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Chapter 92 - Come Often To Talk



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In the beginning, when Yang Chen had taken out sixty four middle grade Spirit Stones, Shangguan Feng and Wang Yuan had grown anxious. All of the sixty four middle grade Spirit Stones were of the same size and every one among them had a weight of exactly ten catties. After exchanging them, they would be worth sixty four thousand catties low grade Spirit Stones.

Even if Shangguan Feng, Wang Yuan and Gongsun Ling added their wealth together, it still would not be equal to this, but Yang Chen had taken them out without batting an eyelid. Not to mention anything else, just absorbing the Spirit Power of this many Spirit Stones could be compared to draining a low grade spirit vein, but surprisingly Yang Chen was using these things to arrange an unknown spell formation, simply extravagant.

But everyone knew that Yang Chen was rich. Not to mention anything else, he had refined the Heaven Seizing Pill successfully, so surely Elder Wu would not treat Yang Chen unfairly, Spirit Stones were merely a small token after all. Everyone just thought that it was unfortunate that so many Spirit Stones were being used up.

But when this boundless Spirit Power madly surged forth, everyone didn’t have anything more to say. Compared to this underground spirit vein, not to mention six hundred forty catties of middle grade Spirit Stones, even if it was six thousand four hundred or sixty four thousand catties, that also was absolutely worth it. This kind of spirit vein was enough to be compared to eighty percent of the Profound Yang Palace’s master vein. And it would furthermore only be used by these few people.

Currently Shangguan Feng and Wang Yuan did not need to ask their masters, they were certain that if they knew about the circumstances of the spirit vein, their masters would certainly force them to relocate here. The master did not have the opportunity and the face to move here, but if their disciple had this kind of opportunity, why would they decline? They should move there immediately.

Including those servants, everyone had felt the very dense, almost uncontrollable Spirit Power. It could only be described with one word: extravagance.

This was really very extravagant. There was so much strong and dense Spirit Power, it was sufficient for use by several hundred people, but only these few people would use it… What word apart from extravagance could be used to describe it?

Gao Yue originally believed that she only had to change her original cave for a location near a spirit vein, and in the beginning she didn’t have much of a desire for that, but when this portion of Spirit Power frantically rushed forth, even this JieDan stage expert couldn’t help but be astonished and rooted to the ground, not daring to believe what she was sensing.

‘Is this real?’

Gao Yue was repeatedly thinking this. The other people also felt as if they were in a dream. If they compared this to their previous locations, their original caves were comparable to a small brook which could quench their thirst, while this here was a lake in which they could immerse themselves, actually it was an exceedingly large lake.

“This! This! Isn’t this somewhat excessive?”

Gao Yue stammeringly said these words, an expression of ecstasy mixed with disbelief on her face, making Yang Chen go silly just by looking at it. In this life, Yang Chen’s deepest desire was to look at Gao Yue’s smiling face and right now was the first time. After this, Yang Chen could still do many things to make Gao Yue rejoice.

Gao Yue’s smiling face made Yang Chen feel that all the hard work he had done was worth it. While everyone was stunned, he was secretly enjoying the moment of his master’s happiness. After a moment he lightly coughed to wake these people up from their intoxication.

“Shouldn’t we first build our Immortal Caves?”

Only after Yang Chen reminded everyone did they recall what they had come here for. Fortunately, everyone was equally bewitched, including the JieDan stage expert Gao Yue, so there was nobody left to make fun of them for being stunned.

Yang Chen had suggested just a moment ago that a huge villa should be built and Gao Yue clapped her hands in approval. She was fond of the feeling of being at home and Yang Chen’s proposal was what Gao Yue wished for in her heart.

All of them were cultivators and everyone had remarkable ability, so the inside of the small valley had a completely changed after ten days. The villa was spanning the entire valley was built very quickly. Pavilions and kiosks, small bridges on running water; everything all was built like a luxurious villa.

Shangguan Feng and Wang Yuan first returned to the Pure Yang Palace to bring their own servants. As expected, their masters forced them to rush over.

When the villa was established, even the Palace Master and Medicine Hall’s Hall Master, Zhu Chen Tao, had hurried there to congratulate them. Yang Chen hadn’t planned to conceal it from the Palace Master and his other acquaintances. Only, when they passed through the spell formations to enter, they didn’t have the bearing of the YuanYing stage or the JieDan stage. After seeing this scene, their mouths opened wide because of the shock.

“This is the spirit vein you discovered?”

The Palace Master recovered quickly. Even though the saliva in his mouth was almost going to overflow because of his admiration, he restored his calm very quickly.

“Yes, Palace Master!”

Gao Yue, as the person who had the highest cultivation among everyone replied to the Palace Master’s question and soon after that she asked him with a smile:

“Say, do you regret now, Palace Master? Otherwise, does Palace Master also want to come here?”

