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Published at 2nd of August 2020 02:55:10 PM
Chapter 1269: 1269
Chapter 1269: You and the Whole World

Seeing the look on her face, Wu Chengyue erased his smile and looked at her seriously, “Don’t tell me that you want to take back what you said just now . I’m not gonna let you do that . ”

Lin Qiao blinked . Thinking of what she had said while she was emotional, she honestly wished there was a hole for her to crawl into and hide .

‘You had bumped into my heart, so you’re not allowed to leave’, ‘I’ll be with you’… She also told him that she had already started to accept him! She felt so embarrassed right now . She couldn’t believe that she said those words to him with an aggressive tone . That was so awkward! She really wanted to take those words back!

“Alright, I’m not gonna take back those words . It’s just that… I was in an abnormal condition just now… What I said…” She wanted to tell him that she said those words while her mind wasn’t clear, so he didn’t need to take them seriously . However, he seemed to have grasped those words so tightly and left her no way back .

After experiencing what happened just now, she felt that something wasn’t right . She had no idea that Wu Chengyue was already so important to her .

Seeing her being confused and struggling, Wu Chengyue held her face with both hands, then leaned his head toward her, until he could see his own reflection in her eyes .

“I swear I will never leave you, never . No matter what state you are in, I won’t give up on you . But as I’ve said, I will give you the time to adapt to our relationship . Since your nature has chosen me, please trust me, okay? I will not betray you . Believe me! Can you believe me? Believe me!” he said to her very seriously .

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He said ‘believe me’ three times in a row, looking at her in the eyes so determinedly and affectionately, seemingly even to drag her into his eyes . He meant what he said one-hundred percent . No matter what Lin Qiao might turn into, he would not give up on her . Besides, she was already a zombie . How worse could she be?

“Lin Qiao, I’ll be waiting for you until the end of my life! If I ever think about giving up on you, you can just kill me . I won’t run, and I won’t fight!” He rarely called Lin Qiao’s real name, but every time he did that, he was saying something very, very serious .

Lin Qiao was sinking into his eyes, as if there were a swirl in his eyes to suck her in . She was so attracted to those eyes that she could not avoid looking at them . All she could do was to silently look into those eyes .

His words came into her ears and echoed in her mind . Her brain wasn’t running, as if something was controlling it .

She took a deep breath, then spent a great effort to close her eyes and avoid looking at Wu Chengyue in the eyes . Then, she turned her head and pulled her eyes away from him .

“I’m a zombie . What happened just now, I think, was because of my zombie nature . If I lost my mind one day, forgot everyone I know, and turned into a monster-like zombie, would you still want to be with me?” She looked at the floor and asked peacefully .

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Once again, Wu Chengyue raised her face to make her look at himself and said, “Lin Qiao, I’ve told you that no matter what you might turn into, I won’t give up on you! Even if people find out what you really are and the whole world is against you, I’d still be seeing you as my wife! I will never abandon you, Ling Ling, or Teng, even if I have to leave the whole world behind . ”

“Alright, I get it! You don’t need to compare me with the whole world!” Lin Qiao found his exaggerated way of expression both sweet and annoying . The last sentence he said was really dramatic! The whole world?

She thought for a moment, then continued with a grim face, “Judging by what happened just now, I think something is happening to me! Something must be wrong! I have a bad feeling! Wu Chengyue, I’m serious! One day, if I lost my mind and did something to hurt you, Teng, or any other human being, you must stop me! If you can’t stop me, you need to kill me before I start eating people, by any means! I don’t want to feed on human beings!”

What happened earlier gave her a very bad feeling . She knew that something was wrong with her, but she couldn’t figure out what . However, if the situation continued to worsen, the result must be something that she did not want to see!

She did not want to become a zombie that fed on people and had no humanity! Picturing herself lying upon human beings, eating their flesh and drinking their blood, made her feel despairing .

That was why she told Wu Chengyue to kill her if that really happened . After all, he was the strongest among all human beings .

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“What are you talking about? Do you think that I was joking?” Wu Chengyue’s face grew especially sullen when he heard what she said . “If you lost your mind, I’ll find a way to wake you up! Don’t worry, there will be a way! We still have Teng, don’t we? Even if I can’t figure something out, Teng will! He’s our son, and he’s such a magical boy . He has keener sensations than both of us . He’ll certainly know how to help you!” said Wu Chengyue to her with a deep voice .

Lin Qiao’s words made him a little angry and nervous . In the meantime, he was also delighted, because earlier, she had basically freaked out because of him .

He put an arm around her shoulder and brought her into his arms, then put a hand on one side of her head and pressed it toward his chest . “Don’t be afraid, I’m here!” he comforted her, “I won’t let anything bad happen to you . Besides, you can ask Teng to give you a check-up . I think he’ll know something . If something really happened, I won’t let you fall into a bad situation . You are my lover, so it’s my responsibility to protect you . No matter what you might become, I won’t give up on you, even if you turn into a monster!”

The two of them sat on the couch, holding each other . Lin Qiao heard his heartbeat and his words, and she gradually calmed down . Wu Chengyue raised her chin with a hand and fixed his eyes on her red, moisturized lips for three seconds, then slowly lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers once again .

However, at that very moment, both of them froze for a moment and then parted their lips, unhappily turning to the door .

“Eh-hem… Th-the bullet samples are delivered… W-would you like to take a look at them?” Xiao Licheng, who didn’t manage to flee, stepped into the room and stuttered .

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