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Chapter 59 - Want To Make A Breakthrough? Dream On!

All of them were metal attributed lower level spirit beasts? Jin Tao was so gloomy that he almost started weeping, he had obviously planned for five high level spirit beasts, how could they turn into low level spirit beasts? Furthermore into spirit beasts of the metal attribute, which would easily be subdued by Yang Chen’s fire attribute?

He wanted to start the test again to not allow Yang Chen to pass through, but if he did that, other people would start suspecting him and at that time, he could be exposed. Jin Tao did not dare to do such a thing, for the fear of exposing himself, but then how could he remedy this time’s mistake?

“Younger Disciple Yang, your luck is really good!”

Jin Tao said with a joyful face, but soon after that he pretended to casually say:

“You have already passed the test, so Younger Disciple Yang can enter the Immortal Falling Well at any time. But, you should return the jade slip with the information about spirit beasts to me, Younger Disciple has no more need for it, so the next person should be allowed to have it to learn.”

Yang Chen glanced at Jin Tao and took out the jade slip from his qiankun pouch. With a mysterious smile he said:

“Senior Disciple Jin should certainly take good care of it, if it is lost, it would be a tragedy!”

These words made Jin Tao feel fear and trepidation, he almost couldn’t bear to look at Yang Chen anymore. But before he could fulfill his desire to forcefully put him down, he remembered where he was. But he still did not look at Yang Chen anymore, deeply afraid that he would make an enormous blunder right now.

“Alas, your skill is only worth it’s words, not even worthy of a smile!”

Yang Chen slowly shook his head and sneered, attentively watching Jin Tao rigidly glance at him, then he turned around and left.

Under Yang Chen’s gaze, Jin Tao’s whole body suddenly trembled and started dripping with sweat, as if he was experiencing a matter of life and death. It was as if death itself had risen in Yang Chen’s eyes and could easily see through him, as if he had the intention to strangle and kill him before he could even be born.

“Peak foundation stage, want to condense your dan? Dream on!”

Standing distantly, Yang Chen gave his exceptionally disdainful evaluation and disappeared entirely from Jin Tao’s spiritual awareness. Even with Jin Tao’s ability, he still could not determine the position of Yang Chen.

Initially, after hearing Yang Chen’s final assessment, he still had the intention to struggle, but Yang Chen’s sudden disappearance gave him a fright. Yang Chen’s words were like a blade chopping at his head and left a profound impression on his mind. Yang Chen’s sentence that he was ‘dreaming’ filled his entire mind.

All of a sudden, Jin Tao felt really discouraged and had no more thoughts regarding breaking through. It was as if only his body was left, his brain had become completely empty, with only regret left behind.

Only after this, did Jin Tao begin to ponder deeply about this strange thing. If Yang Chen was only an ordinary qi layer disciple, then how could the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace give him the command tile. How could he think that the ability to judge of Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master, a YuanYing expert, was poorer than that of Jin Tao? Since these kinds of arrangements already existed, Jin Tao should have used his brain at an earlier time and should not have been affected by his emotions.

At that time even Jin Tao did not know what kind of demon had confused his mind, surprisingly, as soon as he heard Yang Chen’s name, he wanted to entirely suppress him, so much so, that he even forgot to take these facts into consideration. When he remembered that, his intestines turned green with regret.

Dismay filled his mind and because of his countless regrets, his whole self, from top to bottom, was discouraged. Alas, he couldn’t even see this simple thing, but he still wanted to condense his dan? Yang Chen’s sentence about dreaming on, struck Jin Tao’s mind again and again, so that he immediately sat down on the spot, like an imbecile.

Yang Chen had only used a minor method to stun his spirit, within the three purities secret there were many such simple magics, including methods to stun the spirit. Although Yang Chen called it a minor method, it was only minor when used against immortals. In this realm it could be considered among the most supreme of secrets.

Usually the spirit stunning methods were used to confuse the soul, but during that time the caster could not just relax and do something else, that would have the same effect as loudly yelling, waking the target up. Yang Chen did the exact opposite in the case of Jin Tao, when he was confused and discouraged, Yang Chen completely destroyed his confidence in one move. This was the same as planting a heart’s devil within his mind, as soon as he would try to cultivate, this dispiritedness would immediately appear.

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was a whole realm higher when compared to Jin Tao and moreover, in this world Yang Chen had never seen anyone who could resist the Great Supreme Elder’s secret. Jin Tao was not aware that everything had went according to Yang Chen’s plan. He had already been immersed in regret, incessantly criticising himself.

