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Last time, on top of using the soul stunning technique, Yang Chen also used these most crushing words: ‘Dream On’. Now Yang Chen had once again shouted those words, while using the soul stunning technique of the Three Purities Secrets, which made Jin Tao sink into a deep depression.

The Soul Stunning technique was after all a magic within the Three Purities Secrets of the Greatest Supreme Elder. Even if one elder of the council of elders was able to wake him from that sort of depression, a trace of that heart’s devil was still deeply concealed within the deepest parts of Jin Tao’s subconscious mind.

At that time Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness had already broken through to the middle JieDan stage, so compared to the first time, the strength of the soul stunning technique was even more formidable this time. Saying the same thing as before allowed the trace of the heart’s devil within Jin Tao’s mind to flare up again, rendering him incapable of controlling his attacks smoothly.

The most frightening thing for him was that the spirit beasts in the surroundings had discovered that the trace of this fierce killing intent had already disappeared completely, so they started attacking Jin Tao viciously. Even if Jin Tao was distracted, he was still able to sense the threat that these underground spirit beasts posed, so the flying sword which had originally been attacking Yang Chen underground flew out of the ground and within a moment began to dance in all directions around Jin Tao, attacking those spirit beasts.

In an unprecedented confusion and flurry, even Jin Tao himself did not know the reason why he was so absent minded at this frightening time, he only knew that he had to stake all of his strength to be able to resist those spirit beasts attacking him from all sides. To be able to kill them while they were defenseless was already the best he could hope for.

The more he panicked, the more he thought about Yang Chen’s warning and the more he remembered that Yang Chen was still there after using the Earth Evading Technique to flee underground. Unfortunately for him, even though Jin Tao was at the peak of the foundation stage he did not have the earth attribute, so he would not be able to use the same technique.

At some point in the fight, an armor had appeared on Jin Tao’s body. Apparently this was Jin Tao’s body protecting magic armor. When the few underground beasts who were able to get by the flying sword attacked Jin Tao, their claws couldn’t do more than cause a few sparks. Although the efficacy of this magic armor was pretty good, rather than feeling proud of himself, Jin Tao was getting more and more panicky and frightened.

What peak foundation stage strength? What ‘crushing Yang Chen’s bones to ash’? Compared to the flock of underground spirit beasts in front of him, all of this was insignificant. At this time, only feelings of fear and regret occupied Jin Tao’s heart, regret being the complete majority.

He was a majestic expert at the peak of the foundation stage who was just one step away from condensing his dan and becoming a JieDan stage expert, what kind of demon had confused his mind that he really stuck his head out for that worthless disciple of his sect? Han Jiande, a disciple at the sixth qi layer, he had been very insistent on challenging a minor third qi layer youngster to a life and death duel. This had already been a matter of ridicule and what was even more embarrassing was that instead of winning the duel, he had gotten himself killed.

Life and death battles were considered to be the most upright form of resolving a grudge, regardless of whether someone lives or dies, they would not be looked into after the event. Certainly Jin Tao himself had hit his head somewhere, hearing the name of Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen he was absolutely insistent on making things difficult for him, but instead he fell into his own trap, his minor obstructions were taken care of by Yang Chen, who had then proceeded to plant a Heart’s Devil.

It would be reasonable to say that, even after Jin Tao became clear headed, he still didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation, otherwise he wouldn’t have come to take out his anger on Yang Chen and end up in his current plight.

But at that moment, it was already too late for regret, not only was he being attacked from all sides by underground spirit beasts, there was still Yang Chen, watching like a tiger, tracking his prey from a secret location.

“Younger Disciple, I was only jesting, you must not misunderstand by all means!”

In this life and death crisis, Jin Tao could do nothing but continue to pretend that he wasn’t scared and shout into the surroundings with a loud voice. Currently his flying sword was becoming less and less effective, he thought of leaving, but he knew that Yang Chen would not let him off that easily, so he could only admit defeat first and pray that Yang Chen became softhearted and let him go. It was very probable that Yang Chen was only trying to make him lose confidence from the beginning.

“Actually I wanted to let Senior disciple Jin get away at first, but unfortunately Senior Disciple Jin should not have informed me that nobody would know about anything that happened here.”

Yang Chen’s voice echoed from all directions, making it impossible to determine his location. But one thing was certain, that he was keeping a close watch on Jin Tao’s movements at all times.

Although he did not know for what reason the underground spirit beasts were not attacking Yang Chen, at this moment Jin Tao did not have much time to think about it, he turned away and immediately started running. His body protecting magic armor opened to the maximum size, so that the attacks of the underground spirit beasts could not cause much harm, he only wanted to be able to reach the Li Lou village, as for other matters, they could wait.

Bang! Bang!

The sound of explosions continued to echo. It was a pity, Yang Chen absolutely would not allow him this chance. After his rebirth, Yang Chen had become very clear that if a snake was not beaten to death, then it would cause endless calamities, at this moment he would not allow that kind of mistake to happen.

