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Chapter 82 - Guiding The Seniors


Asking for the Real Sun Fire from He LianYun clearly illustrated one point: That Elder Wu was extremely satisfied with Yang Chen’s exceptional work this time.

But naturally, asking for the flame from He LianYun would give rise to his resent, even though he was also one of the guests invited by Elder Wu. But Elder Wu was worthy of being called Elder Wu, he immediately gave him a way out, that was that he would look for a Flame for He LianYun before ascending.

He Lianyun wanted to offer some other things to Yang Chen in order to not lose his Real Sun Fire and he had nearly succeeded in preserving his fire, but after Elder Wu had asked, all of his plans had flown out of the window. But with Elder Wu promising him to look for a new flame, beneath his hidden anger, He LianYun was also a little grateful.

Although immediately handing over the Real Sun Flame would cause his cultivation to fall by a great margin, but having witnessed this pill tribulation at such close range and adding onto that Elder Wu’s promise, that he would find him another flame, as long as he was able to obtain another flame, his cultivation would be recovered quickly.

This was a good deal, so He LianYun was very grateful, but he immediately thought of another idea. If he did not hand over the Real Sun Flame, then Elder Wu could help Yang Chen look for another flame, nothing would be changed, wouldn’t that be even better?

People would always be greedy, when they would be able to get even more benefits, they would naturally not be satisfied with what they had in front of them. He LianYun was also like this, so even when Elder Wu provided him with a way out and even offered enough compensation, he was still as resentful as before and had extravagant hopes.

He LianYun even began to feel some hatred towards Yang Chen. This time, Yang Chen should have shown his respect for the seniors and immediately dissuaded Elder Wu, telling him that the bet was just a joke, so that everyone could dismiss it with a laugh. But that damned Yang Chen had not done this, instead he was looking towards him with a smile as if this was as it should be.

Yang Chen’s annoying smile felt like chains binding He LianYun’s body, making him feel extremely uncomfortable. At this moment, he had completely forgotten his calm and confident behaviour, with which he had suggested to seize Yang Chen’s flame previously.

Elder Wu had always kept his words as the great elder of the Immortal Falling Well, even if he was not at the Immortal Falling Well at that moment. When Elder Wu had finished speaking, Deng Yi and Zhu Peng could also only wait until this matter was over, to discuss about it later, even though they were enormously curious.

Nobody had spoken in favour of He LianYun. If the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill had failed after the black colored waste was produced, then maybe Deng Yi and Zhu Peng would have supported He LianYun in suppressing Yang Chen, as a favor to him, but currently, nobody could say anything, they didn’t have the qualifications to say anything.

He Lianyun wanted to beg for mercy, but asking for forgiveness from Elder Wu was of no use, unless Yang Chen was willing. But making a YuanYing stage pill concocting master ask for forgiveness from someone who had barely reached the foundation stage. He LianYun would rather kill himself. Looking at Yang Chen, calmly waiting for him, He LianYun clenched his fists, blue veins were revealed all over his whole body, but he still didn’t say even a word of asking for forgiveness from Yang Chen.

The flame could only be handed if both parties consented, otherwise, even if the cultivation was higher, forcibly wresting the control of the flame was impossible and the only result would be the flame extinguishing along with the other party dying. If He LianYun wanted renege on his debt, then Elder Wu had no other way than killing him. The problem was, He LianYun absolutely did not want to die just because of this reason, most of all by the hands of Elder Wu, who had already let go of all worldly matters and was going to ascend.

Therefore, He LianYun had no option other than to hand over his flame. Apart from just the embarrassment of being forced to hand over the flame, because the others had never before experienced the process of handing over a flame and it’s aftermath, they intentionally requested him to give his consent, just so they could see the event and the aftermath as spectators. This made He LianYun feel even more embarrassment.

Yes, He LianYun was feeling humiliated. Most of all at the fact, that when he was down, the others were throwing stones at him. Even the Heavens knew that Deng Yi and Zhu Peng didn’t support him just because of their curiosity as pill concocting masters. But even if He LianYun harbored a grudge against them, in this situation, He LianYun would not dare to take any action, let alone Elder Wu on the side, even if he considered a one on one fight, he was a pill concocting master who was not much of an opponent for the people there, except for Yang Chen.

But who among the people there would allow him to harm even a hair of Yang Chen? Therefore, He LianYun could only honor his commitment at the time when Elder Wu wanted to celebrate obtaining the Heaven Seizing Pill.

