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Chapter 13  The Pain in the Neck
 The moment the sword leaves its sheath, the man who fainted earlier opened his eyes wide excitedly. That pair of fierce eyes was staring without blinking; widened eyes were transfixed at Lou Chen that even his breathing seemed to have stopped at this moment. Lou Chen swung her sword very quickly towards the assassin before he had the opportunity to attack Mo Yuan again. The long sword's blades entangled, crashes against each other and sparks were flying in every direction, the incisive sound of the sharp swords makes Qu Ning Shuang want to cover her ears. When the two swords separate, the sword at the hand of the assassin was completely distorted and the sharp edges were gone completely. The people watching were scared, what exactly is this kind of sword? Cutting an iron like a mud is not enough to describe its sharpness.  It is the Cang Feng ( hidden brilliance), it is really the Cang Feng!  The man's eyes were full of excitement. The world doesn't know, the reason that this sword acquired the famed name “hidden brilliance” , it is not because it can be hidden and in the fight it was double-edged … but it was said that whoever dares to contend with the sword, it destroys its sharp points, breaking the soul of the sword. This sword was called numerous names but the real meaning must be concealed.  He had not expected that the sword today will be at the hands of a woman. The assassins were surprised for a moment but quickly recovered and discarded the wasted sword he was holding. He grabbed a dagger and did not fight with the sword to sword but changed his tactics. He was ruthlessly aiming for Lou Chen's neck and chest. Jin Yan Hen was staring at Lou Chen and the sword that she was holding in her hand she did not let go. Although she had a sharp sword in her hand however the assassins was actually not just a good swordsman, but a sinister fighter and ruthlessly attacking her to kill. Fearing that Lou Chen will rigidly adhere to the sword's offensive and defensive movements and in turn find their way to her. Jin Yan Hen's worry was very justified, but he does not know that Lou Chen studied and experienced swords off combat skills. Aunt Gu Yun did not just taught her routine moves, but they are partly ruthless also. Quick- accurate-fierce was the three words chant for this style.    The photographic memory of Lou Chen was helpful, she only need to look in various human body diagrams of passages through which vital energy circulates that her mother had personally drawn. In addition, father sought for a famous expert in sword fights to train her so she would remember very clearly. In short, Lou Chen use a sword, but she does not does not have a fixed sword trick. Under the moonlight, Cang Feng was shining brightly in the hands of Lou Chen with its entire splendor, she swing her sword to deal with the assassin that was attacking her effortlessly.     The assassins sneak attacked several times but have not succeeded, instead Lou Chen seized the opportunity for the sword to curtail the dagger then stabbed the assassin's left shoulder.  While the dagger fell to the ground at the same time, Mu Yan came up immediately and suppressed the assassin's shoulder and pushed him down to the ground. After witnessing that his companion was captured, the other assassin immediately retreated few steps, anxiously turned to escape. “Escaping!” You actually dared to stab the Ah Hen and only tried to poison him! Jin Ru was burning with anger at this moment and wanted to pursue the man.  Jin Yan Hen has been watching Jin Ru’s circumstances all the while, seeing that she planned to chase after the man called out right away, “Aunt, do not pursue!”      Jin Ru the fine figure stomped her foot, finally stopped on the opposite eaves and just watched the assassin running away.  Jin Yan Hen relaxed, but after looking at the assassin that was captured on the ground, his face was dark blue and from his mouth, dark colored blood was pouring out. Qu Ning Shuang also came to take a look, seeing the scene, she was shocked, "How did this happen?"

