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Chapter 72 - Seizing His Geocentric Flame Would Be More Convenient


Elder Wu didn’t raise this topic again, instead he took out a pot of strong tea, two tea cups and poured one for himself and one for Yang Chen and put it back afterwards.

The tea within the teapot produced a dark green color which was similar to the blue-green zoysia Yang Chen had refined. The teacup was also not something simple, it similarly had a fresh appearance and green color which could make people drool. Together with the dark green tea, it perfectly resembled a precious treasure.

“This is something this old man prefers when he is free, young friend, experience my selfmade jadeite tea!”

Elder Wu made a signal with his hand. If other people saw this, they would immediately faint from shock, this was Elder Wu of the council of the five elders, who was not even modest when he was in front of a sect’s leader.

But as if Yang Chen was not even a little bit disturbed about what this implied. After thanking him courteously, he clasped the dark green cup with his hands.

For a majority of the time, Elder Wu stayed at the Immortal Falling Well, so he had no time to come out above the ground to search for things, therefore, he made this jadeite tea from the tender leaves of the green jade bamboo which had a totally different flavor from an ordinary tea plant. This was also the trick for which Elder Wu felt the most satisfaction, but he had always tasted it alone and had shared it with very few people, this was his first time pouring a cup for someone.

The more one was obsessed with something, the more one would desire that people appreciate one’s work, but Elder Wu had been at the Immortal Falling Well, so he had met with very few people like Yang Chen who could talk to him with confidence. When other people met with Elder Wu, they were just like moles in front of him, trembling with fear. Where could he find someone as unrestrained as Yang Chen, who could treat a Da Cheng stage cultivator as an ordinary friend?

But Elder Wu admired him for this, in Yang Chen’s eyes there wasn’t the slightest bit of regret for his assessment of the Heaven Fleeing Shuttle. The method to improve it which Yang Chen told him made Elder Wu’s admiration for Yang Chen grow even more. Although the method was not very complex, people rarely think like this, so this was very commendable.

Currently Yang Chen was calmly sitting with the jadeite tea in his hands, but Elder Wu was nervously looking at Yang Chen, waiting for his assessment. This kind of feeling of looking forward to something hadn’t appeared in him for a long time. This time, he was prompted by a sudden impulse to look for Yang Chen and invite him, but that had turned out to be the correct decision.

Originally Elder Wu had just wanted to settle the affairs of the Immortal Falling Pool before leaving, but he hadn’t expect the sudden appearance of that killing intent, he looked everywhere but still couldn’t find the source of that killing intent. Soon after that he had searched most of the Immortal Falling Pond and had barely returned back when he discovered that someone had broken his rule of killing another. His anger was immediately vented on Peng Hui who was out of luck that day and was killed by Elder Wu.

Soon after that he heard about Yang Chen being a pill concocting master, while he was in the middle of his preparations for refining the Heaven Seizing Pill. To refine and purify the blue-green zoysia to the best quality, he required the help of an expert. He knew a few people, but they didn’t have a suitable flame. Thinking about giving it a try, he looked for Yang Chen, but he hadn’t expected that Yang Chen would turn out to give him a great surprise.

Immediately afterwards, his assessment of the Heaven Fleeing Shuttle made Elder Wu gain a whole new level of respect for him. At that moment Elder Wu was once again waiting nervously for Yang Chen’s evaluation of his self made jadeite tea.

Yang Chen had the jade cup within his hands but hadn’t started drinking the tea, instead he first brought the cup in front of him and lightly smelled it. This jadeite tea was very strong, the smell was also quite dense, but the thick smell of bamboo leaves could make people’s hearts carefree and relaxed. With just this one sniff, Yang Chen could smell a portion of Spirit Power being breathed in, it gave a very comfortable feeling, as if his body had been soaked within refreshing water.

Looking at Yang Chen’s facial expression while quietly smelling the tea with closed eyes, Elder Wu was becoming more and more expectant. Yang Chen’s behaviour had already completely exceeded a normal qi layer disciple. Elder Wu was becoming more and more anxious with each passing second, wanting to know Yang Chen’s evaluation of his jadeite tea.

Compared to the pleasures Yang Chen had enjoyed in the Heavenly Court, this jadeite tea possessed its own unique kind of fragrance, which forced people to take a sip. Only after smelling it for some time did Yang Chen bring the cup to his mouth and took a sip. Immediately, a portion of mixed up bamboo fragrance and simultaneously a kind of sensation that penetrated his spirit, filled his mouth, and after his mouth, it reached to the bottom of his heart.

