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Chapter 83 - These Are For You

The things Elder Wu promised were different for different people, otherwise he would not be honoring their commitment. But Yang Chen was also suspicious in that his performance this time was too excessive, so Elder Wu may not know how to reward Yang Chen all of a sudden, therefore he could only send him back personally for the time being.

Elder Wu had taken Yang Chen away so hurriedly because he feared that these three would use his influence to ask Yang Chen for the recipe to manufacture the fine powder he had used to nourished the pill spirit, which would lead to a disagreement between Yang Chen and them; so after the refining had been successful, he immediately took Yang Chen and departed. The other people would not leave alone without his instructions, and even if they wanted to leave, they could only leave after he had arranged for Yang Chen. To put it crudely, they would have a hard time breaking the tens of layer of restrictions he placed.

Elder Wu hadn’t expected much help from Yang Chen during the refining, but he actually ended up rescuing the pill. Among the most reputed pill concocting masters in this mortal world, only a handful of people could do something like that.

On the Heavenly Fleeing Shuttle, Yang Chen was sitting in front of Elder Wu with the table in between them, holding Elder Wu’s strong tea in their hands and enjoying it with satisfaction.

“Young friend Yang, I don’t know how to thank you!”

After drinking the tea, Elder Wu lowered his cup and smiled towards Yang Chen.

“If you had not pulled this off at the last moment, not to mention refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, even my mental state could have been influenced. Someday I would have to ascend, at that time, maybe I could have perished because of this. You have done me a great favor by saving my life, which I can not repay!”

“The heavens help the worthy, Elder Wu. This is your good fortune; it has nothing to do with me.”

Yang Chen waved his hand, without growing arrogant. Elder Wu himself was, if Yang Chen remembered it correctly, a super expert of the spiritual world in his previous life, in those days he had not heard that Elder Wu had ascended with the help of a Heaven Seizing Pill, therefore no matter what, Yang Chen would never admit that he had done him the favor of saving his life.

Speaking of this, this time Yang Chen had gained enormous benefits. Refining and purifying the highest quality blue-green zoysia had allowed Yang Chen to enter into the ranks of the foundation stage, and even the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets had been improved by one step. Because of the large amount of Spiritual Awareness and medicinal strength, the Profound Spirit Furnace had also been upgraded by one grade during the final step of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, directly going from a low grade magic tool to a middle stage magic tool.

Even without considering this, the bet with He LianYun to get his hands on the Real Sun Fire. The Real Sun Fire was the flame Yang Chen was most familiar with. In his previous life it could display at least ten times more strength within his than He LianYun. As long as the Real Sun Fire was absorbed, there would be another increase in grade for the Profound Spirit Furnace and in addition to that, Yang Chen’s cultivation would most likely also be raised.

But the biggest benefits were not these, instead it was the reputation he had gained from refining the Heaven Seizing Pill. Having this reputation also meant that Yang Chen’s name as a pill concocting master would be thoroughly established, so in the future a number of experts, as countless as the stars in the sky, would seek Yang Chen in order to obtain high grade elixirs, and Yang Chen would become even more safe.

As for the Pure Yang Palace, they would absolutely regard Yang Chen as the most valuable disciple, and at that time, let alone Chu Heng, even Chu Heng’s master would not be able to touch even a single hair of Yang Chen.

“The heavens help the worthy, he he!”

Elder Wu shook his head and said with bitter laugh.

“If that really was the case, then why didn’t the refining succeed the first time, and required it to be remedied?”

“Forgive me for speaking bluntly but there are always ups and downs.”

Yang Chen calmly replied on this subject.

“At the end of the day, whether you have the Heaven Seizing Pill or not, does it still actually make a difference to you, Senior?”

Hearing this, Elder Wu’s eyes immediately shone, twinkling with a radiance and unable suppress his emotions. Apparently he was looking through the Heavenly Fleeing Shuttle, even seeing through all of the obstructions in front of it.

“Yes, ups and downs there are indeed, but this kind of problem, how many people could think of it?”

Experts are always lonely, but the thing that made Elder Wu glad, was the person in front of him, who could understand his thoughts. Although the difference between their cultivation was very vast, this did not influence their relationship. The more Elder Wu saw Yang Chen, the more they chatted and the more they hit it off, the more he approved of him. Most of all Yang Chen’s last sentence was basically the most beautiful flattery.

“You are correct.”

Elder Wu smiled and said:

“I have already seen the pill tribulation, at this very moment, having the Heaven Seizing Pill is just meaningless for me.”

“Congratulations Senior!”

Yang Chen cupped his hands in salute to congratulate Elder Wu.

“Elder Wu must not depend on tricks at the time of ascending, his days of being able to move unhindered in the spiritual world are just around the corner!”

