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Chapter 98 - Foundation Stage Foundation Stage Foundation Stage

Replacing a thin, minor root with a master root was naturally a completely different concept. This kind of common sense, even an ordinary person was able to understand it. Naturally, cultivators understood the difference between the accumulated Spirit Power, as well as the difference between their functions even more clearly.

Yang Chen had begun with four pills, they were merely tests after all and still far from genuinely refined foundation stage pills. This time, Yang Chen was even more serious and the refining time was longer by two or three times.

Naturally, the cause for the long duration was the time needed to refine the master root of the Penglai Divine Wood, which was many times longer and it was also more difficult compared to refining the small, minor root. Just this one step had taken a few months for Yang Chen. The strength of the master root could clearly be ascertained from the fact that this was the result of Yang Chen controlling the Real Sun Fire with all of his strength for the entire duration.

Selecting the best quality of Profound Yang Fruits and the best complementary ingredients as well as the thickest master root within the forest of Penglai Divine Wood trees, just this had used up one whole quarter of the medicine garden’s Spirit Power. And Yang Chen was merely using them to reach the foundation stage, this was simply too wasteful.

After two months, the final product was a dark green pill with three, clear pill patterns on top of it, in the shape of a miniature Penglai Divine Wood tree: the third grade Divine Wood Foundation Stage Pill.

Those minor defects in the previous pills had been reduced by a lot under Yang Chen’s meticulous control, becoming more and more perfect. The concentrated medicinal qi hovering over the pill immediately made people realize how extraordinary this pill was.

After making careful preparations, Yang Chen put that perfect pill into his mouth. As soon as the dragon eye sized pill entered his mouth, it dissolved into the essence of Penglai Divine Wood which Yang Chen was familiar with and rushed directly towards Yang Chen’s lungs.

Surging violently through his meridians, the Spirit Power of the Penglai Divine Wood started tyrannically blending with his first wood Spirit Power. After a short amount of time, it had completely assimilated with the first wood Spirit Power within Yang Chen’s body, without any restraints.

This process was far more gentle compared to when Yang Chen had used the Real Sun Fire to compress the Third Fire Spirit Power. For every trace of Spirit Power he purified, a huge amount of Spirit Power was consumed, all of this loss had to be made up by the Spirit Power produced from the Five Phases of Yin and Yang Spirit Power within Yang Chen’s body, as well as the Spirit Power that was supplied by the third grade foundation stage pill.

The Five Phases of Yin and Yang Five secrets were circulating crazily, as Yang Chen was about to make up for the deficiency of the first wood Spirit Power after he had assimilated the essence of the Penglai Divine Wood. When the essence of the Penglai Divine Wood had accumulated a sufficient amount of first wood Spirit Power, Yang Chen began to fight over controlling the essence of the Penglai Divine Wood.

Simply speaking, Yang Chen was using up an enormous amount of Spirit Power to compress the essence of the Penglai Divine Wood to the peak and then split it up trace by trace to transform it, and afterwards he began to absorb and refine these traces and turn them into a part of his own Five Phases of Yin and Yang type Spirit Power.

Yang Chen extracted a trace from the essence of the Penglai Divine Wood which he had taken into his body, and then he absorbed and refined it, while at the same time allowing his meridians to adjust to this extremely pure, first wood Spirit Power. This process lasted for a whole two months.

When the final trace of the Penglai Divine Wood’s Spirit Power was thoroughly absorbed by Yang Chen, Yang Chen once again entered the state of linking the energy of Heaven and Earth.

This was already the third time in this life that Yang Chen had entered this state. The Spirit Power hiding the sky and covering the earth rushed in from all directions and converged within Yang Chen’s body, replenishing the first wood Spirit Power he had just refined to the peak again. This situation could astonish anyone. This lasted for around half an hour.

When an ordinary cultivator would build his foundation, the linking of Heaven and Earth would only last for a very short time, but this time Yang Chen had set a whole new record. This strange matter even made the Palace Master, who was cultivating within the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard at this time, stop his cultivation and wait outside of Yang Chen’s closed door training room.

Naturally, the Palace Master would not do anything rash to interrupt Yang Chen’s cultivation or do anything to disturb him. The same as him, another person had also come here because of this strange occurrence and that was Yang Chen’s master, Gao Yue.

As the first wood Spirit Power reached the foundation stage, it also urged the Spirit Power of the remaining attributes to increase frantically. The long time it took in the process of linking up the Heaven and Earth, has lead to the Spirit Power within Yang Chen’s body frantically rushing to the peak of the qi layer within just half an hour after making a breakthrough.

Consequently, Yang Chen had no option but to build a foundation in his remaining seven attributes of Spirit Power at the same time. This was another crazy process which would astonish people: after the first wood Spirit Power had finished linking the Heaven and Earth within half an hour, an even larger scale insurrection of the energy of Heaven and Earth began at the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard inside of Yang Chen’s room.

