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Chapter 88 - What Have You All Taught Him?

04 Jun 2016

“What are you distracted about? Come in!”

In his previous life, when Yang Chen was at the gate of Cheng En Hall, he had stopped for some time as well, because of his excitement, and he had also heard these commanding words. When he heard these words, at this instant, Yang Chen even forgot whether he was in past life or this life.


Resisting his excitement with great difficulty, Yang Chen raised his foot and crossed the high doorstep, entering the Cheng En Hall. His eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light in the hall and he looked at the owner of the voice.

Delicately colored like flowers, a tall figure, that familiar face and voice, together with appreciation and expectation mixed in the gaze, looking at him with a captivating smile. Yang Chen had looked forward to this for a whole ten years after his rebirth.

“Yang Chen, your attribute of the five phases is fire, join my Fierce Yang Hall!”

Gao Yue’s familiar and melodious voice echoed in Yang Chen’s ear:

“But I find it very strange, why didn’t you pay your respects to Zhu Chen Tao and enter his faction? Based on your innate talent, it would not be a difficult matter for you to become a high level pill concocting master.”

“For this disciple to enter the Fierce Yang Hall will in no way obstruct this disciple’s path as a pill concocting master!”

Yang Chen resisted his excitement with great difficulty, and using his strong will power, he suppressed his trembling lips and said these words as evenly as he could. But after he finished speaking, his breath was still somewhat rushed.

“Although your innate talent is not that good, you have a very high comprehension, with your miracle of setting foot on the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, even if you wanted to pay your respects under the Palace Master, it would still not be impossible, why are you fixated on picking me as your master?”

Gao Yue’s suspicions were not quelled down by Yang Chen’s earlier reply, instead they had increased even more.

At this time, Gao Yue was not the Palace Master of the Fierce Yang Hall, and moreover, in terms of strength in her realm, she was the worst JieDan stage expert of the Fierce Yang Hall. After all, Gao Yue had just congealed her dan five years ago, and in these five years she had spent consolidating her present realm. She basically could not contend against those experienced JieDan experts.

What made Gao Yue puzzled was especially that Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master had declared that, among other things, he could choose any person as his master who had the qualifications for accepting a disciple, as a reward for climbing to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, and unexpectedly, in accordance with this reward, Yang Chen had picked her as his master. As a matter of fact, this not only made Gao Yue flabbergasted, but also astonished the other people of the Pure Yang Palace. Did Yang Chen think that paying his respects to a new JieDan stage expert, who barely attained the qualifications to receive a disciple was better than choosing an outstanding master?

“This disciple’s intuition tells disciple, that you will be the most suitable person to become disciple’s master!”

Yang Chen could not reveal everything to answer this question and could only use such a lousy excuse to deal with Gao Yue’s suspicions

“Disciple’s intuition has never failed him before. It was the same at the Heavenly Stairs and also at the last stage of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill!”

Just this reason alone would perhaps not convince people, but Yang Chen’s examples made it impossible to not be convinced. Yang Chen had produced powerful facts to prove that his so called ‘intuition’ was correct. Even if others wanted to refute it, they couldn’t put forward any more powerful facts.

Gao Yue carefully observed Yang Chen and after observing him for a good moment, she even was able to sense the trembling in Yang Chen’s body which he was forcefully suppressing. But she did not find it very strange, previously she had met with many foundation stage disciples and almost all of them had shown that sort of fear when meeting JieDan stage experts. Especially under her attentive gaze, some trembling was inevitable.


Gao Yue quickly threw her doubts to the back of her mind; she had just recently obtained the qualifications to receive a disciple, so Gao Yue was very careful with picking her first disciple, but now it seemed that she was quite satisfied, and this disciple was furthermore a well known disciple, to the extent that he had a well known reputation not only in Pure Yang Palace but the entire cultivation world.

“I am Gao Yue of the Fierce Yang Hall, since you have paid respects under me and have entered my faction, you are now a disciple of my Fierce Yang Hall!”

Gao Yue finally showed a smile, apparently this disciple of hers had made her very delighted.

“You are my first disciple, my ground-breaking disciple!”

Hearing these words, Yang Chen couldn’t help himself anymore and immediately kneeled down, heavily knocking his head on the floor and he loudly said with a voice full of emotions:

“Disciple Yang Chen, pays his respects to master!”

The moment when Yang Chen knocked his head on the ground, the tears he had been suppressing also came free and streamed out. After missing her for several thousands of years, he was finally in front of his master again. When hearing his master’s voice, all of a sudden he thought that those hardships which he had endured all those years ago in the Heavenly Court already didn’t count for anything. If he could see his master in front of him again in exchange for those, Yang Chen would definitely endure those ten thousand years of hardships again.

