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Volume II Chapter 55 Tángláng Bǔ Chá**(Part 2)

Mantis Stalks the Cicada Unaware of the Bird Behind

**Chinese idiom, from Daoist classic; The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole

behind. Meaning : to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger).

Su Su's face does not have any sign of anxiousness , not even for a little bit,

with faint smile she turned her attention to that person who was sitting on the

side like a mountain, without a sign of even slightest movement, asked, " Mo

Yuan, what is your take to it, how do we engaged in the fight?”

That person leaned his body over slightly, unexpectedly with appearance

between laughing and smiling, "You are asking me?"

Su Su pouted her lips and replied, “Didn’t you say that since you are in, we will


Mo Yuan slender index finger stroked his chin gently, looks that the profound

eyes of Su Su, " You mean, in your next battle, I should come and help you fight?

Uhh… ... Su Su thought that she was stab by Mo Yuan, gnashing her molars

talking to herself , " Mo Yuan little Lord omnipotent, I just want to experience

and see. “

Mo Yuan nodded slightly, after hearing the familiar gnashing of teeth and self

dialogues , laughed again," If you really want, I would let you see what you

want to see. “(T/N: Mo Yuan laughing? This will scandalize Li Yang).

" You two, do you want me to steep you a cup of tea, so that you can slowly

talk? " Sang Nuan’s gentle voice was gentler than usual, soft and pleasant,

supple like breaking out of the water surface, Mo Yuan’s proposal appeared to

be good, Su Su who doesn’t care about being embarrassed and doesn’t have a

sense of shame on matters like this, sigh with the invitation, quickly replied,

"No." (T/N: Is she teasing the two?)

At this time, outside the door there was someone knocking softly, Ao Qī move

towards the door. He opened the door, to see a young man with a grim face, Ao

Qī was standing behind the gate, he took a step back, whispered towards the

shed, called "Sang Nuan, the sandbox was brought here.” 

“Come on in. "Sang Nuan answered, Ao Qī slightly leaned over as the two men

gingerly carried the sand box.

Sang Nuan pointed to the small table previously used by Sang Nuan and Sang

Leng to play a game of chess and the two clever man placed sand table on top

then immediately backed out. At this time, out of the door came in also two

men, Ma Shu and Xiao Lin. It took them half an hour to count vessels and census

the people.

 “Dàxiǎo jie. ” ( which means elder daughter of affluent family)

 “Xiǎo jie.” ( this means young lady, it is commonly addressed if the person is

older )

The two men came into the shed; Sang Nuan manner was very respectful. Ma

Shu said, "On the island there are six warships, four of which has 12 forts, two

with eight fort, a total 4,900 ammunition, five ships have no turret, two large

fishing vessels, there are some small fishing vessels for offshore fishing. "

After Ma Shu’s ( Shu means uncle ) report, Xiao Lin also then took his turn , “

There are 380 people in the island that are able bodied and can fight, everyone

has their own weapon, as for the weapon storage, broadsword 65, dagger 46,

bow 93, arrow 210 bunches, other pointed weapons 26. The island reservoirs

there are 12 pools that is full, probably also suffices for a half a month to drink."

Su Su slightly picked her eyebrows, for less than half time, the inventory was

quick and very clear, Su Su remembered Sang Nuan said a moment ago for the

two to pick men on their group to carry out the tasks to get a census of people

and ships, which the two men had done.

After their report, they stood in one side and waiting for Sang Nuan’s further

instruction, Su Su suddenly ask,"Uncle Ma, how many small boats in total


Uncle Ma looked at Sang Nuan waiting for her approval, she lightly nodded,

immediately he answered, "There are 14 that can be of use."

Su Su listened and nodded and did not say anything afterwards. Sang Nuan

seemed to be thinking of something, the two men nearby was waiting for 

further instruction, "I knew you are waiting for me, you go to the cave and wait

for me there."

"Yes."They turn around to leave and walked towards the entrance.

After listening to the report of the two men earlier of their Island’s situation, Su

Su went in front of the sandbox, scanned the topographic map of the island and

said," Ao Qī , can you specifically tell us about the status of the ships and

ammunition of Ju Ling, as well as the crew? "

“Seven ships, each ship 12 forts, 6000 ammunition, 122 people available, 52

personnel are good in naval battles, 70 people good at assassination.”

Indeed worthy as Uncle Ao person, truly difficult to make them say only several

words, that would be challenging, Su Su remembered and say, "I will see over

the two days, how good they are at naval battle right?"

Ao Qī nodded, “ Yes, and also the assassination experts were already hiding in

various secret places in the island everywhere.

When Ao Qī finished speaking, Sang Nuan’s face was a picture of calmness,

Sang Leng expression rather very strange, the pair have both admiration and

careful not to show it.

