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When Han Li went back inside, he took the jade slip into his hand and pressed it against his forehead, sinking his spiritual sense into it instantly.

A moment later, his expression changed.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense through it with a changing face, “Deep Heaven City is actually this large. It appears even larger than the capital cities in the three human regions.”

He then stroked the jade slip in his hand for a moment more and casually left the room.

Regardless, he first headed to the Jade Fault Pavilion and make arrangements for his cave residence. From what Zhao Wugui said, there should be something strange about it.

A bit of his interest was piqued.

Just as he committed the location of the Jade Fault Pavilion to memory, he left the pavilion in an azure streak.

As he swept past a dozen giant nearby pagodas, Han Li took a hidden glance at the various cultivators he spotted on the way.

He saw cultivators wearing various sets of armor, but they most commonly appeared near the huge buildings. Those farther away were wearing common cultivator attire from the spirit realm. It was unknown if they had taken off their armor or if they were cultivators not part of the city.

However, there was something he was certain of. You are normally required to wear armor when you enter the huge pagoda. Furthermore, Han Li discovered that yellow and white-armored body refiners used the first few floors of the huge pagodas. The yellow-armored body refiners only possessed mid-grade cultivation while white-armored body refiners had high-grade cultivation.

The number of them entering the huge pagodas was far beyond the cultivators wearing black and azure armor.

When Han Li saw this, he came to understand a bit.

It appeared that Deep Heaven City’s military force was due to the countless soldiers stationed at the huge pagodas. The yellow, white, black, azure, and golden armor were all clear classifications of their fighting power.

After Han Li took a few glances at the huge pagoda and the soldiers, he turned his attention over to his objective.

After about an hour of flight, Han Li eventually caught sight of an extremely tall city wall in the distance. Then, the light around his body darkened and he dropped down to an unremarkable three-story building below him.

Although the building was small and plain, many cultivators were bustling in and out of it.

Han Li simply stopped and placed and examined the building and the streaking lights of flying cultivators for a moment more before he approached the gate.

The pagoda gate’s signboard, the Jade Fault Pavilion”, was written in bold artistic lettering.

Han Li glanced at the sign with narrowed eyes for a long while before he slowly stepped inside.

The first floor had a large hall that was over a hundred meters wide. There were several dozens of cultivators standing in the hall, looking at a huge screen shining in azure light at the very end of the room.

The screen was a map that was six meters tall and over thirty meters wide. Silver specks of light lit up on it, along with a few numbers on occasion. There was also an azure-robed middle-aged man that was standing in front of it with a smile.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense past it and discovered that the cultivators standing in the hall were all at Nascent Soul-stage. As for the azure-robed man, he was a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator.

Suddenly, a skinny old man walked up to the azure-robed man and bowed before handing over an iron plate shining in black light and a storage bracelet.

The middle-aged man took a glance at the iron plate and the storage pouch and flipped his hand with a nod. The storage pouch disappeared and he handed the iron plate back to the old man.

The old man’s spirits immediately trembled. He grabbed the plate and approached the huge math and lightly waved it. Suddenly, a black line shined from its surface and it wrote “2” on one of the silver specks. The speck of light blurred and the number suddenly changed to “3”.

Afterwards, the old man immediately withdrew.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, over a dozen people approached the azure-robed man and gave him either an item or some spirit stones. Most of the time, the middle-aged man nodded and gave them a sign on the mark, but there were a few times where he would shake his head and the rejected person would only withdraw dejectedly.

Han Li soon discovered that the huge map displayed the various spirit veins in Deep Heaven City. The deeper the azure light in an area and the greater the number that appeared, more contested the claim of the land. There was even an azure light near some green parts of the map that had an astonishing number of twelve.

When Han Li saw this, he stroked his chin and he remembered what Zhao Wugui said.

It appeared he would have to vie with others for a suitable cave residence.

Suddenly, a clear voice spoke from behind Han Li, “Senior, are you looking for a suitable spirit land to establish your cave residence?”

Han Li slowly turned around with a calm expression.

He saw a slender beautiful woman that was politely standing to the side. Her cultivation was only at Foundation Establishment stage, but it was to be expected given her maid attire.

“That's right, but I’m still looking for a good place. I’m not very satisfied with the spirit mountains here.” Han Li calmly replied.