Mu Yan checked the condition of the man's breath and pulse shook his head and declared, “Dead. His mouth contained a highly toxic poison, see the blood coming out of his throat." It was also negligence in his part. He had not expected that this person he was holding will move so swiftly and commit suicide. Qu Ning Shuang stared at the man on the ground, he asked the man who looked more dead than alive, "Who are the people who send you? Who are you?”      As Qu Ning Shuang was asking him questions, the assassin's eyes shut and fainted. Greatly disappointed, she madly hops about in anger! Fang Ru Hui asked two of his assistants to come and help hold the Jin Yan Hen. When they come about he asked him, "Ah Hen, how are you?” Jin Yan Hen glanced at the arms that was wounded, with cunningness displayed in his eyes, he passed the sword to Qu Ning Shuang , clutching the wound with his other hand, he slightly act fainting and leaned towards Lou Chen while saying, " I felt like fainting and I couldn't help it. My strength is leaving me!"   Lou Chen raised her eyebrow while he slightly leaned his head towards her. She did not dodge but Jin Yan Hen did not fell completely on beauty's shoulder because before that happened he felt a finger pinching his ears carrying his head up, " Stand still, I am here to hold you!" “Aunt, you hold me carefully! I can walk ……”   Jin Yan Hen rescues finally rescued his ear from Jin Ru’s hand, he grabbed her hand and begs for mercy, while pushes her to walk inside the building. Once they were in the hospital, Jin Yan Hen tilted his head and winked at Mu Yan, who caught the signal quickly turned around and coaxes Jin Ru to quickly bring Ah Hen inside the hospital. As he watched Jin Yan Hen on his way inside, he turned a glance at lou Chen who was now squatting beside the corpse and examining it. She untied the coat of the man and rummaged his body for some signs. She checked the arms and the chest carefully but did not find anything of significance.   The sword was dipped into a potent poison, when assassination attempt do not succeed, he took the poison quickly and he was no token or tattoo. When the companion sees him captured, he fled right away and this man was absolutely not afraid to die than to confess. No matter what organization these assassins belonged obviously they are cautious and very sinister. If she would run after them, what likely will happen? Lou Chen slight shook her wrist and 'Hidden brilliance' obediently wrapped itself back around her waist. Lou Chen's mouth was still pouting. Going after this case, more should be revealed, what likely to cause this? By the time, Lou Chen entered the room, she saw that two people blocking the hall way. “Auntie Ru?”Auntie Ru was looking intently at the sword in Qu Ning Shuang's hand, the woman's appearance was that of I complete astonishment and shocked. Qu Ning Shuang called her several times but she did not respond. She was staring at Jin Ru curiously, patted her shoulders lightly and called out louder, " Auntie Ru?!" “Ah? What? How?”    Jin Ru's back was facing Lou Chen. Although she cannot see her facial expression from the sound of her voice, she knew that she was devastated.   “What is going on?.”Qu Ning Shuang whispered low voice, “Is there something interesting about this  sword?”    Lou Chen leaned her head, saw clearly that Qu Ning  Shuang was holding the black long sword. “There is nothing. I haven't seen such a sword and I am somewhat curious.”Jin Ru’s hand stroked the long black sword gently several times. Finally, she put down the sword and did not give even a glance at the sword again. She then turned aside to enter the room.  As Jin Ru entered the room, Qu Ning Shuang also saw Lou Chen coming and beckon her to hurry toward her, “You come in quickly, such as the Elder brother Hui was looking for you a moment ago.” Sure enough, as she stepped in, Fang Ru Hui immediately stood up out of the bedside and said, " Miss Lou, glad you came.”       Lou Chen did not say anything, reached the man's side and took his pulse. Looking at Fang Ru Hui's questioning look, she bluntly said, "The poison has no cure and if he gets agitated, he is just seconds away from death." Fang Ru Hui frowned, “What medicine did you say we have to use before?”    Lou Chen reached behind her nape and replied, ” I gave you the prescription this afternoon, give him double the dose." After seeing that Lou Chen finished checking the man's pulse and Jin Ru quickly said, "You check Ah Hen quickly, also". This time Jin Yan Hen's complexion turned blue and the corners of his mouth has a smirk, obviously, the poison on arm started to spread. Lou Chen has not come around the side of Jin Yan Hen, he has already extended his wrist and looked at her with a smile, "Chen-er, will I survive? " “You will survive.”Lou Chen showed a faint smile, while Jin Yan Hen stupidly looking at her, he then heard Lou Chen said to Fang Ru Hui, "Let him drink the concocted soup like that of the man, use it to also clean the wound, and for his benefit give him without measure, old leaf." Jin Yan Hen has some bad premonition, looked at Fang Ru Hui with questioning eyes: 'What is stoke's leaf."   