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Chapter 99 - Real Pure Yang Fire

18 Jun 2016

Penglai Divine Wood, this was a legendary resource and surprisingly it had appeared within this pill? How was this possible? All of the YuanYing stage elders wished that they could immediately grab this pill and investigate it properly, only the status of the Palace Master was stopping them from this, as doing this would indeed be going too far, but still they had completely surrounded the Palace Master.

A foundation stage pill, even a third grade foundation stage, didn’t hold much value for them, as they had already reached the foundation stage countless years ago. At most Yang Chen’s ability to refine a third grade pill would be considered as an extremely gifted disciple within the sect who should be cultivated very carefully.

But Penglai Divine Wood was different, it could be used to refine the most powerful of flying swords. If a wood attributed cultivator got it by luck, then it simply could be considered as one of the very best magic weapons in the mortal world.

Only, this kind of object was really too precious, even the Palace Master was unable to directly determine that the essence of this pill was that of the Penglai Divine Wood. He only eliminated a few types of high grade, wood attributed materials and deduced the result.

After the Palace Master had looked, the pill passed through the hands of the YuanYing stage elders and after each of them had carefully recognized it, nobody dared to dispute that the pure wood attributed essence in the pill did not belong to the legendary Penglai Divine Wood.

“Yang Chen, the wood attributed spirit essence is of what material?”

As soon as everyone had finished looking, the Palace Master hinted everyone to come to the room where official business could be held in the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, as it was indeed not proper for the group of elders to stand in that small courtyard. Only after everyone had been seated, did the Palace Master open his mouth to ask.

“I don’t know!”

Yang Chen directly lied.

“I came across a small piece of wood, which contained a strong wood attributed Spirit Power, so I just tried to use this wood attributed Spirit Power and refine the foundation stage pill with it, but I didn’t expect that I would succeed in the first try.”

“What about that piece of wood?”

The Palace Master impatiently asked, but after immediately realizing that he was forgetting his manners, he slowly added one more sentence:

“Do you still have it?”

Although the other YuanYing stage experts hadn’t said anything, all of them were expecting him to reply affirmatively.

“I only have this small piece left.”

Originally he had planned to say that he didn’t have any, but changing his plans, he took out a finger thick piece of a Penglai Divine Wood branch and placed it into the Palace Master’s hand.

“This finger sized part had broken off, and the rest I used for refining.”

“This! This!”

Holding the fresh and green branch in his hand, the Palace Master sensed an even richer wood attributed Spirit Power when compared to the pill. Even his fingers started shaking. The gazes of these few YuanYing stage experts also fixed on this, not willing to budge.

Even holding it within his hand, the Palace Master did not dare to ascertain that this was Penglai Divine Wood. He still wanted everyone to observe it and identify it, only then would he agree with the result. After all, this kind of thing was an object of legends, who could recognize it right away? Even that mountain god was duped by it, so what about people at the level of the Palace Master?

After the small branch passed through everyone’s hands, the gaze of the Palace Master shifted to the third grade Foundation Stage Pill in front of him. Perhaps it shouldn’t just be called a third grade Foundation Stage Pill, instead it should be called as a third grade Divine Wood Foundation Stage Pill.

“Third grade Foundation Stage Pill!”

Lifting his head, the Palace Master looked at Yang Chen and his lips seemed to dry out.

“Was this refined by you?”

“Yes, this disciple has refined it.”

Yang Chen would naturally not deny it, this would certainly increase his status in the Pure Yang Palace, how could Yang Chen not take the credit?

The Palace Master was still the Palace Master, after his initial excitement of obtaining the Penglai Divine Wood was gone, he immediately began to think about the affairs of the Pure Yang Palace, and what could make him happier than a disciple who had just reached the foundation stage but was able to refine a third grade foundation stage pill, and was moreover also able to refine the Penglai Divine Wood?

Disregarding the fact that Yang Chen taken such a third grade foundation stage pill while it contained Penglai Divine Wood, which had allowed all of his five attributes to reach the foundation stage, even if the pill did not contain Penglai Divine Wood, if Yang Chen could make this kind of pill for all of the outer disciples, what would be consequences for the Pure Yang Palace? Even Zhu Chen Tao, who was a well known middle JieDan stage third grade pill concocting master, could he have certainty to refine a third grade foundation stage pill at every attempt?

The xun qi pill had increased the number of outer disciple of the Pure Yang Palace by a lot, and as the news of refining a Heaven Seizing Pill had spread, the number of new disciples had almost tripled that year, and now, a third grade foundation stage pill which could definitely allow all of the peak qi layer disciples to reach the foundation stage, all of this had something to do with Yang Chen. Could it be possible that Yang Chen was second coming of Pure Yang Palace’s great ancestor?

It had to be said that Yang Chen’s deeds had sealed this fact: the Di Mai of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, the Penglai Divine Wood, scaling the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, those two hundred thousand Spirit Essences; nobody would believe that a mere foundation stage disciple had all of this, but these things were all events which had actually already happened.

