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Chapter 580.2: Guiding New Disciples

Because of the relationship between Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect got the internal price and 20% off the external quotation. This price alone has made the two sects extremely happy.

The most unpleasant sect was actually the Greatest Heaven Sect, because of the arrangement of the formation, even with the wealth of the Greatest Heaven Sect, they couldn’t help but be stretched. Fortunately, the profound heritage of the Greatest Heaven Sect still has a batch of elixir that has been passed down for more than 100,000 years, which was barely deductible.

This time, Yang Chen received a total of four kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds, and the others were all kinds of top-grade medicinal materials and top-grade refining materials. As for the finished medicinal pills, Yang Chen didn’t want it at all.

Because when he left the Demon Continent, he had made a big oath, not to reveal the real situation in the Demon Continent. Therefore, Yang Chen’s pill recipes only had the names, weights, and heat of various auxiliary medicinal materials, while the main ingredient, the demon orb, the name didn’t even appear.

However, Yang Chen also mentioned that the name of the main material could not be named, because it was bound by an oath, but as long as the major sects sent people to the Demon Continent, they would be able to recognize what it was. On this point, Yang Chen vowed to make a promise, and all the sects also accepted this statement.

Every sect has masters who have been to the Demon Continent. As soon as the demon orb was described, those disciples immediately understood what it was. What made all the sects strange was that everyone knew what it was, but no one talked about it. It must be said that this was a strange phenomenon.

In fact, the news spread from Mu Mingyuan’s ascension. Those experts who have experienced it in the Demon Continent know what it was, but they didn’t expect it to be so big and pure gold. They thought it was Yang Chen who was playing tricks, but in fact, he put Mu Mingyuan at a huge risk to his life.

But after a hundred years had passed in the various sects, those people will completely understand that this was a clean demon orb from which the demonic qi has been purified. It’s just that no one knows how to purify the medicinal properties of the demon orb at the stage of a hundred years of cultivation, and the others were not uncommon.

Even so, the importance of the hundred year pills made the major sects have to pay attention. Soon, they organized manpower to go to the Demon Continent, and specially obtained the demon orb for alchemy.

In this regard, the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect were once again ahead of the other sects. With the material given by Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were also rare rich women in the Demon Continent, and they scavenged for the demon orbs. Of course, Yang Chen would not charge any fees for them to purify their demon orbs.

This batch of low-grade demon orbs went directly into the medicine halls of the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect for those alchemy masters to refine the hundred year pills.

The refining of the hundred year pills was not as complicated as the questioning inner heart pills. As long as a fourth-grade alchemist was competent. Soon, the two sects successfully refined the pills in their own sects. When the news came out, suddenly, other sects were stimulated.

Even if other sects have demon orbs, there are no purified demon orbs, and they cannot be directly refined and it takes a long time to wait. It takes decades to go back and forth to the Demon Continent, not to mention the time to obtain the demon orbs.

So, a few sects with demon orbs had to send someone again to negotiate a way to purify the demon orbs. But this time however, Yang Chen said that he would not sell anything.

The way to declare to the outside world was that Yang Chen has a magic weapon. You can purify the demon orb, but you can’t do it yourself. No sect could buy this kind of thing. Yang Chen would definitely not sell this magic weapon, but he agreed that he would purify the demon orbs for them.


Several sects had to grit their teeth and once again took out an extra spirit stone in exchange for Yang Chen to purify the demon orbs.

In this way, some guys who vaguely guessed the core inside story of the Demon Continent’s training seem to understand why Yang Chen took the initiative to bring his four wives to the Demon Continent to experience the Demon Continent two hundred years ago.

During this time, Yang Chen didn’t go out, so Yang Chen’s four sweet wives acted by themselves.

Sun Qingxue followed her master, Elder Hua, to cultivate, and the Blue Cloud Sect had basically spread all over the place. She works so hard to inherit the mantle of her master, and the disciples who cultivated in the same way were also legendary.

Shi Shanshan continued her cultivation, going out from time to time to experience and complete some sect tasks. Anyone who knows Fairy Hanmei has found that she was becoming more and more calm and restrained, but her fierce aura has continued unabated. Even if they don’t know the turmoil when Shi Shanshan just returned to the Green Jade Immortal Island from the Demon Continent, everyone understands that Shi Shanshan’s cultivation has become more and more profound.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling worked non-stop for the sect, and spent most of their time running around. The two women now have powerful means, basically there are no twists and turns, they all completed the sect missions one by one without any risk.

Yang Chen stayed quietly at Yixiu Villa to guide the new disciples, which could almost be described as staying at home. In the blink of an eye, twenty years passed by in a flash.

For the past 20 years, apart from giving instructions every few months, Yang Chen has been purifying the demonic qi of the ultimate demonized demon vine. As the nine nether flying sword became more and more powerful, Yang Chen’s strength gradually increased, and the speed of absorbing demonic qi became faster and faster. Finally, at the head of the eighteenth year, Yang Chen finally absorbed the demonic qi cleanly.

This second-grade earth Immortal ultimate demonized demon vine was enough for Sun Qingxue to not have to worry about how to cultivate for the next few hundred years. As long as she can absorb and refine this demonized demon vine, Sun Qingxue can be strong for a long time.

For the next two years, Yang Chen continued to use the cultivation method obtained by the Heart Demon Sect to go deep into the space where he refined the Demon Continent. It must be said that this speculative technique obtained in the Heart Demon Sect was Yang Chen’s biggest gain when he arrived at the Demon Continent. Basically, all guesses so far have turned out exactly right.

It’s just that Yang Chen wants to completely refine that space point, but it can’t be done in decades or hundreds of years, this was a very long time-consuming work. With Yang Chen’s current spiritual awareness cultivation level of the seventh grade human immortal realm, he can fully use his mind and refine it all the time.

At the beginning of the twentieth year, Yang Chen calculated the time and finally left Yixiu Villa. Soon after, the Pure Yang Palace began to announce to the public that it had discovered the secret of the postnatal spiritual root and disclosed it to various sects.

As soon as the news came out, it immediately caused a madness in the entire cultivation world.

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