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Chapter 77 - There Are Still Benefits Like This?


Engraving a spell formation within pill furnaces was not a strange thing, even Yang Chen could initiate the earth fiend spell within the Profound Spirit Furnace to increase its strength at the time of executing the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets. But this was still the first time of using a flame to form the spell formation within the furnace. Regardless of whether it was those three pill concocting masters or Elder Wu, it was the first time for all of them to see such a method.

If this kind of method was used by a Da Cheng stage pill concocting master these people would not find it strange and would admire the pill concocting master as if he was an untouchable mountain, but right now it was being used by a qi layer disciple, specifically one who was not someone from a great sect specialized in pill concocting, but rather a disciple of Pure Yang Palace.

All of those pill concocting masters felt like a disgrace when looking at Yang Chen carrying out the process, they wanted to know even more, but they were not able to shed the arrogance of YuanYing stage experts and were ashamed to ask him about this, so they could only open their eyes widely and watch everything attentively, intending to make out even an inkling of what he was doing. But regardless of how much they observed with their eyes and how much they examined with their Spiritual Awareness, they were still unable to comprehend the crucial point of the process and were as confused as before.

Once the top grade zoysia entered the Profound Spirit Furnace it immediately began to shudder, but being controlled by Yang Chen using fire, it was unable to escape for some time. Within this time, those pea sized flames wrapped around the blue-green zoysia and the originally bluish-green zoysia was successfully turned into a dark red color.

This one ingredient was very important and even with Yang Chen’s skill it could only be stopped for a few breaths. But these few breaths were enough for the lid of the Profound Spirit Furnace to be covered properly.

When the flame restrictions of Yang Chen collided with the blue-green zoysia and the sixth earth fiend spell formation of the sixth layer of the refining of the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets within the Profound Spirit Furnace began to display its effects at the same time, it firmly locked the blue-green zoysia within the spell formation and did not allow it another chance for escape.

Yang Chen only had to exercise control over the Profound Spirit Furnace to be able to provide the necessary Spirit Power for the spell formation and to accelerate the refining and not have to worry about blue-green zoysia escaping. The red flame engulfed the whole zoysia and began to burn it slowly.

A trace of the zoysia’s medicinal qi slowly appeared under the effect of the Geocentric Flame. This one trace was enough for Yang Chen to make up for the expenditure for using the spell formation in the pill furnace and it was also enough to fulfill the requirements for controlling the flame. He didn’t even need to use yang qi pills to recover his spirit power.

Refining this zoysia was not as easy as refining the zoysia which Elder Wu had used for testing, or all of this could be accomplished within a moment. The Geocentric Flame was burning brightly, but it was as if the zoysia possessed its own spiritual influence and was using it to protect its body. Yang Chen could not even refine a single trace of it for a short time, no matter what method he used.

But since the zoysia had already entered the Profound Spirit Furnace, it had no opportunity to come out. Although other people did not know what was happening inside, Yang Chen understood it very clearly. Everyone knew that this was not something which would take a small amount of time and everyone had enough patience so they were all slowly waiting for Yang Chen.

What Yang Chen had to do currently, was to absorb the Spirit Power of the zoysia’s constituent spirit calmly after almost exhausting it slowly, after that, refining became the main part again. This was work which tested his patience and control ability vigorously. If one’s patience was not enough and had to leave it halfway or in case there was some problem with controlling the Geocentric Flame, if one was not careful, then it would immediately waste the heavenly material grade zoysia.

Luckily Yang Chen did not have to worry about the blue-green zoysia escaping, this decreased worry was something which allowed him to concentrate all of his mind on controlling the flame to go through with the refining. As for patience, Yang Chen had never lacked in patience before, even in his previous life, he had experienced patiently enduring thousands and ten thousands of years.

It took him ten days, then Yang Chen sensed the spirit of the blue-green zoysia resisting and struggling, but unfortunately for it, after entering the Profound Spirit Furnace, it did not receive any nourishment to recover and the more the Spirit Power it used up, the smaller its strength to resist became. According to Yang Chen’s calculations, he should be able to refine the blue-green zoysia completely within two months time.

During the refining process, Yang Chen could maintain his Spirit Power to be abundant at all times by absorbing the small amount of medicinal qi which leaked to the edge. This was not something out of everyone’s expectation, everyone was aware of how precious the blue-green zoysia is, everyone was looking at him with an envious gaze, because he was able to be nourished by the zoysia at qi layer, as all of them knew that the earlier a person could be influenced by a treasured object like this, the more advantageous it would be for him at the later stages.

Two more months passed within a flash and under the continuous and unending torment of the Geocentric Flame, the top grade blue-green zoysia finally stopped struggling and didn’t even tremble in the slightest, calmly lying down within the Profound Spirit Furnace, motionlessly.

