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Chapter 93 - To Settle The Dispute, Let's Test Something

09 Jun 2016

These words of the Palace Master had already established the privileged position of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard in the future. Apart from the people who Yang Chen had brought with him, if anyone wanted to enter the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard in the future, then he would first have to establish his merit before this permission was bestowed on him.

Naturally Yang Chen would not leave a room just for the Palace Master, Zhu Chen Tao would also require accommodations, so would the Law Enforcement Hall’s master, the Foreign Affair Hall’s master, and also the current Hall Master of the Fierce Yang Hall, since it was known as Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, there was no reason for the master of the Fierce Yang Hall not to come.

If these people kept an eye on them, the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard would have no big disturbances in the future. As for the Hall Master of the Luminous Moon Hall, wasn’t he in meditation pondering over his mistakes? So after he came out, Yang Chen could just pretend to have forgotten him, who would say anything? Would Liang Shao Ming really be so shameless as to run to a junior and demand things?

The newly established underground spirit vein, was one that had been enhanced by a hundred thousand spirit essences, so the people at the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard were so happy, that they did not even know what to say. Under Gao Yue’s instructions, everyone found a room which had been assigned to them and afterwards they all hurriedly began to cultivate. Previously, everyone was busy with building the villa, only now were they able to experience the spirit vein.

As for Yang Chen, he had been able to bring pleasant surprises for everyone several times in succession. Everyone was completely grateful to Yang Chen; if not for Yang Chen, nobody there would be able to obtain such a good place for cultivation, even their servants received benefits which were even better than what a great majority of people of the Pure Yang Palace had.

Seeing that everyone has settled down properly, Yang Chen was gratified. This was his first present to his master, an outstanding cultivation environment. This was also his first stronghold for revenge against the Greatest Heaven Sect.

A crafty rabbit has three burrows1, this was his first hole in the Pure Yang Palace. The Greatest Heaven Sect was not some small sect, it was the subsidiary sect of the Profound Heaven Sect of the immortal world, strictly speaking it was more of a foundation for the Profound Heaven Sect, which could be considered as one of the major powers in the Heavenly Court. Wanting to deal with it alone was simply impossible. Yang Chen wanted to gather all of the power that he could, only then would he be able to accomplish this undertaking.

For entering the sect to pay his respects to his master, Yang Chen had already used ten years of his time. Now Yang Chen’s aim was to make his master recognize that her inborn fire spirit root was in fact not as outstanding as her postnatal water spirit root and to change her cultivation to a water attributed cultivation method.

This was a formidable task. To make a JieDan stage expert give up her original cultivation and then start again from scratch with a cultivation method of another attribute was absolutely not as easy as just saying these words. He was convinced that even if the Palace Master ordered her right now, Gao Yue would still not be willing to cultivate all over again. Not only did this require the relationship between both of them to be even deeper, it would also need a suitable opportunity.

Obviously he had recently become her disciple, so right now was not a good opportunity, but Yang Chen was patient and determined, so even if it took ten years, he was still willing to wait for it. Even if Gao Yue didn’t change to a water attributed cultivation method, someday her fire attributed cultivation would reach the YuanYing stage, so for the time being she was safe and he did not need to be worried.

Following this, Yang Chen quickly entered the Hidden Pavilion in the Pure Yang Palace, and again began his routine of reading everyday.

When the Palace Master returned to the Pure Yang Palace, he immediately notified the whole sect about Yang Chen offering a hundred thousand spirit essences to the sect. This received unanimous praise from everyone, as everyone would obtain the benefits, so who would not think highly of him verbally?

The elder at the Hidden Pavilion had also received the instructions of the Palace Master, so he was very courteous towards Yang Chen. After the whole Pure Yang Palace had received the news of Yang Chen successfully refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, they immediately remembered that Yang Chen had read extensively, learning everything in the Hidden Pavilion of the Nine Earth Manor. According to this precedent, coming to the Hidden Pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace was a natural thing.

After politely refusing the good intentions of the elder to guide Yang Chen through a tour around the Hidden Pavilion, Yang Chen started touring the Hidden Pavilion by himself. The Hidden Pavilion inside of the Pure Yang Palace was completely different from that of the Nine Earth Manor, it was larger at least hundred fold.

The Nine Earth Manor had hundreds of thousands of jade slips, but here there were more than ten million. The four arts, medicine, divination, astrology, all were included, all sorts of jade slips that one could think of were there. Moreover, nobody could just look at any jade slip they wanted there. Some records about geography and a brief history of many places in all directions were available to everyone, but jade slips about pill concocting, cultivation methods, tool refining, spell formations and so on, would only have their restrictions lifted if one had the relevant cultivation, otherwise the disciples would simply be unable to read it.