“This is the karma of you all, it cannot be reaped by someone else!”

The Palace Master was very envious, but he still shook his head and refused Gao Yue’s courteous invitation. After calming down, the Palace Master was also absolutely delighted within his heart. In the end, this was still being used by disciples of the Pure Yang Palace and moreover the two most talented disciples which one could only see once in a hundred years, so whether it was good or bad, it would still only benefit the Pure Yang Palace.

The Palace Master looked for a good moment and then nodded in satisfaction. Whether or not it was delicately constructed, he did not care, but the plentiful Spirit Power here, together with the spirit gathering spells, which were complementing with the spirit sealing spell, were just right. Almost anyone could cultivate on top this spirit sealing spell. If it was placed within the Pure Yang Palace, this would be the treatment received by the innermost core disciples. But here, even the servants could access it.

“Does this villa have a name?”

After appreciating it properly, the Palace Master could not help but ask.

“I was just about to ask Palace Master to bestow a name!”

Gao Yue wanted to appease the Palace Master a bit by giving him this authority.

“Fine, since you are from the Fierce Yang Hall, we can simply call this Second Fierce Yang Courtyard!”

The Palace Master was not pretentious and after some slight pondering he came up with this name. After giving it a name, the Palace Master said to Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling:

“Yang Chen, Gongsun Ling, this is also the immortal cave for you two, congratulations to you two, do you want to say something for the occasion?”

“Many thanks to Palace Master for bestowing this name!”

Gongsun Ling merely bowed to express her thanks and didn’t say anything more. The Palace Master nodded slightly, indicating not to be too courteous at Gongsun Ling with his hand, but his gaze was concentrated on Yang Chen. Everyone knew, that Yang Chen was the one who had discovered this spirit vein, so the Palace Master was very eager to know what Yang Chen would say.

“This disciple must ask Palace Master for a trivial task!”

Yang Chen confronted the Palace Master without caring for the huge difference in cultivation them in the slightest and directly raised his request, like asking a family member.

“What kind of matter?”

The Palace Master asked curiously.

“This disciple has acquired some spirit essences of the five phases at the Immortal Falling Well and was just about to request Palace Master to expand this spirit vein!”

While speaking, a qiankun pouch appeared in Yang Chen’s hand, but they did not know who he had killed for it. Once he opened the qiankun pouch, spirit essences poured out from the inside.


Looking at this huge pile of spirit essences, everyone was rooted in place as if sealed, nobody was able to move. All of their gazes were drawn towards that pile of spirit essences on the ground and they weren’t able to pull their eyes away. All of them were totally stupefied, even the Palace Master was not an exception.

Even if he hadn’t gone to the Immortal Falling Fell, he knew about the existence of the five phases spirit essences, and also properly understood the effect of the five phases spirit essences. They certainly were able to increase the grade of a Di Mai by increasing its amount of Spirit Power!

Even the Palace Master was speechless when looking at the huge pile of spirit essences at this moment. The Palace Master had seen spirit essences, and he had also used them, but he had never before seen so many spirit essences in one place.

Which foundation stage disciple could manage to being several tens of thousands of spirit essences with them? Usually a few disciples would cooperate and after ten years at the Immortal Falling Well they would be able to bring back fifty thousand or so spirit essences, which they would then use to remold some spirit vein for everyone of them to use. But Yang Chen, who was at the qi layer at that time, had surprisingly taken out such a huge pile of spirit essences?

Looking at the huge pile of spirit essences on the ground, they were definitely no less than fifty thousand, probably even more than a hundred thousand. What made these people even more resentful was, that the five phases spirit essences, which were treasured by each and every cultivator, were piled up on the ground without care by Yang Chen. In addition to that, about the qiankun pouch in Yang Chen’s hand, nobody knew which loose cultivator it originally belonged to, but it was actually almost a peak quality qiankun pouch.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, even the Palace Master felt a sudden admiration which he was not able to push down within his heart. Such a strong Di Mai for Spirit Power, if one added so many five phases spirit essences, this kind of treatment these twenty people, including even the servants, was even better than the most senior sect elder!

For a second, the Palace Master wanted to berate Yang Chen loudly. There was already so much strong Spirit Power here, but he was still wasting this many spirit essences? What in the world does he want to do?

“How many spirit essences do you have?”

Gao Yue was also dumbstruck, but relatively speaking, Yang Chen had already given her more than enough surprises these days, making her somewhat immune to them. Even then, Gao Yue had also been stunned for a moment, only then she was able to ask this question.

“Not many, not many, only a hundred thousand.”

Yang Chen replied indifferently, giving everyone the urge to thoroughly beat him up. A hundred thousand spirit essences of the five phases were ‘not many’? How could anyone endure hearing this?