Perhaps if he had come across this kind of thing in his previous life, Yang Chen could only resign himself to having bad luck, and cultivate again afterwards. But, in this life Yang Chen would not let any person who had intentions to kill him get away with it.

As for Jin Tao, Yang Chen could stop paying any attention to him for the time being, a cultivator plagued by his heart’s devil, only if someone of very high cultivation found out about his situation and sacrificed some of his cultivation to help him, could Jin Tao remove it. A cultivator who had lost all of his confidence in cultivating, even if he was a very high level expert, in the cultivation world he would still be regarded as a crippled person. This kind of ending was even worse than death.

Perhaps Jin Tao could still have a fortuitous encounter and be able to break away from Yang Chen’s spirit shaking technique, but Yang Chen was very confident that the next time he would see Jin Tao face to face, he could easily get rid of him.

Yang Chen found that he could only gain the complete approval of the XianTai stage’s will by continuous slaughter. Within the Heavenly Stairs’ spell formation he had only fused with a small portion of that killing intent, but luckily, madly killing the spirit beasts at the Immortal Falling Well could excite that killing intent. Yang Chen was convinced that, as long as his soul were to completely fuse with that will, his strength would take a giant leap.

Outside the Li Lou village, there was not much light, instead it was dark everywhere. The Immortal Falling Well had gotten its name because, even if an immortal cultivator lowered his guard, he would easily perish. Within this absolute darkness, if one were to be surrounded by a large number of underground spirit beasts, only if he was a YuanYing stage expert could he escape from this confinement, otherwise dying was the only option.

Because many people inhabit the region near the village, the amount of spirit beasts was relatively very low here. After Yang Chen came out of the village, with the help of the faint light from the Li Lou village, he began to determine the approximate direction of his destination.

That person from the Heavenly Court had only told Yang Chen the approximate location, Yang Chen had no other option but to rely on his own memory and sense of direction to track down the exact location. Yang Chen rapidly determined the direction and began to walk into the darkness.

Not long after Yang Chen departed from the Li Lou village, someone came to the corner where Yang Chen had frequently set up his stall. When he looked at the completely bereft flat piece of land, he suddenly asked in a loud voice:

“Where did that second grade pill concocting master go?”

His loud shout suddenly caused a great commotion in the whole market.

“Second grade pill concocting master? Where is he? Who is he?”

Countless people began to come over there.

The regular life within the Immortal Falling Well was quite dull. To obtain enough spirit essences, apart from resting and replenishing supplies, everyone would only keep on fighting in the Immortal Falling Well.

Often, to persist through these long and dull battles, the fights would become extremely violent. Similarly a pill concocting master and tool refining master who were extremely focussed on concocting pills and refining tools were not very adept at fighting in this way, thus, there were very few people like this in the Immortal Falling Well.

Any kind of fight required the circulation of spirit power and the use of weapons, while simultaneously also inevitably being the cause for severe injuries and damage to magic weapons. Under normal circumstances, some highest quality pills were available for healing or perhaps restoring the spirit power in an extremely violent fight, but as for second grade pills, these people had never come in contact with them. Apart from how many kinds of high level pills he could refine, the status of a pill refining master was also determined by looking at the grade of his pills.

Even if the cultivation of a second grade pill concocting master was low, compared to an ordinary pill concocting master, his future prospects were boundless. To run into a second grade pill concocting master at the Immortal Falling Well was simply some unbelievable luck.

After hearing the shout of that person, everyone faintly remembered that at this place there had been a youngster selling pills for the past few days. Only, everyone thought what kind of quality items could a trifling qi layer cultivator possibly have, so everyone merely swept over his stall once with their spiritual awareness and then walked away without stopping.

But currently, hearing that he was a second grade pill refining master, countless people began to lament. If he already was a second grade pill refining master at the qi layer, then what would his grade be after building his foundation and congealing his dan? This kind of a person was in front of their eyes for several days, but surprisingly nobody paid attention to him.

Luckily this was the Immortal Falling Well, that youngster had also come here to be refined through battles, so in the end he had to return to the Li Lou village. From this moment, nobody would occupy that corner of the market, all were aware that they had to stay away from that vacant space, and as soon as that youngster returns, everyone could seek contact with him for their own purposes. As long as they could get on good terms with him, it would be an enormous opportunity for them.

Yang Chen was not aware that this kind of thing happened after he left, he merely kept on walking towards his destination. Very quickly, he came across some spirit beasts.


The spirit beasts near the Li Lou village were basically all homeless exiles and were not that powerful. Under the heavy defence of Yang Chen’s reverse Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, their attacks basically didn’t even harm a hair of Yang Chen. Moreover, Yang Chen only defended himself but did not attack in the slightest.

