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Volume III Chapter 83 Do You Like Me?

“ You…who are you?!”

One has spent all his heart and strength, and endured the pain

of poison attacking his body, grieving as he has tried his best to

find her, only to be asked, “Who I am?!” Mo Yuan’s face

completely turned sinister, “ You are asking me, who I am?”

For Su Su that cold appearance of Mo Yuan was considered to be

normal by many points. The various expressions that appeared

on his face earlier made her more uncomfortable. It is something

she was very unfamiliar. Su Su looked at him secretly, wondering

whether the present environment is no longer an illusion. Until

she is sure, she dared not be too close to this person in front of

her. Presently, the back of her arms hurt so much and she

doesn’t want to be overwhelmed again if she is having an


The anger of Mo Yuan dissipated immediately after seeing her

blood-stained shoulders and arms. Her entire arm was covered

with blood stains, and he could barely see the original skin. Even

her back is all covered in scarlet blood. Mo Yuan remembered

earlier that she was lying in a thorny bush as if struggling, but he

doesn’t know why she was struggling. He did not know what she

had seen in the magical fantasyland, only that he knew when he

looks her appearance; he knew she was in grave danger.

 "Where are you hurting?" Su Su did not answer but continues

to vigilantly stare at him. His appearance was very bizarre. Mo

Yuan worries that she may have other injuries in addition to her

arms and back. He reached out and tried to pull her to be

examined. Immediately, the moment Mo Yuan moves, Su Su

immediately lifts the copper fan to keep him in a distance, at the

same time she quickly retreats two steps.

As she was thinking what will be her next move, whether it

would be an advantage to initiate an attack or wait and see for

changes to happen calmly. Suddenly, a white familiar shadow

rushes toward her and followed by a sensation that a weight

was added in her shoulder.


Su Su looked down just to see that this little silver fox is no

better than her condition. It has countless scratches both small

and big, and the white silvery hair almost turned scarlet red. It

was lying on her shoulder at the moment, clutching her torn

cloth; its little tongue was licking diligently the wound on her

shoulder. She could not help but shiver a little. It was very itchy.

The sudden appearance of Bajiao made her inexplicably felt

relieved. The itchy sensation on her shoulder was so real that

this can’t be another illusion. This is unlikely to be a

hallucination because previously there was no one present, only

her and mother. Did she finally leave the land of magical


Su Su look again indifferently at Mo Yuan who took two steps

forward ignoring her stare and examines her. As he asked

before, he wants to see if she is hurt anywhere else.

Su Su bit her lip and reminded herself not to treat the situation

lightly. If it was indeed Mo Yuan, Li Yang must be nearby. Su Su

felt uncomfortable, for added assurance she asked, “Where is Li


Mo Yuan motioned to looked behind her. She looks back, she

saw Li Yang watching them from 7 to 8 feet distance. Li Yang’s

eyes have an expression of ‘ I am looking at a fool look”. She

ignored him and carefully look around. The snow is still falling,

the wind is much larger than before. The sound of gusts of wind

and fine snow can be heard clearly. The clouds in the sky are

gracefully changing. She seemed to have really come out of the

magical illusion.

Su Su approaches Mo Yuan while keeping her gaze on those

black pupils that has restored its former indifferent look. She

asked, "Are you really Mo Yuan?”

At this moment, Mo Yuan was really ridiculed and madly laughs,

"Then, who do you think I am?”

Su Su grinned in embarrassment and whispered, “I, I thought I

was still hallucinating... Who suddenly made you look like a

different person, and then you shouldn’t be... ..."

"Something is not right!" Su Su’s pupil now flashes with

ominous look and stares with anger at Mo Yuan. At the present,

she nowhere appeared the way she looked now just moment

ago. Between heaven and earth, one can only hear her fierce

scolding in whisper, “Why are you here? Right now, didn't you

know that you do not have internal strength? The poison still

haven't worked out yet. What are you running around? And, did

you drink the medicine? Don't tell me you'd run out without

taking the medicine. What are you thinking! Look! If you could

look at your face, you look even uglier than a ghost!”