Even when a JieDan stage expert congealed his dan, it still didn’t not produce this kind of enormous activity. All of the Spirit Power of Heaven and Earth within the hundred meter radius of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard was crazily rushing over there, as if it was being sucked by a massive black hole. This was to the extent that even many people cultivating in the Inner Pure Yang Palace discovered the anomaly.

The few people at the grade of an elder immediately flew into the air and in a flash they arrived at the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. But when they discovered the Palace Master standing outside of the room where Yang Chen was doing his closed door training, they all silently understood and didn’t say anything, quietly landing behind the Palace Master.

The Second Fierce Yang Courtyard didn’t have many people permanently residing in it, all of the elders clearly knew who they were and currently, apart from Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen all the other people had already arrived there. Gongsun Ling had already left for the Immortal Falling Well, so the elders didn’t even need to use their Spiritual Awareness to know who was inside of the room.

The large amount of Spiritual Influence of Heaven and Earth had formed a huge whirlpool in the sky above Yang Chen’s room and at the bottom of the whirlpool was Yang Chen. Yang Chen’s body was like a huge sponge, frantically absorbing the Spirit Power which was refined and purified by the Reverse Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets in his body and was turned into a part of his own Spirit Power.

Yang Chen’s consciousness had already appeared within his Spirit Sea at this moment. The Spirit Sea, which originally had a blood colored river, as well as a sun in the sky with the long river of Geocentric Magma beneath it, at this moment also held a large number of gargantuan trees. These huge trees had also firmly taken root at the side of the blood colored river. The long roots even extended to the magma river underneath, while the height of the huge trees was barely touching the sun in the sky. The thick tree trunks stood with indomitable spirit, forming a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The outline of the Spirit Sea had already expanded to the size of five Second Fierce Yang Courtyards, having a radius of at least a hundred hectares. Yang Chen was standing in the middle, able to sense its vastness. The blood colored river had become even longer, cutting the spirit sea into two parts horizontally.

“What happened here?”

Seeing the strange appearance of Heaven and Earth Spirit Power constantly surging in, everyone outside of Yang Chen’s room was dumbfounded. Nobody knew what had happened. But everyone had come to the same conclusion, that this was definitely a good thing.

The linking of Heaven and Earth continued for half an hour, but the people standing outside weren’t impatient for even a second.

Those fellow cultivators who were of the same generation as Yang Chen as well as the servants, although they were curious about what was happening, at the same time they also used this chance to cultivate. Just cultivating there for a small amount of time led to much better results.

As for the Palace Master, the other YuanYing stage experts and Gao Yue, they were guessing what had happened with Yang Chen that would cause these circumstances to continue for so long. But everyone knew about these circumstances, because everyone there had experienced it, this clearly was the process of linking the Heaven and Earth at the time of building the foundation. It was just that nobody had ever seen this much activity at that time and neither had it continued for such a long time.

On one hand, everyone was waiting and on the other, they were deeply pondering about it. Finally the violent convergence of the Spirit Power of Heaven and Earth started to ease up and then finally slowed down. Everyone relaxed within their hearts, knowing that this was already the final juncture.

The Palace Master suddenly thought of something Xu Cheng Xin had told him: apparently, at the Heavenly Stairs Assembly, Yang Chen had said that he had already cultivated the Spirit Power of all five phases, supposedly in order to sense what the Spirit Power of other attributes felt like. In addition to that, the Palace Master himself had sensed earlier that, although the fire attributed Spirit Power was most prominent in his body, Spirit Power of the other attributes did indeed also exist.

But at that moment the Palace Master had remembered Xu Cheng Xin’s words, so he knew that Yang Chen had gained this experience, and he had also proved it in front of Xu Cheng Xin by controlling fire as water and controlling fire as earth, therefore he hadn’t paid much attention to it at that time. But currently, seeing the long time it required to link up Heaven and Earth made him think of another possibility.

Yang Chen couldn’t possibly have succeeded in building his foundation in the Spirit Power of all five attributes, right? This thought made the Palace Master extremely frightened. Cultivating all five phases simultaneously and reaching the foundation stage at the same time, how could the label ‘talented disciple’ be enough to describe him? Even using ‘monster’ would not be enough for him.

How was this possible? If it were a YuanYing stage cultivator who had reached the foundation stage in the rest of the other attributes, then the Palace Master would have believed it, but a person who had only recently built his foundation in the fire attribute had unexpectedly built his foundation in all of the five phases of Spirit Power? If someone heard this thought, they would surely treat it as a joke. Even if Yang Chen was very hardworking, where did he get the time to cultivate?

