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After the blood blade struck at the wall, Han Li followed through with his fan, releasing a stream of tri-colored flame, followed by a golden swordstreak.

His puppet also released his bow, shooting an arrow of blinding flame at the same point.

Eventually the wall warped several times before it was forcefully dispersed. With the appearance of the hole came wisps of devilish Qi flying out.

Silvermoon let out a yelp and flew inside as a white streak. Han Li flared his Thunderstorm Wings and followed suit.

As soon as he entered, he saw countless strands of inky devilish Qi stirring in the air. His lips curved down and he summoned his Tailstar Essence Shield from his sleeve, forming a silver light barrier around him in a blur.

As soon as the black devilish Qi touched the barrier, he could hear crackles as the devilish Qi thoroughly corroded the barrier. His face winced when he saw it dim.

When he entered the abyssal vortex of devilish Qi in the Heavenly South’s Endless Sea, the devilish Qi wasn’t nearly as fearsome or thick. As he didn’t have much Divine Devilbane Lightning remaining from all of the previous battles, he had to rely on his Tailstar Essence Shield to resist the devilish Qi, but given how quickly even that was wanning, he wouldn’t have much time.

With that in mind, Han Li shot a glance at Silvermoon.

She was currently enveloped in sanguine light formed from the blood blade. Whenever devilish Qi clouded near her, it wasn’t able to touch her. It seemed she had good reason to ‘request’ the blood blade from Corpse Xiong.

Silvermoon shouted out to Han Li before directly shooting towards the center. Han Li blurred and followed close behind her, his light disappearing along the way as he concealed himself.

At that same moment, Silvermoon’s adorable laughter sounded from the direction of the altar, followed by several wolf howls and Yuan Cha’s frustrated voice, “Hmph! Since you’ve dared to return, I’ll turn you into a devil.”

Above the altar, two spheres of a crimson and black light were weaved together, twinkling with pure power as explosions occasionally shattered out from them. The giant spiritual pressure that it released caused the nearby devilish Qi to distort and roil as if they were two tsunamis colliding. For a time, it was unknown who held the advantage.

When Han Li saw that Silvermoon held fast, he felt somewhat relieved and blue light shined from his eyes as he gazed into the black seas surrounding him.

Although the implosion of the Black Wind Flag had thoroughly annihilated the altar, the two giant tablets on top of it were formed from Flexile Spirit Jade, an ancient material that wasn’t so easily destroyed. One of the two tablets should be usable with the Heavencrystal Stele.

After a short moment, Han Li spotted a pile of rocks and found two tablets buried within them. One of them was embedded with a destroyed Dragon Call Crest, but the other laid to the side, intact.

Overjoyed, Han Li quickly took a glance at the battle above him and circulated his Qi concealment technique, restraining his aura to its greatest extent before dropping down.

The descent went unexpectedly smoothly and unnoticed. With his feet deftly landing on the rubble, Han Li flipped his hand and produced a jade scepter. As azure light brightly radiated from it, a faint yellow barrier completely enveloped him and he sank into the ground.

When he reached the stone tablet, he felt his remaining worries lifted.

At that point, he had no further hesitation and summoned a blue ball of light from his storage pouch.

Han Li looked at the half-foot-long form of the Heavencrystal Stele. He then flung the jade scepter above him and took the stele into his hand.

After infusing it with his spiritual power, the stele trembled and its entire body quacked and flickered with brilliant light.

Han Li focused, gently pressing the crystal stele against the giant tablet and it sank into the stone enough to conceal its entirety.

Before Han Li could even process the change, a sudden reaction occurred.

A layer of blue light blossomed up from the tablet and it suddenly sank deep into the ground as if it weighed tons, slipping out of Han Li’s grasp. Half of the tablet became embedded and turned upright. When the tablet’s upper half let out a drowning cry, a furious shout rent from the black sphere of light in the sky.

Han Li’s heart trembled as he heard this and he pointed to the Tailstar Essence Shield, having it surge several times in size.

Then, a black beam of light blasted his position.

Following a huge explosion, the black light ruptured, immersing a forty-meter area in the most absolute darkness. The rubble quickly evaporated as the light swept across it, reaching the brilliant silver energy that laid underneath.

