• Strongest Abandoned Son

    Strongest Abandoned Son

    When Ye Mo suddenly woke up, he realized that everything around him seemed to have changed: He has been transmigrated into the modern Earth where spiritual energy is scarce. His pretty master from his former world was nowhere to be seen. Most importantly, he found himself in the body of a young man who has been abandoned by his clan for an embarrassing reason…

    Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Horror, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Supernatural, Xianxia

    Updated Time: Aug 04, 2018

  • Immortal Mortal

    Immortal Mortal

    Here, only those with spiritual roots can cultivate while those with mortal roots are destined to stay mortal. Mo Wuji only has mortal roots, but will he only remain as a mortal?

    Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Sci-fi, Xianxia

    Updated Time: Sep 04, 2018