After entering, Yang Chen had gone straight to the region where cultivation methods were kept. His Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets only had a few cultivation methods suitable for cultivation after the foundation stage, the others were still qi layer cultivation methods. Although his other attributes had not reached the foundation stage yet, Yang Chen wanted to prepare a few profound methods for himself, to wrap up the silk before it rains.2

In his previous life, Yang Chen had single mindedly concentrated on the cultivation of his fire attribute and had only skimmed through other attributes, thus his knowledge about other attributes was very pathetic. As he was entering the Hidden Pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace, he was just like a poor person who had entered a treasury, so Yang Chen was naturally not modest.

With the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets at hand, who at the JieDan stage or lower could obstruct Yang Chen? In the area where the cultivation methods were stored, Yang Chen looked through all sections, one by one, for foundation stage or lower level cultivation methods. With just a sweep of his Spiritual Awareness, the contents of the cultivation method immediately entered his mind, after which he began to analyze their merits and demerits one by one.

With the cultivation experience of a Great Principal Golden Immortal, combined with his previous cultivation experience of the Five Phases Of Yin and Yang secrets, he could immediately analyze the characteristics of these cultivation methods. Whether or not they were suitable to himself, whatever kind of defects they had, Yang Chen could modify them. If they were compatible with his own, Yang Chen immediately recorded them within his heart. As an effect of the Three Purities Secrets, apart from allowing his Spiritual Awareness to exceed others, his memory also far exceeded other people.

Within the brief period of two days, Yang Chen had recorded several hundred cultivation methods. After his cultivation had increased, not only did his Spirit Power increase, even his ability to read jade slips had greatly increased.

Yang Chen would stay at the Hidden Pavilion for two hours every day and once the time was up, he would leave immediately. After returning to the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, he circulated the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets and refined the sword box and Profound Spirit Furnace using the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets and the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets one after the other, and then he would use the Universal Treasure Raising Secrets. Every time after repeating this kind of cycle, his foundation stage began to stabilize rapidly and his Spirit Power also began to rise in an orderly manner, intending to attack the bottleneck of the second layer of the foundation stage.

The second day after founding the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, Gao Yue had gone to participate in the meeting of JieDan stage or higher grade experts. After returning, upon seeing Yang Chen, she directly said:

“This second courtyard has many people lusting after it, and the Palace Master allowing you to enter the secret pavilion has also been called into question!”

The Second Fierce Yang Courtyard had certainly given rise to great dispute within the Pure Yang Palace. If a Di Mai comparable to the Di Mai of the main spirit vein of the Pure Yang Palace was found, it will be a major matter in any sect. And this kind of Di Mai was surprisingly occupied by a JieDan stage cultivator and some foundation stage experts, even giving the benefits to their servants, who were not even at the foundation stage. How could it not make people go green with envy?

The general assembly of the sect was precisely called to discuss this matter, apart from those who were in closed door training and those who had gone adventuring, all of the JieDan stage experts and elders were in the hall of the Pure Yang Palace to discuss this.

Naturally, the Palace Master had first proclaimed that Yang Chen had offered a hundred thousand spirit essences of the five phases, naturally the Palace Master didn’t hide what rewards he had promised.

“This kind of treatment is unjust, it will be unfair to all other disciples!”

Immediately someone jumped out in opposition, it was someone with a high status in the sect, the Hall Master of the Luminous Moon Hall. Although he was sentenced to ponder over his mistake, this time, because it was the sect’s general assembly, he was allowed to participate. He felt forced to stand up.

After getting news of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, most of all, after finding that a Di Mai comparable to Pure Yang Palace’s master vein had been discovered, Liang Shao Ming had formed a plan. Even if he was in seclusion, he still mobilized his power and had convened the general assembly of the sect.

“The Meiqing Mountain Range is the territory of the Pure Yang Palace, if any Di Mai is found, then it should belong to all of Pure Yang Palace and should not be seized by some youngster!”

Liang Shao Ming said, speaking forcefully and with justice in his voice, representing the thoughts of a large group of disciples, who were all jealous of that sort natural resource, but required a dignified excuse.

“The Second Fierce Yang Courtyard still hasn’t separated from Pure Yang Palace, naturally it still is in the Pure Yang Palace.”

The Palace Master had apparently already figured out the crux of the matter. So, when facing Liang Shao Ming’s question, he merely replied indifferently. Behind him were a few YuanYing stage elders, who were always in close door training, but had been aroused by Liang Shao Ming for some unknown reason this time.

“As for a few youngsters seizing it, this Di Mai had originally been discovered by them and I have also approved the construction of the Immortal Cave at the Meiqing Mountain, which was not outside of the established customs and also doesn’t violate any rules, so how can you say they have forcefully seized it? Seized an area where there was not even supposed to be anything?”

Regarding Liang Shao Ming’s question, the Palace Master refuted without giving it much importance.

“Could it be that Hall Master Liang wants to snatch things obtained by few juniors?”

“They are the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace, so they should think for my Pure Yang Palace. This Di Mai should also be shared between disciples of the Pure Yang Palace and must not be the property of a few people!”