Although on Sang Nuan on her face does not show any expression but her heart

was actually really uncomfortable. Su Su said correctly, the ordinary

consequence for Huan Lang Island coming into view was unbearable, it will not

withstand, if Ao Tian wants to kill and extinguish them, there was no need for

Liao Yue, Huan Lang Island will cease to exist.

The elder sister and the younger brother’s expressions were not too good, Su Su

quickly decided to moved on to a better subject! "Looking at the battle

formation that today's Tantai Ye Lie displayed, even with our existing ships and

humans add together, it would be very difficult if the battle is at the sea.

Therefore, we can only choose to engage them in the island head-on. The

common warship, the fort can hit 100 ten feet or so, Liao Yue’s elite division, it

could be 120 ten feet, even if they stop the ship in the shore and open fire at the

island, it can blow up the trees and the log cabin by the seashore, it cannot

affect the jungle. Therefore, if Liao Yue want to win, they must attack by land 

finally. At the appointed time we will fight back using the advantages of the


Su Su was laying down her proposition and at the same time took the flag at the

sand table and inserts it in the jungle position.

“So far a distance?"

Su Su thought she was misunderstood, looked at Sang Leng, seeing his eyes was

somewhat complex then he added, “ The warship on island, the fort can only

make play 60 ten feet."

Su Su was surprised, it can play only 60 ten feet? On a second thought, if these

ships were what Mo Sang left behind, that was two decades ago, those forts

and ammunition even with care and maintenance; she does not know if they can

be of use. Su Su silently turned to Mo Yuan, with the look ‘ do not tell me the

ships of Mohist were also… … not good’.

Mo Yuan faintly threw few words, "The Mohist ship can play 150 ten feet."

One hundred fifty ten feet? Let alone Sang Nuan and Sang Leng, whereas Su Su

included was also shocked. The Su Family fire and ammunition manufacture all

these years were unsuccessful with their efforts and have only generated 120

ten feet artillery. How did the Mohist able to produce 150 ten feet fort? Even

Liao Yue cannot be a worthy opponent; frankly speaking, the Mojia shuns the

world but also did not like fighting, how did they produce so intrepid warships?

Su Su guesses that they should be able to defend themselves, is it possible that

the Mohist who were living in seclusion made their hideout … … by the sea?

Su Su’s pair of big eyes began to stare at Mo Yuan, her heart had all kinds of

speculation. Seeing her bright eyes flashing more and more radiance, Mo Yuan

eyes across has the touch of a smile and finally spoke, “ Did you completely gave

up the naval operation yet? If you need the thick mist before the island, though I

cannot help you disperse it completely but make it become thin, so you can see

the objects, I am able to do it. "

Su Su who was listening, stared with widened eyes at Mo Yuan, " Is this for


The Mo Yuan glanced at her, Su Su’s saw in the pair of black eyes a less

pleasant ray, quickly said, "I do not want fog to be lifted actually, the best if fog

can be thicker, the thicker fog the better!

Thicker fog the better? Mo Yuan scratched his eyebrow slightly, however Sang

Leng cannot bear to `be acquainted with and asked, " Based on today's

situation, Liao Yue Naval forces' was on the path of the dense fog and was very

familiar with it, completely not being able to see their actions, if we rushed in

the dense fog, will not be their matches, the dense fog instead have became

Liao Yue’s side barrier of naval forces, we simply could not see clearly where the

ships were hidden in the end."

Su Su shook her head, cunning smiles appeared on the corners of her mouth, "

With regards to us, our advantage is actually only two points, one is dense

forest, the second is the dense fog. The greatest feature of the fog is being

suitable for hiding. If there is a large area of dense white fog to hide them, we

have a group of such talented assassins conduct a sneak attack."

Sneak attack? Three people look at Su Su silently and waited for her to continue.

Su Su looked at Sang Nuan and asked, "Ah Nuan, at the moment do you still

need to hide your skill with poisoning technique?"

Sang Nuan clears her throat and answered, " I have no consideration of

decorum ( feel guilty or embarrassment), naturally did not have anything to

evade even what was considered taboo. In the past mother was also relying on

controlling the entire Huan Lang Island using the poisonous control, although

she was incomparable, actually I live confidently in them."

Su Su nods, her voice was full of excitement, the small flag also in hand inserted

in the white sand on table above that represents the layers of dense fog, " Liao

Yue even though they are familiar with the dense fog, however certainly they

will not be quick in the speed marching forward in the midst of dense fog. We

have 14 boats, sometimes the boat may be easier-to-use than the warship. Ah

Nuan, you find me 28 people most familiar with the path, I will arrange four

assassins on each boat, tonight we will make them ambush in the dense fog,

tomorrow once Liao Yue’s ships passed through that dense region, right away

make them approach the warships, assassinate those that can be assassinated,

it will be too late to use the poison technique!"