The woman in front of him was only able to reach his chest and

her thin arms still dripping with blood. When she was under the

magical spell, he feared that she is in a great crisis but now she

has the gusto to scold him and make him feel guilty just because

he came out searching for her and that he might not have taken

his medicine? This is the first time he was scolded like this. Many

people do not dare scold him, and some people although they 

wanted to scold him, they don't part of those thoughts to him.

They couldn't even talk to him, how much more scolding him?

Listening to her scolding him fiercely, Mo Yuan said in between

chuckles, “ I drank the medicine."


Su Su left speechless by his words. She does not understand why

he is chuckling, laughing for no reason? The medicine needs to

be drunk, and he drank it. Well, but what was worth laughing

out, and laughing like that... happily. Su Su felt like there is

something wrong with Mo Yuan, but she also doesn’t seem to be

quite right, too. She felt extremely shallow, like a snow in the

winter being melted by his happiness, her heart is surprisingly

jumping and beating very fast...

In order to hide her peculiar feeling, she looked away and

stopped looking at him. She said, "Well then, no more words,

let’s go back first."

Bajiao is still diligently licking her wounds on her shoulders and

she knew that this little fellow was trying to help her stop

bleeding. He was too small to stop all the bleeding. She was

pierced by huge thorns. They are relatively large and look scary.

In fact, the wounds are not that deep and also not that painful.

Su Su took Bajiao from her shoulders down to her arms gently,”

Bajiao go lick your own wounds first. I will go back, put some

medicine and I will be fine.”

Bajiao obediently nests in Su Su Su arm, when she saw that she

was about to turn around, it suddenly jumped out of her arms

and ran deeper inside the thorns. Su Su saw that it passed

through under the thorny bushes. "Where are you going,

Bajiao? Where are you going? Come back here!" She is now

hurting, cold and hungry. This little guy is not helping at all. She

just wants to catch it and teach it a lesson!

Su Su is ready to chase after the little scoundrel and pull it out of

the thorny bushes when suddenly her wrists were held tightly.

She turns around and saw the big hand holding her back.

Mo Yuan gestured at Li Yang who quickly ran to the bushes of

thorns to seize Bajiao. When the thorn gets thicker, the little

silver fox couldn’t run fast. It could not escape anymore, making

it easy for Li Yang to catch it. This time, Su Su finally felt relieved

but at the same time, she felt the tightening on her wrist did not

loosen. Su Su was puzzled and in a gentle voice asks, “ What’s

going on?”

Mo Yuan did not say anything but his other free hand fished

something from his waist and that familiar yellow paper

enveloped was placed in her hand once more. Looking down at 

the yellow paper on her palm, she remembers what Mo Yu told

her before. She can’t help but be alarmed, “ Lingcao?”

Mo Yuan ignored her panic-stricken expression. In a deep sinking

voice, he said, "Hold onto this. With this, you do not need fear

any Mohist magical illusions, at most you will be surrounded but

in no way to be in danger. “Seeing her devotion to Bajiao, next

time he may not know where she will be directed by this little

silver fox. The snow-capped mountain is clothed with numerous

magical battle arrays and the second time around, she may not

be as lucky. Then his eyes fell one more time in Su Su’s bloodied

arm. Mo Yuan regretted it so much. He should have given her

the envelope prior to entering the Mohist territory. She would

not be hurt like this today.

"No way." Su Su immediately uttered in refusal, as if the yellow

paper envelop is hotter than a burning coal. She put the lingcao

immediately back in Mo Yuan’s hand. Anxiously said, “I can’t

take it. You take it back. I cannot take it casually.”

He who has finally had an eased expression after great difficulty

was suddenly destroyed by Su Su’s reaction. Mo Yuan took Su

Su’s hand once again callously and put the lingcao in her hand.