An immense amount of Spirit Power directly rushed out of the furnace and entered Yang Chen’s body. The fleshly body which had been nourished by the blood of countless immortals once again began to show some slight changes.

His blood started surging as if he had gained some kind of mysterious ability and he had a feeling as if he was full of life force. It felt as if, as long as an attack did not kill him immediately, his body would have the ability to recover to the peak. Although this was entirely based on his instincts and was never put to the test, Yang Chen was sure he had this kind of vitality. It seemed as if he had also absorbed the resistance ability of the zoysia while refining.

No wonder that He LianYun did not want to allow Yang Chen to refine and purify the herb, he was probably aware that the refining of these herbs could allow him to gain such great benefits. Yang Chen did not have a lot of experience in pill concocting in his previous life, so he was not very familiar with top grade herbs like the zoysia and believed that they were only capable of providing some Spirit Power to break through, only now did he realize that they also had such huge benefits.

The Spirit Power entering his body began to improve Yang Chen’s Spirit Power frantically. After being refined by the Profound Spirit Furnace for these few months, there seemed to be hardly any impurity within the Spiritual Influence and the Spirit Power of yin and yang of all five phases were spurred to start circulating frantically.

Even though Yang Chen had used the reverse yin and yang five phases secrets to refine this Spirit Power, it was still an unending stream of Spirit Power and would burst into his body as before. The Spirit Power accumulated within the zoysia was being released little by little and just the first part of refining the constituent spirit was already sufficient to allow Yang Chen to get lifelong benefits.

Yang Chen had nursed his body for a long time while sitting down in meditation in order to rush towards the foundation stage, and now the time for the sprint had come. Using this immense Spirit Power, Yang Chen’s own Spirit Power began to increase frantically and at the same time it also began to slowly flow outside and vaguely communicate with the Spirit Power in the outside world.

The dense Spiritual Influence within the villa began to merge with the Spirit Power in Yang Chen’s body and gradually began to form into one. In front of the four YuanYing experts and the one Da Cheng expert, light began to emerge from Yang Chen’s body and the Spiritual Influence within the villa began to converge there.

“Connecting the energies of Heaven and Earth?”

Elder Wu was startled and immediately wrinkled his brows.

“Building a foundation at this time?”

Yang Chen reaching foundation was a good deed which Elder Wu would be glad to see it happening, but Elder Wu was afraid that, because he was suddenly connecting the energies of Heaven and Earth, he would be distracted. Even a little bit of carelessness at the time of refining the blue-green zoysia could lead to failure. Other ingredients had many batches in reserve, but there was only one blue-green zoysia.

This time Elder Wu began to regret that Yang Chen was going to reach the foundation stage. He hadn’t anticipated that Yang Chen would make a breakthrough at such a time. Unfortunately, he did not know, but those pill concocting experts should have realized it clearly, why didn’t they warn him? Thinking this, Elder Wu looked resentfully at those three, as if the failure in refining this time would be the responsibility of those three.

In reality, even Zhu Peng, He LianYun and Deng Yi were astonished. Although they clearly knew that refining the zoysia had immense benefits, they also hadn’t expected that Yang Chen would be able to make a breakthrough during the process of refining. By the time they became aware of this, everything was already too late, during this time, they also didn’t know what to do and could only closely observe Yang Chen using their Spiritual Awareness, fearing that he would cause an accident over there.

The Spiritual Influence of Heaven and Earth began to frantically rush towards Yang Chen, he had already anticipated this long ago, he relaxed his control and allowed the Spirit Power of Heaven and Earth to enter within his body, but his hands hadn’t relaxed in the slightest, his control over that thread of flame hadn’t loosened and the stably burning zoysia didn’t fluctuate in the slightest.

This kind of performance slightly lessened the worries of the people in the surroundings, although their Spiritual Awareness could not examine what kind of change was occurring within the Profound Spirit Furnace, but the hands controlling the Spirit Power hadn’t changed in the slightest bit, this clearly alleviated many of their worries.

Elder Wu was especially glad, even at this time Yang Chen was still making an all out effort to continue the refining process of the blue-green zoysia, in spite of being surprised by the breakthrough. He was indeed both scared and happy. Ordinary cultivators would certainly cause fluctuations in those threads of flame if there was such a sudden change in their body, but there was not even the slightest change in Yang Chen’s control over the Profound Spirit Furnace. Even Elder Wu reached the conclusion that he himself would not be able to show such tenaciousness under such circumstances.

The top grade blue-green zoysia, together with the thick Spiritual Influence within the villa made sure that Yang Chen didn’t have the slightest amount of obstructions in reaching the foundation stage. His Spiritual Awareness and Spirit Power were both frantically increasing during this process, the small changes that had accumulated for a long time had finally given rise to completely fundamental changes, an enormous amount of Spirit Power began to overflow from his meridians and entered his body, beginning to nourish all of his internal organs.