An enormous amount of Spirit Power was released from the tea leaves, it swept away until the bottom of his heart, the beautiful taste not stopping for a long time. But at this moment Yang Chen was completely incapable of sampling this tea, the huge amount of Spirit Power it released made Yang Chen have no choice but to use the Reverse Yin and Yang Five Phases secrets to the greatest extent in order to refine and absorb this portion of spirit power. The frightening amount of spirit power was even more abundant than a one year matured Profound Yang Fruit’s Spirit Power.

Yang Chen’s face immediately turned red, looking into the eyes of Elder Wu, he suddenly responded. His jadeite tea was made up of the tender leaves of jade bamboo, so how could a qi layer disciple like Yang Chen bear the accumulated Spirit Power? Elder Wu was just about to help him when Yang Chen’s complexion slowly recovered. Soon after that he suddenly exclaimed with his voice full of infatuation:

“Good tea!”

Following which, he again took another mouthful while his face turned red and recovered again.

At this moment, Elder Wu was at a loss about how to deal this qi layer youngster. Although his praise made Elder Wu very happy, Yang Chen’s behaviour had clearly surpassed that of an ordinary qi layer disciple, making Elder Wu unable to judge him clearly. That youngster before his eyes, was he really at the qi layer?

He was very much unlike a frog in a well, this thought flashed within Elder Wu’s mind and he suddenly had a premonition, apparently inviting Yang Chen to participate in refining the Heaven Seizing Pill might give him a pleasant surprise.

Following which, the thoughts of these two people began to revolve around the tea, Yang Chen was enticed by the uniquely refined teapot and wanted one himself. He started to have an intense desire for a tool for making wine. The countless Thousand Year matured precious ingredients in the medicine garden, together with the unique secret recipes about making wine that he knew, along with his own experience of thousands or tens of thousands of years of winemaking, what kind of smell would it produce? The fine jade wine made within the Heavenly Court, he probably couldn’t even come close to it.

Elder Wu was completely unaware that his teapot had given rise to many thoughts in Yang Chen’s head. In any case, the more he talked about the tea with Yang Chen, the more they hit it off. Yang Chen’s plentiful knowledge and that unique perspective about its taste, often made Elder Wu’s eyes shine brightly. Even if Yang Chen hadn’t any knowledge about pill concocting, Elder Wu still wished to sit together with Yang Chen and converse. Even he felt fortunate to find such a young friend, who did not mind his seniority and cultivation.

The conversation between them continued until they reached their destination. But both of them felt unsatisfied and still wanted to talk some more.

This was the location personally chosen by Elder Wu for refining the Heaven Seizing Pill. Because they had been flying on the Heaven Fleeing Shuttle for the whole journey, Yang Chen did not know how much time had passed or how far they had travelled. But Yang Chen was very sure about one thing, Elder Wu would definitely not allow any person or matter to trouble him while he was refining the Heaven Seizing Pill.

There were several tens of restriction spells on this place, even if it was Elder Wu himself, controlling the Heavenly Fleeing Shuttle and incessantly attacking the spell formations one by one, he would still have to spend at least one hour to be able to enter. But this tight defence was still only one small gear in a big machine.

This was not out of Yang Chen’s expectations, the Heaven Seizing Pill, a pill that dared to be called as ‘Heaven Seizing’ was already the pinnacle pill in defiance against the heavens. If Elder Wu handled this matter lightly, then he would be playing with his life.

After the Heavenly Fleeing Shuttle landed on the ground, Elder Wu asked Yang Chen to come out, then he collected the Heavenly Flying Shuttle and put forth a spell formation. Soon afterwards, a road suddenly appeared within the dense jungle in front of them. Elder Wu took the lead and Yang Chen followed close behind, entering the jungle.

Behind the jungle was a valley, neither big nor small, the Spirit Power within the valley was plentiful. Once they came in, Yang Chen saw an exceptionally refined villa. At the gate of the villa, more than ten foundation stage servants were neatly lined up, forming a row. All of them had the same attire and seeing Elder Wu, they immediately paid their respects to him.

Elder Wu made a casual gesture with his hand to command them, pointing towards Yang Chen.

“My Young Friend Yang Chen is someone whom I have personally invited. You all must not show even a little bit of carelessness!”

After he finished instructing them, he immediately entered the villa, bringing Yang Chen along with him.

The inside of the manor was still lavish and exquisite, just the region, as far as Yang Chen’s eyes could see, had at least three, one thousand years old trees, swaying gently. As for the materials used to make the villa, everywhere Yang Chen’s eyes could look, he would not even regret to dismantle the roofs, walls and ground, as they could be used to refine a magic treasure. The net worth this Da Cheng stage expert had accumulated for several hundred or thousand years was at least two times that of Yang Chen when he was hiding and running.