He LianYun would very much like not to pay anything, but that was impossible. Of course he wanted to retain a little bit of pride for being a YuanYing stage senior in front of Yang Chen. After looking at Yang Chen with a gaze filled with bitter resentment, He LianYun began to force out his flame.

The pain of the flame being stripped off and the humiliation he felt because of these other people watching him, forced He LianYun to faint at the final stage. After the flame was stripped off, his cultivation fell sharply, originally he was at the YuanYing stage, but now he had fallen to the JieDan stage, and furthermore to the initial JieDan stage.

The Real Sun Fire was worthy of being called one of the most powerful flames of the mortal world. In his previous life, Yang Chen ascended from the Da Cheng in one stroke stage with the support of the Real Sun Fire. Because he lost the flame, He LianYun had fallen by one whole realm, this was also a warning for Deng Yi and Zhu Peng. In the future, even if they were beaten to death, they would still not casually gamble over other people’s flames, similarly, if it wasn’t that important, then they would not try to seize the flames of other people, but most of all they would never bet their flame against Yang Chen for any reason.

In an oil lamp, engraved with complex sealing spell formations, the Real Sun Fire was calmly burning on top of the core of the lamp. If they didn’t know, they wouldn’t believe that this pea sized flame was actually a well known flame in the whole world, the Real Sun Fire.

This oil lamp was also something refined by Elder Wu. It was actually refined just before beginning the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill. It was a magic tool that was specially refined to preserve the Real Sun Fire. Although Elder Wu was not a fire attributed cultivator, he could still make this kind of magic tool effortlessly. And this made it sufficiently clear, that Elder Wu had never wanted He LianYun slip by from the beginning, after all, He LianYun’s behaviour earlier had really lost Elder Wu a lot of face. Naturally, he would not forget such a good method of punishing him.

After putting on the lid properly, he delivered this oil lamp to Yang Chen. After he was given an elixir, He LianYun soon woke up with leisure, but Elder Wu and Yang Chen’s gazes were somewhat different when compared to before.

“Young friend Yang, what did you mean by saying inherent weakness?”

Only after everyone had recovered their consciousness did Elder Wu ask the question which was on everyone’s minds.

“There was still problem with the pill spirit.”

Yang Chen had nothing to hide regarding this, in any case, everyone could already somewhat guess the reason, so concealing it wouldn’t be as good as speaking generously.

“From the beginning, I had felt that a weak pill spirit would be unable to seize the heavens.”

This was the view Yang Chen that had insisted on from the beginning, moreover he had also raised this issue at that time when they were dealing with the pill spirit, but the other pill concocting masters had forcefully insisted on doing it. Furthermore, if the pill spirit was powerful, then those three pill concocting masters would be unable to properly control and refine it, therefore they had adopted that method of dominating the pill spirit discarding everything else.

Currently, talking about this topic again had clearly hit the nerves of these three pill concocting masters. Embarrassment couldn’t be hidden on the faces of all three.

“You felt?”

But Elder Wu comprehended the meaning hidden between Yang Chen’s words and somewhat suspiciously asked him:

“You only felt it?”


Yang Chen smiled and asked Elder Wu:

“Elder Wu, are you in any way under the impression that I know everything about the Heaven Seizing Pill?”

His words made the three YuanYing stage experts, no, currently only two YuanYing and one JieDan stage expert, somewhat stunned. Yang Chen had previously displayed that sort of confidence, could it all actually be based on just a guess?

“Then why did you previously say that it could still be rescued from just a minor look?”

Deng Yi rushed to ask the question before Elder Wu. Zhu Peng had also barely opened his mouth but Deng Yi had grabbed the chance first and he immediately closed his mouth, but suspicion and expectation were still mixed in his gaze.

“Because the pill spirit hadn’t died!”

Yang Chen replied. At that time, everyone had lost faith because they had not been able to congeal the pill, but Yang Chen didn’t. Perhaps this was the reason for his faith.

“Please forgive me for taking liberties, but what kind of pill congealing technique did you use?”

Deng Yi rarely used the word please, moreover to first apologize and then ask the question, this was completely different from her image of a YuanYing stage senior, but at this moment nobody thought that this was inappropriate.

“Congealing the pill?”

Yang Chen smiled.

“In reality, what I did in the end was just making the pill spirit strong. I basically did not congeal the pill. All of this had already been properly done by you beforehand. When the pill spirit became strong, the pill automatically congealed, I basically did not do anything at all.

