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Chapter 66 - Geocentric Flame

No one would be able to guess that the Geocentric Flame was located at the utmost edge of the magma river. If it were not for his memories from his previous life, Yang Chen would also not able to be convinced about this. Nevertheless, after finding the location of the Geocentric Flame, the excitement in Yang Chen’s heart came down by few knots.

When had he obtained the Real Sun Fire in his previous life? It was around the time when he was at the middle YuanYing stage, only then did he have a chance to receive the Real Sun Fire and from then on his hopeless situation turned around and he got the chance to cultivate to ascension.

Currently, when he was so close to the Geocentric Flame, he just had the cultivation of the upper qi layer. Although there was a difference of several grades between the Geocentric Flame and the real sun fire, possessing a flame at the qi layer and possessing a flame at YuanYing stage are two very different concepts.

Yang Chen noiselessly wrapped his spiritual awareness around himself, so that he would not be discovered by those people sweeping around with their spiritual awareness and he soon disappeared into the magma.

Underneath the magma was a very small space with a size of five square inch. Within this space the magma flow was completely different from the magma flow in other regions. In fact, the flow in this place was not magma, it was actually a broth of rocks flowing together, while the great majority of it was a flame. This flame was only flowing within this space, not even overflowing a little bit. When the magma came into contact with this flame, it was burned again and turned into liquid, flowing even more rapidly.

Yang Chen’s silhouette appeared at the side of this space, but this time he was not using any fire evading technique, instead he was using a method to control the fire to push out the magma from the surroundings. After emptying a space large enough to fit himself, it allowed him to come in close contact with the Geocentric Flame.

Even though the Geocentric Flame was not very high grade, merely an insignificant third grade flame, Yang Chen was still extremely cautious. Even if it was the lowest grade flame, if one was not cautious at the time of receiving it, it was still able to burn the insides of that person and kill him.

The best method was to use a medium. One would first allow the medium to absorb the flame, then the cultivator could extract the fire qi from the medium little by little, wait until his body has adjusted to the small increase in the flame, and then repeat until he finally achieved his aim of absorbing the fire.

According to Yang Chen’s experience, he first had to make a plan. Originally the Profound Spirit Furnace lacked a flame, this time was the perfect opportunity. But Yang Chen was still extremely cautious, he did not want to be careless, now that his desire was in front of his eyes, as he didn’t want to ruin this undertaking for just some short-term benefits.

With two Thousand Year Profound Yang Fruits in his hands, the Profound Spirit Furnace transformed into the size of the palm of his hand. First Yang Chen sat cross legged with his soles and palms pointing towards the sky and meditated for a while, then he bit into one of the Profound Yang Fruits. Using the spirit power overflowing from his body, he controlled the Profound Spirit Furnace to slowly fly towards the Geocentric Flame.

As soon as the flame touched the furnace the boundary around the flame was broken through and the speed of the Profound Spirit Furnace suddenly became very fast, rushing towards the flame.

Within a moment, the originally black colored Profound Spirit Furnace turned dark red. Due to the connection between Yang Chen and the Profound Spirit Furnace, he also sensed the violent heatwave wreaking havoc in the surroundings of the Profound Spirit Furnace. The body of the Profound Spirit Furnace appeared to show signs of melting.

Nevertheless, even though it was a third grade furnace, to be able to melt this large amount of magma effortlessly, it was absolutely normal for the Profound Spirit Furnace to show signs of melting. If it were not for the protection of his spirit power and he did not have a medium like the Profound Spirit Furnace, which could absorb the flame, he absolutely would have melted on the spot.

Yang Chen immediately sensed the pressure and the spirit power within his body started to crazily flow towards the Profound Spirit Furnace. The Five Phases spirit power of the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets all transformed into fire attributed spirit power and entered the Profound Spirit Furnace.

The only way to collect the flame was to use fire controlling arts, otherwise failure was the only option. This was also the reason why the cultivators capable of receiving the flame were mostly fire attributed.

A trace of fire entered the Profound Spirit Furnace under Yang Chen’s control and then began to refine the internal composition of the furnace. This trace of fire was being controlled by Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness inside of the Profound Spirit Furnace, because he was the master of the Profound Spirit Furnace.

Very quickly this trace of fire was absorbed by the Profound Spirit Furnace. Following this one was another trace. Yang Chen’s current cultivation was very low, only at the high qi layer stage, so he wasn’t able to connect the energy of heaven and earth and the amount of fire he absorbed had a limit every time. Due to this small space of five square inches which held the geocentric flame, Yang Chen could only use this kind of laborious and time consuming method to sap away at the flame little by little.

