• Gentle Beast

    Gentle Beast

    A girl crossed over to a different world, running into a small wounded animal. She thought it was completely harmless. She never expected that once he grew up, it would be this world’s most ferocious beast.

    Genre(s): Fantasy, Historical, Romance

    Updated Time: May 08, 2018

  • Chongfei Manual

    Chongfei Manual

    Before her rebirth, Ah Luo was an innocent little girl. After rebirth, she appeared lovable on the outside, but was a different person on the inside. Those, who learned of her true nature, yielded to her. Only the prince regent regarded her as a treasure, no matter how much he pampered her, it was not enough for him. Anything she wanted, he gave her, including the princess position that she didn’t want, he stubbornly pushed onto her.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo

    Updated Time: Jul 21, 2018

  • The Royal's Cute Little Wife

    The Royal's Cute Little Wife


    Genre(s): Comedy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life

    Updated Time: 7 hours ago