He knew that Yang Chen had a reputation of being lazy in cultivation in the Nine Earth Manor, even in the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, apart from these two seclusions, all of the remaining time he was idling around. So how was it possible that he had reached the foundation stage in all of the five phases?

But if this was not true, then how could the current circumstances be explained? Ther Palace Master was very confused, he was hoping that Yang Chen could immediately finish and come out so that he could ask him and clear everything up.

As a consequence of linking the energy of Heaven and Earth it had allowed Yang Chen’s Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets to form an equilibrium once again, this was the state Yang Chen was the most comfortable in and also the one where his fighting strength was the most powerful.

Originally he had planned that he would refine the Profound Spirit Furnace and Sword Box with the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets and Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets using the Spirit Power of the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, immediately afterwards, but Yang Chen quickly discovered the people standing outside of his gate. Even his master and the Palace Master were among them. Yang Chen had no other choice but to go out, immediately ending his seclusion.

“I pay my respects to master, I pay my respects to Palace Master and the other elders!”

After coming, apart from paying his respects to those seniors, he did not make any other movements. Everyone held back for the moment he was greeting them, but afterwards they surrounded him and started examining him.

At this moment Yang Chen’s Five Phases of Yin and Yang had been balanced again, so he had automatically developed a mysterious and reserved temperament. Although he seemed as if he had returned to his true self, everyone, including Gao Yue, could sense the formidable strength of the five phases Spirit Power silently circulating inside of his body. Perhaps in the eyes of those great experts, this Spirit Power was not worth much, but they were experienced people, so they could naturally estimate Yang Chen’s strength.

Yang Chen, who had just reached the foundation stage and was only at the first layer of the foundation stage could actually handle more than ten cultivators at the same level, and this was still the most reserved estimation. Even middle foundation stage cultivators may not be Yang Chen’s opponent, perhaps only upper foundation stage or peak foundation stage cultivators could be evenly matched with Yang Chen.

This foundation stage disciple has yet again managed to astonish them. The Palace Master did not know what to say and Gao Yue, who was worried about her disciple, could not bear it anymore and, in front of all of these people, she asked Yang Chen:

“Yang Che, what was all of that hubbub about? Were you building your foundation?”

“Yes, master!”

Yang Chen answered very respectfully. Within a moment he had already thought about how to deal with these elders.

“You have cultivated Spirit Power of all five phases at the same time, aren’t you afraid that you will not be able to differentiate between your primary and secondary attribute?”

Gao Yue’s eyebrows almost turned into a knot. Since she had started cultivation, she had never before heard of anyone cultivating all five phases simultaneously and moreover cultivating them successfully. There had been some cultivators who had cultivated the five phases, but their outcomes were very miserable, everyone knew that people like Yang Chen, who could gain this kind of benefit, were very rare.

“This disciple was still focusing on cultivating the fire attribute, but somehow the other attributes were also raised to the foundation stage, this disciple hadn’t anticipated this.”

As before, Yang Chen replied extremely respectfully to Gao Yue’s questions, while at the same time dispelling the doubts of the other elders.

“If you haven’t focused on the other attributes, then how did you reach the foundation stage?”

Gao Yue asked while being entirely confused, this question was also on the minds of the Palace Master and the other elders. Having Gao Yue ask these questions in their place was better than asking themselves, as they were all dumbstruck on the scene.

“This disciple has carelessly refined a foundation stage pill and wanted to test its results, the outcome is the current situation.”

Yang Chen replied ‘honestly’ as before.

“What sort of foundation stage pill?”

This time the Palace Master rushed ahead of Gao Yue to ask the question. As the Palace Master, he immediately realized that this was the most important point.

“This is the pill refined by this disciple, I invite Palace Master to have a look!”

Yang Chen took out the top quality foundation stage pill from his Achievement Ring and clasping it in both hands, he put it in front of the Palace Master.

“A third grade foundation stage pill?”

As soon as the Palace Master took the pill, he immediately discovered the strangeness of the pill and cried out on the spot in surprise.

The cry of the Palace Master immediately caught the attention of the other YuanYing stage elders. All of them immediately came over and looked at the pill in the Palace Master’s hand one by one, wishing that they could immediately snatch it and carefully examine it.

There were three clear patterns on the pill, which confirmed the grade of the pill without a doubt. This certainly was a pill that had been refined three times, but why was the colour of the foundation stage pill green?

“This strong wood attribute Spirit Power, what is it?”

Holding the pill in his hand, the Palace Master immediately sensed the wood attributed Spirit Power contained within it and asked softly:

“Fu Sang wood? Cyan Sun Wood? Not correct, they aren’t this powerful, could it be that this is - Penglai Divine Wood?”


The YuanYing elders lost all of the aloofness of YuanYing stage elders and immediately cried out in alarm, one by one, as if something inside of them had broken.

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