This absorption took around half a year of time. Within this half year, Yang Chen hadn’t suspended his control over fire, in order to absorb the entirety of the Geocentric Flame into the Profound Spirit Furnace. During this period, he had consumed around two hundred Thousand Year matured Profound Yang Fruits, taking one every day on average. The spirit power consumed by him could put an ordinary foundation stage expert to shame.

But all of this was not without gains. Not to mention other things, just his fire attributed spirit power had been upgraded by at least one grade compared to the spirit power of his other attributes. Yang Chen could sense very clearly that his fire attributed spirit power had already entered the eighth qi layer.

Finally, after half a year’s time, only a trace of the Geocentric Flame remained in that space, the rest had all been absorbed by Yang Chen into the Profound Spirit Furnace.

At this moment, an earth shattering transformation had taken place within the Profound Spirit Furnace and it had become totally different compared to how it looked half a year ago. The small cauldron was still palm sized, but its color had completely turned dark red. It shone in brilliant lights and vibrant color, it was extremely beautiful. The appearance of the furnace turned pure and sparkling, as if it was some kind of priceless pottery, made with the help of the Geocentric Flame.

The last traces of flame were quickly absorbed into the furnace, the absorption had already gone on for half a year, so the Profound Spirit Furnace had adapted to the fire of the Geocentric Flame. This trace only took half of the time the first one took, to get absorbed completely.

When the process was over, the sound of violent trembling suddenly came from the furnace.


It was followed by a sudden jolt and after that the furnace became calm again. The dark red light began to move around on the upper part of the furnace as if it had become alive. Only after revolving across the outer wall for a long while, did it gradually settle down, but it still left behind an impression similar to being burned by the Geocentric Flame.

Under Yang Chen’s control, the profound spirit furnace slowly landed in front of him. He then grabbed it and fondled it admiringly for quite a long time. Only after he was done with that, did he put it away in the Achievements Ring. After finishing everything, Yang Chen exhaled a long breath. At last he did not need to continue with the frantic output of spirit power, he could finally take a little bit of rest.

But Yang Chen did not dare to relax for a very long time. Although the Geocentric Flame was completely absorbed by Profound Spirit Furnace already, he himself still hadn’t began to collect it; this was an even more important task that needed to be done.

At this hidden corner, Yang Chen started to warm up his cultivation. Because of the long time he had been releasing his spirit power and controlling it within the Profound Spirit Furnace to absorb the Geocentric Flame, Yang Chen hadn’t warmed up to train for a long time. This time he had to spend a whole ten days to clear the fatigue he accumulated in that half of a year.

After going through this warm up, his meridians and the spirit power throughout his body were restored to their peak state. In accordance with Yang Chen’s expectations, the fire attributed spirit power stood out as it had become the highest grade spirit power within the five phases. Compared with the grade of the other attributes, it was a full grade higher.

This was fully in line with Yang Chen’s expectations, as he was naturally endowed with a fire spirit root, the fire attributed spirit power was given more prominence, it was a completely normal thing. Under Yang Chen’s control, the fire attributed cultivation was able to conceal the spirit power of the other phases, so that when Yang Chen went out of the Immortal Falling Well, it would not give rise to suspicion.

Currently Yang Chen had to do one thing and that was to find an absolutely safe region to extract the flame from the Profound Spirit Furnace little by little and absorb it. This was different from what Yang Chen had actually wanted to do before, the Profound Spirit Furnace had the ability to hold the flame by itself, after all. Furthermore it was still only a medium for Yang Chen, if he wanted to genuinely control the Geocentric Flame it still required Yang Chen’s own strength.

Yang Chen noiselessly appeared on the surface of the magma river, there was nobody present in the surroundings. After half a year had passed, if those people were still waiting for him here, Yang Chen would absolutely admire their patience and good decision making.

The safest place within the Immortal Falling Well was probably only that cheat-like region which Yang Chen had used before. Only there would he not have to worry about attacks from spirit beasts. Moreover he would still have the underground spirit vein which would help him with cultivation, it was simply a one-of-a-kind immortal cave.

On the outside there were many safe places, but a cultivator would only get ten years within the Immortal Falling Well. If he left midway, that would also be counted as leaving, which would really be a great loss. Yang Chen still had many matters which he had to finish here.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly discovered something in his surroundings. He released a little bit of spiritual awareness and soon threads of spiritual awareness, thin as if they were made out of silk, slowly dispersed into the surroundings. This was a minor method of the Three Purities Secrets to control spiritual awareness. By using this, the spiritual awareness could not be discovered by people.

The thin threads of spiritual awareness spread in an area of several tens of meters, but very quickly Yang Chen could only sigh again. It had been so much time, but there were still people wasting their time in the surroundings of the magma river. This was truly outside of his expectations.

