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However, in such close quarters, Han Li naturally didn't dare to use the fan at its full power. Otherwise, he would be swept up in the attack as well. He only waved the fan slightly and a layer of three-colored flames appeared on its face, which then crashed into the film of light like a blade of fire.

A sizzling sound erupted as the fire made contact with the barrier. As expected, the might of the Triflame Fan was not to be scoffed at. An incision had been torn into the seemingly indestructible film of light and even though it was only around a foot in length, it was sufficient in size for Han Li to be able to escape through.

Han Li was ecstatic, yet just as he was about to rush out of teleportation formation when white light suddenly flashed from the gash that he had just inflicted. The silver-robed woman had torn through space and appeared outside. She raised a hand and one of her arms transformed into a sharp and translucent talon, forcing its way into the gash as if she were trying to drag Han Li out from within.

Han Li was struck by a sense of urgency upon seeing this. He wanted to leave this teleportation formation, but he didn't want to fall into the grasp of this tenth grade Ice Phoenix as a result. Just as he was about to attack his assailant with his Triflame Fan, his expression suddenly changed drastically. He put away the Triflame Fan in his hand, but it was replaced by a shimmering blue medallion; that medallion was none other than the Greater Teleportation Medallion.

As soon as Han Li produced the medallion, spiritual light erupted from within the ancient teleportation formation. At the same time, the azure film of light began to crumble.

After the light faded, Han Li and the Unbroken Cinque Devils within the film of light disappeared, as did the silver-robed woman, who was originally standing at the edge of the teleportation formation. It appeared that she had been teleported away with Han Li.

The palace master faltered initially upon seeing this before a mixture of elation and vexation appeared on her face. She was overjoyed that a powerful enemy had been teleported away, but very frustrated by the fact that the spirit treasure carried by the matriarch of North Night Palace, Fair Ice Soul, had appeared and disappeared right under her nose.

In the distance, the small child wore an extremely dark expression. A vicious light flashed through his eyes as he glowered at the palace master before letting loose a long howl that punctured the clouds. He then abruptly pointed up at the Myriad Demon Flag in the air, upon which the demonic Qi surging from the flag immediately swelled by severalfold. Countless demonic projections of different sizes then began to surge forth in a frenzy, encompassing a large section of the hall in tumbling demonic Qi which rushed toward the palace master.

The palace master's expression changed upon seeing this, but green light suddenly flashed before her as the Infernal Ghost Mother positioned herself in front of her. She looked up at the countless demonic projections in the sky and a cold smile appeared on her face. She spun around on the spot, sending a vast expanse of green Qi sweeping forth in all directions. In the blink of an eye, the surrounding area had been transformed into an infernal hell amid ghastly wails and bone-chilling cries. A vast expanse of Yin Qi that was not inferior in quantity compared to the demonic Qi in the sky spread along the ground before sweeping upward as a series of massive waves.

The green mist and black Qi clashed and intertwined with one another. Demonic projections and ghostly beings could be indistinctly seen within, engaged in a heated battle. This Infernal Ghost Mother was able to combat Old Devil Che's avatar with her body as a ghost cultivator, and she was not being forced onto the back foot.

The palace master was ecstatic upon seeing this. She immediately set aside the matter regarding Han Li and rubbed her hands together before raising them up in the air, uopn which balls of crimson lightning flames were sent crashing toward the demonic Qi overhead.

Loud rumbling booms rang out incessantly within the hall as the woman, the demon, and the ghost all disappeared within the vast expanse of demonic and ghostly Qi.

Only the occasional earth-shattering clash could be heard from the outside...

Within a stone chamber that was over 300 feet in size, there was a formation that was quite similar to the teleportation formation located in the Spirit Void Hall. Han Li supported the Heavenvoid Cauldron with one hand as he faced off completely expressionlessly with an exquisite beauty.

The humanoid puppet behind him was completely stationary, yet the ghostly heads that were the five devils were hovering in the air, looking at the woman with bloodlust in their eyes. They would let loose a low snarl from time to time, looking as if they would immediately pounce on the woman as soon as Han Li gave the command.

The woman standing before Han Li was naturally the tenth grade Ice Phoenix that had been accidentally swept up into the teleportation formation.

In reality, this Ice Phoenix was rather unlucky. She had sensed that something was amiss when the azure film of light was shattered and she immediately tried to tear open space to get away from the formation. However, to her surprise, the spatial powers she unleashed resonated with the spatial powers in the formation, thereby sucking into the teleportation sequence as well.

It was quite clear that this wasn't some kind of short-distance teleportation. If it weren't for the fact that she was extremely proficient at spatial manipulation, she would've most likely been torn into pieces by the spatial power on the way here.

Even so, her situation was clearly not very optimistic. She was currently standing in one corner of the stone chamber with white spiritual light flashing all over her body as she glowered coldly at Han Li.

According to her estimation, if she were to engage in a battle to the death with this human cultivator, the win-loss ratio would stand at around 40:60. What was very depressing to her was that her opponent was the one with the 60% chance of securing victory.

On had to realize that she had been restricting her cultivation base to the semi-Deity Transformation Stage for a long time and that if she wanted to, she could've progressed to the Deity Transformation Stage a long time ago.