“Senior must be a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator. The first floor is only for black-armored guards. Senior should head to the second floor,” the girl said with a smile.

“How did you know I was a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator. You shouldn’t be able to tell with your cultivation.” Han Li’s heart trembled and a cold glint lit up from his eye.

“There is no need for Senior to be surprised.” The girl immediately lifted her hand and revealed a palm-sized plate with silver rune characters flashing from it, “Although this Junior’s cultivation is low, I possess a spirit pressure plate. Unless there is a Senior hiding their aura, I can see their cultivation."

Han Li looked at the plate and felt a bit of a headache.

It was unknown if those human elders have acquired imperial records relating to tool refinement or if their comprehension in this field had reached a stage where they can utilize these understandings in the city.

Either way, this seemed to smash his initial understanding of common conventions. He would have to pay more attention.

If he was caught unaware during a crucial time, some problems would occur.

Of course, none of these thoughts were betrayed by his face. He simply nodded at the girl and had her lead the way upstairs.

There were far fewer people on the second floor, but it appeared far more decorated. Although many areas were set up on the screen, there were simply five people calmly having a seat as they closely examined the map on the screen.

To the side of the screen, there was a large purple-robed man lazily sitting there.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense past the large man and his expression changed. He was an early Spatial Tempering cultivator. As for the people that were studying the map, there were Deity Transformation-stage cultivators like himself. Each of them had a fair maid dressed in similar robes. All of them were exceptionally beautiful and at Foundation Establishment-stage.

Han Li took a deep breath and saluted the large purple-robed man in the distance. Then he followed one of the maids to one of the chairs.

Like the others, the girl stood behind Han Li in a deferential manner.

Han Li glanced at the others and saw they were looking at the green areas on the map.

It appeared they were the mountain ranges in Deep Heaven City. But there were far fewer silver characters on the map than downstairs. Most of them only said 1 or 2. At most, there were several that said 4, but that was only for one location.

Han Li muttered to himself for a moment, and he waved to the maid behind him. He said, “I’m not too familiar with the spirit lands near here. Can you give me an introduction?”

“Yes, Senior. This map contains the three mountain ranges in the city. The central mountain range, the Jade Rapid Mountains have the most abundant spiritual Qi. This is where most Deity Transformation-stage seniors live. Furthermore, they also have many particular spirit medicines that grow there. This time, there are two Deity Transformation-stage Seniors that hadn’t survived their tribulation, and there is one that also reached the end of this lifespan. According to the rules, their residences have been made available. Many fight for them. The other area is the Heavenly Sound Mountains. Many Deity Transformation-stage cultivators live there as well but the spiritual Qi isn’t as abundant as in Jade Rapid Mountain. As for the Jade Sound Mountain, it is a place that was originally meant for Nascent Soul cultivators. It has recently been opened for use to Deity Transformation-stage Seniors, but I fear it may not be very suitable for you. However, there are very few cave residences placed on the mountain. If Senior wishes to have a large stretch of land exclusive to himself, that may be the better choice.”

“So it was like that!” Han Li slowly nodded and he took another look at the screen.

The maid tactfully stood back behind Han Li and couldn't help but take another glance at Han Li.

Han Li only appeared to be in his twenties, but he was already a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator. Although she had seen many Deity Transformation cultivators during her time in the Jade Fault Pavilion, seeing one so young had piqued her curiosity.

Suddenly, a wealthily dressed fat man boldly stood a few steps forward and raised an embroidered box and an azure jade pendant. He respectfully brought it up to the large azure-robed man and said, “This Junior recently acquired a talk of Silver Immortal Grass at four thousand years of maturity. Can Senior decide if I have the qualifications to choose a spirit land?”

“Even with one of four thousand years, it will be difficult. Let me take a look.” The large purple-robed man spoke casually and raised his hand to take the pendant and the box.

When he opened the box, he found a sparkling silver light that released a refreshing medicinal scent.

Even as someone well versed in medicinal plants, when Han Li smelled it, he couldn't help but concede its quality.

The large purple-robed man narrowed his eyes and examined the medicinal plant for a long while before reluctantly saying, “Four thousand years? It seems to be lacking a few hundred, but I’ll let it go. It’ll qualify.”

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