turned dark red, followed by a bloodless white as if he had lost much blood.

He quickly took out a scarlet bottle from his storage bracelet and tossed out a scarlet medicine pill into his mouth. Then without further delay, he quickly sped off.

At another corner of the desert, a young white-robed woman was standing at the top of a desert mound. Ten meters away, there were four ice-cold corpses.

There wasn’t a single wound present on any of the bodies. They simply laid there without the slightest trace of life.

The woman stroked a slender jade bottle in her hand and wore a cute mysterious smile on her face. Suddenly, her body soared into the air in a golden streak. Several flashes later, she vanished.

In an area myriads of kilometers away, azure-white lightning repeatedly sparked through the air. A black cloud several kilometers away chased after him. Although it didn’t appear very fast, it was able to accurately follow the lightning no matter the distance.

In the blink of an eye, the chase continued for a couple of hundred kilometers. Suddenly, the black cloud trembled and disappeared. A moment later, the black cloud blinked forward half a kilometer and continued its pursuit.

Suddenly, the azure-white lightning jumped forward and disappeared in white light. It traveled half a kilometer away and widened the gap once more.

The pursuit continued relentlessly.

Of course, the winged figure riding the lightning was Han Li.

He was tightly frowning and his gaze appeared gloomy.

Not long ago, he discovered the old Daoist was chasing after him in a cloud of black Qi. He then immediately spread his Thunderstorm Wings and made use of his Nine Gale Transformations to their fullest extent.

However, the black cloud was not only amazingly fast, but it also could blink forward.

The two remained in pursuit despite the vast distance they traveled.

Although the desert was vast, foreign tribes often roamed it. With Han Li being so closely pursued, it would be incredibly troublesome if he caught the attention of other foreign tribes.

As for the vitality intensive Blood Shadow Evasion, he had already used it once. He was unwilling to use it again unless he absolutely needed to. After all, the desert is filled with dangers. He would need to preserve his vitality in preparation for when he was past the Southern Skyline.

It appeared he would have no choice but to battle with the shadow tribe being.

The shadow being had possessed the body of a mid-stage Spatial Tempering cultivator, clearly illustrating his high position in the shadow tribe. He was most likely a crimson shadow, a being equivalent to a Spatial Tempering cultivator.

If it were the high-grade being from another tribe, he might feel some fear, but he had many abilities that were effective against them. He had some confidence in fighting them.

Furthermore, after he entered Deep Heaven City, he cultivated and refined several techniques and treasures. He had yet to test their might. He figured he would test their effectiveness on this crimson shadow.

With that thought quickly appearing in his mind, he blinked again and his wings trembled. He suddenly came to a stop.

As a result, the black cloud quickly arrived three hundred meters behind Han Li. It appeared that the cloud planned on directly pouncing at him.

This came as no surprise.

The shadow tribe’s most powerful techniques were consuming the primal souls of other tribes and directly controlling their bodies. They would also be able to use a majority of the body’s techniques.

Of course, Han Li wasn’t about to allow the shadow to arrive near him. Without a word, he slapped his hands together and opened them.

A heaven shaking thunder roared. A bowl-sized bolt of lightning ruptured from his hands, directly targeting the oncoming black cloud.

A yelp sounded and the black Qi suddenly blinked, disappearing into a nearby spatial void.

Han Li coldly snorted and suddenly split open a crimson slit from his forehead. His law Law Destruction Eye opened and released a black light that vanished in a flash.

A deafening rupture sounded, violently shaking a space a hundred meters away. Wrapped in the black Qi, the old Daoist blurred and reappeared. He shouted in surprise, “The Law Destruction Eye! You actually cultivate that ability!?”

Han Li’s lip twitched and he remained silent. Suddenly, he cast a spell seal and the dense bolt of lightning curved, fiercely striking at the old Daoist when he least expected it.

The old Daoist cursed and thought to dodge when Han Li’s eyes brightly flashed blue. He could only let out a sharp breath in response.

The sound wasn’t loud, but he felt as if the ringing of a huge bell was echoing through his eyes. He felt tearing pain through his mind and his body slowed.

