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After a dozen more waves of lightning balls rained down, Han Li’s magic power had taken a steep dive, consuming a majority of it, but the tribulation didn’t seem to be exhausting its lightning anytime soon.

Han Li’s face paled.

Although he possessed many abilities, there weren’t many that could block the heavenly tribulation. As for the flame bird he refined from Shi Yan’s heavenly flame, it has been withdrawn into the body of his Nascent Soul since the start of tribulation.

As the cinque devils and Weeping Soul Beast were sentient, they cowered before tribulation and weren’t very useful in this regard.

The Eight Spirit Ruler and the Six Divines Talisman were suitable treasures, but they had been destroyed in the journey through the spatial node.

Now he was left with sparsely few countermeasures, all of which he had prepared as last reserve life-saving measures, but he was still found wanting.

But how could a minor tribulation in the spirit realm be so formidable? If they were all this frightening, how could other Deity Transformation-stage cultivators survive? He didn’t believe that each one of them was even more powerful than he was. There must be some trick to surviving it.

As he sullenly thought this, he regretted not doing more research on minor tribulations.

Of course, Han Li couldn't have known that what he was experiencing was far beyond what a minor tribulation could amount to.

Even with his several heaven-defying abilities and his two top-grade treasures: the Heavenvoid Cauldron and the Essensefused Mountain, a normal Deity Transformation-stage cultivator would’ve already perished under the first wave.

Now he let out a deep sigh and a crimson light faintly shined from his body as if something was about to emerge.

At that moment, over a kilometer outside the area of Han Li’s tribulation, space fluctuated, followed by the appearance of a formation of white light.

The light formation was only about thirty-meters-wide and had talisman characters drifting within it with blinding light.

Although Han Li was mostly focused on blocking the tribulation, the strange appearance of the formation hadn’t escaped his notice.

His heart trembled and a crimson streak flickered from his body. As he continued to use the Divine Essensefused Light to block the lightning balls, he turned his head coldly over.

It was no wonder Han Li was so cautious. During a crucial moment of calamity, an odd item he’s never heard of suddenly appeared near him.

However, the formation of light appeared rather familiar, much like...

When Han Li swept his spiritual sense past the spell formation, he began to ponder.

As the formation of white light droned, it flashed and a square golden boat suddenly sprang forth from it.

The boat seemed to be forged from pure gold with exquisite detail, and it was also covered densely in faint silver talisman characters.

When Han Li saw those talisman characters, his face faintly changed.

“The silver rune scripts!” they were actually spirit scripts from the spirit realm!

The golden boat was about twenty meters long and its surface was engraved in talisman characters of the rune script. The huge light formation seemed to be a teleportation formation without a base.

Han Li felt shocked.

But what astonished him even more was the yellow dome barrier at the center of the boat. It appeared incredibly thick, preventing even his powerful spiritual sense from looking inside.

Shortly after the golden boat appeared, the formation of light beneath it crumbled away inches at a time. Meanwhile, the yellow barrier at the center of the golden boat disappeared to reveal two cultivators wearing golden battle armor.

One of them appeared quite elderly, either in his sixties or fifties, and wore a goatee. The other appeared to be only in his thirties, and he had a white complexion with no facial hair.

The silver rune scripts were also engraved into the two cultivator’s armor, and would also have these talisman characters occasionally float around them. It was clear to see that the two sets of armor possessed great value.

Just as Han Li swept his spiritual sense past them, the Divine Essensefused Light above him trembled, nearly on the brink of destruction.

Spatial Tempering-stage cultivators. One of them is even at mid-Spatial Tempering stage!

How could such characters appear here and right as he was undergoing tribulation? Could it be that they’ve come for him?

As Han Li looked at the two, he wore an unsightly expression.

From the distance, the caravan naturally saw the sudden appearance of the golden boat and the two gold-armored cultivators.

For a time the Core Formation cultivators were left in a daze. But when Elder Huo saw them, his face vastly changed in shock and he shouted out, “The Golden Court Boat! The Deep Heaven Guards!”

“The Deep Heaven Guards! Could it be that Senior has a relationship with Deep Heaven City?” When the yellow-robed cultivator heard this, their faces turned snow white with disbelief.

Elder Huo stared at the boat and vacantly muttered, “I’ve got it! That person is truly undergoing minor tribulation, but he must be a rare cultivator that ascended from a lower realm. He also hadn’t cleaned his essence with the Earth Exterminating Pill, causing two-colored tribulation lightning to claim his life. Those Deep Heaven Guards must’ve sensed the tribulation and have sent help. But what’s more strange is that they would be in the area to begin with.”