He even clutched her hand with his big hands so she can’t return

the yellow envelope to him.

 “ This thing, I gave to you and don’t give it back. I said it is

yours, so it is yours." His sound is rough and his eyes are vicious.

It is not like he is giving someone something but it is more like

forcing people to accept.

 "Are you crazy?!" Why would he give away his lingcao so

casually? Is he not afraid that it would backlash? Even though Su

Su wanted to withdraw her hand, Mo Yuan’s very cold hand

grips her hand so tightly, so tight that it felt a little numb.

Moreover, she saw that look of intimidation; exasperation and

also has some… grievance?

Now Su Su having a doubt thinking that Mo Yuan is not the

person that is crazy, she thought she must be the one crazy?! Is

she really out of the magical illusion? Is this the reality or not?

Since she can’t pull back her hand, she can only continue with

her argument, " Are you even aware of what you're doing? This

is the lingcao, this antelope grass is very very important to you

and Mohist!" Su Su is unaware that she is pinching the yellow

envelop while her heart was strangely flustered.

Mo Yuan remained the way he is, uttered not a word, but the

strength of his hand has not diminished but rather increases his

grip even more. Now, her fingers are painfully pinching her own


Su Su does not understand why Mo Yuan acts this way and what 

he intends to accomplish in the end. Previously, she does not

know that there is such thing as fǎn shì zhè huíshì or a backlash

to a host’s body. She thought he was only worried about his

friends, thus his reason for loaning her the antelope grass, but

she knew now that if the lingcao is not close by, he will receive a

backlash! Considering his current gestures, he still insists on

giving her the antelope grass; don’t tell me that he intends to be

always together all the time?

(fǎn shì zhè huíshì – return back to devour its own master or

oppose its own master)

Her father always reminded her they, her parents couldn’t stay

with her all the time. His uncles and aunts, cousins are always

there and can accompany her but nobody can be by her side all

the time, unless… …

Holy shit! Su Su’s eyes suddenly open wide for the sudden

revelation. She turned pale like a ghost then blushes red for a

moment. After some time, she calmed down, turned to Mo Yuan

with a frown and seriously says, “Mo Yuan, can I ask you


Su Su’s expression was so strange. Her big eyes were staring at

him with a sly look as if trying to dig into his heart. He didn't

know what she was going to ask. Mo Yuan inexplicably felt the

tension, his heart swells and then he heard it. A could chilly

female voice say...

 “Do you like me? Do want to be with me all the time?”

The two were standing face to face. Mo Yuan is still holding Su

Su’s hand, as the wind whistles to his ear, the two looked like

sculptures in the middle of snow. Li Yang who caught Bajiao just

walk back also heard the words of Su Su. He was so shocked that

he stopped in his track and unconsciously tightened his hold on

the little silver fox. Because of the pain, the pitiful little fellow is


This moment, Mo Yuan can’t hear any noises, he only hears the

sound of his own heartbeat. He has not expected that Su Su

would daringly ask those questions. He cannot afford not to

clearly say what is in his heart at this moment, but he was

suddenly hit by something painfully fierce, the blood of his body

suddenly rushes up to his face.

The poison in his body was wrecking havoc, but at this moment,

as his blood was surging and his mind was floating finally …

Su Su looks at his face turning red and then blood starts to flow

out from the corners of his mouth!

"Mo Yuan!" What's going on? Su Su quickly rushes to him and

hurriedly said, "If you don't like, then don't like it, you don't

have to vomit blood!"

Su Su thought he did not say anything, she is only aware that Mo

Yuan is spilling blood from his mouth. After hearing her words,

he spurted more blood. Su Su was now very frightened, “ You...

what’s happening with you?!”

Li Yang also came forward to support his master, his heart

bursting woefully, sister, can you just stop talking? ! Master,

why you like this person?! 

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