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Lin Qiao cut the turtle meat into small pieces with the dagger, then sent it into her mouth with the dagger tip to eat. While eating, she considered what to do with the other turtles that she had caught. She didn't want to release them, neither was she able to eat them all. 

She wondered if she could keep them in the lake in her space. Would the vines in the lake catch and drain these turtles? The energy in the lake should be harmless to these turtles, so the vines were the only thing to worry about. 

However, the vines seemed to want nothing but energy. These mutant turtles were large, but hadn't been releasing any energy waves. So, Lin Qiao guessed that these turtles didn't have energy nuclei. But still, she couldn't tell if the vines would be interested in them or not. 

While eating, she saw the small spinning turtle before Qiu Lili and suddenly had an idea. 

'Maybe I should put one of these turtles in the lake first, and see what'll happen,' she thought. 

While thinking, she glanced at the other turtles, then continued eating. 

Watching her eating with appetite, Qiu Lili stood up and curiously walked over. Qiu Lili also fed on animals, but she never liked the taste. For this reason, she would only eat animals once in a blue moon to replenish the energy of her body, or, she would kill a few level four or five zombies and absorb their zombie nuclei. She didn't want to eat human beings, even though they smelled delicious. 

As Qiu Lili came over, Lin Qiao cut off a piece of turtle meat and handed it to her with the dagger. 

Qiu Lili squatted behind her, arms crossed before her chest. She leaned her head forward to sniff at the turtle meat, then slightly twisted her delicate eyebrows. But still, she opened her mouth to bite the piece of meat. 

After biting the meat, she frowned even harder. As she chewed the meat, it made her pause and knit her brows. Looking at her struggling expression, Lin Qiao couldn't help but smile. 

Qiu Lili glanced at her frowningly. She wanted to spit the turtle meat out, but as Lin Qiao was laughing at her, she chewed it for a few more times, then forced herself to swallow it. 

Lin Qiao looked at her with a smile. 'Is it really so bad? Look at your face…' she said to Qiu Lili with her eyes. 

After swallowing the meat, Qiu Lili left the other half of the piece of meat on Lin Qiao's dagger tip and stood up. She then turned and walked back to that relatively smaller turtle which had just stopped spinning, and began playing with it again. 

Lin Qiao watched her go away, then looked at the half piece of meat on her dagger tip. She put the meat into her own mouth, as she didn't want to waste it. It might be a little gross as it had Qiu Lili's saliva on it, but Lin Qiao didn't mind. Back in the old world, she and her soldier friends often shared foods like this during missions. None of them would feel disgusted. 

She was a zombie now, so she didn't need to be afraid of the virus contained in Qiu Lili's saliva. 

She quickly finished this turtle, then threw away the shell. After that, she wiped her mouth with her sleeve and stood up, putting the dagger away.

She walked to another turtle and grabbed its tail. Then, both she and the turtle disappeared. Qiu Lili glanced at where she disappeared, then continued spinning her turtle. 

After bringing the turtle into her space, Lin Qiao directly threw it into the lake. 


The turtle fell into the water, then immediately began swimming toward the deeper area. 

Lin Qiao was able to sense the turtle and its movements. However, she couldn't sense those vines. Only when she vines showed up could she see them. 

Soon, she found the turtle swimming happily in the lake. 

She waited for a while, but nothing happened in the lake. 'Are those vines really not interested in the turtle?' She began wondering with hesitation, 'No vine is showing up. Maybe they'll come out later.'

As she was thinking if the vines would leave the turtle alone, something was suddenly sensed from the bottom of the lake. 

Lin Qiao thought that what she had been worrying about was now happening. Then, she sensed that the turtle had stopped moving, as if it was wrapped up by something. She knew that the vines had made their move. 

Before she began wondering if the vines would absorb the turtle, she saw a thing being thrown out of the lake. 

The turtle was thrown out of the middle of the lake, and was flying toward Lin Qiao speedily. 

Seeing that, Lin Qiao honestly didn't know what to say. 

She glanced at the vine which had stuck out of the water surface while throwing out the turtle. But soon, the vine drew back into the lake. 

She guessed that the vines didn't like the turtle. 

The turtle thudded against the ground next to Lin Qiao's feet. It had nearly fainted, and didn't realize what was happening. In order to confirm her thought, Lin Qiao suddenly raised a foot and kicked the turtle back into the lake like a ball. 


The turtle drew an arc in the sky, then fell back into the lake. As Lin Qiao expected, the turtle was thrown back out within a minute.

'Damn! Is the vine conscious!' Lin Qiao thought. 

She looked at the turtle which had flown back to her and thought for a moment, then once again kicked the poor turtle back into the lake. 

Ten seconds later, the turtle flew back to her. Lin Qiao wanted to laugh at this point. She turned to look at the center of the lake and saw the vines which had stuck out of the water. This time, they didn't draw back into the water, but were hitting the water surface, generating a series of clattering sound of water. 

'They're mad! Haha!'

As the vines were finally pissed off by what she had done, Lin Qiao laughed out loud. At the same time, she sensed a strong discontentment from the vines. 

Then, she turned to the turtle which was already too weak to make any reaction, and after that, she looked around. On doing that, she saw Junjun standing by the entrance of the small space, looking at her bewilderedly. 

Lin Qiao lowered her head and turned her eyes back to the turtle which was disliked by the vines. As the vines refused to let this turtle be in the lake, they definitely wouldn't let the other turtles go down into the lake either. 

Should she put those turtles on the grassland? Lin Qiao looked at those strawberry plants and vegetables while thinking. Junjun had been taking good care of those plants, but these fast-running turtles would certainly destroy them. 

What could she do with those turtles? These turtles weren't as harmless as those baby mice and the rabbit which were hiding among the grasses now. They weighed tens of kilograms, and could destroy those vegetables by simply stepping on them; not to mention the fact that these turtles had sharp teeth.

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