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Chapter 64 - Want To Play With Fire With Me?

A third grade pill, there was no need to talk about efficiency, everyone who was able to refine third grade pills was considered to be an outstanding talent within this world. The already known third grade pill refining experts were all nearly YuanYing or Da Cheng stage monsters, even being able to see them was a huge event, let alone receiving their pills.

But surprisingly Yang Chen had declared that within one year he would be able to refine third grade pills, right in front of them. Wouldn’t that mean that, after coming out of the Immortal Falling Well, he would become a third grade pill concocting master?

A third grade pill concocting master at the qi layer? This could not just be considered as a talent, this was a monster. Any pill, as long as it was a third grade pill, even if it was the most common yang qi pill, it could still be compared to a Jade Lingzhi Pill. It should be known that the Jade Lingzhi Pill could heal any kind of injury and even bring back a person from the brink of death. This pill was simply outrageous.

“Younger Disciple Yang, I am from the Universal Sect, if you find any problems within the Immortal Falling Well, just tell me!”

“Younger Disciple Yang, after coming out of the Immortal Falling Well, if you need anything, look for me at the Mo Yun Sect…”

Within a moment, countless voices started talking close to Yang Chen, striving to make a good impression on him. How many people could get the opportunity to become friends with a third grade pill concocting master, most of all someone at the qi layer, who hadn’t become a third grade pill concocting master yet? If they could give him enough assistance, then their future gains would be ample enough to make even their sect’s Sect Leaders drool.

The chaos at that corner immediately captured the attention of the other people within the market, everyone released their spiritual awareness to watch, but because they did not hear what these people said, they were confused why an upper qi layer cultivator could make foundation stage and even initial JieDan stage experts chase after him.

A qi layer cultivator, moreover at that corner, could it be that second grade pill concocting master? Immediately all of them understood everything and began to rush in that direction.

The higher the number of people assembled there, the more it increased Yang Chen’s urge to flee from the scene. The enthusiasm these cultivators showed would make people believe that Yang Chen was some kind of amazing personality. Yang Chen reckoned that even if the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace personally appeared, he still wouldn’t be able to get this kind of treatment.

“This Yang Chen appreciates everyone’s kind intentions.”

Finally Yang Chen said this, cupped his hand, bowed all around and said in a loud voice:

“This youngster’s ability is merely superficial, myself is not worthy of the praise Seniors give. Myself still lacks different flames which can be found at different places, if any one of you Seniors have any information related to different flames, Myself is ready to swap it for a furnace full of pills.”

Hearing these words, all of them remembered something. What Yang Chen had previously said, about being able to refine a pill thrice after returning from the Immortal Falling Well, that would mean that he was only incapable of refining thrice because he was lacking some high grade flames. As long as he got hold of a flame, he would be able to immediately break through to become a third grade pill concocting expert.

Although in his previous life Yang Chen was a cultivator with the fire attribute, he was only able to find the flame ‘Real Sun Fire’, which was very well suited to his cultivation, by a fluke, otherwise Yang Chen would not have been able to ascend successfully. To find a flame by oneself was an extremely difficult task, so maybe he would be able to get some assistance from these people in searching for flames, by handing out some favors.

Regardless of whether the flame was of a low or high grade, even if it was unsuitable for Yang Chen, it could still be absorbed by the Profound Spirit Furnace and increase its grade, so this kind of deal had only benefits for Yang Chen and no harm, why shouldn’t he do it?

As for these cultivators, now they knew what this future third grade pill concocting master required, so if they wanted pills from him, it was only natural that they should use their connections to seek information regarding this. If they were able to find something, it would give them a chance to obtain Yang Chen’s friendship. In this world, where would they get such an easy opportunity to curry favor with a third grade pill concocting master, furthermore one that was still at the qi layer?

Countless cultivators left with all kinds of hopes and finally Yang Chen didn’t need to cup his hands to the surroundings anymore and could go by himself again, to take care of his own matters. Within the Immortal Falling Well, everyone only cared about tempering themselves and killing spirit beasts, as for making friends with a pill concocting master, they would try to seize that opportunity if it was convenient, as for everything else, it could only be done at a later time after they came out.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Chen once again disappeared into the Immortal Falling Well, but that didn’t cause any suspicion, as everyone had come to the Immortal Falling Well to train by killing spirit beasts. Everyone within the Immortal Falling Well had this kind of lifestyle, they went out and they knew where they could find spirit beasts they could kill.