Strictly speaking, the underground spirit beasts were not living creatures, rather just spiritual influence that has condensed to form a creature. Their attacks were just a release of the spiritual influence inside of their bodies. It’s true that you could kill a spirit beasts by attacking it, but, by waiting until they exhausted their entire spiritual influence, many more spirit essences could be obtained when compared to the usual way of attacking and killing them.

Only half an hour later, that spirit beast had consumed all of its spiritual influence and turned into a piece of spirit essence that fell down to the ground. After picking up the spirit essence, Yang Chen had not walked many steps before he heard the sound of a violent fight and the roar of more than a hundred spirit beasts.

Turning towards the direction of the sound, he saw a silhouette being jointly attacked by more than a hundred spirit beasts from all sides. The entire body of that person was wrapped up inside of a blue colored shield which was fluttering around. In addition to that, a flying sword was continuously flickering in the surroundings, rapidly attacking the spirit beasts moving close.

Difficult situations such as this would only happen if several beasts of different attributes attacked together. When a large number of underground spirit beasts flock around one, apart from this method, in which, after properly protecting oneself with a good defence like this and attacking the spirit beasts which could be restrained by one’s own attribute afterwards, there was no proper method. But every spirit beast that perished would still take about half a day to be killed. Most of the time, by oneself one could only obtain one type of spirit essence and later ask other people to trade, in order to obtain spirit essences of other attributes.

Even if it was a spell formation cultivator, when facing underground spirit beasts, they would also be at wits end. Underground spirit beasts are basically condensed spiritual influence, so an attack by a spell formation, which was also formed from spiritual influence, against these condensed forms of spiritual influence would not be effective in the least. Only by truly striking them with flying swords would one be effective, but, usually the people in the Immortal Falling Well were all middle foundation stage experts who wanted to raise their cultivation and increase their status, so who among them would possess flying swords?

Yang Chen didn’t stop and directly passed by the small area, rushed towards even more dark abyss. Yang Chen’s action made that surrounded cultivator turn pale with fright. He had already discovered Yang Chen’s presence with the help of his spiritual awareness, but within the Immortal Falling Well, people very rarely associated and formed a group. He also didn’t care about it a lot, but seeing Yang Chen’s path, he thought that Yang Chen had made a mistake and picked the wrong one.

When he saw that Yang Chen was surprisingly rushing even deeper, that person could not help but cry out in surprise:

“In there it’s even more dangerous, take care!”

He could only shout, as he was already surrounded by spirit beasts, so he was unable to block Yang Chen.

“There is no harm in checking it out, many thanks, Senior!”

Yang Chen vaguely expressed his gratitude and without showing any signs of stopping, he continued to walk forward. But within a moment, suddenly a big flock of spirit beasts appeared in front of him and surrounded him, making Yang Chen disappear from the range of that man’s spiritual awareness.


While being attacked by spirit beasts from all sides, that man sighed:

“He was only at the qi layer, how could he enter that deep region!”

But he also only sighed, without slowing his hand. Was the number of cultivator dying within the Immortal Falling Well really that low? What about one Yang Chen, even several Yang Chens wouldn’t be a lot.

If that person could see Yang Chen’s current situation, he would have surely been shocked beyond measure. Yang Chen didn’t have any defensive magic weapon and those spirit beasts were madly attacking him, but Yang Chen did not care about them in the least and only kept on moving forward without stopping, incessantly searching the surroundings with his spiritual awareness.

After walking for nearly half a month, he had already penetrated deeply into the regions of high level spirit beasts, only then was Yang Chen able to arrive at his destination. At this moment, he was being attacked by spirit beasts from all sides, yet Yang Chen could only do his best to resist them.

As for the yang qi pills he had brought for himself, Yang Chen had already consumed every pill out of every bottle, after all there were several hundreds of spirit beasts in his surroundings and the number was still increasing. Without the support of these pills, even if Yang Chen was powerful, he would still have been incapable of finding his destination. But when all was said and done, the pills were finite and he hadn’t gotten any opportunity to restore his spirit power, so when he was finally here, he was already like an arrow at the end of its flight.

His formidable spiritual awareness encompassed several tens of meters, very quickly, Yang Chen appeared at the place he was informed about. It had an immense circular and lofty stone as landmark, as if for reminding Yang Chen that he had found the right place.

There was a small crack behind the circular stone, luckily it was just enough for himself to enter. Seeing that, Yang Chen did not dare to be careless and at lightening speed he jumped on the top of the pile of attacking underground spirit beasts and moved towards that entrance, striving to make his way into it.



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