Thunder clapped. Golden lightning struck the black Qi, spreading thousands of thin arcs through it. In an instant, the black Qi grew violently unstable.

At that same moment, a huge frog’s croak sounded from the black Qi.

The black Qi roiled and condensed underneath the old Daoist, turning into a strange two-headed beast with snake heads and a frog’s body. Its four crimson eyes glared at Han Li with rage.

Han Li couldn't help but pause upon seeing this.

The black Qi protecting the old Daoist was actually a transformed beast.

After receiving the lightning strike, the old Daoist’s body recovered and he eerily glared at Han Li, “Good, very good! A trifling Deity Transformation cultivator was able to shock my mind. That ability was quite surprising. You may as well try to use it again!”

Han Li frowned. His full-powered lightning bolt was received by the strange beast, not the shadow tribe being. If the strike hit the shadow being, he definitely would’ve been harmed.

As for the Soulfright Thorn, he wasn’t foolish enough to use it again. It was only effective in a surprise attack. As the shadow being’s soul was stronger than his, it wouldn’t have any effect.

Han Li didn’t say anything further. He raised his hand and revealed a pitch-black palm. He pointed it in the old Daoist’s direction.

Suddenly, the space above the old Daoist began to warp and a small black mountain appeared.

The mountain twirled in the air, abruptly turning three-hundred-meters tall. It brightly shined grey and released rings grey light downward.

A harsh expression appeared on the old Daoist’s face and he waved his sleeve. A transparent crystalline half-foot-long blade appeared.

The blade sliced at the air, releasing a dazzling streak.

Zap. The blade streak fiercely cut through the grey rings and struck at the base of the huge mountain.

A loud drone sounded like a gong being struck.

The mountain didn’t move and the blade streak vanished.

The old Daoist’s face stirred. Before he could do anything else, Han Li stretched out his other hand, revealing a pure-white palm. He stretched his fingers, releasing five bone skull rings.

Five huge skulls appeared around the old Daoist. They simultaneously opened their mouths and spat out an icy flame. They merged into five-colored light and instantly submerged the old Daoist’s body.

The old Daoist wore a smirk, but after the flames drew close his body, his face vastly changed. Myriads of red streaks burst out from his body, wildly chopping at his surroundings in form of a red lotus.

As the lotus stirred, the rainbow flames were split apart, unable to approach the old man in the slightest.

Han Li’s expression sank and he formed his hands together. He harshly roared and suddenly, his body wildly grew several times in size and pounced at the red lotus.

Several harsh streaks sounded. As the five skulls charged to the edge of the red lotus, five dazzling blade streaks chopped at the skulls, splitting them into two like bolts of lightning.

Soon after, the crimson lotus was thoroughly opened.

The rainbow flames were thoroughly extinguished by the red light and the old Daoist reappeared with a calm face.

With a loud ghostly wail, the five cleaved skulls became whole once more.

But they continued to wail as if they held the old Daoist in great fear.

Han Li took a shallow breath and gravely pointed at his pitch-black mountain a distance away.

The huge mountain rumble and fell straight down.

As the huge mountain pressed downward, the old Daoist appeared unfazed. He simply tapped his foot on the huge beast below him.

The two serpent heads widely opened their mouths and apt out a dense red blur at the huge mountain falling above them.

With a violent crack, the huge mountain swayed and began to fall to the side.

Han Li narrowed his eyes at the sight of this and his face grew unsightly.

The two serpent heads were able to spit out their tongues at such a great force, they were able to knock away his Essensefused Mountain.

Han Li gloomily reached out for the black mountain and five skulls, causing them to vanish.

Black and white light lit up from his palms, returning the color of their skin to normal.

“Hehe, Brat, you have many treasures, but you are delusional to face me with your meager magic power. It appears you have no other methods. Hand over your body to me.” The old Daoist seemed to be impatient, but he took no further action. Instead, the serpent heads of the beast let out a sharp shriek.

Invisible waves scattered around them, spreading several kilometers away.

Rainbow light continued to flash nearby and soon, countless rare beast images began to take form. A few as large as a hill with some only ten meters long. Each of them looked ferocious and smelled strong. They all surrounded Han Li and stared at him with evil eyes.

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