This event didn’t bring any substantial benefits for Yang Chen, it merely gave people a chance to curry favor with him and in return it gave Yang Chen the opportunity to ask for other people’s assistance in searching for different flames, nothing else was affected.

Currently Yang Chen did not attach much importance to anything other than obtaining the Geocentric Flame. Within the five years that Yang Chen had joined the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen hadn’t forgotten his training for even one day, he was doing all of this with only the desire to pay respects under his master again.

Yang Chen had a very strong premonition, as long as he was able to obtain the Geocentric Flame within the Immortal Falling Well, his cultivation of the fire attribute would be able to reach the foundation stage. No matter what, at that point in time Yang Chen was stranded at the qi layer. In many matters he was not able to do anything because he hadn’t officially built his foundation and connected the spiritual influence of heaven and earth. Even to defend himself, he could only rely on other methods.

The whole journey towards the location of the Geocentric Flame was very relaxed, wherever he went, all of the underground spirit beasts disappeared at lightning speed, so he didn’t come across any hinderances at all.

In a region, some distance behind Yang Chen, someone was creasing his brows. Yang Chen’s speed was very rapid, making all of them incapable of catching up to him.

“Could it be that the Pure Yang Palace has discovered a method to keep away the spirit beasts? How can he move this quickly? Why aren’t the underground spirit beasts attacking him?”

That person was puzzled and while examining the compass he held, he raised his head to look in the direction where Yang Chen had disappeared and wrinkled his brows again.

“A qi layer cultivator who can become a third grade pill concocting expert? This kind of person should not remain at the Pure Yang Palace!”

In some other direction, another shadow said this while holding a similar compass. His expression showed that he did not have any good intentions, looking at the continuously trembling pointer of the compass.

“The Pure Yang Palace has gained an immense reputation in the recent years, even a qi layer youngster is bragging and swindling people in the Immortal Falling Well, it would be a good lesson for them!”

The high level expert said.

“Is it possible that the Pure Yang Palace has obtained the guidance of a senior expert? Otherwise how could their outer disciples increase so much in the last few years. Even a qi layer youngster can easily become a second grade pill concocting master!”

A black clothed person said while enviously looking in the direction in which Yang Chen left.

“I will capture this youngster and torture him to reveal the secrets of the Pure Yang Palace!”

The large number of people following Yang Chen had various sorts of ideas. But the strangest thing was that they all held the same kind of compass, which pointed towards Yang Chen’s location.

Even if all of them released their spiritual awareness, Yang Chen would still not be able to discover these people, because they followed him from a distance one hour away. Although Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness had reached middle JieDan stage, his spirit power was quite lacking, several kilometers was its maximum range. Yang Chen would not be able to find someone if he was outside of this range.

But even if Yang Chen was unable to discover them, they were also unable to keep up with Yang Chen’s pace. The underground spirit beasts kept coming up to attack them like always, this convinced those people even more that the Pure Yang Palace, or more precisely, Yang Chen, had found some way which could deal with the underground spirit beasts. This method, they definitely had to obtain it!

Actually, Yang Chen was not moving that fast, just at his regular speed. Within the Immortal Falling Well, Yang Chen hadn’t been flying to move around, even though he was currently at the seventh qi layer, while a cultivator gained the ability to fly without using any talisman tool after reaching the sixth qi layer. But below the ground the most secure way was to walk, one absolutely couldn’t show off one’s ability.

The problem was, even though Yang Chen was walking normally and those several people were quick, if they wanted to catch up with Yang Chen by going against hundreds or thousands of spirit beasts, even though they were all experts at the foundation or even JieDan stage, they still had to make their way by cutting a bloody path.

Yang Chen seemed completely unaware of what was happening behind him, he just calmly kept on walking towards his destination. In this direction there was an underground river formed of magma. A lot of people knew that the Geocentric Flame was located at that magma river. Since it was not any highly secret location, nobody found it strange that he was going there. In any case, he was a fire attributed cultivator, so coming to this magma river was very suitable for his cultivation.

The magma river emitted a dark red colored brilliance, this was also the only region within the Immortal Falling Well which was naturally illuminated. The red colored magma slowly flowed below the ground and from time to time some magma would leak out of the river, forming a few blisters on the ground and making the surroundings sizzling hot. An ordinary person would be basically unable to support himself.

The most unexpected thing here was that, when Yang Chen was hurrying over here, a silhouette could be seen standing on a high rock, attentively gazing at that magma river.

“You have finally come!”

