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Chapter 631: The Real Immortal Peach

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“That’s right.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Husband, but when we searched, we didn’t find such a small peach?” Tao Junqi asked immediately.

“This peach was hidden behind that stele, and cannot be detected by spiritual awareness.” Yang Chen used this to explain why everyone couldn’t find it.

It’s actually behind the stone tablet, it’s not wrong to think about it. At this time, everyone looked at the big peach in their hands, how dazzling it was, and they couldn’t help but want to throw it away.

“Don’t waste it.” Yang Chen hurriedly stopped them “This is your own opportunity, you can’t waste it, it’s better to eat it.”

Yang Chen’s words now basically have authority, and the girls did not hesitate to start to clean them a little, and put the peach into their mouths.

The big peach tastes very sweet, and it seems to melt in the mouth. When you bite into a small mouth, the pulp inside seems to turn into a sweet juice, which flows into the mouths of the girls.

A powerful spiritual force was directly replenished into the bodies of the girls. This spiritual force was continuous and gurgling, as if a spiritual vein entered the body. What’s more important was that this spiritual power has no attributes. If it just touches anyone’s body, it will be automatically converted by the influence of their cultivation.

What surprised the girls the most was that the speed at which this spiritual power was released was exactly the fastest speed they could absorb and refine, neither too fast nor too slow, it was just right. No wonder it’s an Immortal peach, it’s really amazing.

“This peach can provide you with spiritual power for ten years.” Yang Chen explained with a smile “It was all chosen by yourself, this is your chance this time.”

“Then husband, can it make up for your life essence?” Shi Wushuang looked at Yang Chen worriedly, and the girls recovered from the surprise. They didn’t know if Yang Chen could make up for his lost life essence, it seems a little too much to be so happy.

“No problem, at most half a year, I still need to refine it.” Saying that, Yang Chen put away the Immortal peach.

The real Immortal peach was no different from the one in the hands of the old man of the south pole, except for the maturity, and it can completely increase the cultivator’s lifespan. Only this one was enough to add tens of thousands of years of life to people. Yang Chen can’t bear to use it alone. When the pure yin true fire was also gathered, he will use it to refine the longevity pills. 

Of course, if Azhu can absorb and refine that Immortal peach tree, it will be able to grow a steady stream of peach trees in the future. At that time, Yang Chen will be the object that countless people want to cling to, even crazier than this time.

No one found out that the hill had disappeared, the distance they were now was thousands of miles away. Even if someone came to look for it in the future, it was impossible to find any traces.

This trip to find the Immortal peach made the seven fairies less suspicious of Yang Chen’s ability to find some rare treasures. No longer would they think that Yang Chen was able to obtain these treasures because of the guidance of a senior, or the records of a certain senior.

It was recorded well by the predecessors, but no one would have thought that it was among the miscellaneous books that Yang Chen had always liked to read. You can find something so useful. It wasn’t that no one learned to read miscellaneous books like Yang Chen before, but after persisting for a while, they gave up, and it was useless. Now that they think about it, they didn’t learn Yang Chen’s real reading skills at all.

Yang Chen still underestimated his attractiveness. On the way back, he was still targeted by someone. The compass that flowed out from the hands of the Greatest Heaven Sect in the past was now very rare outside, but they still existed. It was with these compasses that these people came here.

This time, Yang Chen didn’t do anything, it was Fairy Junqi, Fairy Aoki and the Murong sisters who took care of it. The seven fairies were in the Dacheng stage, facing these people who meant wrong to Yang Chen at this moment, everyone had no intention of holding back, and they killed them.

Normally, they are the people of the three major sects who are rampant. When would they think about how the sects would be implicated like Yang Chen? They are killers when they meet, and they are extremely ruthless. In particular, Fairy Aoki, who has just been promoted to the Dacheng stage, needed someone to consolidate her cultivation base.

The opponent’s only two Dacheng stage masters were surrounded by the five Murong sisters, their formation was deployed, and there was no possibility of escape, so they could only fight with all their might, but in front of the formation of the five masters, they could only drink hatred.

After just a dozen or so brief encounters, no one was able to leave alive. The seven women happily took the seized Qiankun bag and came to Yang Chen to invite him to check.

“The medicinal materials and the pill recipes are mine, and you can take the rest for yourself.” Yang Chen was also interested. As long as he was interested in things, he later added “If they have high-grade fire seeds, leave it.”

The girls agreed in unison, and then began to sort, and happily began to divide the spoils. Based on their identities and origins, it was estimated that they have less chance of encountering such unreasonable tribulation, and everyone looks happy.

Yang Chen got what he wanted, but it wasn’t particularly good. There were only some relatively common medicinal herbs and a few kinds of high-grade medicinal herbs that those experts in the Dacheng stage may find precious, they could be discarded like a shoe by Yang Chen.

“Husband, do you always encounter such a situation when you go out?” Fairy Junqi asked in a low voice. The other women also pricked up their ears, waiting for Yang Chen to answer.

“Almost, it’s been like this since I got the questioning inner heart pills.” Yang Chen also said helplessly “Then it was better after I sold the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill, but it didn’t last long, and there were many people coming after me again. They want to know how I became a fifth-grade alchemist, there are even more people chasing me.”

All the girls were silent. In fact, wasn’t that what they did when they approached Yang Chen? Of course, their main purpose was to establish a good relationship with Yang Chen, relatively speaking, they don’t have to go against their hearts.

“Husband, is there no way to solve it?” One of the Murong sisters asked seemingly innocently.

“Yes, as long as I also announce the method of becoming a fifth-grade alchemist.” Yang Chen replied casually, and suddenly came up with a brilliant idea “Yes, I only need to become a fifth-grade alchemist. Wouldn’t it be enough to sell the alchemist’s method? I can also make a lot of money.”

“Husband!” Shi Wushuang was a little stunned. Yang Chen was going to sell this, how could everyone not be shocked “You really want to do this?”

“Of course!” The more Yang Chen thought about it, the more he thought it was a good idea, and he simply said to the girls, “It’s just right, you also use your sect to help me spread the word, saying that I will reveal the method of becoming a fifth-grade alchemist in five years. Interested sect, who can pay enough price, each sect can come with three people, come to the Pure Yang Palace to listen to my explanation.”

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