Liang Shao Ming also didn’t beat around the bush and directly spoke about the main point. Among the people present, at least half of them shared the same views as Liang Shao Ming. They had all thought about how to speak out about this, but Liang Shao Ming had taken the lead so naturally they would endorse him.

“Pure Yang Palace’s disciples must share the things they have discovered with the sect, these are pretty good words!”

The Palace Master nodded, glancing at the few YuanYing stage elders, he enthusiastically said:

“Yang Chen has already offered a hundred thousand spirit essences to my Pure Yang Palace, this can be considered sharing with the sect, but I don’t quite remember: in those days when Hall Master Liang came out of the Immortal Falling Well, how many spirit essences did you share?”

That one question made Hall Master Liang flush with anger. In those days, Liang Shao Ming had gotten hold of over ten thousand spirit essences together with his fellow disciples. They were spirit essences which he had obtained for enhancing the spirit vein of his own Immortal Cave, how could he even give half a piece to the sect?

“We are speaking of the present matter.”

One YuanYing stage elder standing behind the Palace Master said:

“What’s in the past is already in the past!”

“Elder Lin’s words are correct!”

Palace Master immediately took Lin Yun Feng’s words to continue:

“What’s past is already in the past! Yang Chen has discovered the Di Mai half a month ago, do we really need to specifically discuss it anymore?”

Lin Yun Feng immediately shut his mouth and spoke no longer, he was a high level elder, but he was still only an elder and not the Palace Master. The Palace Master’s current words clearly contained some anger. There could be disputes in the conference of elders, but in the general assembly of the sect he could not express a different opinion than the Palace Master.

Liang Shao Ming had originally believed that elder Lin could recover some lost ground for him, but he had also followed along with the Palace Master’s words that turned Yang Chen’s matter into a thing of past, how could this satisfy Liang Shao Ming? Seeing that Lin Yun Feng had given up, Liang Shao Ming had no option but to speak himself:

“Palace Master, you cannot say it like this. Just a few pieces of spirit essences will have no influence on my Pure Yang Palace, at least not equal to a master vein! He is a foundation stage disciple, so him making use of the spirit vein is an absolute waste, it has to be made use of by people who need it more!”


Palace Master softly sucked in a breath, he was absolutely not happy with Liang Shao Ming’s behaviour. The person in the Pure Yang Palace who had closest relations with the Greatest Heaven Sect was precisely Liang Shao Ming. Maybe Chu Heng had made things difficult for Yang Chen to obtain benefits from Liang Shao Ming in the beginning. But there was no proof and the Palace Master did not want to move against him, but he was getting more and more excessive. He was a Hall Master and a JieDan stage expert, but he had begun to make things difficult for a junior. He really was a disappointment in all aspects.

Gao Yue also had the qualifications to attend the general assembly of the sect, but she didn’t have the authority to speak. Looking at Liang Shao Ming aiming at Yang Chen, she could not help but refute, based on her personality.

But not giving Gao Yue the chance to speak, the Palace Master asked:

“If we use a reason like this: three months ago, Hall Master Liang has obtained a high quality flying sword, you are just one JieDan stage expert using it, it is indeed wasted on you, in the sect there are a few YuanYing stage experts who don’t have a good flying sword, Hall Master Liang shouldn’t you give it up for the people who need it more? Talking about seniority, you are Yang Chen’s uncle master, shouldn’t you set an example for your juniors?”

The same thing happening to others was completely different from it happening to oneself. Liang Shao Ming had just recently obtained a high grade flying sword, which was of a higher grade than any of the other flying swords he had used. He was just about to completely refine it, using this opportunity of ten years in isolation, to thoroughly refine it, so how could he agree to obediently handing it over?

Without waiting for Liang Shao Ming to think for a proper response, the Palace Master once again declared a decision:

“Since everyone is willing to handle it like this, then it would be better if we test it first with the Luminous Moon Hall. In the future, if the disciples of the Luminous Moon Hall have any harvests, they will all be transferred to the sect and will be allocated by the sect, they must not be stashed secretly! We will test it out for ten years and look at the results. If the disciples of the Luminous Moon Hall work as one and wholeheartedly endorse it and it can make the sect grow more prosperous with every day, then after ten years, shall we once again convene a general assembly, and make this a rule of the entire Pure Yang Palace?”

Once these words came out, without waiting for anyone to decide by vote, the Palace Master raised another condition:

“And those who agree with it can also participate. As long as the results are outstanding, changing the sect rules will not be much of a bother!”

After he finished speaking, he directly turned towards the YuanYing elders and smilingly asked:

“Elders, how about it?”

Only a fool would agree to this kind of condition. Everyone knew that fighting over other people’s things was easy, but handing over one’s own things was an extremely difficult task. Who would agree to handing over the things he had obtained by fighting to the sect and afterwards allowing the sect to distribute it? Who would be such a fool?

Idiom: a sly person has more than one plan to fall back on ↩

Idiom: to plan ahead

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