At that time the three pill concocting masters had basically guessed what kind of trick Yang Chen had used. From the beginning, using the waste of their failure as basis, he made the pill spirit rise from death and afterwards, with the support of everyone’s Spirit Power, he restored the pill spirit to the highest realm that it could reach and in the end succeeded in one go.

Naturally, everyone also realized what Yang Chen meant by the words inherent weakness. The weak pill spirit had turned into a vigorous and lively pill spirit when nourished by Yang Chen’s fine powder, which was completely different from the original one, but, although the Heaven Seizing Pill had been refined successfully in the end, it was still unable to pass the wind tribulation, which meant that it was still some distance away from a completely perfect pill. This was a fact no one could deny.

Looking at Yang Chen speaking frankly with such confidence, He LianYun felt defeated in his heart. Resentment and dissatisfaction filled his heart, he did not want to see Yang Chen display even a little pride. As soon as Deng Yi had finished asking everything, He LianYun immediately opened his mouth and impatiently asked:

“You say you guess all of this? But you were certain about the pill tribulation!”

“Naturally, a pill which could make people ascend, if itself did not pass through tribulation, then how could it make people ascend?”

Yang Chen replied at once without hesitating.

Yang Chen’s were exactly on point, which made He LianYun think that looking for an opportunity to question him further was a bad idea. Moreover this was not the time for questioning, instead it was to ask for guidance, whatever Yang Chen said, nobody could question it. Just a moment ago, when He LianYun had raised this question, Deng Yi and Elder Wu had already wrinkled their brows.

“You must not misunderstand, I just find it very strange, Yang Chen, according to reason, you are just a qi layer disciple who had barely reached the foundation stage, how can you know so many things?”

He LianYun immediately changed his way of asking, his tone also became very soft and a smile could be seen on his face.

“These things about the YuanYing stage and the Da Cheng stage, if I am not wrong, you could not come in contact with these things in any sect, based on your cultivation, right?”

He LianYun’s words also addressed the suspicions of the other people. Yang Chen’s performance was too eye catching, to the point that he had outshined even the YuanYing experts. Even those who had not doubted him, also had an intense curiosity. A qi layer disciple, how could he comprehend these things?

“This is not a big deal!”

Surprisingly the one who replied was not Yang Chen, but rather Elder Wu.

“Young friend Yang’s cultivation style is different from us, in his free time at the sect, he had completely learned all of the hundreds of thousands of jade slips of their Hidden Pavilion at the Nine Earth Manor. Although his cultivation isn’t very high, he knows about many kinds of strange things. This old man chatted with him on the whole journey while returning. People who have as much knowledge as him are rare.”

This was thanks to Yang Chen chatting happily with Elder Wu on the way back, the knowledge that he had shown was not at all inferior to some high level experts of those great sects who had been training for a long time. Especially in the field in which Elder Wu was interested, thus he had obtained Elder Wu’s favor. Yang Chen understood the concept that the first impression was the strongest very well, in addition to that he was also not so dumb as to be unable to understand Elder Wu.

“Hundreds of thousands of jade slips stored? Learned completely?” The YuanYing experts and the JieDan expert were all perplexed. Among the cultivators in this world, who was not trying to crazily increase their cultivation or seek elixirs, cultivation methods, magic weapons, spirit veins and so on. Who was so free among them to learn about various strange things? Moreover learn hundreds of thousands of jade slips?

No wonder Elder Wu had said that Yang Chen’s way of cultivation was different from them, not to mention other things, just to be able to spend so much time, was not something they were able to understand. In that case, Yang Chen knowing many things was justified.

Once they had this thought, they all became excited within their hearts, should they also learn those anecdotes which they had never even put an eye on? It had to be known that Yang Chen was still at the qi layer when he was able to arrange a spell formation of other attributes with his flame and activate it. They were all quite inferior to him in that matter, could it be that he may have gained some insight from these?

The problem was not that big, actually everyone had clearly understood that. The pill concocting masters had still done most of the work in refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, Yang Chen had only conveniently taken care of the last juncture. They only mistake was that they were not able to handle the pill spirit properly, this kind of result allowed everyone to feel happy in their hearts, at least it would not be like they could not gain the reputation for successfully refining a Heaven Seizing Pill.

“I request everyone to take some rest, this old man is going to take young friend Yang back to the Immortal Falling Well, we will chat more when I return!”

By now, the matter regarding the Heaven Refining Pill had ended, so Elder Wu had begun to hand out the rewards, naturally the first in line would be Yang Chen.

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