The more he thought about the things which Yang Chen had done, the more the Palace Master was satisfied, but at the same time the more he loathed Chu Heng, who had suppressed Yang Chen. He was even more resentful towards Liang Shao Ming of the Luminous Moon Hall.

“How much time did you need to refine this kind of third grade foundation stage pill?”

Fiddling with the pill, the Palace Master was examining it over and over and this time he discovered that, apart from the wood attributed Spirit Power, there was still an exceedingly high amount of differently attributed Spirit Power inside of the pill. Even the Palace Master was amazed again and again when he sensed this exceedingly high amount of Spirit Power.

The thousand year Profound Yang Fruit was used in this third grade pill and all of the assisting ingredients used were at least matured for a thousand years, naturally it would be brimming with Spirit Power which could alarm and astonish anyone. But the Palace Master did not know this, he merely concluded that it was the result of refining the refining the pill three times.

“This kind of pill which contains wood attributed Spirit Power will require at least eight months.”

Yang Chen answered cleverly, increasing the time by at least two times and said:

“If it was a normal foundation stage pill, it would still require at least four months.”


The Palace Master nodded on hearing Yang Chen’s reply. The time was not very excessive, but it was also something which would allow everyone to receive such a pill. Pondering about it for some time, the Palace Master once again asked a related question:

“What if it is a second grade foundation stage pill?”

“That one is simple!”

This time Yang Chen didn’t conceal anything and sincerely replied:

“One month.”

Hearing Yang Chen’s reply, the Palace Master didn’t say anything for a long time and only muttered to himself, pointing his gaze towards the Penglai Divine Wood, which was being swapped in the hands of the elders, making a round trip, again.

“Yang Chen!”

After a long time, the Palace Master opened his mouth to call out to Yang Chen as if he had figured something out.

“This disciple is here!”

Yang Chen hurriedly replied.

“Are you willing to hand over this one branch to the sect?”

With his gaze fixed on that one branch of Penglai Divine Wood, the Palace Master asked to probe him, all with a tone of having a discussion.

“This disciple is willing!”

Yang Chen didn’t think about it much and directly answered. Since he had already taken it out in order to deliver it to the sect, Yang Chen would definitely not refuse.

“As for this pill……”

The Palace Master thought for a moment while fiddling with Yang Chen’s third grade pill and said:

“Can you also deliver it to the sect, to allow Zhu Chen Tao to research it?”


Yang Chen nodded without feeling any dissatisfaction, as he never had any intentions of taking it back after he had taken it out. If he had not taken out some real material, how could his status increase in the Pure Yang Palace?

“The sect will not just take away your things.”

The Palace Master looked into Yang Chen’s eyes and slowly said:

“If you have any request, raise it without hesitation. If the sect is able to satisfy it, then we will not be stingy.”

The few elders had already stopped observing the Penglai Divine Wood and were carefully listening to the conversation between the Palace Master and Yang Chen. When the Palace Master had asked Yang Chen to raise any request without hesitation, none of them raised any objection.

This was clearly something which belonged to Yang Chen, this point was enough to make even Elder Lin, who had conflicts with Yang Chen, unable to say anything. Having a dispute within the sect did not mean that because of it, they would also hinder the development of sect.

Yang Chen was a talented disciple who had constantly given them many nice surprises and currently he had selflessly delivered some Penglai Divine Wood, an object of legends, to them. If they still had anything more to say, that was just offending everyone in the sect. These were elders who had cultivated to the YuanYing stage, if they still couldn’t open their minds, then they were not worthy of being elders.

And moreover, with the possibility that they would require Yang Chen’s help to refine a Heaven Seizing Pill someday, it dissolved any issues with this. So whether in public or in private, they couldn’t find any reason to fight against it.

“This disciple wants to know, what was the outcome of the negotiation with the Greatest Heaven Sect?”

Yang Chen didn’t request anything, instead he first asked a question. This problem was directly related to Yang Chen, because Li Qing Chen of the Greatest Heaven Sect and Chu Heng had sent people to kill Yang Chen together and then, at that time in the Law Enforcement Hall, the Palace Master had requested Xu Cheng Xin to negotiate in anger.

“The Greatest Heaven Sect has apologized to our Pure Yang Palace and you because of the matters at the Heavenly Stairs.”

The Palace Master hadn’t anticipated that Yang Chen would ask this, so after recovering from his distraction, he continued to reply:

“The Greatest Heaven Sect has already relieved Cheng Wen Cai of all duties related to the sect, and has also given their quota of two disciples for the Heavenly Stairs Assembly next year to us.”

“In addition, the nineteen JieDan stage experts who were involved in plotting against you, all had their sects compensate to some extent.”

The Palace Master attached a lot of importance to this issue, so he remembered these details clearly.

