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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4 : The Pirate's Daughter

Volume I Chapter 5   Hands Were Tied  Waiting in Captivity

No way!

Rumbles of  thunder was  deafening, it has nearly covered  Qin Qian painful squealing.  Su Su look up to see the dark clouds in the sky was  swirling  like whirlpool above her head, a silver lighting flash divides the sky under.  Su Su just thought of a solution to get Qin Qian out of her dilemma.

Another touch of bright lightning flashed across the sky, Su Su covered her head frantically shouted on top of her voice, “Storm! Storm is coming! “She was gambling, if they don’t care about the lives of others, it's impossible not to care about their own lives, even if that black boat was big but still it was helpless against the power of storm.  She believed the pirate on the ships for the trivial matter of huzi they have to  give him that break and be willing to stay in this storm.

Sure enough,  a handle of a silver gun separated Qin Qian and the bandit in the middle, the cruel undisguised impatience and disgust in his voice, “That’s enough, put it off until later. "

Ah-leng was gloomily flashing the silver gun, the huzi  seems to be somewhat afraid of the consequences, curls his lips and  groaned, ”  Just wanting to be entertained, that's all ."

The man carried the silver gun on his shoulder, “Your idea of fun is to the point of death. "

"Talk nonsense!” Beard man shouted in uncontrollable rage, scolded, “Lao-tze fought 300 wars with no problem! "

Mouth swearing huzi  no longer tear Qin Qian’s clothes bur easily lifted Qin Qian on his shoulder, and whack the lady’s hips and laughs,” Little beauty, let's go!"

” Let me go! “Qin Qian still constantly struggling, huzi man conveniently hit her behind her neck, Qin Qian flexible body fainted.  Huzi's powerful step threaded the side of the boat along, then unexpectedly sprung up and landed on the black boat.

Su Su strongest martial arts element was Shiba lian . She watched the huzi carried Qin Qian and his light movements accomplishing so much without any effort.  A person who was carrying a body and be able to leap three ten feet* ( 10 Chinese feet is 3.3 m), no doubt about it, his  internal strength was quite deep.

 "Tie them all up and drag them together including the ship, keep four people to watch after them." The silver gun man commanded and then on the way to return to the black ship and walked to the boat, he suddenly stopped and glanced behind him and said " Walk, ah."

 "This ship seemed a little more stable, I will stay on this ship." Light male voice tranquil resounding, made Su Su's heart startled and tremble a little.

 This yawl could be steadier than their warship? She glanced a look at that human one more time, the man with the gun man humph lightly, then just said two words, "Suit yourself,"  He never turned back and  jump  back  on the black ship.

Until that last conversation, Su Su noted that by the cabin door actually stood a man.

He seemed to have quietly appeared, dressed in silver- gray robe, covered  with one plain black cape, his skin was pale like the people coming  capital of Kyoto or the warmer  Southern country, nothing special, but in this pirates’ heaps, fair glare of his skin was dazzling, really too conspicuous. The man has deeply indifferent temperament, not cold, but the eyes, like a deep well of stagnant water, yes, that’s stagnant water, not the mighty wave appearance.

 On his shoulder steadily perched a bird, Su Su readily recognizes it, indeed a red bird of prey , this falcon was all black, the vicious scarlet red eye washes the whole look,  it was very prominent,  the sharp beak was similar to a front hook. Red falcons to her  knowledge was the most ferocious bird more than a  goshawk (gray hawk),  its build was not big, the endurance  was actually astonishing, it can  fly three days three nights  continuously to without stopping  or resting, very aggressive and strong offensive capability and the favorite thing to do was pecking the eyes. This terrifying red falcon which the human was afraid with now actually obediently rests on that male shoulder.

Who is he? Is he a pirate?

“Blame it on me! Blame it on me! “

Su Su was still immersed studying the man who came from nowhere and she did not notice Lao Yu beside her until the sad hoarse and mournful voice broke into her consciousness.

 "If I listened to you before to advance the ship to the reef forest, the young lady would not be caught and my child will not die!" Lao Yu beats his own chest, his eyes cannot daringly look at a tragic death of his son.

 At this time, Su Su  didn’t know what to say to comfort him, opened her mouth, and then only tell him some random words, “The dead are still dead, and things are unpredictable. You, don’t be too hard on yourself. “

 The four pirates that was left behind, took two long ropes and prepared to tie up everybody, the crew tied up their hands together in a string fashion.  Regarding the rope knots Su Su has long 'cooked and ate them with  all her heart's content'*, while they were being bundled in this time she was playing a bit narrow-minded, she need just a little gap, if you want to get rid of it is not difficult.

 The hands were tied up, Su Su then conveniently sat there.  Qin Yan's the acupuncture points also no longer suppressed him, being tossed about earlier, he was already exhausted, limp and couldn't even move.

