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"Hehe, even if you're willing to let us get away with this, we still won't rest until we get our hands on the spirit stone, Brother Tang. I discovered the news about the spirit stone by using a soul search technique on the person who discovered the spirit stone, so don't try to fool me," the fatso chuckled coldly as his flabby folds tremored incessantly.

"So you were the ones who killed Protector Li!" The blue-robed fan faltered initially upon hearing this before flying into a thunderous rage. He waved his azure mirror through the air and several thick pillars of light were launched toward his opponent.

"So you're not going to deny your possession of the spirit stone anymore?" A deriding sneer appeared on the fatso's face as the round bowl in front of him blasted out a burst of yellow light, which absorbed all of the oncoming pillars of light.

"So what if I do? Everyone knows that top-grade spirit stones are extraordinarily useful for breaking through bottlenecks; there's no way I'd hand it over to you demon beasts! Are you not afraid that the Star Palace will be the one to benefit from our battle in the end?" The blue-robed man's enraged expression faded as he quickly calmed down.

"Star Palace? You think it's just our sea race that's attacking your Starfall Coalition? Let me tell you the truth; our sea race has developed all of our most powerful beings this time, and not only are we going to take the top-grade spirit stone, we're going to take back all of the spirit mines on this island as well! The outer seas rightfully belong to our sea race; for you human cultivators to even think about taking a share of the spirit stones on this island is nothing more than a joke! We only allowed you to thrive for as long as you did because we hadn't yet gathered all of the forces we required." The fatso raised his flabby neck and a peculiar expression appeared on his face.

Elder Tang's expression changed drastically upon hearing this.

All of a sudden, a burst of howling erupted in the distance, as if to support the fatso's claims. Another burst of blue demonic mist then came sweeping forth from that direction, seemingly containing countless demon beasts within.

"Haha, looks like the Star Palace cultivators have already been taken care of. As expected, mobilizing our troops before taking down one side first was the right course of action. None of you will be able to escape now!" The fatso burst into raucous laughter upon seeing this. Large swathes of yellow light surged from his round bowl in a frenzy, hurtling directly toward the blue-robed man down below. At the same time, the golden rings around his arms also shot forth before transforming into layers of projections and descending at a frenetic pace.

Seeing as reinforcements had arrived, the demon beast immediately increased the intensity of his attacks, not allowing his opponent to get away. The blue-robed man's expression was twisted with shock and rage, yet he found himself unable to escape from his opponent.

Similar scenes were unfolding in the other battles nearby as well. All of the metamorphosis stage demon beasts began to unleash torrential barrages of attacks without any consideration for their demonic power reserves. Spiritual light of all different colors intertwined as loud rumbling booms erupted.

None of the Starfall Coalition Nascent Soul cultivators were able to shake off their opponents to get away from this place.

On the other side, the cloud of blue demonic mist as approaching as fast as lightning and in the blink of an eye, it had already drawn so close that the sinister features of the demon beasts within were clearly visible.

Even the Starfall Coalition cultivators with the slowest reactions had realized that they were in deep trouble at this point. In the end, someone suddenly yelled, "Retreat!"

All of the low-grade cultivators down below immediately fled in all directions, while the Nascent Soul cultivators in the air above all began to search for opportunities to extricate themselves from their respective battles. Some adopted a more defensive approach as they slowly retreated toward the stone peak, while others unleashed powerful attacks with all their might, hoping to temporarily force back their demon beast opponents before taking the opportunity to flee. There were also some who had secret techniques that could help them escape, so they were combating their opponents in a calm manner while scanning their eyes across their surroundings, seemingly in search of something. Meanwhile, Han Li was initially planning to get away, but those plans were immediately aborted upon hearing the words "top-grade spirit stone".

Even though he had never seen any legendary top-grade spirit stones, he had seen records of their miraculous effects in countless tomes.

Setting aside the fact that this spirit stone was a compulsory item for setting up several types of legendary primordial formation spells in the human world, just its effect in assisting cultivators in breaking through bottlenecks alone was an extremely tempting prospect.

Furthermore, this assistance effect was applicable to all cultivators from the Core Formation to the Deity Transformation Stages. Of course, the more advanced one's cultivation base, the less pronounced the spirit stone's effect would become. Even so, top-grade spirit stones were still extremely sought-after among cultivators of the human world.

Now that a top-grade spirit stone had been extracted from one of the mines here, it was no wonder that the Starfall Coalition was immediately gathering their Nascent Soul cultivators, while the demon beast didn't hesitate in the slightest to launch an attack against this island. Seeing as one top-grade spirit stone had been excavated from the mine, there would perhaps be a second or even a third one in the mine.

Han Li took a deep breath and quickly made sense of the situation.

Seeing as such a rare treasure had appeared before him, he certainly wasn't going to give up on it without a fight.

However, it was a rather difficult predicament to identify just who was carrying the top-grade spirit stone.

Theoretically, a treasure of this caliber naturally had to be assigned to the person with the highest cultivation base for safekeeping. In that case, the blue-robed man would fit the bill. However, it could also be the case that the blue-robed man had intentionally given the spirit stone to a certain nondescript low-grade cultivator, who would then sneak the spirit stone out of the island.