Sensing Yang Chen’s presence, the person standing above the rock came down and said in an arrogant tone:

“It took you long enough!”

The dim red color reflecting against the skin of his face, gave him an appearance similar to Yang Chen when he came out of the XianTai Stage.

“Here is a river of magma and you lack a flame, maybe you should try your luck and see if you can find the Geocentric Flame.”

The person apparently wanted to convey the feeling that Yang Chen’s appearance here was not a surprise to him. Not waiting for Yang Chen to speak, he eagerly declared his conclusion.

“Am I correct?”

“You are indeed correct!”

Finally Yang Chen had the opportunity to open his mouth, but he was not intimidated by that person’s knowledge about him, because that person spoke too quickly, talking with complete confidence and without shame about his thoughts, not even giving Yang Chen any time to speak.

Looking at the complacent smile on that person’s face, Yang Chen said:

“But even if you are correct, what does this have to do with me?”

This one rhetorical question made that person’s smug smile directly curve downwards. He absolutely did not expect that Yang Chen would give him this kind of reply and with such a tone.

What he had thought was that Yang Chen was a qi layer youngster, so in his plans, if he correctly guessed Yang Chen’s aim, it would surely shock Yang Chen, and in his shock, Yang Chen would ask for guidance. Afterwards he would suddenly flash his name, which would sound to Yang Chen like thunder piercing his ears, which would then intimidate him and make him extremely respectful. What came next would be a matter of course.

But he hadn’t thought that Yang Chen would reply like this. In other words, the plan that he had thought of for a long time completely failed. This made him, who had constantly enjoyed popularity and many people chasing after him within his sect, fly out in rage, due to the humiliation.

“Let’s get directly to the point, kid, I want to know a few things from you, if you answer me, then it will be very beneficial for you.”

The person who had spoken so calmly before, immediately changed his tone:

“You must not throw away your life to save your face!”

“With pleasure, as long as you can provide me with enough benefits, there is nothing we can not discuss.”

A smiling expression appeared on Yang Chen’s face.

“Speaking of this, what do you want to talk about and what will the benefits you want to give me, be?”

This kind of delighted reply by Yang Chen shocked the other person. Originally, the loftiness which he had built up for a long time had been broken by these interruptions, it was supposed to be like taking candy from a kid, but he ended up getting robbed instead. At the same time, that air of superiority of his was also diminished, two people using favors to exchange for information, this was just doing business and not a problem of who was superior and who was not.

“You are a qi layer youngster, how can you move so freely through the Immortal Falling Well?”

No matter what, since Yang Chen had shown a cooperative attitude, giving no reason for the other person to be angry, that person could only ask his question.

“Furthermore, you are at the qi layer, yet you have become a second grade pill concocting master, what kind of secret is behind this?”

“These two things are not any great secret.”

Yang Chen faintly smiled and then asked:

“However, what kind of benefits can you give me? If they are worth less than the secrets, we cannot reach a deal!”

“As long as you speak, I will let you retain your little life. You can use your life in exchange for these two secrets!”

The other person finally revealed his fierceness.

“This price, isn’t it high enough?”

While speaking, a strong pressure suddenly pushed down from the sky, and a huge net came down at Yang Chen. That person had unexpectedly determined that he first had to capture Yang Chen and torture him to get answers, when talking with him.

‘Not good!’

A stifling pressure from someone else was something that Yang Chen could easily ignore, that pressure was trifling to deal with for him, but that huge net caused a fear in Yang Chen, if he got caught in that net, he would absolutely not be able to escape from it in a short period. Suddenly Yang Chen dashed forward at a very fast speed, directly stepping into the magma sea. Immediately after that, Yang Chen’s figure faded away, as if he himself had turned into magma.


The other person’s net ended up catching only air, he hadn’t anticipated that Yang Chen would surprisingly not be influenced by his pressure, but instead would be able to use a fleeing technique to escape. But he immediately recovered and coldly snorted:

“Humph, a trifling fire escape technique, he must have barely learned it, yet he dares to show it off in front of me? Qi layer youngster, let me see, where can you run to?”

His body flashed once and immediately disappeared into the lava.

Within the magma river, as if Yang Chen did not sense any of the burning heat, he effortlessly continued forward. Once the enemy chased after him into the magma river, Yang Chen immediately sensed his presence. Unwilling to forgive him, Yang Chen could not help but sneer.

“Want to play with fire with me? I would like to see how ferocious you can be within this fire!”

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