In his previous life, Yang Chen could only become her disciple after twenty years. At that time, Gao Yue already had the strength of the middle JieDan stage and was not like now, when she had just finished consolidating her dan. The ground-breaking disciple had not been Yang Chen, but in this life, Yang Chen became Gao Yue’s first disciple.

The calm and steady Gao Yue from his previous life was incomparable to the current Gao Yue, who had just consolidated her dan. Apparently receiving a fresh disciple was a new experience for her, she looked just like a young girl, extremely cute.

Yang Chen shedding tears while facing towards the ground did not escape Gao Yue’s Spiritual Awareness, but expectedly Gao Yue was rather disapproving towards these kinds of actions of Yang Chen. Did he not like his master? Even going so far as to cry? Whether for good or bad, he was her first disciple, how could he start wailing like a little girl, wasn’t that scandalous?

“Now quickly come over to pay your respects to the ancestors!”

Gao Yue resentfully reminded Yang Chen. After paying respects to his master, he naturally also had to pay respects to the ancestors. This was also Gao Yue’s first time, completely new.

“Yes, master!”

Yang Chen hastily controlled his state of mind and very respectfully burned incense and kowtowed for the ancestors of the Pure Yang Palace and then he paid homage to Gao Yue again and offered tea, finally becoming a genuine disciple of Gao Yue.

It was Gao Yue’s first time for such a ceremony, so she was also slightly nervous, even Zhu Chen Tao and the others who wanted to attend the ritual were stopped by her. Within the Cheng En Hall, there were only two people: master and disciple.

“In the future, intensify your cultivation!”

Sitting on the seat of honor, looking at the respectful Yang Chen, Gao Yue felt a bit more like a master and pretending to be experienced she started lecturing Yang Chen:

“We two, master and disciple, we must become the main support of our FIerce Yang Hall.”

Gao Yue was surely talking about the competitions within the sect, a kind of enthusiasm to not admit defeat could also be seen in her, she was instructing Yang Chen, but at the same time was also making her goals clear to herself.

“Yes, master, as long as you want!”

Yang Chen agreed in a loud voice. But within his heart, this is what he repeated countless times:

‘Master, not only can I make us the main support of the Fierce Yang Hall, but I can also make you reach the position of Master of the Fierce Yang Hall and in the future, I can make you sit on the throne of the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace!’

“As long as I want it?”

Gao Yue was caught off guard and blankly stared at the ground. Even if Gao Yue was dim witted, she could still understand the meaning of these words.

“As long as master wants it!”

Yang Chen once again replied with complete certainty and strongly nodded his head, with no signs of joking on his face.

“What if I want I want to remain young forever?”

Thinking about it, Gao Yue raised another request.

“I know at least three kinds of cultivation methods to stop you from aging, and I furthermore know two types of pill recipes for pills which can stop the aging process.”

Yang Chen slightly smiled and answered.

“Regardless of what kind of method I have to use, I can make master stay young forever!”

“What if I demand the recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill?”

Gao Yue looked at Yang Chen as if she was looking at a monster, not knowing whether his words were true or false, but she immediately smiled and changed the question. The imposing pressure of a JieDan expert slightly drifted, waiting for Yang Chen’s answer.

“The most basic ingredient of the Heaven Seizing Pill is the top grade blue-green zoysia, the best ones are those that grow under the nourishment of agates in the deepest parts of top grade jade mines. Other assisting ingredients are…”

Yang Chen kept on talking without the slightest amount of hesitation.

Yang Chen’s action stunned Gao Yue again for a brief moment. After that moment of shock, she immediately extended her hand to cover Yang Chen’s mouth and said:

“Stop, don’t speak!”

How could Gao Yue have imagined this? She had merely asked this to probe him, but Yang Chen surprisingly started speaking without hesitation about the recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill, which all cultivators in the mortal world yearn for.

“Why are you like this?”

Gao Yue was somewhat emotionally moved, after releasing Yang Chen’s mouth, she asked this while creasing her brows.

“Because you are my master!”

Yang Chen didn’t think much and directly blurted this out. The softness and warmth of Gao Yue’s palm made Yang Chen almost lose control and kiss it secretly, but he did not make any unnecessary movements. But nevertheless, a delicate fragrance lingered between his mouth and nose.

Gao Yue was very close to him, how could she not hear the sincerity and resolution in Yang Chen’s voice. She was slightly moved by it but also puzzled at the same time. Since he had already accepted her as master, they would get a lot of time to get along so there was no need to be impatient.

The simple and crude ceremony of formally becoming a disciple without anyone else present did not take too long. When Yang Chen and Gao Yue came out of the Cheng En Hall, Zhu Chen Tao and the others had only waited for a small amount of time.