"......" All three inwardly sighs, really, all is fair in war? Su Su caught herself

when she was talking about the sneak attack, her eyes was excessively excited.

"Sang Nuan, you assigns two Huan Lang ship and 100 people to me, I plan that

with seven warships of 50 people from Ju Ling Island, with your two warship of

100 people, they will oppose the enemy in addition directly. The firing distance

of Mohist warships was far, the Mo Yuan , you arranged an aid outside, have

them prevent the dense fog, Liao Yue doesn’t have to know that outside the

dense fog has many ships, lets them taste the taste how to be attacked front

and rear. As long as they were in chaos, we have the opportunity. Sang Leng,

you bring 100 people and four warships defend the reef beach. Your function is

to you discover enemy troops, hold them, until the time for Sang Nuan to make

the arrangements in the jungle, it is also to prevent Liao Yue to sneak attack us

from behind."


"Sang Nuan, you bring the 250 people on Huan Lang Island, I will give you 20

good assassins to be deployed in the jungle. Remember that the jungle is very

big, deploy wisely, do not do so recklessly."


Su Su’s manner of speaking was unusually quicker, she was very nervous

actually. She had personally exercised war deployment at home, but at that

time, she had her parents standing behind her, they have a tacit understanding

with the soldiers, even if she were defeated there was always another chance to

exercise again, but now she does not have all of those things.

Su Su tightened her fist, makes an effort to deeply inspire and added, "Our time

is very tight, and all these deployment must be completed by tonight."

Three people faintly felt that anxiety from Su Su, Mo Yuan extended his hands

inside his sleeves quietly as if looking for something.

Sang Leng asked,” Do you fear that Tantai Ye Lie will not keep his word that’s

why ahead of time invading his territory?"

Su Su shook her head and sighed, "Forwarned is being forearmed."She thought

that the Tantai Ye Lie was unlikely to visit to challenge the enemy to battle

and to actually fail to keep his word, but she always had this restless feelings in

her heart, unavoidably something to be anxious about, "Ah Nuan, you and Sang

Leng go to the cave, and execute according to plan that we reached an

agreement a moment ago, assigns the manpower, prepare the medicine and

after three hours, I will check on you."

Sang Nuan nodded, "Graciousness."

" Mo Yuan, you remember to instruct the people outside to always pay

attention to the movements on the island, if they hear a crackle of gunfire,

immediately collaborates from the outside with the inside immediately. " The Su

Su thought of something, also asked, “Ah yes, the matter of gathering the thick

fog do you also need someone to help you?"

"There is no need."

He was that strong? Sure indedd, earlier he asked for many people to cut logs

for people to arrange the embattlement ......Su Su was really curious, if the time

was not this tight, she also have to look at that 14 boats situation and the

distribution of tasks for that assassination, how she wishes she could watch Mo

Yuan to achieved the gathering of thick fog for such few hours by himself!

Sang Nuan glanced at Su Su and did not miss that bright shining eyes staring

intently at Mo Yuan, shook her head and then breaks the moment to say,” Let

us move respectively to our tasks."

Su Su was about to leave when a hand was extended suddenly, the slender

index finger and middle finger clamp a small yellow paper handing it before Su

Su. "What is this thing?" Su Su received the paper and examined it carefully,

that thing was folded like a triangle using a decadent paper. She pinched it

gently and she can feel that the triangle the center was wrapping something,

something solid but she really could not guess.

Seeing that Su Su wanted to disassemble the yellow paper to find out what was

inside, Mo Yuan puts out a hand on the finger tip that was about to open the

paper, whispered, " You must not open it, inside is the antelope grass."

Su Su noted, when Mo Yuan said the words antelope grass, Sang Nuan paused

to listen at the doorway, Su Su doubting and looking at the thing in her hand,

asked, “What’s the use of it?"

Mo Yuan rarely knits his brows, Su Su was silent at this moment and his tone

was somewhat irritated all of the sudden, " I gave it to you just take it and in

several days you must give back to me."

Also need to return this ? Su Su guessing, "is ......for safety?"

Mo Yuan was silent, she has no reason, Su Su thought that sometimes he had

this strange attitude, now giving her something to be safe, she smiled as she

was putting it in her waistband, the yellow triangular paper, with gratitude,

"Thank you."

Su Su outwardly walked two steps, glancing at the front towards Sang Nuan’s

delicate back, paused her footsteps, then asked, "Why did you not to give one to

Ah Nuan also?"

Mo Yuan looked at her deeply sideways, answered briefly, "She does not need

one." then left.

What was that supposed to mean? Could it be said that in this war, Ah Nuan

was in no danger but for her... ... there seems to be a danger.

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