Because of Yang Chen’s reply, everyone’s gazes shifted from the pile of spirit essences to him. Looking at this, Yang Chen helplessly shrugged his shoulders and replied innocently:

“You all know about Elder Wu, he had a lot of these things at that place.”

Hearing this everyone understood what was going on. Elder Wu was the main overseer of the Immortal Falling Well, and he has been the overseer for several hundred years, so it was not unexpected that he had this many spirit essences. Compared with the value of the Heaven Seizing Pill, these many spirit essences were just a trifle.

Everyone could not help but feeling envious towards Yang Chen’s luck, naturally, they felt even more curious about Yang Chen’s pill concocting ability. To be able to be regarded as this important by Elder Wu was no ordinary matter. Both the Palace Master and Zhu Chen Tao decided, that, in the future, they had to frequently visit the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, even if they did not have any matter there. Maybe they could have some enormous benefit drop in.

They hadn’t realized that this was Yang Chen’s plan. As the leader of the sect, naturally the Palace Master couldn’t openly plunder the immortal caves of disciples of his own sect, but frequently visiting it was not too strange. In any case, the spiritual influence was enough to support one or two YuanYing stage cultivators, but if the sect leader frequently visited them, then the status of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard would surely increase. So if any of those disciples who wanted to stir trouble here had eyes, they would at least hesitate somewhat before bothering them.

Although the Palace Master had already evicted Chu Heng from the sect, as well as banished the Luminous Moon Hall’s Master to meditate for ten years in order to reflect on his mistakes, their friends and disciples in the sect would absolutely cry out in protest. They would surely look for an opportunity to take revenge. Although Yang Chen did not care about these dirty tricks if they were against himself, but he did not want them to disturb his master, or his mood would be ruined for such a pointless reason. With the Palace Master frequently coming over, which person with eyes would dare to talk drivel to bother them?

Moreover, if the Palace Master and Zhu Chen Tao regularly visited them, then everyone, including Yang Chen, would be able to enjoy the moonlight first, as they would be able to receive guidance regarding any kind of cultivation problem. As the elder of the sect, how could the Palace Master drive away any disciple whom he was visiting, without properly guiding him?

Although Yang Chen had experience of cultivating up to the Great Principal Golden Immortal level, that was only in fire attributed cultivation. He didn’t have any experience for high level cultivation of other the attributes, so he was eager to obtain guidance from the people here.

“Do you plan to use all of them here?”

Since he had the idea of coming frequently, the Palace Master also didn’t mind if the conditions here became even better. He had asked this without thinking it through, and didn’t even wait for Yang Chen’s reply when he had already started to work. The five phases spirit essences could improve the spirit vein. The higher the cultivation of the people doing it, the better the results. The Palace Master was naturally most suitable for using them. But after all was said and done, he was still feeling a little bit of regret.

“I request Palace Master to take these.”

Yang Chen hastily bowed and agreed. He clearly realized the intention behind the Palace Master’s words and he also didn’t mind exchanging a spirit essences for a favourable impression on the people of the Pure Yang Palace, therefore he quickly took out another qiankun pouch and very respectfully held it in his hands to deliver it to the Palace Master

“This is disciple’s present for the sect, I ask Palace Master to accept it!”

He still had more? Everyone had already gotten used to Yang Chen’s way of handling things, but they were still astonished, yet nobody said anything. The Palace Master was totally caught off guard; using his Spiritual Awareness to explore it, he was so startled that he couldn’t move.

Within the qiankun pouch, there were a hundred thousand more spirit essences! After pondering for a moment, the Palace Master realized Yang Chen’s intentions. Nodding towards Yang Chen, he accepted the qiankun pouch.

“Since you have helped the sect, then I will exempt you from paying the contribution points to enter the Hidden Pavilions in my Pure Yang Palace in the future. In addition, I shall also allow you to enter the Secret Pavilion of my Pure Yang Palace once!”

“Yes, Palace Master!”

Yang Chen didn’t express his thanks as this was something he had obtained in exchange for a hundred thousand spirit essences. Having a clear conscience, he didn’t feel the need to express his thanks.

The Palace Master had received a hundred thousand spiritual essences, with this he was certain that he could suppress the disequilibrium inside the Pure Yang Palace. Although Yang Chen had discovered this region by himself and created his own immortal cave, there was still bound to be jealousy from people. Today it would be this matter, tomorrow there would be some other, there were bound to be many inconveniences. These spirit essences were enough to shut people up.

While the Palace Master was secretly rejoicing, the one hundred thousand spirit essences on the ground were like they had grown legs and separated in accordance to their attributes and then rose high into the air, rapidly entering the mouth of the recently opened spirit vein.

“Everything is alright!”

With the spirit essences entering so quickly, the Palace Master declared the result:

“Remember to leave a room for me. And also prepare a few guest rooms, maybe they will come in handy!”

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