  Two pirates lift the corpse and mutilated head on the deck, devoid of expressions, they throw the body overboard over the windy weather  where the waves were rolling in, even the splash wasn't heard, the human body was completely  gone, leaving only the large tracts of frightful bloodstains that showed the tragedy has  occurred.

  But the rainstorm came without delay, raindrops was falling on face, the body and on the deck, the bloodstain was wash away by the heavy rain, the scarlet was starting to fade, that light red bloody water on the deck flowed towards the crews, under their foot, that bloody water as if seizes every opportunity.

 As if the blood were corrosive poison and the crew retreats as if to escape from it until there was no more space to retreat.

 “No, coming to enemy's side we will die anyway, it is better to take a risk and fight … … fight … … fight! “At this time, the last one tied up was like crazy and suddenly yelled,” they are now few people, let's fight them! "

 Su Su usually recognizes him, he has a very good relationship with  Yu Si  and his name was Ah Yang. Unfortunately, at the present situation, the opportunity to fight was not even there, also that black caped  man* ( Moyi) was left on the fishing boat, he was surely not an average person, even if  they were able to recapture the fishing boat, there were still two warships ahead, more so on that ship they have the forts, pirates will bombard  on them as soon as they try to escape , if they do not die in the fire, they will be swallowed up by the rough sea, the final result all will be buried at the sea.

 Moyi   * ink stick ( because of his black cape, let’s call him using Chinese description until  his name and  identity was revealed, its easier to say Moyi than black caped man or ink stick cloth man–Forgive  your lazy translator… )

Perhaps the last to be tied cannot bear the strong rope, since he was optimistic to fight with Ah Yang, let him break free.

 The rainstorm struck,  the four pirates also retracted inside the cabin, Ah Yang saw that the  Southern man with  the black cape has a thin stature and doesn't carry a sword in his hand, thinking of catching him,  and hold him, perhaps they can threaten the pirates to give in regardless if they die, Su Su's fierce stern voice rang,  "My goodness, do not be impetuous and come back quickly!" Ah Yang was confident and still went ahead towards the Moyi man.

  Ah Yang was not yet close to the cabin, only to hear sharp intense falcon humming sound, stopped on the shoulder of the man dressed with black cape, the red falcon suddenly rushed out of his shoulder and suddenly attacked Ah Yang.

Su Su was focusing towards the vain scheme of raid of Ah Yang when she saw a shadow soared and quickly swooped down , she felt chill run down her spine, red falcon claw scratches  not just wounds, it will leave a  scar at best, if it chose to peck the eyes, then the person will be blind. Hands being tied, Su Su was too late to think, instinctively lift her hand to cover her eyes, held down Qin  Yan, she forbade him to look up face down on the floor, also froze and standing in the middle of the deck was Ah Yang warned  him out loud, “Ah Yang face down to the ground quickly! “

The next seconds-

” Ah! My eyes!  My eyes … … “

Sure enough,  worthy to be called the endurance fearless red bird of prey, it does not fear the storm,  there was no way it can open  the eyes continually because of  rain drops' intensity, but also dares to spread the wings to soar the attack prey.

Seeing the red falcons soar to the horizon and plunged downward, Su Su quickly alarmed everybody, “Everyone get  down! Protect your eyes! "

This time, they finally recover their composure, neatly fall down to the ground and afraid to raise up his head once again..

Red falcon hovers in the sky a few times, eventually did not swoop down, flew back to Moyi man's side.

Su Su was relieved, but felt that eyes were on her,  Su Su look back across the  heavy rain and fog, with those dark pair of eyes looking straight at her, for one short moment. Su Su immediately lowered her eyelids, draw away her eyesight from the Moyi man.

 Her mother told her, when you see someone watching you, at that one flicker of the eye contact and in those dead black eyes do not see anything pull back, she was afraid of what he would see in her eyes, so she escape, she never ever be by her own shortcomings become the merits of others in other words also not by own weak point become to others a strong point.

 The  crews  towed Ah Yang to come back, his eyes were already in pain .The eye at the same time became blind by the pecking of the red bird of prey , one side also was scratched in addition by the sharp claws. The four pirates looked at them indifferently, unexpectedly also they did not  do or said any to embarrass Ah Yang.

Su Su was positive that the pirates were not here for wealth, they caught so many  vigorous young men  what do they want to do? That Moyi man, was he really a pirate, now they are going to pirates' den?

 It seems, there were many secrets and exciting things waiting for her, she felt her heart faintly tizzy and  secretly took a deep sigh.  The storm rain and wind was pounding her body, Su Su bowed her head, crouched in the corner, like a hibernating animal, motionless. 

 End of the chapter


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