Fang Ru Hui avoided his line of sight and pretended not to see his inquisitive eyes. He does not how Ah Hen offended Miss Lou but an old leaf, though the herb was good in healing wounds, when used constantly it puts a person in a great depression that they wish they were dead. So, basically, no one uses it without measure.  Fang Ru Hui looked at the half-dead person and thought of Jin Yan Hen that was also poisoned. He sighed and approached Lou Chen and said in a whisper, ” Miss Lou, I ……” This intertwining hesitant expression looked very familiar to Lou Chen. She said lightly that, "What is the presumptuous request?”      Fang Ru Hui was surprised for a moment. On his face was a trace of awkwardness, smiled bitterly and said, "I heard that Miss Su said before that you are staying temporarily in her house. You came every day to the hospital to sit down and give a diagnosis. Rushing back and forth is very laborious. What I am … … the backyard has two extra rooms, one is used for medical treatment and the other we use it as a guest room. If you don't mind, you might as well live in Thousand Grass Hospital temporarily. Detoxifying the poison, I am not really an expert and for their poisoning, I have to depend on you, Miss Lou. This time I would also stay in the hospital, to take care of everything. The backyard gate can lock, Miss Lou does not need to worry that some people might disturb you.”      “Hmm.”Lou Chen thought for a moment before answering. The time she was temporarily staying In Su house because the mother and child needed a doctor. Now, that the wound has been okay and living in a hospital does not really complicate matters, and the surroundings of the backyard she likes it so much, she prefers it better than an inn. “I am going to clean up."  Xiao An volunteered after hearing Lou Chen accepted the offer and skillfully runs to the backyard immediately. Qu Ning Shuang was biting her lip secretly, her face was unhappy and painstakingly enduring not say a word.  Jin Yan Hen looked like he was in a stupor and Qu Ning Shuang  who was holding back with the black sword  in her hand hit a turning point and said, " Where Ru Hui stays, there I stay." Fang Ru Hui was stunned for a moment, “You?”      Jin Yan Hen shook his arm, sighed, said, “I was poisoned and now my whole body is very uncomfortable. Temporarily, possibly I should also live in the hospital. If there is any untoward incident, the hospital is just nearby and I can be treated right away. I agree with what you said!" Fang Ru Hui has not spoken, she was standing about near Jin Yan Hen and immediately interrupted the conversation to say to Jin Yan Hen, "Then, I will also live here." ” Paternal Aunt ……” “Maternal Auntie Ru ……” Jin Ru suddenly raises her hand, her eyes were staring at the two coldly, hmmp " Everyone shut up. I don't care so much about anything else but I will be close by where Ah Hen is." Fang Ru Hui has now a bitter face, then together somewhat in a painstakingly shy also but also an excited female voice announced, “Well then, I will live in the hospital too!"  Jin Yan Hen cast a sidelong glance to Fang Ru Hui whose face is getting darker, with the good intention declined for him, “Miss Qu, you don't try to be funny. While the sun is still up, why don't you back home before it's too late."  “I wish not!”Obviously, Miss Qu do not read their expressions and also a very tenacious person. "While Elder brother Hui is living in the hospital for your convenience. I will also live in the hospital to take care of him. So, I am not leaving." Fang Ru Hui felt like his head starting to hurt, can you just not go to the town, here is a hospital and not an inn. When Fang Ru Hui was thinking hard how to send this hard-to deal- people out of the hospital, he heard a "bang" sound, and when they looked up, a  considering how when to send these hard to deal with people, only hears” a sound of something being struck or falling to the ground”. Several people looked up to see an elegant silhouette already left the room. Fang Ru Hui looked at the leaf door leading to the backyard, and he very much would like to do the same, slam the door until it breaks! “Ru Hui, which one do you want me to stay. I do not mind at all."   “Elder brother Hui, wherever you wanted me to live is fine also! I can endure hardship well!"  " Ru Hui, just casually arrange a place where Auntie Ru could stay. I don't want you to suffer a headache for this small matter." Fang Ru Hui fierce mouth is smoking in anger and he thought that he will begin to suffer a headache… … ∼♥♥♥∼ "Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations: a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel." Luke 2:28-32            Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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