This was not Yang Chen flattering him, with regards to matters of cultivation, the more the realm is raised without depending on worldly possessions, the more tremendous their power would be after the realm was raised. Currently Elder Wu had such confidence, so his chance of success had to be even higher than Yang Chen remembered.

“I’m taking advantage of your encouraging words!”

Elder Wu also cupped his hands and after a moment, beaming with smiles, he said to Yang Chen:

“Originally I didn’t know how to express my gratitude to you, young friend. But these words reminded me of something.”

While he was speaking, a jade box appeared on the table between the two people.

“A small present from me. Although it won’t be able to express the depths of my gratitude to you!”

While speaking, Elder Wu pushed that jade box in Yang Chen’s direction.

“Young friend Yang, you must not decline it.”

This jade box was precisely the box in which Elder Wu had sealed the Heaven Seizing Pill after it survived the pill tribulation, inside of the box was the Heaven Seizing Pill, bound by several layers of talismans. Surprisingly, Elder Wu had used this Heaven Seizing Pill as the reward for refining the Heaven Seizing Pill and gifted it to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen looked at Elder Wu with a perplexed gaze, but Elder Wu pushed the box a bit further with a smile on his face. The smile was completely sincere without a bit of reluctance. On the contrary; it was as if he was freed from something and had gained enlightenment.

“Since Senior has bestowed this to me, this Yang Chen will receive it shamelessly!”

After some pondering, Yang Chen nodded and stored the jade box in his qiankun pouch. After putting it away, he cupped his hands towards Elder Wu again:

“Congratulations, Senior, you have finally thrown away the shackles and obtained freedom.”

Yang Chen had not said these words without giving any thought, in Elder Wu’s mind, there was a lot of attachment to the Heaven Seizing Pill previously. Yang Chen had noticed it by the behaviour of Elder Wu when the refining had failed. Now Elder Wu was not only full of confidence but was also not reluctant to let the Heaven Seizing Pill go. It could be said that, at the moment Elder Wu had passed the Heaven Seizing Pill towards him, Elder Wu had severed his strong attachment to the Heaven Seizing Pill.

Yang Chen’s congratulations were perfectly fit Elder Wu’s situation at this moment. This conversation felt just like a meeting between two friends who perfectly understood each other.

All of a sudden Elder Wu thought something big. At this moment, only this young man in front of him was his most intimate friend. His joy, his discouragement, his restrictions, his comfort, everything was clearly understood by Yang Chen. To be able to meet such an interesting youngster before ascending could really make people forget their regrets.

“In this mortal world, I cannot help you much. The most I can do is to suppress He LianYun.”

At this moment, Elder Wu already treated Yang Chen as a close friend who could talk to him as equal, so he spoke freely with him.

“Someday in the future, when younger brother ascends to the spiritual world, you must look for this older brother!”

How could Elder Wu not see He LianYun’s bitter resentment for Yang Chen? The reason why he had taken away He LianYun’s flame after the refining had been completed, was mostly because he was taking this into consideration. He had also made plans for the matters of the future, at least he could guarantee that, until Yang Chen would grow to the same realm as He LianYun, He LianYun could do absolutely nothing to Yang Chen.

“Many thanks, elder brother Wu, for your support!”

Yang Chen directly changed his address, but Elder Wu did not think that he was being disrespectful, instead was glad from the inside. If anyone could hear how these two were addressing each other, they would be too stunned to say anything. A Da Cheng stage expert who was going to ascend soon, Elder Wu, was unexpectedly calling Yang Chen as younger brother and was claiming himself to be elder brother? Not to mention other things, just the difference seniority alone was sufficient to make ninety nine percent of cultivators go speechless.

“I had promised He LianYun to look for a flame for him, if younger brother is worried that he will threaten you after obtaining the flame, then I might as well not play honestly!”

The communication between these two people clearly showed that Elder Wu no longer considered Yang Chen as an outsider and began to plot with him. For a Da Cheng stage expert to defraud the initial JieDan stage He LianYun was very easy.

“No need, no need!”

Yang Chen immediately shook his head.

“Before doing anything, I will wait for a good chance and once again go to snatch his flame. Elder brother, by all means you must not ruin my plans!”

These words implied that he was being arrogant, but after pondering for some time, Elder Wu had to agree, Yang Chen really did have the qualifications to be arrogant. Not just anybody could participate in the refining of a Heaven Seizing Pill at the qi layer and even fewer could refine a Heaven Seizing Pill at the foundation stage. Yang Chen held these accomplishments, his future prospects were already limitless, how could a narrow minded person like He LianYun be compared to him.

“Hahahaha, younger brother’s way of doing things is really to the taste of this elder brother! Fine, I won’t meddle with you, so that I don’t ruin younger brother’s plans.”

Elder Wu burst into hearty laughter and did not say anything more on this, instead he changed the topic.

