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Chapter 581.1: Postnatal Spiritual Root

Postnatal spiritual root, what was that? Everyone who heard the news was stunned.

As the name suggests, since it was called the postnatal spiritual root, it must correspond to the innate spiritual root. The innate spiritual root should be easy to understand, the natural spiritual root, then, was this postnatal spiritual root a spiritual root that could be changed?

This was the reaction in the minds of those who heard the news for the first time. Could it be that in addition to the natural spiritual root, they could have other spiritual roots?

This was a major event in the mortal world. Not everyone has Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s excellent aptitude, full-value spiritual roots, most of them are relatively good spiritual roots of some kind of Five Elements. Many people’s cultivation bases were restricted, and most of them were due to insufficient qualifications.

Now suddenly there was a postnatal spiritual root, doesn’t it mean that if they also have a postnatal spiritual root, maybe they will have the opportunity to come into contact with the Dao?

It was said that this was the alchemy master of the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen, Grandmaster Yang who accidentally discovered it a long time ago. In order to verify it, he even observed and experimented for hundreds of years among the newly recruited disciples of the Pure Yang Palace. Especially in the last 20 years, Grandmaster Yang has been observing the new disciples almost all the time, and this was certain.

The postnatal spiritual root was also of the five elements, and this time, Grandmaster Yang also announced the method of testing the postnatal spiritual root. If everyone has the conditions, they can take a simple test to determine whether they have the postnatal spiritual root.

Like the innate spiritual root, the postnatal spiritual root does not necessarily appear anytime, so the absence of it now does not mean that it will not exist in the future. In short, the emergence of the postnatal spiritual root was uncertain, it also gave many people a whole new hope.

The first action after all those who were interested in it reacted was to test their postnatal spiritual roots according to the method announced by the Pure Yang Palace.

It was relatively simple to test the postnatal spiritual root, as long as you use a unique multicolored stone. If you can’t find it, you can go to the ten thousand treasure building, which has already started to operate this kind of colorful stone business.

Many people who didn’t believe in it have seen with their own eyes that after their own tests, results that are different from their innate spiritual roots appear on the multicolored stone. For a moment, they were shocked and didn’t know what to say.

Careful people immediately remembered, long ago, that Yang Chen urged his own master, Gao Yue, to modify her water-cultivation method to fire. Until now, Gao Yue was a fellow cultivator of water and fire. Her cultivation base was already in the middle Yuanying stage.

Could it be that since that time, Yang Chen has already discovered the clues of the postnatal spiritual roots? If Yang Chen, who was in the foundation building stage, forcibly ordered some disciples to cultivate methods with different attributes from their own innate spiritual roots when he instructed the disciples of Yixiu Villa, it could be said that Yang Chen started a long time ago.

Various sects have verified it one after another. Not surprisingly, they have easily discovered that many disciples have different postnatal spiritual roots. However, some postnatal spiritual roots were better than innate ones, and some are far inferior to innate ones. Yang Chen’s published information has already been explained.

However, it was only found that someone has the situation announced by Yang Chen, but it does not prove that the acquired spiritual root was better than the innate spiritual root, and the cultivation according to the attributes of the postnatal spiritual root can have a better future. This cannot be decided immediately, at least it will take a long time to verify.

But judging from the current situation, it seems that Grandmaster Yang has not said anything false. If he usually says this, it basically means that there will be no major changes. At least the core elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect have believed this statement. As for the Pure Yang Palace, there was an example of Gao Yue, who doesn’t believe it?

The level of support for believing and not believing was completely different. The Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect directly purchased a large number of multicolored stones and tested them one by one. Each test found a different result. If the postnatal spiritual root was better than the innate spiritual root, it was recommended to cultivate it immediately.

Among them, there were many disciples who were originally judged to be of poor aptitude and reluctantly allowed to join the sect. Suddenly, it was discovered that the excellence of their postnatal spiritual roots was astounding. This batch of disciples was immediately gathered, and then the sect attached great importance to them, resources were fully tilted, and they immediately cultivated new attributes.

In just half a year, it was enough for many people to discover the differences in the cultivation of different types of cultivation methods, and it was a direct proof that the postnatal spiritual roots mentioned by Yang Chen were indeed true. Those cultivators under the Yuanying stage directly chose to change their cultivation attributes.

As for the masters above the Yuanying stage, they need to choose by themselves. Maybe rebuilding will waste a long time, but it was about better development in the future, at least they will have a headache for a long time.

Countless praises were sent directly to the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen’s ears. This was a great deed for the benefit of all cultivators. It gives everyone who aspires to cultivate a different choice. Even those who have not discovered their postnatal spiritual roots highly respected him.

If it was said that the amazing combat effectiveness was regarded as a special soldier in cultivation, then the person who publishes the results of this postnatal spiritual root research was basically a Nobel Prize winner in the modern world, at least a doctoral tutor or an academic leader.

Yang Chen’s titles increased once more. This time, it’s not the master with any prefix, but the word master who was completely straightforward. In the past, when everyone called Grandmaster Yang, it actually meant the master of alchemy, but now when they called Grandmaster Yang, he was a noble master and there was no hidden attribute.

In just one year, when almost all sects tested new disciples, there were more tests for postnatal spiritual roots. The multicolored stones in the ten thousand treasure building were sold out of stock from the very beginning.

Because of the emergence of the postnatal spiritual roots, almost the whole spirit power of the cultivation world was lifted. There have been no such research results related to the origin of cultivation for many years. Yang Chen’s discovery was simply a grand event.

“This Yang Chen, what else is there that everyone hasn’t discovered?” Such voices filled the various sects. Everyone was full of envy, jealousy and hatred for the disciple who was born in the Pure Yang Palace. How can such an excellent disciple not be their own disciple?

The influence of the Pure Yang Palace was directly raised to a whole new level because of this incident. The postnatal spiritual root was not only good for the dao sects, but also good for all cultivators, whether it was a disciple of the monster race or a demon sect, it was suitable for them. Just this, even if the demon sect was deviant, it will have more incense love for the Pure Yang Palace.

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