The medicinal power and Spirit Power thoroughly cleansed Yang Chen’s body and bit by bit, the body which was originally nourished by the blood essence of tens of thousands of immortals began to slowly release some black colored impurities. Soon a stinking smell appeared in the whole area.

This was a fundamental change which everyone had to go through at the time of reaching the foundation stage, all of the impurities within the body were discharged to make it more tranquil. But at this moment, nobody had any means to wash the impurities of Yang Chen’s body for the fear of disturbing him and ruining the entire process of refining and purifying, so they had to continue to bear this horrible smell for a good moment. They did not dare to relax their attentive watch, fearing that Yang Chen would be disturbed by this and lose control.

At the time when everyone was tensed, Yang Chen did something which made the souls of everyone there leave their bodies. He surprisingly took away one hand from the Profound Spirit Furnace and transformed his water attributed Spirit Power to a clear thread, moving over his body like a serpent. Within a short moment it washed away all of the impurities discharged by his body and soon afterwards he fished out a jade bottle and collected all of the impurities in it, which confused the surrounding people even more.

Nevertheless, the most astonishing thing was that, even though Yang Chen had performed so many tasks with one hand, his other hand was steady and unswerving from the beginning to the end and hadn’t swayed in the least. The output Spirit Power was also absolutely stable. At this moment it seemed as if Yang Chen had suddenly turned into two people.

Other people may not know, but Yang Chen was very clear about his body. After reaching the foundation stage, his Spiritual Awareness had a huge increase, directly rushing to the peak of the JieDan stage. The benefits of cultivating the Three Purities Secrets could be seen very clearly at this moment. Although Yang Chen still hadn’t reached the level where he could form another primordial spirit, dividing his mind to do two different tasks was not an issue for him. One side was controlling the refining of the blue-green zoysia within the Profound Spirit Furnace, while the other was controlling the Spirit Power which was washing his body, as if it was very normal.

All of these people were so scared that cold beads of sweats threatened to drop from their faces. They all had a whole new level of respect for Yang Chen, but everyone was confused about Yang Chen collecting all of the impurities and storing them in a jade bottle. But this was clearly not the time to ask questions and they could only watch Yang Chen accomplish everything, while enjoying the spirit power cleaning his body with one hand, and controlling the Profound Spirit Furnace to continue refining on with the other.

Even if the constituent spirit of the blue-green zoysia had disappeared, the refining still required grinding labour. Fortunately, Yang Chen had already entered the foundation stage, so his Spirit Power and Spiritual Awareness had risen tremendously. In addition to that, the medicinal power dispelled from the zoysia would ensure that there would be sufficient amounts of Spirit Power, so there was no reason to be worried about the refining.

The fire attributed Spirit Power had finally broken through the qi layer bottleneck and had entered the foundation stage. The Spirit Power of the other attributes had also risen by one layer under the nourishment of the blue-green zoysia, rising from the eighth qi layer to the ninth qi layer. Because of reaching the foundation stage, the Spirit Power from outside also began to enter his body and provided Yang Chen with the opportunity to consolidate his current realm.

This process of refining on one side and going through great changes on the other, continued for ten days, during this time, the blue-green zoysia was slowly refined. First, the whole zoysia had turned dark red and began to soften and then it gradually changed into a liquid. The impurities within the medicinal liquid were released at the edge of the pill concocting furnace under his precise control of the flame, leaving behind only the most purified medicinal liquid.

After this medicinal liquid was completely spread out, Yang Chen scorched the whole medicinal liquid with his controlled flame and cleared up all of the impurities within it completely. Only after waiting until the medicinal efficacy reached the extreme limit which Yang Chen could reach, did he yawn.

“The blue-green zoysia has been refined, immediately prepare the pill furnace!”

The zoysia had to be used immediately after refining, so everyone had already made their preparations, hearing Yang Chen’s words, Deng Yi immediately placed her pill concocting furnace in front of Yang Chen. This pill concocting furnace was many grades higher than Yang Chen’s Profound Spirit Furnace. This magic tool grade pill furnace released a wave of purple colored radiance, as if it was a great emperor standing in front of a commoner.

Yang Chen controlled the medicinal liquid of the blue-green zoysia with all of his strength and in an instant he opened the furnace and shifted it to Deng Yi’s furnace. Deng Yi was prepared a long time ago and once the medicinal liquid entered the pill concocting furnace, she immediately took control and transferred the liquid to the bottom of the pill concocting furnace.

Only after seeing that everything was complete, did Yang Chen open his mouth and say to Elder Wu:

“Elder Wu, fortunately I did not fail!”

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