Regarding Yang Chen’s choice, Zhu Chen Tao and the others hadn’t protested much earlier. This kind of a talented disciple, how could he choose a random unqualified master? Wouldn’t that harm Yang Chen’s future? But after they came to the sect leader, everything would be resolved.

“When Yang Chen had climbed the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, he has already been rewarded with the ability to choose any person who is qualified to be his master.”

The Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace was sitting on a mat and slowly, without lifting his eyes, he said:

“This is the reward he deserves!”

“But his comprehension is exceptionally good and his will power is also very strong, if a person like Gao Yue, who has never taken a disciple before was allowed to teach such a talent, wouldn’t she destroy him?”

Xu Cheng Xin was very clear about how tremendous Yang Chen’s potential was, not to mention others, just participating in the successful refining of a Heaven Seizing Pill overshadowed all other accomplishments. From this alone one could see that he would be a great pill concocting master in the future and would bring major advantages to the Pure Yang Palace. If this kind of talent was really ruined, that would truly be unfortunate.

Sitting in front of the Palace Master, apart from Xu Cheng Xin and Zhu Chen Tao, there were also Luminous Moon Hall’s Hall Master, Liang Shao Ming, as well as the Hall Master of the Fierce Yang Hall, Qiao Ming. Apart from the hidden YuanYing stage cultivators, they were considered to be the highest class elders of the Pure Yang Palace, they would naturally be very concerned about the cultivation of a talented disciple.

“Gao Yue is also a JieDan stage expert who has the qualifications to receive the disciple. Having a master for guidance, how could it ruin Yang Chen?”

The Palace Master still had that kind of carefree appearance as if they were not talking about a talented disciple of their sect, but rather some common person.

“Palace Master, we all think that the guidance of a well known master will be a little bit better!”

Lian Shao Ming continued the discussion and tried to offer a compromise, but nobody knew what he was thinking.

The Palace Master sitting on his own mat hadn’t even opened his eyes and slowly asked:

“Since you all think so, then let me ask you, before he climbed to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, didn’t you act as if you did not know him? After he climbed to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, who taught him anything? Cultivation, pill concocting, what do you have to say about that?”

While saying this, the Palace Master’s Spiritual Awareness stopped over Liang Shao Ming and then quickly dissipated.

This question, made everyone go silent. All of them knew about the tension between Yang Chen and the former Merit Transferring Disciple Chu Heng.

Under these kind of circumstances, everyone knew what kind of life Yang Chen had to live previously. Even at the Ye Xiu Manor, Chu Heng stopped everyone from instructing him. Everyone understood this later, but nobody said anything. That time, everyone knew who to choose between a qi layer disciple and a foundation stage disciple. But currently that was not the same: Yang Chen had not only reached the foundation stage, but had also participated in the refining of a Heaven Seizing Pill for Elder Wu. He had already become very well known among pill concocting masters, not just a little, but the most well known of them.

Liang Shao Ming felt very embarrassed. Chu Heng was his disciple and everyone knew that Chu Heng had so brazenly tried to suppress Yang Chen, because he was Chu Heng’s master, so other people had not argued with him about it. But Yang Chen’s current performance had been like a tight slap on Liang Shao Ming’s face. If the disciple did something wrong, naturally the master was also humiliated with him.

Everyone was speechless, they all knew about Yang Chen’s experiences. The reason why Yang Chen’s comprehension was so good was attributed to his frantic reading at the Hidden Pavilion in the Nine Earth Manor. And the contribution points that had to be paid for entering the Hidden Pavilion, he had paid them on his own by exchanging for his elixirs from the sect. There was indeed no other person who had assisted him. But unexpectedly Yang Chen had worked very hard for the Pure Yang Palace, struggling for its reputation. Strictly speaking, every one of them was a little ashamed.

“Since he had been able to cultivate on his own until he had reached this level, then what are you all worried about? Afraid that Gao Yue teaching him will not be good?”

The Palace Master finally opened his eyes and glanced at everyone surrounding him and then closed them again.

“If you are really worried, then allow my Pure Yang Palace’s Hidden Pavilion to be properly exploited by him. If he wants to look at anything, allow him to look at it. Since he hadn’t required the reward of a foundation stage pill, then it will be exchanged for this.”

Towards this, nobody had any objections. The matter of Yang Chen accepting a master had been settled conclusively with Gao Yue and Yang Chen becoming master and disciple.

“Yang Chen, since you have already become an inner disciple, you must strictly adhere to the rules of my Pure Yang Palace! You must not break them, ever!”

Zhu Chen Tao thought very highly of Yang Chen and paid great attention to him, and he also cared about him a lot.

“Speaking of rules of the sect, this disciple has a matter to report about!”

At this moment, Yang Chen recalled something and picked his qiankun pouch and fished out a compass from it, and afterwards, together with his qiankun pouch, gave it to Du Qian.

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