If the latter strategy were employed, then no matter how powerful he was, he wouldn't be able to capture all of the Starfall Coalition cultivators, especially not with so many powerful demon beasts around as well.

Han Li's brows furrowed as he carefully contemplated the situation, but his expression then immediately relaxed.

The intelligence of those metamorphosis stage demon beasts definitely wasn't inferior to that of human cultivators, so they had most definitely already considered this problem as well. As such, even if he didn't do anything, the invading demon beasts definitely wouldn't allow any Starfall Coalition cultivators to escape, either. All he had to do was to swoop in and take the spirit stone as soon as it appeared. At his current power level, none of the demon beasts and cultivators here would be able to stop him.

With that in mind, Han Li stood in front of the pavilion and continued to conceal his presence as he surveyed the battle with a cold expression.

As expected, around 200 to 300 demon beasts suddenly rushed out from the demonic mist approaching from the distance, al of whom began to pursue the low-grade cultivators on the island.

Most of these demon beasts were only at the third or fourth grades, but there were also about a dozen or so fifth grade demon beasts. All of the human cultivators were being pursued by a demon beast of a concurrent power level.

In the face of such a formidable army, it really was rather implausible that any of the cultivators would be able to escape from the island.

The blue demonic mist instantly arrived in the air directly above the battlefield before merging with the original cloud of mist. A burst of extremely powerful demonic Qi rose into the sky, following which a ball of golden flames shot forth from within.

A brilliant light flashed before a demonic cultivator in a suit of golden plate armor appeared.

The demonic cultivator had the head of a wyrm and the body of a human. It was wielding a golden spear, along which silver arcs of light were flashing, forming a long and thin lightning snake that flowed along the surface of the spear. It was quite apparent that this was no ordinary treasure. As for that suit of golden plate armor, it was constructed from countless golden scales, each and every one of which were carrying tiny runes that were emanating demonic Qi.

As soon as this demonic cultivator appeared, a burst of sharp light shot forth from its wyrm eyes as an extremely powerful spiritual sense instantly enshrouded the entire stone peak.

All of the Nascent Soul cultivators were still engaged in heated battles with their respective demon beast opponents, and their hearts sank in unison.

The blue-robed man's face turned deathly pale upon seeing this demonic cultivator, and he yelled with incredulity, "Golden Wyrm King! Impossible! How could you go against our agreement and come here in person?" 

This Wyrm was a tenth grade demon beast!

"Why can't I come here? If you want me to uphold the agreement, then you humans have to show me that you have what it takes. It's been 3,000 years since a Deity Transformation cultivator has appeared among your ranks, and a top-grade spirit stone is at stake here, so why should I uphold the agreement?" The wyrm spoke with a cold expression.

Right at this moment, two more demonic cultivators emerged from the demonic mist. One of them was a black-robed being with red hair, a green face, and a mouthful of sharp fangs. It was quite tall and broad, and was somewhat familiar to Han Li. 

"Huh? Isn't that the demon tortoise that was with the Savage Flood Dragon?" Han Li's heart jolted at the sight of the golden wyrm before surprised look appeared on his face upon seeing the black-robed demonic cultivator. His expression immediately darkened as he hurriedly cast his gaze toward the demonic mist, but no other demonic cultivators emerged from within.

Han Li's brows furrowed upon seeing this, but he didn't recklessly unleash his spiritual sense or spirit eyes to assess the situation.

After all, a tenth grade demon beast's spiritual sense was extremely powerful. He could avoid being discovered by the Golden Wyrm King using his concealment technique, but he would be immediately exposed if he were to release his spiritual sense.

Seeing as this Golden Wyrm King had appeared, the Starfall Coalition cultivators were most likely all going to be killed. However, it was rather surprising to Han Li to see the demon tortoise here with this Golden Wyrm King. Could it be that the latter was somehow related to the Savage Flood Dragon?

Upon hearing the Golden Wyrm King's declaration, panicked expressions appeared on the faces of all of the human cultivators on the stone peak, and the blur-robed man's heart sank even further.

However, he was a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, and he certainly wasn't going to give up so easily. All of a sudden, he let loose a shrill cry and the blue flying sword that was wreaking havoc within the demonic mist suddenly exploded amid a loud boom.

This flying sword was quite a powerful ancient treasure, and after being forcibly detonated by Elder Tang, the power it could unleash was simply unimaginable to normal cultivators. A massive ball of silvery-white light appeared in the air above the stone peak, repelling all of the blue mist that was emanating from the fatso's mouth. The projections formed by his two golden rings were also destroyed with ease.

The fatso's heart jolted with shock upon seeing this, and he hurriedly injected all of his power into the round bowl before him. The vast expanse of yellow light instantly transformed into a protective barrier of light in front of him. At the same time, he hurtled back in a rapid retreat.

The blue-robed man took advantage of this opportunity to summon a purple handkerchief, which he immediately activated without any hesitation.

The handkerchief transformed into a ball of purple light that enshrouded the blue-robed man before flying through the air as a purple streak of light, traveling so rapidly that it had covered a distance of over 200 feet in the blink of an eye.

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