Yang Chen had underestimated the greed for obtaining a method that could make a qi layer disciple become a third grade pill concocting expert, these people had. Even for the next few years, as long as they had a hope of getting an opportunity, maybe these people would still be firmly waiting for him, as before.

Strictly speaking, it was extremely disgraceful for Yang Chen to be forced to run all around to save himself by these people. Originally Yang Chen had planned that after absorbing the Geocentric Flame, he would find these people again to settle their debts. But currently, after seeing that these people were surprisingly still keeping watch here, Yang Chen was filled with boundless fury.

He had seen people who take unfair advantage of others, but never ones who were this unfair. In his previous life, Yang Chen was kept in house arrest as a kind of control by people. The most hateful of them were the kind of people who kept a firm watch on him, not letting him break free.

Fury rose from his heart and hate was born from his intestines, if he let these people continue to do what they want without saying anything, then surely these kinds of circumstances would happen again. Even those people who were not originally a part of this could get influenced by these people and join their ranks. If these people were not taught a lesson and were not made aware of Yang Chen’s ferociousness, they would definitely not want to let this matter go.

But even if he was extremely angry, Yang Chen had not lost his reason. He had only just absorbed the Geocentric Flame into the Profound Spirit Furnace and the lowest among these enemies was at least at the middle of the foundation stage. After one had successfully built his foundation and connected the energy of heaven and earth, the transformation of his strength was something that Yang Chen knew better than anyone else. That kind of strength was absolutely not something a qi layer cultivator could contend against. He could only stand a chance against them, if they were like Jin Tao, who already lacked confidence and displayed that lack of confidence to provide a chance for Yang Chen to plant a heart’s devil, otherwise, face to face, he was not their enemy.

Since he could not attack them head on, Yang Chen could only mount a sneak attack from behind. Using these kinds of methods was no problem at all for Yang Chen in this life. Even in his previous life he had used every kind of method to prevail in countless situations.

Relying on the fact that underground spirit beast were not a threat to him, Yang Chen used his fire evasion technique and noiselessly approached the most distant person in the group of departing people. The formidable spiritual awareness, comparable to a middle JieDan stage expert which was tightly wrapped around Yang Chen, who was hidden underground, did not in the least alarm that person who was killing underground spirit beasts, as well as keeping watch for Yang Chen.

Mounting a sneak attack on a person who hadn’t discovered him and was locked in close combat with spirit beasts was simply not a problem for Yang Chen. The only troubling part was that this would alarm the others and he had to leave quickly before the others came.

Yang Chen had not planned to kill him silently, that sort of attack would not intimidate anyone, it was even possible that others would not know that this was Yang Chen’s doing and would think that he was killed by underground spirit beasts because he was careless. Yang Chen wanted to teach a lesson to these people and naturally would not easily let them off.

The person was controlling his flying sword at that time, he did not have even the slightest hint of the crisis he was facing and was still busy with painstakingly killing the spirit beasts. After the spirit beast was able to keep up with him and was not subdued by several of his attacks, he started fleeing from the far away area towards the direction of the magma lake. If he attacked it again in a moment using the flying sword, he would be able to obtain at least two spirit essences this time.

As he thought about it, the person who was keeping a close watch used that flying sword to attack the spirit beast. But at this time, someone suddenly appeared behind his body and a blade flashed in that figure’s hand, chopping towards his neck like thunder. At the same time, suddenly a few words of a loud voice entered his ears, stunning his heart:

“For every debt there is a debtor, since you have come knocking on my door, pardon me for killing you!”

The loud shout, mixed with the spirit stunning technique, distracted the person who was keeping watch. But this small distraction was enough for him to receive a fatal attack. Yang Chen’s sword box had already streaked across his neck and warm blood rushed from his neck, shooting up high into the air, and then falling down at a distance.

The people in other directions, including the person at the center who had a very high cultivation, all heard Yang Chen’s voice at this moment. Everyone flew towards this direction in surprise. But before the people could arrive there themselves, their spiritual awarenesses came over and started frantically probing the situation there.

The unfortunate thing for them was, even if their spiritual awareness was very quick, they could only discover that Yang Chen had already picked up the flying sword that had fallen far away.

“Wash your neck cleanly, I hope we will meet again!”

Yang Chen only left one sentence, making people ponder over his words when he suddenly disappeared from their spiritual awareness.

By the time everyone had managed to come over, only the dead corpse of that person could be found there. The rest of all the objects had been taken away. The qiankun pouch, the flying sword, all had disappeared without a trace long ago. The only thing left behind were Yang Chen’s threatening words, still lingering in the ears of those people.

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