However, this human was one of the most difficult opponents she had ever had to deal with. He possessed power on par with her's even though he was only at the mid-Nascent Soul Stage. Furthermore, he possessed the Unbroken Cinque Devils and that untraceable humanoid puppet. Those two were extremely powerful in their own right and could be counted as two late-Nascent Stage cultivators.

Thus, no matter how arrogant she was, there was no way that she would be optimistic about her chances in battle against Han Li. However, she wasn't fearful toward Han Li either. Even if she couldn't match him in battle, her spatial powers would ensure that she would at least be able to escape.

Han Li's eyes narrowed as he looked at the woman before him and he was also rather indecisive about what to do. A short while later, he finally harrumphed coldly as he raised a foot into the air, upon which he hovered out of the formation and made his way straight over to one of the bluestone walls of the stone chamber. This stone chamber was rather peculiar. There wasn't a single door to be seen and the stone walls were extremely smooth with not even so much as a hint of a gap to be exploited.

In such a strange and unpredictable place, Han Li really had no interest in battling this Ice Phoenix. As long as she didn't attack him, he couldn't be bothered to engage in a battle with her that would sure expend a lot of magic power. After all, her spatial powers were also very difficult for him to deal with.

Upon seeing what Han Li was doing, the silver-robed woman's expression changed as she heaved an internal sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Han Li was already using his spiritual sense to carefully scan over the stone walls. However, what he discovered as a result made his brows furrow with concern.

As soon as his spiritual sense seeped into the stone walls, it was repelled by a powerful force. There had clearly been some type of powerful restriction cast on the walls and this was the worst possible discovery to make.

Han Li's expression darkened and he suddenly stabbed a finger toward the stone wall. Azure light flashed on his fingertip as a glacial light half a foot in length appeared before stabbing into the bluestone.

However, only a small section of the glacial light pierced into the wall before it was also repelled.

Han Li nonchalantly flicked his fingers and three streaks of azure sword Qi struck the other three walls, only to result in the same effect. Han Li's eyes narrowed as he stared silently at the stone wall. As he did so, a flash of faint blue light shimmered through his eyes.

"Hmph!" The silver-robed woman chuckled coldly upon seeing this.

She then waved a hand through the air and a flash of white light appeared, following which she disappeared from the chamber. She had unleashed her spatial powers to escape from this place.

Han Li completely ignored this as he continued to stare silently at the stone wall. All of a sudden, the humanoid puppet behind him suddenly raised a hand, sending a black dagger streaking through the air. The dagger instantly struck a certain nondescript spot on the wall amid a dull thud.

The bluestone wall before him suddenly crumbled and his eyes immediately lit up. He appeared in what seemed to be an empty hall, and the silver-robed woman was still nowhere to be seen.

However, upon closer inspection, Han Li's lips twitched as an incredulous look flashed through his eyes.

This was a reaction to the stone gate that lay before him, which was square in shape with over 100 feet in both length and width. There were strange runes carved onto the gate and faint white light was shimmering along its surface, clearly indicating that some type of restriction had been cast on it.

However, Han Li was very familiar with this stone gate and he almost identified it at first glance. He felt as if he had been dealt a heavy blow upon making that realization and astonishment surged through his heart.

After taking a deep breath, Han Li recomposed himself and strode directly toward the stone gate.

Golden light flashed as a flying sword that was over a foot in length appeared in his hand. He slashed it through the air and a streak of golden sword Qi flew forth.

White light flashed over the surface of the stone gate, but it was still sliced in half by the sword Qi amid a resounding boom, revealing an intersection that was paved with bluestone.

Han Li's body swayed and in the next instant, he appeared at the center of the intersection. He hurriedly looked around at his surroundings before his body fell completely stationary.

There was a series of bluestone paths leading toward the north, south, east, and west directions. There were identical tall and thick stone walls on either side of the paths, looking as if they had been constructed from the same mold.

After a long while, Han Li exhaled and murmured to himself in a forlorn voice, "There's no mistaking it, it really is this place!" 

This place was none other than the massive five-story bluestone tower within which he had obtained the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

He had been teleported from the northernmost region of the Great Jin to the Scattered Star Seas. From the bluestone paths alone, he was unable to determine which level of the tower he was situated in.

"So the Heavenvoid Hall and Spirit Void Hall really are related!" Han Li murmured to himself as his expression finally eased.

At his current power level, it wasn't an issue even if he were situated in the Scattered Star Seas. As long as he could make his way out of this hall, then repair the teleportation formation that he had destroyed after it had taken him to the Scattered Star Seas, then he would be able to return directly to the Heavenly South Region.

With that in mind, Han Li examined his surroundings before deciding to take a certain bluestone path, upon which his body shot forth as a streak of azure light.

However, after flying for only ten minutes, Han Li discovered that he hadn't encountered even a single one of those puppet guards that were supposed to roam the tower.

Upon further contemplation, he figured out why this was the case. It was still a long time until the next opening of the Heavenvoid Hall, so those puppets had most likely been withdrawn by the restriction in the hall for now.

Not only that, Han Li wasn't impeded by any other restrictions or traps along the way either. It was as if the tower had been reduced to a completely inanimate object!

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