The Core Formation cultivators were left even more shocked by what they heard. Soon, everything seemed to verify the old man’s words.

When the two Spatial Tempering-stage cultivators appeared from the boat, they looked at the balls of lightning hailing down from Han Li’s tribulation. The two betrayed some astonishment at seeing him able to still hold out.

Nevertheless, one of them immediately raised their hand and released a purple talisman from his hand. As soon as it left his hand, it let out a thunderous clap and transformed into a thirty-meter-tall person of light wrapped by purple lightning.

The figure had its arm crossed and its upper body was bare, emitting a ferocious aura. However, its face was blurred and only a long mustache could be made out.

As for the other armored cultivator, he released an azure and a gold talisman.

When the two talismans were released, they let out thunderous light and turned into a three-meter-large azure spike and a golden hammer.

The two items were wrapped in azure sparks and golden lightning respectively, releasing an astonishing pressure.

The other cultivator began to solemnly cast spell seals into the huge light figure.

Suddenly, the giant of light reached out to the azure spike and the golden hammer, two weapons formed from talismans, and promptly summoned them into its hands.

As for the one who released the weapons, he began to chant in conjunction with his companion.

The giant raised its head and let out a dragon’s roar. It raised its hand and pointed the azure spike in Han Li’s direction. Then, it fiercely swung down with the hammer.

A huge bang resounded, followed by heaven-shaking lightning. Purple lightning sparked from the entire giant. The golden hammer and the azure spike both let out a blinding glare, a streak of purple, azure, and golden lightning poured out from the awl. At first, it was thin, but in the blink of an eye, it became thicker and longer, quickly expanding from ten meters long to over three hundred. At the peak of its expansion, the lightning took the form of a tri-colored true dragon. It’s radiant visage even lit up the nearby skies.

The display left the spectators dumbstruck. The giant streak of lightning disappeared in an instant and reappeared above Han Li.

Lightning zapped and tri-colored light flashed. Below, Han Li’s heart sank and his breath turned shallow. But immediately after, he left out a sigh of relief.

The huge arc of lightning had changed direction and struck the black sky.

Soon after, crackles sounded as various-colored lightning wildly danced through the skies. The balls of lightning that were originally hailing down quickly became rare.

When Han Li saw this, he felt great surprise at the fact those two had suddenly assisted him in passing through his tribulation, but he wasn’t about to refuse the favor.

And without another thought, his figure dropped back to the ground.

The tribulation cloud was extremely dangerous, so he may as well use the opportunity to create more distance.

Just as he created more distance between him and the tribulation cloud, the huge tri-colored lightning dragon reappeared, but its entire body soon dissolved. Countless tri-colored lightning jumped across the clouds and a roll of lightning shook the air. In the blink of an eye, the incredibly dense tribulation clouds turned sparse and beams of sunlight began to shine through in the spans of a few breaths.

This minor tribulation had actually been broken.

Before Han Li showed his joy, he first retrieved the Divine Essensefused Light and Mountain, then turning to face the golden boat.

From the distance, the golden board, calmly drifted closer and soon the two gold-armored cultivators could be clearly seen.

Han Li frowned, faintly sensing that trouble had come knocking on his door.

He stood still in place and quietly waited.

The golden boat appeared at ease, but it was still deceptively swift. It silently arrived before Han Li in the span of a few breathes as the two gold-armored cultivators closely examined Han Li.

The pale thirty-year-old cultivators eventually spoke with a neutral tone, “You’re a cultivator that ascended from a lower realm? It is quite strange for early-Deity Transformation stage cultivators to do such a thing. Regardless, it is your good fortune that we’ve arrived. Follow us.”

“What do you mean, Senior? Where will we go?” When Han Li heard that they mentioned he came from the lower realms, his heart skipped a beat, but he maintained a calm face.

The pale cultivator’s lip twitched and he calmly replied, “What do I mean? When you ascended, there were problems. Since you didn't appear that the Spirit Flight Tower or serve Deep Heavens City, a spatial storm appeared during your tribulation as someone that ascended through a spatial tear.”

“Spirit Flight Tower?” Han Li was initially confused when he heard this, but a trace of surprise soon appeared on his face.

The older of the two cultivators then smiled and explained, “That’s right, there are over a thousand people that ascended to the spirit realm from the lower realm. Each lower realm has a special Spirit Flight Tower for them. Normally, cultivators that ascend immediately appear at Deep Heaven City. However, there are rarely those like yourself that encounter mishaps during their ascension and land in other areas. Because these people haven’t taken any Earth Cleansing Pills, they will encounter two-colored lightning during their first tribulation and perish. Fortunately, you came across us while we were on business and waved your life.”

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