“Younger brother, what do you plan to do next? Will you still stay in the Immortal Falling Well for the next few years? As I remember, even adding in the time you spent in concocting pills, only seven years have passed in the Immortal Falling Well, according to the rules, you can still stay for three years.”

“No longer!”

Yang Chen shook his head.

“I had come to the Immortal Falling Well in order to train and gain experience. Currently I have already built my foundation successfully. Staying at the Immortal Falling Well would have no more significance. I will return to sect and formally take a master.”

A grimace flashed across his face when Elder Wu heard this. Even though Yang Chen had this much knowledge and techniques, he still wanted to take on a master? But he had no option but to admit that Yang Chen’s words were reasonable, once again. He had already reached the foundation stage, naturally he would become an inner disciple and the sect would surely use a great amount of resources to cultivate him. Although Elder Wu had intended to cultivate him, he was after all a loose cultivator, and his attribute was moreover different from Yang Chen’s, so what was suitable for Elder Wu, may not be suitable for Yang Chen. He also did not know that Yang Chen had both types of all the five attributes. As a loose cultivator, Elder Wu naturally knew the advantages of associating with big sects, so Yang Chen’s decision was not wrong, on the contrary: it was the most sensible choice.

“Since you have decided, why don’t I directly take you back to your sect?”

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Elder Wu asked the question that came to his mind. If he personally took Yang Chen back to sect, then the Pure Yang Palace would naturally view Yang Chen in a new light and he could also spend some more time with Yang Chen.

“Nevertheless, let’s return to the Immortal Falling Well first!”

Yang Chen didn’t agree directly.

“I still have some unfinished affairs at the Immortal Falling Well, moreover I also need to settle some personal grudges and as soon as I resolve those, it will not be late to return to the sect then.”

“Do you require my help?”

Elder Wu didn’t regard Yang Chen as an outsider, so he directly asked.

“A few foundation stage competitors, how could they be worthy of elder brother personally disposing of them!”

Yang Chen once again laughed, while shaking his head.

“That wouldn’t be good for elder brother’s prestige!”

“Since it’s like this, this elder brother won’t say anything.”

Elder Wu had also thought about it: based on Yang Chen’s reputation in the Immortal Falling Well, as long as he asked, Elder Wu was convinced, that a countless number of people would be ready to settle Yang Chen’s grudges, but if he fought himself, then he would get the reputation of bullying the weak.

But Elder Wu did not disregard Yang Chen and after thinking for some time, he took out a qiankun pouch, put some things into it and passed it on to Yang Chen.

“You will become an inner disciple soon, but this elder brother hasn’t gifted you anything, you have only entered foundation stage recently, so you must not have any flying sword.”

Elder Wu said after thinking thoroughly and pointed his finger at the qiankun pouch.

“Inside this is a flying sword which I had obtained from a fire attributed cultivator after I had killed him, you should test it later to check if it’s suitable to you, this will be my gift for you on reaching foundation stage.”

“In addition, since you will become an inner disciple soon, you will surely receive your own immortal cave soon.”

Yang Chen didn’t even have the time to refuse, when Elder Wu already continued:

“There are also a hundred thousand spirit essences, when the time comes, arrange them in your immortal cave, they can increase the spiritual influence in your immortal cave.”

Seeing that Yang Chen still had the intentions to decline, Elder Wu waved his hand:

“You must not decline, your elder brother can still obtain these things, moreover after ascending, these will have no use for me, so they might as well help you.”

Yang Chen forced a bitter laugh, but didn’t decline anymore and accepted them. Truth be told, these things were like grains of rice to Yang Chen, he already had a few too many, it was just that Elder Wu’s kind intentions made Yang Chen feel warm.

“When you cultivate in the future, you must conceal your strength and bide your time, if you performance is too flashy, it will not be good for you.”

Following this, Elder Wu sincerely instructed him:

“You must keep yourself safe and by no means reveal your talent unless necessary. Younger brother must not blame elder brother for saying this. You have the Heaven Seizing Pill, and ascending will not be a problem, so it is not worth it to stake it all against other people.”

This was all priceless advice. Yang Chen was listening and nodding, regardless of whether or not he would act according to it, but he was sincerely grateful to Elder Wu for his kind intentions.

“Although the Pure Yang Palace isn’t any great sect, its strength is also not too weak.”

After speaking about Yang Chen, he started to talk about Yang Chen’s sect.

“I remember that having a sect’s strength has many uses, it is much more convenient when compared to being a lone wolf like me.”

Yang Chen could almost not keep up with nodding. Elder Wu was completely instructing him like his own junior. Ordinary people could not enjoy this kind of mutual affection.


Finally, Elder Wu took a long breath and said with a smile:

“Then I will wait for younger brother in the spiritual world! We have already arrived at the Immortal Falling Well, you must go immediately!”

At that time, the Heavenly Fleeing Shuttle had already arrived at the Li Lou Village of the Immortal Falling Well.

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