Frantically dashing towards the village, Jin Tao suddenly discovered that the pressure in front of him had lowered by a lot, the spirit beasts coming out in the surrounding area had suddenly deserted the area in front of him and stopped obstructing him. Seeing these circumstances, Jin Tao was delighted within his heart and was just about to dash forward with more speed, when suddenly a figure appeared from underground, as if someone had been waiting for him there and Jin Tao crashed into him at high speed.

An idea flashed within Jin Tao’s mind and he immediately controlled his flying sword to attack Yang Chen. When the flying sword was just about to strike, Jin Tao was suddenly stunned again for a split second. But in this split second, Jin Tao saw Yang Chen holding something within his hand. A light flashed and he immediately felt a coldness on his neck. Following which his whole body loosened up and he didn’t feel the effects of Yang Chen’s attack anymore. He felt relaxed from head to toe in a way he had never felt before.

Soon after that, Jin Tao felt as if he had flown high into the air and his field of view couldn’t help but rotate. Only after he was able to see that headless corpse on the ground, under the illumination of a night pearl, did Jin Tao realize what had happened. It was then that an expression of shock appeared on his face. At this time, within the eyes of the flying head a hopeful expression appeared.

The sword of the white flying sword was already at Yang Chen’s side and within the blink of an eye, it would penetrate his body. Although he himself had died, taking down Yang Chen together with him was also a satisfactory conclusion.

However, while a dream is one thing, reality is actually something else entirely. Jin Tao expected Yang Chen to die by the sword, but Yang Chen merely extended one hand and grabbed the fluttering sword light as if catching a mouse. With a heart full of regret and unwillingness, Jin Tao, at last, closed his eyes completely.

With the ownerless flying sword in his hand, Yang Chen shook his head while looking at Jin Tao without saying anything. Previously he was delighted after making a breakthrough, but unfortunately this eyesore spoiled his fun. Could it be that he really thought that Yang Chen would be afraid to kill him?

Yang Chen didn’t forget about Jin Tao’s qiankun pouch and that protective armor on his body. The chance that Jin Tao had provided him was hard to come by, the location of this place was completely hidden and it was furthermore quite far from Li Lou Village. Here, Yang Chen could dare to kill him without any mental burden and seize his wealth. Such an easy opportunity to earn free money, he absolutely could not let it go!

Within the qiankun pouch there were only seven to eight thousand spirit essences, as well as a hundred or so catties of low grade spirit stones, which caused Yang Chen to curse him. Apart from these, there were also several kinds of elixirs and the recipe to refine a nature pill. This was the most widespread elixir used at the time, in order to condense the dan, Jin Tao was an expert at the peak of the foundation stage, he actually could have used it immediately, but unfortunately he had passed it on to Yang Chen instead.

The flying sword was of a pretty high grade, but compared to the flying sword left behind by the ancestor in the sword box it was still somewhat lower. Yang Chen directly stored it in the sword box, maybe he would have a use for it in the future. The defensive armor on the contrary was made of a high quality material. But there was still one problem, when Yang Chen would get his hands on a Geocentric Flame, he could refine his Profound Spirit Furnace, but he could do nothing about improving the flying sword, nevertheless getting something was always better than getting nothing. Regardless of whether it was the flying sword or the defensive armor, Yang Chen could not transform them even one bit and could use them in the way he got them.

He also found a pile of talismans which could be sold for some spirit stones later. For now he stored them inside of the qiankun pouch so he could take care of them later.

Apart from this, he also found some high quality profound metal essences, it was reasonable to assume that Jin Tao wanted to use them to temper his flying sword. Yang Chen wasn’t modest and directly put them into his Achievement’s ring. But he was most interested in those the jade slips that Jin Tao carried.

The first one was the water attributed cultivation method of the TianQuan Sect, which was used for cultivation after the foundation stage, the Okra Yin Water Profound Secrets. Yang Chen had heard about this cultivation method before, apparently it could replace Yang Chen’s tenth water cultivation method.

Obtaining this cultivation method was Yang Chen’s luck, under normal circumstances that cultivation method was recorded entirely within the mind and was absolutely not recorded on jade slips. Clearly this Jin Tao had planned to use this for someone else, but before he could give it to that person, he had died and this jade slip had become an object within Yang Chen’s qiankun pouch.

On another one of the jade slips, there was a method to create the diagram of a spell. Yang Chen inspected it for some time although he didn’t have any great interest in it, but it could indeed be used as a present for Gongsun Ling, who could research it.

On the last jade slip was a map. If it was any ordinary map, Yang Chen would not have cared about it, but on this map, three locations were marked. Yang Chen had heard about treasure being found at all of these three locations in his previous life. Though Yang Chen had a lot of information about these locations, it was not comparable to the detailed information recorded on this map. Looking at it, if he could find the time, Yang Chen could still visit these places to take a look.