“There is a flying sword, sixteen types of pills, a pill furnace and a piece of immortal liang tree. Their reply had come not too long ago, but you were still in seclusion, therefore the sect replied in your place.”

“As for the matter of Li Qing Chen sending people to kill you…”

The Palace Master paused, as if wanting to allow Yang Chen to get prepared for something:

“The official position of the Greatest Heaven Sect is that this is a personal matter between you and Li Qing Chen and that Greatest Heaven Sect will not personally step in to protect him. You can look for him at any time to settle this personal grudge and both sects will not interfere in any way. Are you satisfied with this?”

Satisfied, Yang Chen was naturally satisfied. The Greatest Heaven Sect had suffered a loss of four JieDan stage experts, still had to apologize and also had to give up their quota! This was a course of action, from which everyone could see that they had admitted their mistake, so how could Yang Chen be dissatisfied? Even if Yang Chen had received virtually no benefits, he was still very satisfied, let alone demanding anything more.

A very small qiankun pouch appeared in the Palace Master’s hand. It clearly contained those things of compensation, but he didn’t hand it over directly to Yang Chen and rather asked him:

“The sect is holding your things, naturally we will not take it away without giving you anything, what do you require?”

“It is up to Palace Master!”

Yang Chen immediately retreated, leaving everything for the Palace Master to decide. It was obvious that, if the Palace Master had not taken out some benefits, among those elders was his Grand Master, Gao Yue’s master, Elder Wang Yong, who would not agree. Thus to make it appear as if he was not seeking any rewards it would leave an even greater impression on the upper echelons.

“Since the Penglai Divine Wood is really hard to come by, I will give you some options to pick from.”

The Palace Master did not push Yang Chen a lot, he was used to bossing people around, so he had his own attitude. Pondering for one second, he immediately thought of a way:

“You are a fire attributed cultivator, my Pure Yang Palace has hoarded the Real Pure Yang Fire for several generations, this secret has not been divulged to anyone other than the sect leader and a few elders, I will grant you the status of an official disciple and bestow the Real Pure Yang Flame to you. There is also a piece of Dark Flame Crystal Stone, although it is not as precious as Penglai Divine Wood, but it is still a fire attributed treasure which can be used as a top grade material for refining a flying sword. The other parts can be brought using contribution points and Spirit Stones, you can pick any one among these!”

Hearing the Palace Master’s words, Yang Chen was pleased beyond his expectations. The palace master had surprisingly given him the option to choose any one among the Real Pure Yang Fire and Dark Flame Crystal, what more did Yang Chen needed to think about?

“This disciple chooses the Real Pure Yang Fire!”

Almost without any thinking, Yang Chen immediately picked the Real Pure Yang Fire. It had to be known that this was an even higher flame than the Real Sun Fire. Only the core, fire attributed disciples of the Pure Yang Palace had a chance to try their hands at it, and even that was only a chance and nothing more.

The nature of the Real Pure Yang Fire was very tyrannical, even if it was a YuanYing stage expert he would still not be able to absorb and refine it, according to his previous life’s memory, nobody within the mortal world or spiritual world had used this Real Pure Yang Flame, only in the Immortal World had fire attributed experts shown it occasionally; this was an extremely rare item.

Within the Pure Yang Palace, only the grand ancestor used to possess the Real Pure Yang Fire and this was also the origin for the name of the Pure Yang Palace. There wasn’t anyone in the younger generation who had refined it. When the Pure Yang Palace was destroyed in his previous life, the Real Pure Yang Fire was also destroyed by the Palace Master at the final moment. From then on the Real Pure Yang Fire didn’t exist in the mortal world.

In his previous life, Yang Chen didn’t have the qualifications to touch the Real Pure Yang Flame and even if he had the qualifications, he didn’t have the ability to refine it. But in this life, this opportunity was arranged for him, making Yang Chen simply overjoyed.

“You should think this over properly!”

The Palace Master apparently also had a desire for Yang Chen to take it, as nobody in the Pure Yang Palace had been able to refine the Real Pure Yang Flame after the great ancestor and it had just become a decorative item in the Pure Yang Palace. Yang Chen’s control over fire was clear to all, maybe he would be able to inherit it and make full use of it to develop the Pure Yang Palace. Although he had these kinds of expectations in his mind, the Palace Master still reminded Yang Chen:

“You will not be able to refine the Real Pure Yang Fire at least until you ascend, but you can refine the Dark Flame Crystal as soon as you reach the JieDan stage, do you still want the Real Pure Yang Flame?”

“This disciple still selects the Real Pure Yang Flame!”

Yang Chen answered firmly once again, without caring for the prompting of his great master and also not caring about the anxious looks of his master, Gao Yue.


The Palace Master carefully looked at Yang Chen for a good moment, confirming that Yang Chen wasn’t joking. Then, flipping his hand, a square shaped transparent case appeared in his hand. The top of the case was covered with all sorts of sealing spell formations, through the case it could be seen that the inside was filled with a white dazzling light, flickering continuously.

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