Elder Wu had paid particular attention to efficiency. After returning to the manor, he directly led Yang Chen to the location where the Heaven Seizing Pill was being refined. Here, Yang Chen saw a few guests of Elder Wu.

It was as expected. Elder Wu was not at all famous for pill concocting, therefore, in order to refine the Heaven Seizing Pill, he would surely require the help of high grade pill concocting masters. Yang Chen saw that there were at least three YuanYing stage pill concocting masters.

Peng Zhu, Deng Yi, He LianYun, three people, all of them famous pill concocting masters. In Yang Chen’s previous life, these people had very well known reputations. When Yang Chen was a youngster, the worst of these three people was already at the third grade, while the best, Deng Yi, a female, was already a fourth grade pill concocting master.

Hearing that Yang Chen was also a pill concocting master, a trace of doubt and contempt appeared within the gazes of the three pill concocting masters. A qi layer pill concocting master, even if his level of achievement was high, how high could it possibly be?

“Yang Chen has the Geocentric Flame, most suitable for refining blue-green zoysia.”

Regardless of whether it was Elder Wu or Yang Chen, both hadn’t expected the disdain these three pill concocting experts showed. The Heaven Seizing Pill was not something a qi layer youngster could participate in. The only reason why Yang Chen was capable of participating was because he possessed the Geocentric Flame and his control over fire was absolutely outstanding, making him competent enough for the assignment of purifying the blue-green zoysia.

On top of that, Elder Wu hadn’t overrated Yang Chen, which made these three people feel some dissatisfaction. At the same time, he hadn’t degraded his value, merely declared the reasons why Yang Chen should be allowed to participate. These reasons could be considered to be acceptable to these three pill concocting experts. Although each of them was a fire attributed cultivator and possessed a flame, they didn’t have the Geocentric Flame.


He LianYun snorted but didn’t say anything, but he didn’t conceal that trace of loathing towards Yang Chen within his eyes. This kind of opportunity to become famous under the heavens by refining a Heaven Seizing Pill was given to a youngster, this was simply an inconvenience to them, He LianYun could not believe that Yang Chen was integral.

“Only do what you are supposed to do, by all means do not try to participate in anything else.”

With regards to words, Deng Yi was very cautious and warned many times:

“His mistake will be Elder Wu’s problem, you should certainly not blame us!”

Only her words were meant to be a reminder and didn’t have a warning tone.

As for Zhu Peng, he didn’t say anything, only coldly glanced at Yang Chen and then did not pay any more attention to him, sitting down to recuperate.

The attitudes of these three people were totally different, but Elder Wu didn’t even show slightest change in expression. To refine the Heaven Seizing Pill, these three were the most important people he needed, so he could absolutely not develop any hostility with these people for a qi layer disciple like Yang Chen. When he had brought Yang Chen along, his only aim was to increase the chances of success at first, even if his view toward Yang Chen had changed later, he would not change his priority for Yang Chen.

Towards the contempt of those three pill concocting experts, Yang Chen acted as if nothing had happened, he sat down on the seat arranged for him by Elder Wu and began to examine the one person who was not a pill concocting master.

“Pattern Mountain, Beast Taming Sect!”

Seeing that Yang Chen was observing him, an unfriendly expression spread across the face of the remaining person, but he declared his identity regardless.

Yang Chen knew clearly that the refining of a Heaven Seizing Pill required the spirit of a formidable demonic beast to act as the Pill Spirit. The Pattern Mountain were precisely the experts who provided assistance in this area.

He nodded slightly towards the person from Pattern Mountain and soon after that, Yang Chen stood up to show the proper etiquette of a youngster towards his seniors:

“This youngster is referred to as Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen.”

This ceremony eased up the complexion of a few people, but the rest didn’t say anything. Deng Yi opened her mouth again and just said “en” and nothing more. These four majestic YuanYing experts had surprisingly degenerated enough to concoct pills together with a qi layer youngster, if it were not for Elder Wu’s face, they would have already kicked him out of this villa.

“According to recipe, everything has been completely prepared, everyone take a look and tell me if you require anything more.”

Elder Wu asked everyone in the meeting, his complexion had turned solemn. This matter concerned his ascension, so he could not have even the slightest error happening.

“There’s nothing else required, but this Yang Chen, will he do? This is a major matter concerning the ascension of Elder Wu, if he makes even a small mistake, then even if he was killed a hundred times, he would still not be able to repay the debt!”

He LianYun once again opened his mouth, speaking out against Yang Chen.

“As far as I know, the Pure Yang Palace is not a sect famous for pill concoction, this qi layer disciple has merely acquired the Geocentric Flame by luck, instead of him I’d rather take one of my apprentices or a third grade pill concocting master at the peak of the JieDan stage, seizing his Geocentric Flame would be more convenient!”

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