Han Li’s expression faintly changed as his barrier violently trembled from the impact. He struck the silver shield with several spell seals, suddenly turning its surface glossy. Most of the blackness then slid across it, giving the vastly weakened barrier some reprieve.

Yuan Cha had only been able to release this single strike before being re-engaged by Silvermoon.

Another strike would’ve surely sundered his defenses.

But because of Yuan Cha’s furious rage, she no longer dodged Silvermoon’s attacks and repeatedly released black light from her mouth. The nearby devilish Qi surged until they formed tides ten meters in height, moving to engulf Silvermoon.

But regardless, it was clearly too late.

A series of violent trembles shook the spatial pocket, followed by dozens of pillars of light erupting from the ground, condensing into huge hundred-meter-tall stone pillars.

Each pillar flickered with unearthly energy and dense rings of various-colored light roamed across their surface.

An inconceivable event followed.

The rings spun, causing the pitch-black devilish Qi that was originally choking the air to spiral towards the rings like moths to the flame. At the same time, the sphere of black light in the air released countless threads, one after another as if a web was being spun in midair.

In the blink of an eye, a huge ball of twinkling pure white took form around a pillar the size of a small mountain.

Han Li didn’t need to be familiar with the methods of the formation to know that the restriction was already activated, thus he continued to pour spiritual power into the tablet without delay.

The spiritual rings on the pillars thickened and absorbed devilish Qi at an astonishing rate.

In several breath’s time, nearly all the devilish Qi in the area was consumed by the stone pillar.

As a result, the black two-headed wolf found itself at a clear disadvantage as its fight against Silvermoon continued.

The wolf howled as it continued to battle fiercely, but Silvermoon was unrelenting inside her crimson sphere.

Relieved, Han Li struck the inscription with a spell seal.

The stone tablet released a series of drones and soon after, the giant white sphere suspended in the sky aggressively rushed down. Before it drew close to the broken altar, the oppressive spiritual pressure greatly alarmed the two-headed wolf, forcing it to disengage from its conflict with Silvermoon.

However, Silvermoon had other plans and coldly snorted as her body blurred from sight.

The sphere dropped down and a milky white mist instantly filled the hole left in the altar.  Then the light completely faded away to reveal a crystalline barrier sealing the devilish Qi within.

When Yuan Cha saw this, she knew  her defeat was quickly approaching.

She wildly glanced around and her eyes dropped at the giant stone tablet.

Having used the Dragon Call Crest once before, she immediately guessed what was going on and a fierce snarl flared on her face. With a howl, she blurred, and created three copies of herself, directly pouncing in the air towards Han Li.

Crimson light ruptured from Han Li’s side, followed by a sea of blood emerging from the light and enveloping his surroundings.

The wolves had been engulfed in the blood and were trapped within it.

Meanwhile, a ball of silver light flickered from within the sanguine sea and a dense storm of embers rushed out from it, enveloping the three wolves that were trapped.

The three were alarmed and raised their heads, each of them spitting out a black cloud to block the attack.

Not to be left out, Han Li flipped his hand, summoning the Triflame Fan into it. He waved the treasure in the black wolf’s direction.

With a clear ring, three foot-long flame birds shot out from the fan, diving directly at each wolf. Before they even arrived, their heat boiled the nearby blood.

The black wolf’s eyes betrayed terror.

“Good!” Silvermoon yelped with delight. With her hands forming an incantation gesture, her body grew hazy, shining with silver light before turning into a three-meter-long wolf. 

When Yuan Cha saw that Silvermoon took the form of a huge wolf, something came to mind and she fearfully shouted, “Devouring Soul! NO! Don’t you dare!”

Soon, the wolves took a deep breath and spat out a stream of crimson Qi, wrapping around their body in a layer of crimson flame. When the flames touched the blood, the sea surprisingly evaporated.

In the blink of an eye, the wolves regained their freedom and shot into the air with black light wildly blurring their body.

But just as it flew forty meters, a clap of thunder struck the air and silver lightning appeared in front of them. Before the wolf could change direction, countless azure threads shot out from the silver light, binding the wolf in its entirety.

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