After receiving all of these good items, Yang Chen threw the qiankun pouch into the Achievement’s Ring. Similarly Yang Chen had already collected many custom qiankun pouches of other sects, waiting for the time when he collected enough and he made the breakthrough to another realm. In the future he could use these qiankun pouches to increase the grade of his own qiankun pouch. Although he still had the Achievement Ring, while the qiankun pouch given to him by the sect was just a decoration, to maintain appearances Yang Chen did not mind having a high grade one.

As for Jin Tao’s dead body, Yang Chen did not need to take care of it, after he left, these underground spirit beasts in the surroundings would thoroughly eat his body. The dead body of a peak foundation stage expert was like a big supplement pill for these spirit beasts, they didn’t leave even the last bits of dregs. Within the Immortal Falling Well, another careless cultivator had fallen into the mouths of spirit beasts.

Within the market of the Li Lou village, cultivators could be seen moving around in groups of two and three. Since there was no day and night here, people could be seen at any time.

One cultivator, who entered the market and wanted to start some business by selling elixirs and remains on the outer side for one day’s time could earn many spirit essences. As long as he had the right price, this absolutely was a very good deal. Entering the market, the cultivators habitually swept a glance over an empty corner the same as before and that corner was still empty as before.

He was just about to go to take a stroll to another region, when suddenly a silhouette appeared and walked towards that corner. Under the astonished gaze of those cultivators, that silhouette directly sat on the ground and afterwards spread a piece of cloth in front of him, placing down a jade bottle and sat motionlessly.

In great alarm, the cultivators hastily rubbed their eyes, not even daring to be convinced of what they were seeing and started probing with their spiritual awareness. It was true, there actually was a person sitting in that corner with a white cloth arranged in front of him, with a small jade bottle on top. An upper qi layer cultivator, his characteristics were the same as the second grade pill concocting expert who had appeared two years ago, except for the fact that his cultivation was a little higher.

After the moment of the surprise, the cultivators were exhilarated and nearly started shouting in joy. Surprisingly they were able to run into the person who sold second grade yang qi pills. This was simply a fortuitous encounter for them, but upon seeing the price, anyone would say that it was simply profiteering.

In his exhilaration, one cultivator suddenly took a big stride forward. But, even if he was quick, other people were even quicker compared to him. More than ten cultivators shot forwards like an arrow from all around and rushed towards this corner. Within seconds, this corner was surrounded by more than ten cultivators.

The person who appeared was precisely Yang Chen, but he hadn’t anticipated that he would be so popular within the Immortal Falling Well. Because the underground spirit beasts didn’t dare to approach him, Yang Chen was not able to use all of those yang qi pills he had refined for his own use, so he found the same position within the market to sell them when this kind of scene occurred in front of him.

A second grade pill concocting expert, furthermore a qi layer second grade pill concocting expert, who did not know what this meant. The people who had surrounded him this time were not seeking the pills that Yang Chen was selling, instead they were seeking to obtain Yang Chen’s friendship. In case Yang Chen was able to become a third grade pill concocting expert, then Yang Chen would immediately turn into each and every sect’s honored guest.

In the mortal world, a fourth grade pill concocting master was already the limit, no higher grade had ever appeared before.

As long as any pill was passed through refining three time, its efficiency would rise by at least ten or even a hundred times. If it was refined four times, then the pill could be considered as an immortal grade pill. As for the highest limit of nine refinings, a ninth grade pill refined by the Greatest Supreme Elder could allow an ordinary mortal to directly ascend to the spiritual world. Seeing a ninth grade pill in this world was simply unimaginable.

The jade bottle which he had currently was sold immediately and on the white cloth in front of him were also several spirit essences. He was still sitting there motionlessly, but the people around him were anxious, everyone noticed that this time Yang Chen had only brought one bottle of yang qi pills to sell, they couldn’t do anything about this and hurriedly asked:

“Younger Disciple Yang, don’t you have any more, I am willing to pay a high price to buy them!”

At first they thought that Yang Chen would not produce any more pills, but suddenly Yang Chen took out few bottles. These bottles provoked the same reaction as the first one and immediately sold out. Second grade yang qi pills were comparable to yuan cultivation pills, but they were much more convenient and the effect was nearly the same, everyone knew about its benefits.

Seeing that Yang Chen did not have any more pills to take out, the people didn’t start shouting again, showing consideration for Yang Chen’s business. Aside from obtaining tangible benefits for themselves, if they were able to leave an impression on Yang Chen, then in the future they would have plenty of chances to associate with him.

After selling the pills, Yang Chen didn’t want to stop for long. But just as he was about to leave, someone suddenly dashed forward to ask:

“Younger Disciple Yang, don’t you any third grade pills?”

The person just wanted to probe to initiate a conversation but Yang Chen halted his steps and, turning towards the person who asked the question, he suddenly said:

“Wait for me to come out of Immortal Falling Well, then!”


These words were just like sparks coming out of a deep fryer.

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