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Published at 18th of October 2020 06:08:48 PM
Chapter 1370: Tail Him out of Huaxia Base
Lin Qiao prepared Teng's food, then talked while feeding him, "Son, I want to talk to you about something."

"What?" Teng raised his eyes to look at his mother.

Lin Qiao put a spoonful of milk porridge near his mouth and said, "After this meal, I want you to go into my space to spend some time with your Uncle Lu."

"Why do you want me to spend time with him?" Teng didn't understand.

"Because he's in a bad mood now," said Lin Qiao, "I think he likes you. He might feel better if you are there to keep him company."

"Why is he in a bad mood?" Teng was even more confused, "Did he break up with his girlfriend?"

Lin Qiao gave the boy a glare and said, "He doesn't even have a girlfriend. Whom could he possibly break up with now?"

"What happened then?" Teng glanced at his mother, then opened his mouth to eat the porridge.

"Because he already knows who I really am. He's been caring about Lu Tianyu a lot. After learning that I'm not her, I guess he's a little upset," recalling the look that Lu Tianyi had on his face when she last time saw him, Lin Qiao couldn't help but sigh. He was like a poor, abandoned puppy.

"What? You told him? Well, I guess you are right. He's been working with you for a long time. He must have had doubts. After all, you and the previous owner of your current body are different," Teng paused briefly and then said.

"He's been really low-spirited these days," said Lin Qiao. That was why she wanted Teng to go into the space to spend some time with Lu Tianyi. In the recent couple of days, Lu Tianyi had been sitting quietly on the stairs before Lin Qiao's house all the time motionlessly. He wasn't even taking care of the crops in the fields, and only let the other zombies do it.

Only when the other zombies asked him questions did he come back to his senses briefly. Lin Qiao knew what he was thinking about. She could read his mind by paying a little attention to him.

Currently, Lu Tianyi was feeling empty. After all, the sister that he had been caring about all the time was suddenly gone. Before, he lied to himself that he was over-thinking. But, when Lin Qiao told him the truth herself, he realized it was real.

Like everyone who had lost family members, he was sad and feeling empty.

Lin Qiao figured that trying to comfort him herself might lead to the opposite effect. She was wearing Lu Tianyu's skin after all. His close friends weren't around, so she had no other choice but to let Teng give a try.

After the meal, Lin Qiao gave Teng a shower with warm water and put some clean clothes on him, then brought him into the space.

Lu Tianyi was sitting on the stairs, resting one side of his jaw on his palm. Suddenly, a figure showed up before his eyes. Whom he saw the first was the little person in Lin Qiao's arms.

"Uncle!" Teng quickly turned and reached out, asking for Lu Tianyi to hold him.

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Lu Tianyi hadn't seen Teng since his one-month-old party. Seeing the boy, he was stunned a little, and then his lusterless eyes started to shine.

He stood up and held Teng in his arms, then said with a smile, "Did you miss your uncle?"

Teng lay down in his arms as he nodded and said seriously, "Yes."

Lu Tianyi felt warm in the heart. Then, he raised his head to look at Lin Qiao, but soon turned away with a complicated look on his face.

"Eh-hem… I'm too busy to look after him. He doesn't like Duan Juan holding him, so I want you to take care of him for a while," Lin Qiao came up with an excuse.

On hearing that, Lu Tianyi stopped short, then seemed to figure something out. "I get it," he nodded and said.

Lin Qiao turned and left the space before preparing some daily supplies and clothes for Teng, then bringing them in and putting them in the living room in her house. She had also prepared some rice and mutated eggs as the boy's food, as well as a clay pot. The pot and the food were put in the kitchen.

Currently, Lin Qiao didn't only have roe deers and goats in her space, but also quite some chicken, ducks, geese, and even pigs. Earlier, she asked Lin Feng to bring some of those animals back to her alive to keep in her space.

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She didn't put the domestic fowl on the grassland together with the roe deers and goats. Instead, she put them on the clearing behind her house. She asked someone with metal power to build a few huge metal cages, and then put those low-leveled mutated chicken, ducks, and geese in those hundreds of meters square cages.

Normally, Lu Tianyi would feed those birds with unhusked rice and dried sweet potatoes.

Those birds ate meat too, but they didn't hate rice and sweet potatoes either. They were omnivores.

After the apocalypse, the chicken were able to fly. The ducks couldn't fly, but they learned to burrow holes. The geese, which were already fierce, had grown much stronger and more aggressive than before. They fought all day long. In the cages, goose feathers were always flying in the air.

Earlier, when Lu Tianyi wasn't in the space, no one was feeding those birds. They were so noisy back then that Lin Qiao couldn't stand them. So, she sometimes came in to throw some food to them to make them quiet.

She felt as if Lu Tianyi was now the manager of the farm in her space. Without him, the place couldn't run well. Without him, no one would be taking care of the crops in the fields and those animals.

She threw the pigs on the grassland on the other side of the lake, letting them live with the roe deers and goats. The pigs ate grass, so they wouldn't starve to death. But from time to time, they fought with the roe deers and goats.

Thankfully, Lin Qiao had gotten those chicken, ducks, and geese into her space. Otherwise, she wouldn't have eggs to feed Teng. Those eggs weren't edible for humans though. Only Teng could eat them.

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That was why Wu Chengyue always cooked for the boy with a special pot. He wasn't worried about himself, as he had even had sex with the zombie lady herself. However, Ling Ling was still a healthy human being. He wouldn't neglect her health.

After preparing everything that she could think of, Lin Qiao thought for a moment, then said to Lu Tianyi, "Let me know if you need anything else."

Lu Tianyi nodded. Teng's appearance finally made him a little spirited. But still, he wasn't willing to look at Lin Qiao. Intentionally or not, he had always been trying to avoid looking at her face.

After seeing him nod, Lin Qiao turned and left the space,

Teng looked at Lu Tianyi and asked, "Uncle, are you still sad?"

Lu Tianyi held him and sat down on the couch, then looked at him and said with a smile, "How do you know that I'm sad?"

Teng looked at him with his large pair of eyes and said, "You are sad because you know who Mama really is, right? It's the second time you feel sad for your sister."

Last year, Lu Tianyi had certainly had a hard time when he heard about Lu Tianyu's death. After that, he met Lin Qiao the zombie and thought Lu Tianyu had come back to life. Unexpectedly, it turned out that he was wrong.

His sister, who was known as a purely evil woman, died long ago. More importantly, she never saw him as family.

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